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  1. Epica Hills
    "Shift them. They hold no true value in this world. They are beings soon to expire." A malignant, inhuman voice hissed the words followed by an ill-boding cackle. Soon there was silence in the black. The catacombs were so dark that one would fail to see his or her hands in front of them. Finally as the eyes adjusted, a light wisp of breath could barely be seen by a sihouetted person wandering in the dark. Candelight was visible at the end of the underground corridor leading toward a noiseless chamber.

    The back of a woman lit up as she stepped forth into the light; her elongated hair swaying at her thighs. An aged gray gown and a dark ribbon tied to her nape were the only attire that she wore. Her age was concealed in the dim lighting, but she had clearly reached adult hood. The unknown lady set down the mucky corridor bare footed, making her way passed columns of dusty tombs on either side. For a moment, her lifeless face strained and she began to sob in an unusual, unsettling manner. Then she completely ceased her crying and her face became indifferent as if she did not truly care.

    A broken masked Duskull was lingering inside the chamber when the strange woman entered and the startled ghost pokemon chose to keep it's distance by hovering toward a far corner. Sliding it's single glowing eye from socket to socket, the Duskull watched the woman as she stalked to the back, rock wall that had an ultra narrow split down the middle. The split was far too narrow for any human to fit through and it was as if it was made from a massive rock tomb attack to trap whoever inside. Peeking through the rock split, the woman spotted two people asleep against a stone in another chamber and in an instance her expressionless face changed into a fiendishly frightful grin.

    "Where the hell am I?!" Exclaimed a man in a miner's uniform who had awoken shortly after, yet he was completely oblivious of the woman's spying eye. His frantic question caused a boy with silver hair to awaken beside him. He ran around the room only to discover that they were completely surrounded in rock walls. No way out. The boy looked around in surprise and a look of fear came across his face. He jumped to his feet and tumbled around the room; his eyes not yet adjusting to the darkness. After realizing he had no idea where he was, he immediately ran away from the other man whom he did not know.

    "Wait, who are you?" the man called out to the boy, but he did not respond. Minutes passed and after both of their eyes adjusted, the man could see that the boy was no threat judging by his size. "Well! Aren't you going to say anything!" He shouted. The silver haired boy saw the man's mouth move, so he pointed to his ears and shook his head to try and signal that he was deaf. He reached inside his pockets for his pokeballs, but they were missing. His eyes widened and he began to panic. While continuing to watch them, a black steaming energy radiated from the woman's hands and it crept through the split toward the unexpecting victims. The frightening grin remained on her face as she witnessed the black steam approach it's first target.

    "At least tell me who you are." The miner said, he did not catch the boys gesture. He saw the boy with the silver hair bow his head into his hands and he felt bad that the kid was going to cry. "It's ok kid, we'll figure this out." Suddenly the miner was taken aback by the boys high alarming screams and he witnessed the boy slinging his head from side to side as if he was losing his mind! "Are you alright?!" The miner yelled.

    Niiiiiiii! The boy cried in an unusual high pitched voice. His silver hair brightened to light purple and a long spikey horn tore out of his forehead. The man looked at the boy in astonishment and felt like he was going to faint. The boy's face extended forward and abanadoned it's human features, mutating into a pokemon face. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiii! The creature cried as the boys once, human ears, grew into long and spiny purple ones. The boy's body fell on the floor and it's skeletal figure began to reconstruct entirely until all that was left standing there in the dark was a male Nidorino.

    The miner attempted to run, but his own body stopped him in his place. He tried to cry out, but it came out as a heavy squeal PILOOOO! His painful mutation into Piloswine was soon starting.

    "We're learning splendidly, my Annika." The woman spying behind the split enjoyed watching every second of the miner's transformation. She heard the voice that praised her inside her own head and her demented grin grew wider.

    Numera Town
    SWISH! Five large, silver spoons flew through the air one after the other in a line that soared across the sky. They dropped abruptly, yet gently in an organized fashion upon a table set up outside Professor Atlas' lab. Mega Alakazam sat with his eyes closed in a meditative position and his feet grasped together like fingers. His eyes rolled under his eye lids toward a cart beside the cloth covered table. The plates on the cart began to rise and they evenly distributed themselves onto the table with psychic.

    "Alakai, would you help setting up the-" Professor Atlas began to say before he realized what Mega Alakazam was already doing. Like always, Alakai had foreseen the professor's plans before he even thought to say them. "Thanks." The professor said looking over Alakai's Mega form. "Enjoy it while it lasts my friend." Prof. Atlas said with a teasing grin. He knew how hard Alakai trained himself to maintain his mega evolution for as long as he could. Alakai opened one eye to glare at his master and in the same instance the neatly set table crushed in two before the professor's eyes.

    "That was for our company!" Griped the Professor. He just shook his head with a long sigh "Oh well, at least the food isn't wasted." Just then, the entire rack of food along with the beverage cart flew high up into the air only to smash all over the ground. Professor Atlas just let out a long airy sigh, "Looks like company will have to skip out on eating this year." He disappeared, back inside his lab with a disappointed look upon his face.

    Alakai snapped his fingers and broke the illusion revealing that the table and food were completley fine. A small smile formed on his lips and he continued to meditate.


