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    • Pokemon Diversity Reloaded

      Plot here

      Epica Region

      Places (open)

      Town Quick Reference:

      Numera - Normal
      Thunderlight - Electric & Steel
      Mermadelle - Water & Grass
      Inseta - Bug & Fighting
      Shadowvail - Dark & Psychic
      Inferno - Fire & Dragon
      Lovewood - Fairy & Ground
      Cloudsloom - Flying
      Frostbait - Ice & Ghost
      Venastone - Poison & Rock

      Cloudsloom was once a Flying-Ghost Gym, but it was forced to change to a Flying-Fairy Gym.
      The Fairy pokemon for the Gym come from Lovewood town (Below Cloudsloom)

      Numera Town
      An expansive historical town, in the Epica region, that honors all of the previous and former Pokemon Masters in the Pokemon World. History and Chronology are two words that describe Numera town down to a t. Statues and museums are seen everywhere around town, and the treasure of Numera is it's life like statue in honor of the great pokemon master Ash Ketchum from Pallet town. Pokemon trainers from all around gather here to see Professor Atlas, so that they can get there first pokemon partner or start fresh on their very own pokemon journeys through Epica. Numera town is known as the largest starter town in all of the pokemon regions. Gambit town, in Aquias, could fit three times within Numera town's expanse. Numera town also has it's own mini gym with a gym badge that is required to allow trainers to collect future badges.

      Numera Gym Leader -- ???

      Thunderlight Village
      A stormy town where it never ceases to rain and where lightning and thunder are never absent. A thriving steel distribution company resides here. All of the steel production takes place in a large manufacturing warehouse near the grand Lightning Strike Bridge. The bridge is almost completed and is only made possible with the help of the Thunder-Steel gym leader, Prof. Cloudburst. (who is also the owner of the steel company) He and his steel/electric pokemon are building the bridge in order to manage the dangerous lightning strikes that occur far too often in the Thunder village. He also has another hidden agenda as to why he is truly building the bridge. Lightning Strike Bridge connects the Thunder village safely (with the help of specially crafted, steel lightning rods) to Mermadelle city.

      Thunderlight Gym Leader -- Prof. Cloudburst

      Mermadelle City
      An immense tropical paradise city and home of the Water-Grass gym! Mermadelle city is one of the largest cities in the pokemon world. It is located right near the Epica Ocean and the cities base floats upon the water like one gigantic, extremely safe raft. The landscaping businesses are apparent here - the whole city is clean cut and litter free! Unique tropical trees and plants border the towering buildings and beach houses. To the side of the city is a sky high mountain that pours down triplet, crytal clear waterfalls into a spring on the beach. Cut into the base of the mountain is a subway station that leads underwater to the Water Grass gym. Across the beach is Jungle Tunnel, an entangled tropical tree forest that naturally forms a long curvey tunnel to Inseta town.

      Mermadelle Gym Leader -- Model Nix

      Inseta Town
      A buzzing bug pokemon lover colony straight out of Jungle Tunnel! PokeBlood River splits through the middle of the insect inspired town. The river was given it's name, because of it's blood colored water. Despite the rivers red color, the water is actually purer and healthier than anyother kind of water around. The houses within Inseta town line down on each side of the river and are hive like in appearance. Residents of Inseta, along with their bug and fighting type pokemon, can be seen meditating everyday near the riverside. On the far end of town, dangling from two giant pecha berry trees, is a huge man made bee hive and inside is the Fighting-Bug Gym.

      Inseta Gym Leader -- Lt. Abielle

      Shadowveil Village
      Also known as Epica's shadow, is a village where sun light never touches. It is highly unusual, because the sun hits everywhere else around the village except the village itself. Almost like an enormous invisible mass in the sky hangs over the village. No one has discovered a logical reason as to why the shadow covers the village, and some believe it is influenced by a legendary pokemon. Most villagers believe that Shadowveil village is under some curse and they can never leave, because it is inevitable bad luck. As expected the town is lit up with torches and asian style lanterns all around. The houses are asian inspired as well with chinese sliding doors. The Dark-Psychic gym lies near an abandoned insane asylum.. Rumor has it that a feral psychotic ex pokemon trainer still lives deep inside the creepy asylum. The gym looks like a mental hospital as well, but more modern with a black sleek frame. Behind the abandoned asylum is a mountain dark mountain that appears cracked in two. Within the mountains crevice is the entrance to the Epica mines which leads to Inferno town.

      Shadowvail Gym Leader -- Psycho Siblings Crimson & Blair

      Inferno Town
      Just outside of the Epica mines is a town that was built on magma rock and surrounded by twin volcanos on either side. The only escape is Inferno bay and only S.S. Hope can withstand the unbearablely scorching temperatures of the water and sail safely back out to sea toward Lovewood town. Sweating should be expected when entering into this town and very few people choose to live in such a place. The Fire-Dragon gym is built half way up the second volcano where it's sure to be extra toasty inside. Fire and dragon pokemon of all sorts live here and it is quite normal to see a charizard or two soaring the skies.

