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What battle system should we use?

  1. Dice

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  2. Let players decide

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  3. Other(which means you have to suggest a new one)

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  1. [​IMG]

    You awoke as your senses slowly return to you. Something must have happened for the last thing you remember before darkness was that you were doing something. Helping out your parents, rushing to finish homework, playing video games, etc., but something happened. Then the darkness that had blinded you is replaced by light that slowly recedes. You think you must be in the ER. That is not the case. Instead, all around you are trees and creatures that you never seen before. On the horizon a city lies. However, something is amiss. It looks decayed. Dying. Then you feel something brushing up against your leg and looking down it's one of those creatures. Apparently it has already taken a likening to you, but what is it? And what is it capable of?

    So for those who read the intro you have a idea of what is going on. For those who don't, your character finds themselves on another world and they must get back(or not). In the distance a decayed city lies and characters have the option of going to it or not.

    Now, this is a Pokemon story RP mixed with sandbox elements so you have freedom to change the story. Basic point is to figure a way to get home or you can stay and do whatever. Bewarned, the world you are in is a harsh one and people aren't always nice like in the games or anime. There is also a team called Void who acts as the government and they seem to want you for some odd reason.​
    Team Void:
    Team Void seems to be the ruling government with extensions in almost all areas of life. They are hunting the player characters for unknown reasons and thus are a threat to you and your allies. However, due to their status as the government they'll be able to deploy informants who will track you.The people might also help them depending on how they view Team Void. Avoid capture if possible. Escape when captured.

    And now unto the discussion. We need ideas on things such as region, how we do battles and captures, etc.

    This thread will also function as early signups even though there's no official character app yet.

    Now jab me with your ideas! ​
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  2. Interested.

    Just so I understood the premise correctly this is essentially a apocalyptic Pokemon RP?
  3. Love the idea!

    For region, I'm not entirely sure. With the way things are breaking down, everything could've blended together a bit?
  4. Yep, but the twist is characters are from earth. :D. So this will add some layers of mystery to the Rp.

    Well, we could do a Kalos-like region where it contains all Pokemon.
  5. That could work. ^^
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  6. So for battle systems I was thinking about a turn base one with dice. As for Team Void, anyone have any better names?
  7. Aw. Really? A dice? What's the problem with doing some regular good old command shouting regular RP-style? Haha. You have your pokemon do a move, than your opponents. I mean, everyone's a decent person and will take some hits and not try to win every fight. Right?
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  8. It's a WIP battle system. If enough people say they don't want dice then I'll remove it, but then you guys have to decide who wins in the OOC. Besides, not everyone is a honest abe.
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  9. Dice seems to be the fairest system, in all honesty. I'm not saying I don't trust people to take hits or not, but with the dice, it's completely fair in the sense of generating a random winner.

    With that system, all that's really needed to be decided is if you want to have it like..
    Odd roll = Hit
    Even roll = miss or vice versa.

    Or, another way is rolling for the power of the attack. So, whichever player has the higher roll wins, or whatever.

    As for a team void.. I'm not really sure.
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  10. Alright thanks Nobody! So we have 1 for dice and 1 against.

    Team Void might keep the name unless a better one comes up.
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  11. Interested in this!!!!
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  12. Goood. Got any ideas or suggestions for the Rp?
  13. Team Auoren?
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  14. We'll take it into consideration mate! Thank you. As for battle system I was thinking about not doing the dice, but players have to decide who wins. Of course I'll do a poll to see which is more popular.
  15. How should we do the random encounters with Pokemon? I was thinking that one player could ask another and they could have a battle. Also, we need another name for the Rp and I'm not very good at titles. -_-
  16. I'm totally into this.
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  17. Alright poll is up. If the dice system wins then we'll do what Nobody Important suggested for the shake of simplicity. For damage it will be based off of the dice system again, but we'll talk about that.

    Once the poll is done then we'll pick the name for the Team. Also, early app.




    Starting Pokemon(can be any as long as it is in pre-evolution stage and not a Legendary/mythic pokemon):

    Extra Stuff:
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  18. So guys. Should we just start the OOC? Since no one has voted yet.
  19. Should we wait to app, 'til there's an official signup?

    Also: I voted. I suggest making signups whenever you're ready.
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  20. For the team name, I suggest Team Nihil.

    As for the possible combat, I say leave it to the players but have them keep in mind a few things. It's not going to work like in the games - you don't just sit there waiting for an attack. But the damage in relation to other moves should be the same. Psychic is stronger than Psybeam which is stronger than Confusion.

    For random encounters, I suggest that you make a list as GM of possible encounters and assign numbers to each possible pokemon. Then roll a die and you handle the encounter.
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