    Just on the outskirts of town, Jay was sitting against his backpack under a set of Oran berry trees. He was going through his pokegear and saw that he had four missed calls from his mom. He was just about to redial the number when he spotted a tailow just on a branch above, that was motionless and fluffed inside it's own feathers. Jay quickly stood up from the ground and attempted to climb up the tree, but there were hardly any low hanging branches. He looked up again at the Tailow and when it stayed completely still after he yelled out, he knew something was wrong. He unzipped the first pocket of his pack and retrieved a thick belt which he used to wrap around the tree and climb to the closest branch. Once he made it on the first branch, he climbed the rest of the way until he reached the limb where the Tailow was perched on.

    At first he shook the limb to try and see if Tailow was just sleeping, but the small dark colored bird pokemon still did not budge. Jay leaned in close and carefully took the bird into his hands then jumped off the tree. He landed safely on his feet with bird and he walked over to his pack again to pull out a great potion this time. First, he looked over Tailow’s whole body and noticed something sticking out of her beak. Jay gentley removed the twig that was choking Tailow and spritzed her injured wings with potion from where she must've self inflicted them on the tree branches in panic.

    "There, little bird. You should feel a lot better soon." Jay said kindly.

    Jay walked to the next tree and placed Tailow safely onto a low hanging branch before walking to pick up his pack. Low!, the blue bird chirped gratefully and flew off to another tree further away. Jay smiled then activated his pokegear to listen to the voicemail that his mother had left for him. She had just called to remind him that Prof. Atlas was expecting him to receive his first pokemon today.

    Jay checked the time on the pokegear and realized he would still be early if he went to the lab now, but he decided to head there anyway since he had nothing do. He took the shortcut through town, passing by the statue of Ash that looked so lifelike that it could have moved. When he finally arrived near the small silver lab, he could see Alakai outside meditating near a table that was neatly set with a rack of food besides it full of delicious hot food. Jay already knew his uncle set out a food table every year, so that trainers could eat a nice meal before setting off on their jouneys.

    "Hey Alakai. Great work maintaining your mega evolution." Jay complimented him before walking into the lab.

    "Jay!" Professor Atlas said, quickly running from the back of the lab. He handed Jay a tray of pokeballs and asked him, "Help set up the stands for me?" He quickly left before Jay could even say a word.

    "Nice to see you too Uncle Atlas..." Jay said with a light chuckle. He walked into the main room to see six pokeball stands with the majority of them having three pokeballs lined across the surface. Labeled on signs above each stand were the diverse regions that each set of starters were from. The Kanto stand had five pokeballs – the extra two were for Eevee and Pikachu. Jay picked up the first pokeball and shined it with the cloth inside the tray and neatly placed it on the Kalos stand. Jay did the same to the other two pokeballs and he turned to see his uncle reappear.

    "Thanks, it's good to see you Jay. The others should be here shortly." The professor smiled.
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  2. Astrid

    The sun set high above Numera Town as the people walked around the town doing their daily business. Kids were outside playing with other kids and their Pokemon, the adults were chatting with others and some were doing their job. in the middle of town the statue of the famous Ash Ketchum stood shining in the sunlight. It was a glorious day for new trainers to prepare for the journey ahead of them.

    A young girl was sitting on the bench close to the library, reading up on the habitats of Dragon Pokemon. This young girl was asked by her mentor, Professor Atlas, to explore Epica and gather more information about the region in order to expand her knowledge and experience to becoming a Pokemon Researcher and a Pokemon Professor later. She was recently reading up on the Bagon, how it wanted to fly so much that it would jump off cliffs to do so and destory rocks with it's head.

    "Wow! This book is fantastic." The young girl proclaimed. "I'm so happy that the professor is letting me go on a adventure to learn more about Epica. This will surely help me in my journey." She closed the book and got up. She noticed a Tallow flying through the town in the sky. It was injured as it struggled to keep itself afloat, but continued to fly.

    "Taliow!" The bird said in a happy tone as it glided through the air like a normal bird regarding his struggles.

    "Pokemon are surely interesting creatures. I want to learn more about them." She smiled to herself and looked around. "I suppose I should go and check on the Professor and see if he's done setting up the tables for the new trainers starting out." She wondered. She looked around one last time and left towards the location of the professor's labatory dragging her heavy backpack with her.

    At the labortory, the girl, name Astrid, stood there and took her thinking about what the professor would want her to do during her adventure. She was always interested in the Pokemon's habitats that she wouldn't know where to start her research. The thought of me going on this trip is making me excited. She adjusts her glasses a little bit to keep them from fall off. She then heard some noises outside. Seems like the professor is still setting up. Astird, curious about the noise, deicided to check it out.

    Astrid peeked over the wall of the Laboratory and saw that the setup was almost complete. Professor Atlas' Pokemon, Alakazam, which in currently in its Mega Form, was meditating on it's own while the professor and someone else was there talking. Astrid vaguely remembers the man, but she has seen him a few times. Regardless, Astrid proceeded to walk towards the professor and the man and attemped to strike up a conversation.

    "Hey Professor. I'm here." Astrid spoke a bit loudly than usual, it was her way of striking up a conversation to people. She was usually shy when it came to conversations, but she is ok speaking up to her Professor, whom she had a close relationship with.
  3. A familiar red haired girl came into the lab and she walked right up to him and the professor. Jay had seen her many times before and assumed she was his uncle's assistant or something. Prof. Atlas would always have her helping around the lab and they'd be seen outside as well observing pokemon. Jay was a little envious of the time the professor and the girl shared studying together, because he wanted to learn from his uncle himself about pokemon. The professor was always too busy with collective research to put time aside for Jay. He instead advised Jay to become a pokemon trainer, so that he could get his Caretaker license after taking great care of his pokemon team. The license is what Jay needs in order to run his very own Pokemon Daycare one day.