      Inferno Gym Leader -- Drago

      Lovewood Town
      A light hearted peaceful aura envelopes the town of Lovewood. It is the most friendly and homey town in Epica with hot springs and spas about anywhere you look. Comfort food diners are just around every corner and the people here are nice enough to invite you to have home cooked meals in their own home. Lovewood is known for their pokemon parks and successful loving daycares. The weather is always just right and the people are always smiling. In the center of Lovewood town is the landing post for the Joyflight ferri. The Joyflight ferri is a flying ship operated by the host of the Epica League. The ferri's destination is Cloudsloom City where the Epica League Championship takes place.

      Cloudsloom City
      A city upon the white fluffy clouds -- But not just any clouds, they are known as legendary clouds that the citizens of Cloudsloom believe cradled Arceus himself. The city is still quite young, because it was only recently discovered with the help of Professor Atlas. Therefore, the city itself is still in the process of being built. The buildings within this city are heavenly architectured and are designed to resemble a pokemon heaven. Because of it's marvelous existence, Cloudsloom holds the Epica League Championship. The Epica league is hosted at a crystal pillared coliseum.

      Cloudsloom Gym Leader -- ???

      Special towns that I will add descriptions to later:

      Frostbait Village

      Venastone City

      Town Maps (open)

      I'll add the maps of the other towns as we go along.



      The places inside the maps are obviously not the only places within the towns.
      They are just the main places and so that you guys have a visual.

      Badges and Ribbons (open)

      Blessed Beginners Badge - Numera
      Lightning Strike Badge - Thunderlight
      Undersea Harvest Badge - Mermadelle
      Militant Zen Badge - Inseta
      Eternal Shadow Badge - Shadowvail
      Raging Flame Badge - Inferno
      Glistening Wings Badge - Cloudsloom
      Icey Grave Badge - Frostbait
      Venomous Core Badge - Venastone

      Battle Ribbons:
      Final Champion Ribbon (Awarded to Epica league Winner)
      Legendary Ribbon (Awarded to anyone who beats the Legendary brotherhood)
      Epic Master Ribbon (Awarded to the Master of Epica)

      Cute Ribbons:
      Cutie Ribbon (Awarded to the winner of Numera town's talent show)
      Kawaii Ribbon (Awarded to the winner of Lovewood town's musical)

      Beauty Ribbons:
      Water Nymph Ribbon (Awarded to the winner of Mermadelle city's talent show)
      Angelic Beauty Ribbon (Awarded to the winner of Cloudsloom city's musical)

      Smart Ribbons:
      Clever Ribbon (Awarded to the victor of Thunderlight villages Intelligence contest)
      Content Ribbon (Awarded to the victor Inseta town's Zen contest)

      Cool Ribbons:
      Thrill Seeker Ribbon(Awarded to Inferno town's Daredevil contest champion)
      Undaunted Ribbon (Frostbait village - Awarded to champion of the Cheating death contest)

      Spooky Ribbons
      Scream Ribbon (Awarded to the winner of the Creepy musical in Shadowveil)
      Corrupt Ribbon (Awarded to the Rising Serpent talent show in Venastone)

      Aquias Region

      Towns (open)

      Gambit Town

      Iola Town

      Azura Town

      Boulder Town

      Xiga Town

      Meda Town

      Virutox City

      Terra Town

      Blaze Village

      Badges (open)

      Verde Badge - Iola
      Seadrop Badge - Azura
      Rocksplit Badge - Boulder
      Voltspark Badge - Xiga
      Psychosis Badge - Meda
      Viral Badge - Virutox
      Geo Badge - Terra
      Pyre Badge - Blaze

      Character Sheet Template

      Character Name
      Habits and Quirks
      Goal or Purpose
      Desired Pokemon Starter

    • Rules
      1. You have to be accepted before you start posting in the IC
      2. No god modding
      3. No double posting
      4. Only 2 pokemon caught per day unless I approve of more
      5. No fighting (out of character) while your posting in the IC
      6. You can request your starters via private messaging me.
      7. Only 6 pokemon on hand - the rest in the Pc until you switch them out.

    • Characters

      Jay & Robbin Atlas (Cs)
      Astrid Maple (Cs)
      Alvin Michaelson (Cs)
      Beatrice Alcott (Cs)
      Leonie Espierre (Cs)

      Merlin Adrian (Cs)
      Clavies Hart (Cs)
      Thana Vergous (Cs)
      Thomas Colvin (Cs)

      Just so new people know -
      These are the pokemon that everyone has a serious eye on so far. (Most likely catching)

      My desired list: (For 3 characters)

      Phantump & Cubone & Fletchling
      Helioptile & Rotom & Charmander
      Tynamo & Skrelp & Tentacool

      Budew & Numel & Haunter
      Chinchou & Ducklett
      Druddigon & Purrloin & Trapinch
      Totodile & Noibat & Larvesta

      Pokemon already owned in RP: Froakie, Igglybuff, and Chespin

      EternalInfinity's desired team:



      Pokemon already owned in RP: Eevee

      Maxim's desired team:



      Pokemon already owned in RP: Torchic, Lillipup, and Chatot

      EchoRun's desired team:



      Pokemon already owned in RP: Treecko and Slackoth

      Nano's desired team:



      The most a person can name that they'd like is 6 pokemon >per character<
      Anymore will just have to be caught before someone else catches them in the Rp.
      Listed pokemon are not off limits, but are there to reference from in order to avoid doubles.

