Pokemon Diversity Reloaded

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  1. Pokemon Diversity Reloaded

    Aquias and Epica are neighboring regions in the Pokemon world where every single pokemon from the Kanto region all the way to the Kalos region roam the lands diversely.

    Players will be able to choose one of the regions (or both) that they would like to start their pokemon journey in. The Roleplay itself will run similar to the pokemon games. New members will start out on their way to a Professor's lab and retrieve a starter pokemon. (Choices are from all existing starters only)

    I've made original towns for each region with their own orginal gym leaders. (Revealed in the OOC) Players can choose to pursue gym badges or whatever their dream is as a pokemon trainer, photographer, conoisser, etc.

    Aquias' Plot

    A secretive organization stirs mistrust amongst the region's leaders in order to manipulate their social influence, and attain their own personal control over Aquias. The region's leaders were made aware of a cavern full of rare stones and pirate treasures that are worth billions of pokedollars. The fortune is big enough to make Aquias a greater region than the massive region of Epica if spent effetively.

    News and the location of the cavern was somehow communicated to the newly forming organization. The organization intends to claim the jack pot for themselves and manifest their own vision for Aquias. Instead of physically stealing the treasures, the organization has a clever plan to win over the support of the region's inabitants and take control of the wealth without revealing their personal motives.

    Epica's Plot

    Hidden within Epica's vast existence is the infamous PokeWitch. A vengeful ex pokemon Gym leader who discovered a way using legendary power to reverse and manipulate Zorua's magic in order to transform humans into pokemon slaves.

    She was once known as Annika the grand and wonderous Gym leader of the Flying-Ghost Gym in Cloudsloom city, but the gym was soon replaced. City workers did not feel that ghost type pokemon represented the heavenly city, so they offered her to change it to Flying and Fairy.

    This upset Annika, because she considered her ghost pokemon to be her children and she didn't feel it was right to rid them from the city. After refusing, Annika was told to leave Cloudsloom or her Gym leader title would be revoked. This angered Annika, because Cloudsloom was her hometown and she did not wish to leave her city or switch out any of her beloved ghost pokemon.

    When she still would not cooperate, Officer Jenny was forced to take away Annika's ghost pokemon and arrest her. When everything was settled and Annika unwillingly agreed to leave Cloudsloom, her ghost pokemon had been stolen and released into the wild somewhere far away by the spiteful City workers who didn't like how she wouldn't listen. This ripped Annika's heart in two and she had to leave her home in shock and hurt; never having proof that it was the City workers doing. Days passed and when she finally realized that it was all real and that all of her ghost pokemon, whom she loved very much, were no where to be found... she completely snapped.

    She convinced herself that she hated everyone and that no one should be happy as long as she is near. She hid herself far away in the hills of Epica where an unknown legendary pokemon found her and fed off of her sorrow and rage. The parasitic legendary attached itself to Annika and gained shared control over her body - in return giving her the power to manipulate and alter any of the pokemon elements.

    *The Roleplay is a relaunch of a thread series I started on RPG called Pokemon Diversity*
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  2. I am interested~.
    I can never turn down a Pokegroup rp.
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  3. It is as True Self says. Me and ShadowSlayer are the Co-Gms of this RP. And also, me and True Self and planning to use our same characters that we used in the past RP. Not to sure about ShadowSlayer.
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  4. I am very interested in this! Love pokemon rps so much ^^
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  5. Sure, I'm interested!
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  6. Glad to see your interests! :bsmile:
    Still working on the OOC, but might be up tonight.
    Here's the Cs template to keep you guys occupied:

    Character Name
    Habits and Quirks
    Goal or Purpose
    Desired Pokemon Starter

    My character Jay has Froakie, but you can choose a female Froakie if you'd like one.
    We should talk about which starters you guys are thinking on :P
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  7. I'm thinking of taking Oshawott and/or Chespin myself. I am considering taking two characters since I like Epica's plot more, but I have a better character concept for Aquias. Can't seem to come up with anything for Epica's plot though.
  8. I'm still sticking with Snivy for good old Remona. For Astrid though, since i'm completely remaking her, i'll need to figure out what pokemon to choose for her, maybe Chespin, but not too sure yet.
  9. For starters, I fancy myself an Oshawott and Charmander fan the most. But since Maxim somewhat called dibs on Oshawott, I can go with Charmander.
  10. Are you still looking for people? If so, I'm interested. :)
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  11. There's plenty of room, welcome aboard!