    "Astrid! Do you mind collecting the pokedex from my office?" Prof. Atlas asked when she came in. He hurriedly walked to the pokeball room in the back. "They'll go on the center counter! Jay, I need your help with something."

    Jay followed his uncle to the Pokeball room and they both returned with cases of pokeballs. Each case contained six shrunken and empty pokeballs that would be given to trainers receiving their first pokemon today. The cases were placed neatly on small stands on the center counter a tiny rack in the middle awaited to display the Pokedex. Once everything was set up, Prof. Atlas walked to the center of the room and encouraged Jay and Astrid to stand with him. Jay looked a little awkwardly to his uncle which reminded him to introduce them.

    "Right! I'm sure you two have seen eachother around. I never had the chance to properly introduce you both." The professor turned to the red haired girl with the glasses and then back to Jay. "Jay, this is the lovely and aspiring researcher Astrid. Astrid, this is my eldest nephew Jay. He wishes to become a Pokemon Caretaker."

    Jay turned his head and coughed to conceal his nervousness and then nodded toward Astrid with a friendly expression. Introductions like this felt really awkward to him and he just wanted it to be over. He turned his eyes toward the pokemon stands in order to distract himself. Which pokemon would he choose? He was leaning toward a water type, but he's always had a fascination with fire types as well.

    "Jay did arrive first, so I will allow him to start us off with the pokemon selection." Professor Atlas stated.

    "Nah, it's ok. You go ahead." Jay said to Astrid politely as he continued to look over the stands. "I'm still deciding." The main stand that grabbed his interest was the Kalos region.
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  4. Alvin

    Chapter 1: Through the Hills: The Beginning of an Explosive Adventure!

    A young lad sat atop the hill overlooking Thunderlight Village. The light rain tapped down on his head, but it did not bother him; he was used to it. His feelings were mixed, here he was, leaving his home to go on an adventure. But then, that was the point of an adventure was it not? To boldly go into unknown lands and grab treasure, then come back a hero! Well, at least in his own mind. The lad got up, put his grandfather's old pilot hat into his pack, then headed down the road towards Numera Town. 'Time for this adventure to begin!' he thought.

    The road took a lot of twists and turns around the hills, signs being placed around the area to ensure nobody got lost. The clouds slowly parted as he moved along the trail, and soon enough the sun shone brightly in the sky. The lad was actually taken aback by it at first; though he had always been taught about the sun in school, to him it seemed more like a distant concept than anything else. That, he supposed, is what happens when you live your entire life under a cloud.

    About halfway to Numera Town, he heard the cry "Pidgey!" from across the brush. The lad, named Alvin, moved over to see the bird, a Pidgey, and thought 'Hey, that's a swell looking Pokemon. A shame I don't have any Pokeballs on me...Come to think of it, I'm probably going to need to learn how to throw effectively. I can't be a half effective trainer if I can't catch any Pokemon now can I?' He looked around for something to throw, and found a small rock. Sure it probably was not the smartest idea to throw a rock at a Pidgey, but hey, as long as he missed, it could not possibly go wrong right?

    He triumphantly threw the rock towards the Pidgey, wanting to see how far he could go. It flew across the sky...for two feet.


    Dejected, Alvin found another rock and threw it, but it went way to the left of the Pidgey. By this point the Pidgey noticed the rather silly human throwing rocks, but disregarded Alvin as a threat. Alvin though, was rather infuriated by this point, so he started collecting stones, and putting them into a pile. When he had about twenty or so rocks, he started furiously throwing them towards the Pidgey. Most of the missed hilariously, but a few got pretty close to their intended target. It was at about the nineteenth rock that he finally managed to hit the Pidgey at long last! Success!

    But then he thought something...something that he really should have thought of at the start.

    "What am I doing?"

    The Pidgey, for it's part, finally had enough of Alvin's rock throwing, and had decided to teach him a lesson. Seeing that he had not thought things through very well, Alvin started running away at a brisk pace, with the enraged Pidgey following behind.

    Music 2

    Eventually, Alvin's pace was at a dead run, trying to outrun the Pidgey trying to peck him. Make that two Pidgey, no four! 'Is this thing multiplying or something?' he thought. He looked again, and it turned out that no, the Pidgey were just calling on other birds to start attacking him. Before he could even think, more of them descended on him, pecking at his head from above. "Aieeeeee!" he yelled as he approached the town. He ran as fast as he could, trying to find a sanctuary within the buildings. At length, he came close to the lab of Professor Atlas, whereupon the Pidgey started smacking him with Wing Attacks to try and punish him some more. Alvin ran to the door, hurriedly opened it, and slammed the door in front of the Pidgey faces. The birds made an audible thud upon hitting the door, and after a few moments, they gave up their pursuit and flew into the wild blue yonder.

    Alvin had to take a few moments to catch his breath from the ordeal. Once he was sure the birds were not going after him anymore he loudly proclaimed "Alvin Michaelson is here everyone! Let the games begin!" He then realized that the Professor was probably not expecting his arrival, and said "Err...that is to say, I'd like a Pokemon please, as a humble, beginning Pokemon trainer."
  5. Somewhere in Numera's Pokemon Park, a girl who called herself Bee sat under a tree, observing people and their Pokemon as they walked nearby. She had arrived in the town that morning, and had spent most of the day exploring Numera Town, since it was the first town she actually had the time to wander around in, aside from the one she grew up in, obviously.