      Quentin & Alouette

      In the Performance world, a King and Queen are named each year as a tradition in the Epica region. Once a performer wins 6 ribbons (of their choice), they are qualified to challenge the current champions for the royal title.

      Alouette (Appearance)

      A gracious young lady who is admired across Epica for her talented performances at the Pokemon Showcases. Her sweet, yet competitive personality makes her a lovable spirit to her fans. She's held claim to her title as Epica Queen for four years now, and no one has proven skillful enough to steal her crown. She and her beloved Pokemon are broadcasted all around and she's known and adored by many people.

      ~Ribbons Earned~

      Cutie (Vulpix)
      Kawaii (Dratini)
      Water Nymph (Swanna)
      Angelic Beauty (Dragonair)
      Undaunted (Ninetails)

      Main 3 Pokemon Performers:

      Dratini, Ninetails (shiny), & Swanna

      Quentin (Appearance)

      A humble and chill young man who has taken the Perfomance world by storm. As well as a model from Mermadelle, Quentin is like a celebrity in Epica. His name is known far and wide, and his talent in the showcases are hardly matched. As a somewhat recent winner, he stole the crown from the former Epica King in an astonishing performance. For two years, he's kept his title with ease.

      ~Ribbons Earned~

      Clever (Rufflet)
      Content (Servine)
      Undaunted (Absol)
      Thrill Seeker (Serperior)
      Corrupt (Braviary)

      Main 3 Pokemon Performers:

      Absol, Serperior, & Braviary

      -The Battle ribbons are excluded-

      The Dazzling Performer
      Jolesa Avirell


      The daughter of the new Cloudsloom City Gym leader, Joselyn. Jolesa is a competitive, vain girl who takes her dream as a Pokemon Performer a little too seriously. She'll go to any limit to win in the showcases, and she sometimes unintentionally pushes her pokemon to their breaking points in order to do so. She plays the polite and giddy role, but she can be passively aggressive. Her ultimate dream, like anyother Pokemon Performer, is to one day claim the crown as Epica Queen.

      Casual Hairstyle Visual

      Pokemon (so far): Aromatisse, Turtwig, & Mime Jr.

      The Beloved Trainer
      Celeste Di'Arma

      Formal Attire:
      Casual Attire:

      Celeste is the daughter of a world renown Pokemon Champion Selena Di'Arma. Being a graceful and affectionate lady, Celeste is well loved by many thanks to her mom's popularity. Celeste loves all kinds of Pokemon and trains all of her Pokemon to be spectacular fighters by using an unique fighting style similar to her mom's. While she maintains a loving personality to many when she is in a event or a gym battle. Sometimes, Celeste gets stressed out and has to retreat to regain her composure. Sometimes, she wished that she could travel around the world with just her Pokemon without the whole world wanting to meet her everywhere she goes.

      [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

      -Pokemon (so far)-


      Froakie & Litleo


      Igglybuff, Chespin, & Purrloin






      Treecko & Slakoth


      Torchic, Lillipup, & Chatot


      Ralts, Milotic, Litwick, Swablu, & Buneary
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    Name: Rosemary (Rose)
    Age: 18

    Gender: Female
    Hometown: TBD

    Strengths: Her team consists of pokemon with either high defense or high speed, making her a tougher opponent to take down than one would expect at first. Dragging out the fight and tiring out the opponents pokemon before striking is one of her tricks to secure a win for the team.
    Weaknesses: A battle with opponents who inflict a lot of status effects tend to slow down her fast pokemon, and weaken her defender pokemon. This puts a dent in her ideal fighting style and usually ends up with her in a tight situation.

    Habits and Quirks: Rose loves to play with her pokemon and keep them out of their balls like true Rangers do. Grooming is something she likes to do, and also she enjoys drawing her pokemon in her free time. She likes bigger pokemon she can jump on the backs of and ride around. She also tends to be kind of clumsy on her feet.
    Goal: To one day become a professional Pokemon Ranger who helps people and pokemon across the region!

    Talents: She has a knack for solving puzzles and getting out of tough situations. (WIP)
    Inabilities: She has a bad memory when it comes to Names and faces of people she just met, or areas where certain pokemon can be caught. She can hardly follow a map and gets lost very easily.

    Fears: She is afraid that she will make a mistake one day and cause her pokemon to become seriously injured or die. She likes to avoid battles when she can if it is not necessary.
    Personality: WIP
    She likes to have big pokemon because they make her feel safe. Not To mention they give the best piggyback rides.
    Backstory: WIP

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  2. [​IMG]
    *Credit goes to the one mentioned in the url in the picture*

    Character Name: Alvin Michaelson

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Hometown: Thunderlight Village

    Strengths: His battling style incorporates a lot of variety in his Pokemon, making him well suited to take on many challenges. He uses Pokemon he likes to their fullest effect, and makes teamwork between them a high priority. Interestingly, his Pokemon tend to have high special defense overall.