    Also, switching my dibs to Torchic, because it's so cute! :P
  12. Ahh Pokemon, always nice to RP. Still accepting people? I wanna call Snivy but someone already did, Piplup maybe? Water/steel is a good typing :D
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  13. Yes, we're still welcoming interests :P
  14. Alright, thanks :D I think I'll call dibs on Treecko.
  15. (This is still a work in progress, I just wanted to post up what I've got so far so it's in safe keeping and to make sure everything I've listed is going to be okay.)


    Character Name: Miles
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Hometown: Cerulean City - Kanto

    Strengths: Well-rounded team type-wise, his Pokemon have good stats especially where it counts most in his opinion.
    Weaknesses: Sometimes his nearly all-offense approach, which usually works, can fail if his opponent knows how to play against him creatively enough with a pattern of defense-attack-defense and repeat. But since his Pokemon are normally pretty fast, his opponent must be faster in order to overthrow him.
    Habits and Quirks: Miles is kind of a dork, he has a great sense of humor and is very playful with his Pokemon. Likewise, he is just as friendly towards others unless given a reason to be otherwise. He loves to crack jokes and has a huge appetite... No seriously, it's scary how much he can eat sometimes. Even though he likes to goof off, however, Miles knows when to act serious -- whether it be in a gym battle or facing a sinister character.
    Goal or Purpose: To honor his father by living out is dream of being a Pokemon Trainer and traveling the world. His Goal is to beat the Elite Four in every region, but also enjoy his time by meeting new Pokemon and trainers all around the world.
    Talents: (wip)
    Inabilities: (wip)
    Fears: Honestly, bug Pokemon creep him out. Keep the Spinaraks far, FAR away from him! Or he'll be up and on his feet, running faster than a professional marathon racer. This is why he dreads bug Pokemon trainers or gym leaders. Especially the ones that decorate their gyms all bug-like with webs that he will avoid touching like the plague.
    Personality: As stated above, Miles is a bit eccentric at times. But overall, he is a trainer with a big heart. He is intelligent, often displaying this in battle the most when he's taking things the most serious. He does not believe in using Pokemon simply as tools or slaves of his will, but sees them as his friends.
    Secret: He has a bit of a crush on Misty, the water gym leader of Cerulean City where he grew up. He finds tomboys like her to be cute.
    Backstory: Growing up as a child, Miles wasn't the type of kid who had many friends. His first actual friend was a Mudkip who he befriended in the wild and raised. This Mudkip is now a fully-grown Swampert that stays at home with his mother, helping around the house as he was never actually raised through battle so he was unfit to bring along with Miles. It was because of this Mudkip that Miles adopted an affinity for Pokemon, seeing them as not just allies but friends or even family. Raising Mudkip also made Miles decide he wanted to be in some kind of daycare for Pokemon, as he enjoyed raising them. His parents encouraged him to do so, and to allows follow his dreams.
    However, very recently in his life, Miles' father grew very ill and passed away. This was when Miles decided to put his dreams on hold to set out on an adventure. Because his father had always wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer and see the world, Miles decided to do it for him to honor his father. His mother agreed that it was a great idea to honor him, helped him pack, and sent him on his way to Pallet Town to visit Professor Oak who then gave him his first Pokemon to train.
    Desired Pokemon Starter: Charmander
  16. I will do a full critique when you're finished :P

    Btw, the characters aren't going to pallet town to receive their starter Pokemon. Each region has it's very own original starter town and professor.
    You'll need to decide which region he's going to, so that you know which town Miles starts in.

    I'll let you decide which region you want your character in when the OOC gets up. That way you can see the town descriptions and such.

    Also, maybe my character Jay will inspire Miles to rekindle his interest in daycare :)
    Jay aspires to open his own Pokemon daycare one day in Epica. He doesn't desire to become a Pokemon master.
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  17. Color me interested, should you still be accepting.

    Plus, I declare the Mudkip shall be mine!
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  18. Hmm...

    *Jots down a note to capture a Spinarak in the roleplay*

    Overall though, I'm guessing canon characters and regions won't be making an appearance (aside from the Pokemon obviously)

    EDIT: By the way, are the Strengths and Weaknesses supposed to correspond to the character's battling/contesting/whatever style, or to their personality?
  19. Yeah, canon characters are pretty much in the past.
    There's a statue of Ash Ketchum in Numera town in honor of him.

    I meant to say as well - Misty is either a very old granny or 6 feet under now...
    So you might wanna change that Koda unless Miles is into that sorta thing xP

    As far as strengths and weaknesses, it can be either or. You can include both if you want.
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