    Bee shielded her eyes and glanced up at the sky in an attempt to figure out the time based on the position of the sun. The idea was short lived. Instead, she stood up and stretched, then walked over to a man to ask for the time. After he told her, she thanked him, and, strolled out of the park.

    Bee walked much slower than her usually brisk pace in order to get a good look at everything she walked past. "So many places to visit," She muttered to herself, "but not nearly enough time." Or money, for that matter, since she was trying to save it. She knew she would probably get the chance to come back, but it was still a bit disappointing.

    As Bee left the lively center of historical buildings for small townhouses, she glanced back over her shoulder at the Ash Ketchum statue. Then she turned her back to it and returned to her usual walking pace, naturally gazing at the ground as she let herself think. "Hopefully my directions are right. I don't want to be late." She was talking to herself, which was usual for her. Her concentration was only broken once however, by a flock of Pidgey tailing someone heading in the same direction she was. That was enough to stop her in her tracks as she watched the sight rush past. Then she began to follow, going faster this time to see if she could catch sight of the spectacle again. Instead, all she managed to see was the flock flying off into the distance. "What was that even about, anyway?"

    After a while, a building came into sight. "Oh, that must be Professor Atlas's Lab..." She was beginning to feel nervous now... Or was that excitement? Well, whatever it was, it was shortly forgotten when she was close enough to see the Mega Alakazam meditating outside. "Woah..." Of course, she'd heard of Mega Evolution, and had seen pictures of Mega Evolved Pokemon and even seen very few when new trainers passed through her village, but they still fascinated her. She didn't want to disturb it, and instead went to the door. There was a brief moment of hesitation in which she stared down the door, concentrating on what looked like small indentations on it before she took a deep breath, opened the door and walked in. "Um... Hello." She said, closing the door behind her. She turned back to the others and smiled.
  6. "Yes! Sure thing professor." She quickly rushed into the Labatory and entered the professor's room. She looked around in the professor's room. Usually professor Atlas' office is usually nice and organized during his work time, but his desk has been clattered with papers all around the area. He must have been busy working with getting everything organized for this day. Astrid walked over to one of the counters and opened it, inside was various stuff and a box of Pokedexs. Astrid took the box and looked inside.

    "That's alot of Pokedexs. How many trainers are going on their adventures today?" She wondered. She took the box of Pokedexs and went back to where she met Professor Atlas and the boy. She put the box of Pokedexs on the center counter and took them out one by one and ordered them up nicely. She put the box down beside it and went back to where the boy and Atlas was. After Atlas introduced his nephew, Jay. She greeted him with a smile from both her eyes and mouth.

    "Hey Jay. It's nice to meet you. Being a Pokemon Caretaker is a wonderful goal. Most trainers usually just travel around the region and aim to become a Pokemon Master. It's wonderful you're seeking to take care of Pokemon." Jay didn't seem interested in starting a conversation, with just him giving a friendly nod. Guess he's not a talkative person. she waited for a bit until Jay let her go first for picking a Pokemon to decide his new Pokemon.

    "Alright. Thank you." She smiled. She looked around on all the counters. Most counters had three Pokeballs, but one of them had five. "Perhaps i'll take a look at the starters and see which one suits me." She walked over to each counter and examined the Pokeball, in order to: Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Kalos, Unova, and lastly, Kanto, the one with five Pokeballs. Some of the Pokemon interested her while others didn't. She couldn't choose from the first five regions. But things changed when she got to Kanto.

    She looked at the Pokeballs closely, there were the usual Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squrtle starter combo. And then there was a Pikachu, the Pokemon Ash started with in his journey. But the last Pokemon would change everything. Astrid took a look at the Pokeball and read it. Her eyes widen, it was the Pokemon she was wanting to own for a few years...


    Flashback, Two Years Ago
    It was about Three months ago since Astrid started working with Professor Atlas. At that time, she was wearing a red tank top and a blue skirt that hugged up to her knees. Her hair was much longer that it was to hair lower back. Today she was learning more about Pokemon in the Kanto region and learning more about their habitats. Professor Atlas has taught her many new Pokemon that were in the Kanto region.

    "Now the next Pokemon is something that has been quite a mystery to researchers everywhere." Professor Atlas spoke. He pressed a button near one of the desks and a hologram of a brown fox with a furry collar around it. "Do you know what this Pokemon is?" Astrid looked at the Pokemon closely and after a few seconds of looking at it. She jumped up in excitement.

    "It's an Eevee right?" Astrid proclaimed.

    "Yes that's right." The professor smiled. "Eevee, a very unique Pokemon that has the power to evolve into different types of Pokemon. It has a irregularly shaped genetic structure that can adapt to many types of the environment. So far it has about 8 types of evolution and we're studying it about everyday." Astrid tried to touch it as if she was attempting to pet the Eevee.

    "It's so cool...and cute. I want to own one of these and learn more about it! The different evolutions really interests me too." Astrid was still trying to pet the hologram Eevee with a big smile.

    "Haha! Seems like you're really like this Pokemon. Perhaps you'll own one of them someday Astrid." The professor laid back on his chair. Just then, his office phone rang from just outside his room. "Ahh excuse me Astrid. We'll continue this after I finish this phone call so i'll be right back". The professor got up and left to his room to answer his phone call. Just then, someone came through the door. It was a young man, dressed in a blue shirt, gray pants and a gray beanie. He looked around for someone, most likely the professor. The man found Astrid and gave a blank stare. Astrid noticed him and waved with a huge smile. The man nodded with a smile and left to look for the professor. Astrid now remembers that this was Jay, the man whom she met just now. This was the first time that Astrid and Jay saw each other for the first time.
    End FlashBack

    Eevee was something Astrid wanted to own for quite some time. She liked cute things like Eevee and the thoughts of Eevee being able to evolve into different and bigger versions with different types always excites her. She looks at it and takes it.