    Weaknesses: The variety in his team tends to lead to a lack in focus. While one of his Pokemon can give issues to a glaring weakness in another trainer's team, once that Pokemon goes down he can get steamrolled by a more dedicated strategy. Additionally, most of his Pokemon have low physical defense, making powerful physical teams capable of running through the team.

    Habits and Quirks: When he's bored, he tends to fiddle with random objects. Alvin also wears his grandfather's old pilot hat for no discernible reason.

    Goal or Purpose: To find the hidden treasure in Aquias and make off like a bandit. With that sort of money he hopes to buy a big mansion somewhere in the nicer parts of Epica for himself and his family. Oh, and he also may as well train some Pokemon along the way.

    Talents: Alvin is a particularly hard worker, believing that working smart will translate into dividends into the long run. Because of this, he can manage his time quite well and often follows a schedule of events. He is also quite athletic, though this may be more due to cowardice than anything else.

    Inabilities: Scared of quite a few things, Alvin often panics whenever he comes into contact with what terrifies him. Additionally, he has a rather bad throwing arm, making Pokemon captures a rigamarole of getting the Pokemon to stand still and close long enough for him to get a decent Pokeball throw.

    Fears: Quite a few of them. Snakes and serpentine Pokemon tend to scare him due to how poisonous they can be. Really, anything that has the potential (and likelihood) of harming him makes his blood run cold. As if that wasn't enough, he also is mildly terrified of heights.

    Personality: Alvin has a boisterous personality that can be either infectious or ridiculously annoying, depending on the person. He genuinely believes he can do anything if he works at it, and tries to look on the bright side of things when down.

    If there is money to be found somewhere, he will track it down and secure it. This leaves him prone to rushing into danger...and swiftly running out of danger once he realizes he might have bitten off more than he can chew.

    While Alvin tries to be reasonably friendly to everyone, he has a bit of a mischievous side as well. If he believes somebody is acting selfishly enough to deserve punishment, he will probably pull a prank on them and laugh as they head for the hills. He also has a habit of listening in on conversations he wasn't invited to.

    Secret: He was actually born in Shadowveil City, but he does not bring it up too much. It tends to create claims that he's spreading his bad luck to everyone else.

    Backstory: Alvin was born to a family of meager means in the Shadowveil Village area. A few years after he was born, his father took a job at the factories in Thunderlight Village, where Alvin has lived most of his life. While their quality of life improved, it was still a struggle for the family to maintain funds for any emergencies and the like. It always seemed curious to Alvin who, on more than one occasion, would look up the hill at the very wealthy mansion of Professor Cloudburst. He wondered how a man could work for (what seemed to him) a short amount of time, and yet end up with such luxuries.

    The thoughts likely would have ended there, had he not, by chance, managed to overhear a certain conversation between who he thought sounded like Professor Cloudburst and another, unknown individual. This conversation included something incredibly interesting to the boy. Supposedly this man had found the location of the Lost Treasure of the Pirates of Aquias from so long ago. The man knew it was in a remote, difficult area of Aquias to reach, and was asking the Professor for funding for an expedition. The Professor laughed the other man off, but Alvin's curiosity was piqued.

    Intrigued by the prospect, he went to the public library to find out more about this legend. Based on what he found there and the man's insistence that the treasure was real, Alvin became convinced himself. Something seemed to click in his mind, yes, this was a great way to get the money he needed to live his life in luxury! However, he knew that the journey was fraught with danger. After all, Aquias was a long ways away, and, at least in the books he read, places with vast stores of treasure always had some kind of guardian or other very deadly trap waiting inside to catch somebody off guard.

    It was then that he turned to Pokemon. Surely if he could train a team of six Pokemon to travel with him, he could smash anything in the way, grab the treasure and make like a bandit and flee. His plan set in mind, he started planning out how to get to Numera Town and then get through to Aquias. Knowing that his mother would never approve, Alvin decided the only way to get out was to sneak off, but not before leaving a letter to his parents explaining where he was going. With hope for the future, and a feeling of nostalgia for leaving home, he left Thunderlight Village, determined to see his plan through to the end.

    Owned Pokemon: Torchic, Lillipup, Chatot
    Team Bios (open)

    Name: Icarus

    Gender: Male

    Ability: Blaze

    Nature: Brave

    Likes: Heroism, Honesty, Putting self in dangerous situations to help others

    Dislikes: Dishonesty, Being Selfish

    Hates: Pranks, Rudeness

    Personality: Torchic sees himself as a noble Pokemon, something a human would call a knight in shining armor. However, this also gives him a tendency to throw himself headlong into danger. He sometimes butts heads with Alvin's cowardice, but remains loyal, hoping to convince Alvin to leave behind his cowardice.

    Backstory: Torchic was a newly hatched Pokemon in the Pokemon lab. His life was happy in the lab, but it always wanted an adventure outside the lab. He finally got his chance when the Professor announced that they were going to be distributed to trainers. Eager for adventure, it awaited the trainer's arrival. Upon being let out of its Pokeball, it bonded quickly with Alvin.

