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  1. The basic idea is that there is a certain region that is fully forests.

    You find it odd that one day, you awaken, fully naked and carrying nothing with you. You find yourself in a forest environment, filled with trees and all. You do not remember your past. The next thing you see when you open your eyes is a Pokemon or two.

    This region is unlike any region. No cities, no Pokemart, all wildnerness. You'll need survival instincts to survive. Maybe you could start a civilisation?

    Anyways, many Pokemon live on this island, so you need to be wary. Some are helpful, others can be aggresive. Stay safe!

    And yes, Synthetic and Fossil Pokemon are allowed.

    Roleplayers can play people and Pokemon alike. This is full wilderness, do remember.
  2. Crow's obsession with naked RPs shows itself again...
  3. Eek! Ye caught me!

    I fixed some details and remade this in the porn section so that I can throw in some steampunk. However, if others are still interested in this idea in particular, my ears are still open.
  4. i like it, sounds interesting.
    reminds me of pokemon mystery dungeon
  5. Wait so we don't any pokeballs + we can hunt them for food,armor and weapon *w*~! (no hate for pokemon~!) = if that's the case count me in
  6. Seems interesting, I'd like to join
  7. "Rai-Raichu!"

    For some reason it was the first Pokémon to pop into my head, and one I can best imitate.

    Which reminds me of the one time I was playing the Pixelmon mod on Minecraft and my mom askes my sister and I if we wanted anything from the store. My computer responded immediately with "Magicarp!" My sister and I burst out laughing.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.