    "I think i'm going to pick Eevee." She smiled.​
  7. "Great choice." Prof. Atlas said to Astrid once she decided upon her starter. "So many elemental choices to evolve him or her into. An indecisive person's nightmare." The professor laughed at his own attempt at a joke. "Or you can choose not to evolve Eevee and keep it cute and cuddley as it is-" Just then the professor was interrupted by the sound of his Pokegear chiming on the necklace around his neck.

    Atlas stepped away for a few minutes and bits and pieces of the conversation could be heard. "Ah, your boy Alvin. On his way?- Bit of a glutton for punishment? Oh-oh I see... Yes, ok then." The professor returned to where Astrid and Jay were standing and at that moment the door to the lab swung open! A teen boy dove through the entrance slamming the door behind him followed by thudding sounds that could be heard from the outside. "Uh, I'll just pretend I didn't witness that...." The professor mumbled to himself. Jay was too lost in thought to even flinch when the new guy arrived.

    When the boy introduced himself a lightbulb flicked on in Prof. Atlas' head. "Yes Alvin, you are welcome to choose a pokemon. Come on in and join us." A girl walked in shortly after Alvin's grand entrance. The professor encouraged her to do the same. "Welcome young lady. I am Professor Atlas, youself?" Prof. Atlas asked curiously as he swept his fingers through his dark purple hair. He had a feeling that the girl wasn't from around Numera.

    Eevee... Jay thought when the red head selected her first pokemon. That was another option that he would have considered since it can evolve into Vaporeon or Flareon. He walked toward the Kalos stand which he had, had his eyes set on and stopped to look at the info listed beside the pokeballs. Froakie or Fennekin... both of them sounded like a good choice in his opinion. At one time he thought about choosing Charmander, but a Charizard seemed like a difficult pokemon to train. Also, they are usually prone to bad temperaments which would make it unnecessarily harder for him to recieve his caretaker license.

    It was down to just two - A fire fox or a blue frog pokemon. Though he wasn't up for a near impossible challenge as bonding with a Charizard, he did find a little challenge necessary. Jay had experience with a fire fox pokemon in the past. A wild, yet friendly vulpix use to walk through the neighborhood and Jay use to take care of it until it stopped coming around. On the otherhand, Jay had no experience with a Frog pokemon. It's behavior would be foreign to him, but he did read that their temperaments were normally chill.

    Jay hovered his hand over the Kalos region pokeballs and stopped it at the one on the far left. The one which he had first polished when he placed them there on the stand to begin with. Froakie. "This is the one I choose." Jay said to his uncle and stepped back to place the pokeball into his pocket.

    "Interesting choice, Jay. I believe Froakie will be a relatable match for you. Most are often times bashful, yet independent." Prof. Atlas stated referring to the water frog, and waited for the others to choose.
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  8. It was a nice and special day in Numera Town as today is the day that a lot 10 year olds and teenagers get their first pokemon and go on their pokemon journey. Kristy and Kyrie were no exceptions. However it seems like Kristy wasn't in a big hurry as she is sitting on top of a tree branch, despite the fact she woke up a lot earlier than Kyrie for today, however it just seems like a way to mess with her younger sibling whom was getting rather impatient and wanting to get her favored starter before someone else did.

    "Oh Kyrie calm down it's not like every trainer is in a hurry to get a pikachu ya know since it's not as good of a pokemon as you make it out to be". Kristy said looking down at her clearly frustrated younger sibling on the ground. "But it Pikachu IS good, you're just jealous because i'm the way getting it and you're gonna be stuck with a dumb cyndaquil!". Kyrie yelled, stomping a foot on the ground in frustration which in returned got a chuckle from Kristy.

    "Well if you're SO desperate to get that Pikachu then why don't you go there first? it's not like you're bound to be at my side at all times you know, Mom said we don't have to travel together if we don't want to". Kristy responded, smirking. There was a momentary pause between the two as Kyrie stumbled on her words trying to say a good response only to scoff in defeat. "Fine then".

    And with that Kyrie stormed off towards the Lab, adjusting her glasses a bit along the way. Not long after that however Kristy jumped off the tree and quickly ran pass Kyrie "Welp look at the time, seems like i'm getting late for my first pokemon gotta get my cyndaquil before someone else does".

    "Hey wait for me!". Kyrie yelled running after her older and faster sibling. Both of them paid no mind to the odd flock of pidgeys near the lab entrance. Kristy burst through the lab's entrance and was shortly followed by Kyrie and grinded to halt not far from the counter.

    "I choose pikachu!" "I choose Cyndaquil" the two yelled in unison, panting.
  9. "Oh, my name's Beatrice Alcott." She said after the Professor introduced himself. "Everyone calls me Bee, though." She walked further into the lab, taking off her hat and folding it up in her hands. She looked over to the stands where the Pokeballs were. "So we just pick one?" She asked.

    Shortly after she asked that, two girls came rushing through the door, declaring the Starters they were hoping to get. "Alright then." Bee joined the other new trainers at the stands and looked at all the different regions. There were six in total, with three Pokeballs each aside from the Kanto one, which had five. She had spent a long time thinking about which Pokemon she'd choose on her way to Numera. While the idea of a fire Starter stood out to her at first, none of the actual Pokemon really stood out to her. Then there were water types, but she had a tendency to avoid them. Which left the grass types: Bulbasaur, Chicorita, Treecko, Turtwig, Snivy, and Chespin.