    Known Moves:

    Name: Lillipup

    Gender: Male

    Ability: Vital Spirit

    Nature: Hasty

    Likes: Rushing in blindly, Tackling other People and Pokemon, Having Fun

    Dislikes: Not being allowed to tackle people and Pokemon, being restrained

    Hates: Tight spaces, Being Bored

    Personality: Lillipup is a very eager Pokemon. Too eager in fact, to the extent that if he were an internet player he would be called a Leeroy Jenkins. He is always rushing head first into combat taking little regard for strategy or tactics. For some reason, he loves tackling and then licking trainers, a list that includes Alvin. He is also rather claustrophobic, not liking to be kept in a confined space or be restricted for too long. Interestingly, he has developed a sense of camaderie with Chatot, who provides him with a source of entertainment with his gags.

    Backstory: Lillipup was a normal wild Pokemon in the outskirts of Numera Town. One day though, it happened to tackle Alvin, who after a prolonged battle managed to capture it. He was also vital to helping catch Chatot, and the two have become fast friends.

    Known Moves:
    Odor Sleuth

    Name: Chatot

    Gender: Male

    Ability: Keen Eye

    Nature: Naughty

    Likes: Pulling Pranks, Being Rude

    Dislikes: Selfishness, Having Pranks backfire, or be used against him

    Hates: Heroism, Honesty, Putting self in dangerous situations to help others

    Personality: Chatot is a huge prankster of a Pokemon. He practically lives to see people angry, and will do anything to get a rise out of people. Combined with his annoying Chatter, this makes him a Pokemon loathed by humans and Pokemon alike. Not that it bothers him at all to not have any friends...really!

    Backstory: Chatot was a wild Pokemon in the outskirts of the Numera Hills. He was a rather infamous prankster among the other Pokemon around, so few paid him any attention. Few, that is, until Alvin showed up. Attempting to prank Alvin, a series of events instead led to him being captured in a Pokeball by his own volition.

    Known Moves:
    Mirror Move

    Desired Team (open)

    Flare Blitz
    Brave Bird
    High Jump Kick
    Thunder Punch

    Echoed Voice
    Feather Dance

    Bubble Beam
    Air Slash
    Confuse Ray

    Magical Leaf

    Bug Buzz
    Sticky Web
    Thunder Wave

    Seed Bomb
    Shadow Ball
    Trick or Treat
    Confuse Ray
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  3. Just a heads up:

    - The pokemon in the show button are pokemon I am for sure catching.
    That does not mean they are off limits to you guys. I just know some people don't like copying.

    Jiggly Puff


    Also, when you catch a pokemon it has to make sense to the town.
    For instance: You wouldn't catch a vulpix in Thunderlight or a ghastly in Mermadelle.
  4. Rats! :P

    May as well put my list here. Only the first six are set in stone.

    List (open)

    Voltorb (The Speedster) - Thunderlight Village
    Torchic (The Powerhouse) - Starter
    Mantyke (The Brick Wall) - Mermadelle
    Dwebble (The Glass Cannon) - Inseta Town
    Chatot (The Annoying Chatterbox) - Numera Town
    Flabebe (The Chick) - Mermadelle

    Burmy/Spinarak (That One Bug Type to Scare Miles with) - Somewhere
    Lillipup (That One Beginning Normal Type) - Numera Town
    Kabuto (The Obligatory Fossil) - ???
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  5. I already had my pokemon team planned out on the first day. The only pokemon we share is Noibat. Not gonna change my team tho because Noivern is in my top three favorite pokemon. XD

    Is it just me or did I count 9 pokemon in your team? Too badass to stick with 6 or what? Lol
  6. My for sure 6 are as follows:

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  7. Put down where I expect to run into my Pokemon...no clue where I'm gonna find a Chatot though. Cloudsloom City is the obvious guess, but that a bit late in the plot there.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, what's the policy for Hidden Abilities? Was thinking about grabbing Weak Armor for Dwebble there but I'm not sure. *shrug*
  8. You can catch as many pokemon as you wish.
    You can only have 6 on hand tho - the rest go to PC
    You can switch out at anytime at the Pokecenter

    Some of those pokemon I listed aren't all for Jay btw.
    I'm not changing Noivern either :P Mine might be female anyway.
  9. Chatot is half normal, so you could catch him as early as Numera. (First town) @Maxim
  10. You're getting a Eevee too? I was thinking about getting an Eevee for Astrid as my starter Pokemon. But i'm sure we'll have different evolutions I hope.
  11. I'm most likely choosing Flareon, you?
  12. Sylveon or Glaceon. One of the two.
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  13. Jay is primarily a Water/Fire trainer - With a few exceptions. So I think Flareon will suit him.
    Sorta like how Misty is only Water types.
    Since Epica has a dual type theme for the gyms, I decided to do the same for my character.
  14. Sounds good to me. Here's the six I plan on catching:


    (Castform could be a gift from someone, if he is not allowed, i'll figure out a replacement for him when I get the chance.)
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  15. WIP!