    She walked to the third stand, Hoenn, and picked up the Pokeball labeled 'Treecko'. This was the Starter she had decided to choose on her way here. "I'd like this one, please, Professor Atlas. Treecko." She put her hat back on and stepped away from the stands, then transferred the Pokeball from her left hand to her right.
  10. Alvin

    "Oh uh, thanks Professor Atlas!" Alvin replied. "I'm somewhat surprised you're willing to just let me in like that. That's awfully nice of you!"

    Alvin started walking towards the stands with the Pokemon, when suddenly the door slammed him in the back. He fell flat on his face and heard two voices calling out "I choose pikachu!" "I choose Cyndaquil" at roughly the same time. "Why me..." he mumbled to himself as he picked himself off the ground. He walked further into the lab to avoid getting smacked by the door again, then said "Before I choose my Pokemon, I'd like to know who the rest of you all are. I'm a bit of a newcomer here so I think getting to know my riva---err friends would be a good idea."

    While Alvin did want to know the names of everyone else, he also wanted some time to think about his choice of starter. Thankfully, none of the others had chosen the Pokemon he was interested in. However...his knowledge on these Pokemon were rather limited to an old TV Special called "Star Starters", which discussed each of the starters, or rather their final evolutions. One interesting fact that he gleaned from the show was the fact that Starter Pokemon were chosen for each region based on their ease of use among trainers. By and large, Starter Pokemon are prized because of their docility; Charizard being the primary exception, it being chosen mainly by popular demand and becauser there were no other particularly suitable Pokemon being in the region.

    The Pokemon that had fascinated Alvin were Blaziken and Chesnaught. Heck, in his boyhood Alvin dreamed of becoming a Fighting Gym leader, but as with most childhood dreams, it was abandoned at one point in time. Blaziken was a powerful and fiery Pokemon, but most of the more competitive trainers had said that Infernape was vastly superior, unless you got one of those rare Torchic that boosted speed every few minutes. Chesnaught was starting to become a pleasing option to Alvin, due to its resilience and optimism. But then, there was a problem with that too. The nearest Fire types that Alvin was aware of were in Inferno Town, a long way away from Numera Town. Grass types could be found as near as Mermadelle, a few of which occasionally made their way to Thunderlight Village when water was scarce. He remembered the Lotad that would sometimes come to the village and lie down in the river to collect rain. It was a fairly tough decision.

    But it was the scarcity of the Fire type, as well as Torchic's general cuteness, that drew Alvin to that particular Pokemon. He waited for the answers to his query before trying to head over there.
  11. "Good to meet you Beatrice." Atlas said with a welcoming smile. "Yes, there are many starters to choose from this year. Go ahead and take one." The professor heard the boy Alvin's statement and he cringed a little inside, but he just concealed it with a lazy yawn. "Yeah sure thing kiddo." That's when two more girls busted into the lab, causing Alvin to kiss the floor from a door slam. "Ouchhhh.." The professor winced a little. He waved the two girls in and continued, "Looks like we have a good crowd now."

    Luckily Beatrice was in the process of choosing her starter, so that Prof. Atlas could forget that he had seen the boy almost break his nose on his lab floor. "Ah, Treecko the grass lizard pokemon. One of my favorite starters." Professor Atlas stated. "It's all your's." He then directed his attention to everyone else as well. "I have a good feeling that you all will take proper care of these pokemon that I have provided for you. There is a case of pokeballs for each of you and a pokedex as well that you are welcome to take for your journey."

    Professor Atlas walked over to the Kanto stand and then to the Johto stand. He returned in front of the two girls that yelled for their pokemon and said, "Here you go girls." He placed Pikachu and Cyndaquil's pokeballs into the appropriate hands. "You know, one of the greatest pokemon trainers alive started with a Pikachu." He said to the smaller girl and gave her an encouraging grin. "Train them well." Atlas stated to them both and walked away with a distracted mind.

    "Are you ok?" Jay asked whenever he attempted to help Alvin from the floor, but the boy helped himself up before he could. The sound of his chiming pokegear threw him off and he accidentally ignored a call from his mom. Great... He thought whenever he retrieved it from his jacket pocket. "Jay." The silvery blue haired boy answered quietly to Alvin on his way to the exit. Jay had thanked his uncle for giving him a pokemon, and now he had to get going. His mother was expecting him, and he promised that he'd stop by before leaving town.

    When outside, the delicous smell of hot food entered into the blue haired boy's nostrils. Jay's stomach began to burn and a tummy growl escaped him. He hadn't eaten since yesterday afternoon, and there was a rack full of tastey food just calling his name. Jay decided he'd grab a small bite before going home. Froakie's pokeball pressed against his leg in his pant pocket and he was tempted to meet him. Alakai was still meditating in his Megaform, but he decided not to interrupt.

    Jay took a few of Boulder town's famous honey rolls along with a couple of rice balls. He was going to stuff the food in a sack and be on his way until he saw a persuasive pot of creamy soup. He felt he had no other choice now, but to sit down at the table outside the lab and help himself to a quick warm bowl.
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  12. "Thank you." Bee said, giving the Professor a slight nod. She put her Starter Pokemon's ball in her jacket pocket, walked over to the counter the Professor had mentioned were, and took a case of Pokeballs and a Pokedex. These ended up going in her backpack, a going away gift from her brother, Graham. Well, it had actually been his, but it was in a much better condition than her own, which looked on the verge of falling apart. And she didn't want to disappoint him, so Bee ended up leaving the village with his backpack slung over her shoulder. She hoped he was doing alright...

    She shook her head in an attempt to get herself to focus. "I'll organize when I'm about to go." She muttered to herself, already planning out what she'd do from here.

    Bee turned around and walked over to Alvin, whose face-plant she hadn't actually noticed. She hefted her backpack higher up on her shoulder, then introduced herself. "Beatrice. Call me Bee, if you want." She told him, then something seemed to hit her. If she remembered correctly, this was the guy being chased by the flock of Pidgey. She considered mentioning it, but decided not to for the time being. That could be saved for a better time. "Nice to meet you."

    Bee stepped outside, about to go on her way when she noticed the rack of food and the guy who was already enjoying some. She decided that she'd get a bit of food as well, taking a few rolls and a bowl of the soup. She sat at the table a little ways down from where the blue - haired boy was sitting. "Hello." She said, since talking seemed preferable to an awkward silence.
  13. Astrid left the laboratory room and went in to the bathroom because of the need to go to the bathroom. She took out her Pokeball and looked at it. "Eevee huh? It's nice to meet you. I want to release you from the pokeball, but I want to wait until we're outside for that." Astrid spoke to her pokeball. After she was done, she washed her hands and returned to the lab, she found that new people have came in, one boy and three girls, two teenagers and one child. "Guess I missed out on all the fun." Astrid smiled. Seems like there was alot of new trainers coming here for the journey to chase after a certain dream. Seeing them makes Astrid a bit happy. After things have calmed down. Astrid went to Professor Atlas and smiled. "Thanks for everything. I'll see you later." Astrid waved goodbye and left. Outside of the laboratory, she noticed Jay and the new girl begin a conversation, at least the girl started the conversation. I suppose having some friends along the journey wouldn't be a bad thing. Astrid thought. grabbing some food from the stand and heading towards the table where Jay and the new girl was.

    "Mind if I join in on the conversation?" Astrid sincerely asked. Having friends for the journey wasn't something Astrid had in mind before the journey, but thinking about it, perhaps it may be a good idea to have people with you in case of an emergency, after all, Astrid wasn't a good Pokemon battler so being in a situation could be troublesome for her.
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  14. "They're extra eager this year.." Prof Atlas said to himself when he watched three of them leave right when they got their pokemon, including his nephew. Jay was always quite distant with Prof. Atlas anyway, and Atlas understood that it was just his personality. "Which pokemon will you choose?" Atlas asked the boy Alvin who was busy getting to know the other new trainers. He was secretly curious of which pokemon he'd feel a little sorry for. Professor Atlas wasn't worried that the boy wouldn't take care of his pokemon well, but he wasn't sure if Alvin would be able to stay out of trouble.

    Meanwhile, Jay finished eating his first rice ball and he began to eat modestly when a girl came outside as well. He was feeling a little guilty for eating without giving his new pokemon food first, but he didn't feel it was the right time to introduce himself. Jay also knew that his uncle Atlas always fed the starter pokemon really well before putting them up for selection. The blue haired boy took a nibble of a second riceball and could see in his peripheral the girl near the food racks starting to approach the table. When she sat down a few seats away from him, his heart began to speed up in nervousness and he knew what would come next. She said "hello" and Jay peeked toward the girl who had chosen Treecko as her starter.

    "Hey-" Jay said quickly to the girl and turned back to stuff the second rice ball into his mouth. His modesty went out the window when he felt like panicking. Jay was extra shy when he was hungry, and he wasn't sure what to say. He felt extremely awkard now and he really wanted to just disappear. That's when Astrid came outside and came right up to them. Jay felt like running away, but he just remained calm and looked up to her and just smiled with a nod. He felt stupid now, and he looked away to eat a spoon full of soup to distract his rising anxiety. You don't have to be like this. Jay thought to himself as he ate another spoonful.
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  15. He said was "hey" and stuffed a rice ball in his mouth. Well, it was a start. Fortunately, another girl came over and asked to join the conversation. "No, not at all." Bee replied with a smile. They could definitely use some more conversation, but she wasn't going to say that. She ate a spoonful of her soup then looked to the others. "So, are you excited about this?" She asked them, referring to receiving their Pokemon and their journeys. "I am. I've been wanting to travel the region for a while. Oh," She hadn't even introduced herself to them, "Sorry, my name's Beatrice, but a lot of people call me Bee."
  16. "Awesome!" She yelled in a soft voice. She sat down on the table closer to Jay and across from the new girl. "I figured i'd eat with some new trainers before I head out for an adventure." she said as she ate a spoonful of delicious cream cheese soup. After the spoonful, she took a nice bite out of the bread roll. "Of course. I think that all of us are going to find amazing stuff here in Epica. It should be a fun journey for all of us new trainers." she happily said. After taking another bite out of her bread roll, she shortly replied back to Bee after she introduced herself. "Nice to meet you Bee. I think Bee is a cute name for you." She happily complimented the new girl. "My name is Astrid. A future Pokemon Researcher and Professor. My goal is to travel around the world and research each kinds of Pokemon and habitats. It'll be such a wonderful time." She smiled. "And this is Jay. Professor Atlas' newphew." she said as she tried to help out Jay get to know the trainers leaving soon. Astrid knew that Jay wasn't the talkative person at first when meeting him so she is giving him a helping hand to having some friends that he can meet up with during his travels in Epica.
  17. Jay began to feel a little uneasy. He sucked at socializing and interacting with girls his own age was even more difficult for him. "Yeah, definitely." Jay said whenever the girl asked if they were excited and let Astrid do the talking. "Nice." Is all Jay replied whenever Beatrice introduced herself. As he began to fill up on the food, he felt his nerves dying down. He was going to tell her his own name, but the red head Astrid introduced him before he could do it himself.