    Character Name: Alaric Von Brandt
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Hometown: Thunderlight Village
    Strengths: He typically prepares specific strategies for certain battles he knows are coming, but while out and about he normally leans towards pokemon that are either an off-tank in build, or with high speed and and attack stats.
    Weaknesses: In battles that he has not specifically prepared for, his pokemon are usually either lacking in speed or defenses, although there are exceptions. He also sometimes struggles a bit against foe heavily focused on inflicting status ailments, should he not be able to end the battle quickly.
    Habits and Quirks: He attempts to convince people his left eye has supernatural abilities, and whenever he thinks deeply, He touches his left eye and the scar over it.
    Goal or Purpose: Alaric wishes to discover the truth of his parents' disappearance, as well as becoming a well-known and respected pokemon trainer, as well as becoming influential in either business or politics, or maybe even both, should he be lucky enough.
    Talents: Given his logical nature, Alaric has quite the knack for deducing caused and effect, in all different fields
    Inabilities: Alaric is blind in his left eye.
    Fears: Alaric may seem fearless or cold at times, his greatest fear is that of losing those close to him again, although this does not make him refrain from dangerous situations, it encourages him to prepare to take them head on.
    Personality:Alaric is strong mentally and is very confident in himself and his abilities, although he this is somewhat of an understatement. Alaric can be, and is much of the time, an obnoxious primadonna. This also leads him to be quite hard on himself whenever he loses a battle, or something along the lines of such, making him push himself to the absolute limit in training, and making him a relentless force. He also is very logical in his thought process, casing him to come off cold quite often. Although he is cold and obnoxious, those who get close to him find him to be kind and caring, as well protective of those close to him.
    Backstory: Alaric was born into into a middle class family and lived a typical life in Thunderlight Village. His father was an engineer who worked to use the massive amounts of rain that Thunderlight Village receives for the benefit of the people by developing things such as hydroelectric turbines powered by the rain, cooling systems for the Steel factory, and rain water collection systems to provide water for homes and businesses among other things. He had a sweet, caring mother and lived happily with his parents until one day when he was the age of eight. Seemingly out of nowhere, an absol -- an inexplicably rare sight in Thunderlight Village -- kidnapped young Alaric and delivered him to his grandparents' house, in the process cutting and blinding Alaric's left eye, leaving a scar. The very night that the absol had abducted Alaric, there was a particularly stormy night, and his parents' supposedly lightning-proof house burned down despite the rain, his parents going missing and still to be found today. Alaric lived the rest of his childhood with his grandparents, who took up the responsibility of raising him from then on. Although it was thought that is parents had gone down in the house, Alaric has always believed that to be untrue and wishes to find them. In order for him to do this, he believes it nescesary for him to become strong, deciding to take up the trade of a pokemon trainer. He also thinks having power in the world of politics and business may help him, as well as provide another way of living, as he has always held interest in these fields.
    Desired Pokemon Starter: Mudkip
    Mudkip (open)
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  16. These are pokemon I'm definitely getting:
    Zee Pokemans (open)

    • Mudkip
    • Larvitar
    • Ralts
    • Vulpix
    • Absol
    • Ghastly
    • Scyther
    • Snorunt (female)
    • Aerodactyl
    • Starly
    • Croagunk
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  17. I've decided that you don't have to include Talents and Secret if you don't want.
    Some characters may not have a secret or specific talent.
    If you've already included those in you CS then that's fine too.
  18. Jay Atlas (Appearance)

    Age: Nineteen

    Gender: Male

    Hometown: Numera Town

    Strengths: He's pretty great at understanding pokemon's wants and needs. He's not that bad at resolving issues in a civilized and non-aggressive manner as well. He chooses to kill people with kindness rather than use aggression. Patience is one of his greatest strengths.

    Weaknesses: He can be too generous at times and a lot of people take advantage of it.
    Jay isn't very sociable and he isn't that great at establishing friends.

    Habits and Quirk: His first most obivous quirks are his Silvery blue hair and teal eyes. Whenever he feels uncomfortable, he tends to cough nervously. He doesn't like to use or hear curse words, because to him it makes people look ugly. Jay always makes sure he spends quality one on one time with his pokemon everyday. He doesn't eat until all of the pokemon under his care have a chance to eat first.

    Goal or Purpose: 1st- To better understand the behavior of pokemon in order to become an experienced Pokemon Caretaker. He aspires to open his very own Pokemon Daycare in Epica. 2nd- In order to recieve his Caretaker license he needs to obtain six of his very own pokemon to take care of and raise their friendship levels significantly while keeping them strong, healthy, and well behaved.

    Inabilities: Jay isn't able to catch very well. Anytime someone tosses something to him it either ends up smacking him in the chin, or slipping between his fingers everytime.

    Fears: One of Jay's fears is having a pokemon go missing or badly injured under his care. Becoming or being paralyzed is also a fear of Jay's. The thought of not being able to move freely freaks him out bad. For that reason, Jay gets a little uneasy around electric type pokemon.