    "Good to meet you." Jay decided to say politely to Beatrice. "I aim to run my own Daycare for Pokemon someday." Jay included after Astrid and then continued with a curious question for Bee, "What about you?" He wanted to take a risk in trying to talk a little more. The last thing he wanted to do was come across as rude. Even though talking to others would be hard for him since he was a tad shy, he was determind to try in order to come out of his shell more. Jay gave an appreciative look to Astrid for introducing him and he began to imagine her as an older version of herself in a Professor's lab coat. Prof. Maple.... If he remembers right, that was her last name. He saw her full name once written down in his Prof. Atlas' office one day when his uncle needed help with something.

    When Jay first decided to go on his journey, he never once pictured himself trying to make friends with other people. At least not at the beginning. He imagined that he'd catch his very own Pokemon team and take on his goal solo. Afterall, he did feel that he related more to pokemon and that he could talk to them more easily. After putting a quick thought to it, he realized that it was stupid to not at least try and make some human friends when the oppurtunity presented itself. Having contacts/possible friends would be beneficial to his future career - they could help provide customers or just be helpful in general. Jay never really thought much on the friend subject since he never really was good at making them to begin with... but now these girls were giving him a chance to try.
  18. "Thank you" Kristy said giving the professor a slight nod before placing her starter pokemon's ball into a pocket on her jacket. She hadn't actually noticed that Alvin got a face full of dirt when she ran through the door with Kyrie so she didn't really apologized to Alvin, well she didn't acknowledge him that much anyway other than a quick glance. She walked walked over to the counter where the Professor mentioned where the pokedex and pokeballs are, and took a case of pokeballs and a pokedex which she placed into her bag.

    On the other hand Kyrie was busy getting excited over her starter pokemon. "Hey come out pikachu" she said and with that the pikachu came out of it's pokeball, looking up at Kyrie ears twitching slightly "Pikachu" it said. "Aww you're so cute! i think i'l call you Benny ". Kyrie said picking up the newly named pikachu who seems fairly happy about being nicknamed.
  19. Alvin

    "Nice to meet you all!" Alvin replied. However, before he could get more words in, most of the new trainers were already outside at the lunch table. "Heh, gone already." he said to himself, amused by their swiftness out of the lab. He was somewhat surprised that they had not even taken out their Pokemon yet to get to know them, outside of the girl that picked Pikachu. Alvin, determined to have a different attitude, went over to the stands. The Hoenn stand caught his eye, and he spotted that the Torchic had not been taken yet. Pleased, he chose this one and said to the Professor "I'll choose this little guy. Torchic right?"

    Not bothering to wait for an answer, Alvin picked up the Pokeball, then decided to double check it to make sure it was the right one. Frankly, he had enough silly mistakes for today. He then nodded his head in reassurance to himself, touched the button on the Pokeball to make it expand, then threw it, shouting "Go Torchic!" as it flew across the sky. One bright flash of light later, and a small, orange chick-like Pokemon seemed to materialize on the floor of the lab. "Torchic!" it happily chirped, greeting Alvin. Alvin sat on the floor close to it, and said "Well hi there, the name's Alvin. How are you doing this fine day Torchic?" The Pokemon chirped again, putting a smile on Alvin's face. He then said "Do you want a nickname, or is Torchic fine?" The reply came with a short sound of confusion, to which Alvin just said "All right, I'll just name you Torchic and we'll go from there. For now, how about we go meet some of the others? I hear there's also food there, and I'm starving!"

    The duo walked together towards the exit of the lab. Alvin snapped his fingers, almost having forgotten the Pokedex, and grabbed one. Then they walked out together to meet up with the others.
  20. Pulling up in front of the Professor's laboratory, was the newest model of a Phantom styled gray and charcoal colored convertible with its top up (Pictured here). Inside, a girl with light colored hair outlined in mint green was checking her high tech watch styled pokegear. On the watch's screen, she appeared to be facetiming her parents who were in Mermadelle. "I love you both! Don't worry, I just got here." The teen girl said relaxing in the velvet red, leather seats. After exchanging heartfelt goodbyes, she clicked a tiny switch on the side of her expensive watch which caused the screen to switch off.

    Leonie cut off the pleasantly humming engine and stepped out onto the marble path that led to the lab's front doors. As she headed for the metalic doors, she spotted a group of teens around her age sitting at a lunchtable on the left. "I could use a bite to eat." Leonie said to herself with a short smile. She would satisfy her hunger after getting what she came for. A boy with his Torchic exited the lab when Leonie made it to the entrance. "Hey little cutie." Leonie said with a quick giggle. She kneeled down to pat the little orange chick on it's feathery head.

    She intended to introduce herself to the brown haired boy until she spied something that made her eyes widen in admiration! A mega evolved Alakazam was meditating to the side of the entrance. Leonie quickly made her way over to it and stared at it's wise looking face. "Now that's cool...." Alakazam's opened his left eye and examined the girl who was up close an personal. He just shut his eye again and caused a blue light to radiate off of Leonie. Leonie began to raise off of her feet and was placed a few feet away from Alakai, so that he had his space. When she was moved, it happened so fast that she didn't have much time to react. "Well then. I'll leave you be." Leonie stated in slight shock.
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