    Personality: Jay prefers pokemon interaction over human interactions any day of the week. Jay can get along with almost anyone, but he also is prone to shut people out if they come across as annoying to him. He's mostly quiet around other human beings, but he isn't afraid to speak up when it comes to sharing his opinions on things.

    Jay's favorite thing to do is to study his pokemon's behavior and to teach them how to be smarter. He prefers to train his pokemon in non-violent ways rather than battling. He is a tolerant person for the most part, but he isn't passive like one might assume. If there is ever an injustic or wrong doing then he almost always confronts the source in a calm way.

    He has a big heart when it comes to pokemon, and he's pretty protective towards them. Jay takes his caretaker training very seriously and he stays busy - sometimes he works too much and forgets how to have some fun. When it comes to making decisions, he can sometimes be indecisive. As for social situations, he can be quite awkard and he tends to avoid them.

    Backstory: Jay is the nephew of Professor Atlas in Numera Town.

    Epica is his home region, yet he still has much to discover in the region and places to explore that he has not yet seen. Lovewood town is his favorite town that he visited when he was a small boy, and it's the place that inspired him to start his own successful pokemon daycare one day. Professor Atlas encourages Jay to become a pokemon trainer, so that Jay can learn to bond with pokemon. A vital skill needed in order to managed and take proper care of pokemon at his dream daycare.

    Earlier in Jay's childhood, his parents split up and he chose to live with his mother, Sapphia, who works at one of the museums in Numera town. A lot of times Jay and his mother would stay the night at the museum and they even began to live there for a while, because Sapphia was so loyal to her job. She loved history and studying fossils, two things that would bore Jay to no end. Living in a museum was pretty fun for Jay tho, because he knew that many kids didn't live that way.

    His one and only sibling is his little brother Robbin. Jay tries to have a close relationship with his brother and to be a positve role model, but Robbin would rarely listen to him. Robbin chose to live with his father and sometimes visits Jay and Sapphia when he wants to. Robbin favors their father, while Jay takes after his mother (with the blue hair).

    As far as Jay's father, they rarely would see eachother and his father moved away to live in Cloudsloom to work for the city. Jay chose to stay with his mom, because they both always shared a closer bond. The absent relationship between Jay and his father left an empty void within Jay, but he never lets it get him down. As he grew older, he would always take care of injured pokemon or teach them how to be safe - it was Jay's way of being there for others, because his father was never there for him.

    Desired Pokemon Starter: Froakie


    Robbin Atlas (Appearance)

    Age: Nine

    Gender: Male

    Hometown: Numera Town

    Strengths: He's a natural improviser and he's also a quick recoverer - Whether is be emotional or mental. He doesn't allow things that hurt him or make him mad affect his progress.

    Weaknesses: Robbin is cringingly clumsy and it tends to get him into trouble a lot of times. His overconfidence in his abilities and actions is the cause of several of his personal problems.

    Habits and Quirk: His favorite sour grape bubble gum is never absent from his pocket, and he habitually blows gum bubbles regularly. He has a huge fascination with the after life and he remains highly intrigued by wonders that are unexplainable. Robbin likes to rhyme peoples names and he's never satisfied with the way he ties his shoelaces.

    Goal or Purpose: - He wants to prove to his parents that he's ready to become a Pokemon trainer.
    - To also find the owner of the lost ghost pokemon he meets. (Within the Rp)

    Inabilities: Robbin is unable to throw and aim well. Ask him to pitch the car keys and he'll chunk it into a crippled grannies face by accident. He prefers to roll a pokeball onto the ground or release his pokemon from his hand.

    Fears: Robbin is irrationally afraid of being blinded. He could get something in his eye and be paranoid that he is going blind or a flash of light could temporarily blind him and he starts to panic. He's also afraid of cages or being behind bars. Being caged inside a lifeless place terrifies him.

    Personality: A tricky, self reliant kid who defies those who get in the way of his aspirations. Robbin is oddly mature and clever for his age, but he still has an irresistable child like curiousity. He loves to explore the world and he's definitely a thrill seeker. Robbin is naturally drawn to things that many may percieve as whacky and strange.

    He even actually likes to be scared, because it makes him feel more alive. Robbin is quick to judge, and he can sometimes be a little demanding as well. If he feels strongly about a certain topic or situation it is almost impossible to alter his opinion. Regardless of his human faults, Robbin makes up for it with his courageous and loyal attitude. His determined and ambitious outlook is contagious, and he is an optimist unlike his realist brother.

    Backstory: Robbin was a lively, daring child when his parents were still together. He always seemed to gravitate more towards his father whom he had amazing times with. After his parents split, he chose to live with his father in Cloudsloom, because Numera town had bored him for far too long. When the reality of his parents permanent separation hit him he became less excitable. He explored the exquisite city of Cloudsloom alone to distract his mind from the pain.

    Robbin's relationship with his father weakened, and his father overworked and spent all of his time and attention on paperwork instead of on him. Whenever Robbin would visit his mom and Jay in Numera town, he felt extremely sad. He didn't think that returning to his hometown would feel so painful and that it would be so different without his father. Jay would be so overprotective of him and acted like his secondary father, and so he kept his distance from his brother.

    The age difference between Jay and Robbin made it difficulat for he and Jay to relate as well. Robbin even felt resentment toward his mother even tho the split wasn't her fault, but he didn't know the details. He just wanted their lives to go back to how they use to be, and he knew that he couldn't remain there in Numera. He doesn't know where he belongs anymore.

    When he heard news of his uncle Atlas opening the lab for pokemon selection he became super excited. There was his escape. He could travel endlessly with a new companion and form a new family of his own with pokemon. Out of anger and feeling hurt from being ignored, he runs away from Cloudsloom without a word and makes his way to his uncle's lab to leave his old life of misery behind.

    Desired Pokemon Starter: Undecided

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  19. Spoiler

    Name: Astrid Maple

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18

    Hometown: Numera Town

    Strengths: Astrid is quite knowledgeable with Pokemon and their habitats and she is a really fast runner due to her exercising everyday. Her strategy in battles are to use status effects to weaken the Pokemon and strike when the time is right.

    Weaknesses: Astrid is not a very good Pokemon battler and she hasn't been able to win a real competitive Pokemon Battle with a trainer yet. Most of the time she battles basically for research of specific Pokemon. Also her mood in competitive battles are always more negative than positive in competitive battles and more positive in research battles. The reason behind that is due to Astrid being nervous against another trainer and his/her strategies against hers. When it comes to research battles, they always excite her. Anything research wise always excites her.

    Habits and Quirks: She always adjusts her glasses from time to time and usually blushes when she receives a compliment from a guy. You don't usually see her without some sort of book, mostly a book about Pokemon or about the environment.

    Goal or Purpose: Astrid's goal is to become a Pokemon Researcher and learn more about the Pokemon she enjoys being around with. She also aims to be a professor one day after she has gained enough experience as a Pokemon Researcher.

    Talents: Astrid can create remedies using the ingredients found in the environment.

    Inabilities: Astrid has the inability to perform greatly in real Pokemon battles with another trainer. Also without her glasses, she can't see anything.

    Fears: Seeing all her work she has conducted by all for naught and the thought of never becoming a research.

    Personality: Astrid is a rather cheery girl who deeply cares Pokemon more than human (but just a little bit more) and can be quite annoying to many of her her friends at some point too. She always plays with her Pokemon and enjoys having them around her. In her research mood, she is focused so much that this can come out quite creepy to some Pokemon and people. She can get quite frustrated or even angry if her research proves to be all but naught or a big accident happens during her research. When it comes to socializing, she acts normal and more relaxed. But sometimes can act a bit snooty to people.

    Secret: She admires Professor Pine greatly and wishes to be her student. She also wishes to marry a researcher or someone who is very knowledgeable with Pokemon and deeply cares with Pokemon in the future.

    Backstory: Astrid was born and raised in Numera Town. Astrid was a shy girl growing up as a child as she didn't talk to many people her age. She mostly had wonderful conversations with her parents and their Pokemon. Astrid had to follow a strict exercise plan with her parents as it would make her into a healthy and strong girl in the future. Astrid didn't have a dream she wanted to chase growing up, as she didn't like the idea of just becoming a Pokemon Trainer.

    One day, while she was out with her friends in the forest, the gang was attacked by a wild Ursaring and it wasn't happy that they were invading her home. The Wild Ursaring attacked them in rage in order to protect its family. As the gang was running away, Astrid accidentally trips on a tree root popping out of the ground and falls to the ground. The Wild Ursaring was about to attack her, but a wild Stantler came in and attacked the Ursaring, stopping her from hurting Astrid. After a while of fighting, the wild Ursaring leaves injured. The Stantler walked over to Astrid and petted her. It was that day that Astrid became interested in Pokemon and how they reacted to humans and Pokemon alike.

    The last important event that locked Astrid into chasing her dream was a school field trip to Unova in Striaton City. The professor of Unova, Professor Pine, who was a understudy of Professor Juniper was there teaching kids about various things about Pokemon, The Dream World, and many others. Astrid, who was more interested in this than any other, was given special treatment from Professor Pine (which made the kids in her school spite and be jealous of her) as she showed her many new things, including the legendary mega evolution. Astrid admired Professor Pine for her dedication of being a professor and a researcher. This moment led Astrid to pursuing her dream to becoming a Pokemon Research and a future professor.

    After returning home. She told her parents her new dream and her parents were happy for her for finding something she was interested in. Her parents showed her to Professor Atlas and asked him to train her a bit in the Pokemon Research path. Astrid visited Professor Atlas on certain days and Atlas taught her the basics of becoming a Pokemon Researcher. Atlas then told Astrid that she wanted her to travel around Epica and perform research on both the Pokemon and their habitats. Atlas wanted her to go get things packed up from home and tell her goodbyes to her parents. After a heartwarming scene with her parents. Astrid packed up everything she needed with her parents and headed back to Atlas one last time before her long journey ahead of her.

    Starter Pokemon: Eevee

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