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    Over the recent months numerous people around the earth started to disappearing without any traces. Some said they were kidnapped by alien while other believe it that it's the end of the world but little did they know that it's the work something else. Hall of origin, home of the pokemon deity who also known as Arceus, are threaten to it's existence as Arceus power we weakened for the past years without knowing the cause. Other Godly being such as Celebi, Zekrom, Suicune afraid the cease existent of Arceus would create a huge uproar not only to this universe but to the dimension. In the brink destruction of the dimension, secretly a group of pokemon was laughing inside their heart, it was Zygarde, Yvetal, and Palkia.
    The three of them have planned it all from the beginning and they've succeed after an entire millennium. It doesn't took long for them to rule half of the world as well as some has join their side. With the remaining Legendary pokemon join forces to prevent it from happening, they cross dimension to a place where the opposite side wouldn't ever guess, a different dimension, the other earth where pokemon doesn't exist. Alas with the power of Giratina, travel through dimension recruiting people with high sense of power which can use the power of "Avatar", the power to sync with partner pokemon and obtain the power to change the destiny of the pokemon dimension.

    Where Are You?
    You're in Earth, specifically alternate dimension of your Earth but instead of animals, human live along side with Pokemon. Pokemon are pretty much the same as what's animal like in our world, some were loved and kept as pet while other had become prey. You'll be first warped into the Hall of Origin, here you'll meet Arceus, the God of this dimension.

    The Avatar...
    Up from start Arceus gave each of adventurer pokemon. These pokemon are immune to pokeball as they possess special ability. In order to activate the Avatar, both adventurer as well as their partner need to pact bond. As the Avatar triggers, adventurer and their partner can combine themselves. (basically become a Gijinka)

    Shadow Pokemon
    Pokemon that was controlled by the Giratina's group, pokemon that have been shadow-fied doesn't have any recollection of their memories or conscious. They mainly used only as a puppet and pawn by Giratina or Zygarde. (you still can catch the pokemon)

    Aceus' Arcana[​IMG]
    Arceus' Arcana is an affiliation led by Arceus itself to prevent the dimension to be destroyed. Some pokemon known to have sided as Arceus' Arcana are Suicune, Moltres, Ho-oh, Victini, Giratina, Mesprit, Cresellia, Moloetta, Keldeo, Shaymin, Xernead, and Virizion.

    Zygarde's Occult
    Apposing side of Arceus' Arcana, they were the one who cause the whole chaos to the dimension. Zygarde act as their leader along side with Palkia and Yvetal. Pokemon that have sided with Zygrade's Occult are Groudon, Raikou, Azelf, Terrakion, Kyurem, Reyquaza, Darkrai, Zapdos, Lugia, Dialga and Heatran.


    1. Thou shalt not be Arceus, meaning no god modding

    2. There will be no Mary Sues allowed in this RP

    3. Your character can be dead through any reason and if your character attempt a murder on someone else's character, let them know and get their ok sign before killing them

    4. Romance are allowed but sadly (LOL!), we're not in liberteen section so limit your action

    5. Battling with someone else character is permitted but to duel you need a GM to witness the battle.

    6. If you worried on Item drop or so on, just heads up to let you know that GM will take care of that stuff.

    7. If you don't know or understand some par of the RP, ASK!

    8. Be kind with each other in OOC + no fighting in OOC as well!

    9. Have a BLAST~!

    OBARA - SHUPPET - @Karakui
    EVIE ZENITH - EEVEE - @Citrus

    This is where will the Sign up takes place and discuss about the RP~!

    Full Name:
    Partner: (only first stage pokemon that can EVOLVE, the likes of 1 stage pokemon such as keceleon need the permission of GM)
    Move set: (remember only move before reaching level 10 including egg moves, if pokemon have less than one move like tyrogue or beldum you can use tutor)
    Avatarized Appearance:
    Weapon Type:
    History (Pre-Dimension Traveling):
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  2. I take interest.
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  3. thank you for taking interest ^,^~! The RP still need of work but there's Skelly to fill in if you want to join~!
  4. Still reading, but I don't suppose you could increase the text size in the boxes a smidge could you? it's really hard for me to read :D Also, a side note, Giratina is actually a "good-aligned" pokemon. Palkia and Dialga are the evil ones of that trio. Giratina's job is to keep the balance of the dimension world.
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  5. I'm having some difficulty understanding this. Either, humans from a world without pokemon have been put into the pokemon world, or humans from the pokemon world have been put into the normal world. I'm thinking it's the first, but clarification would be excellent.
  6. Ah then I should change Palkia and dialga with giratina then~
  7. the first one~
  8. Awesome. Also... just sayin but most legendaries are good aligned :D that'd screw your RP up though so I'm willing to pretend they aren't. Are we allowed to have Mega forms?
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  9. Lol~! yes mega are allowed though all of the adventurer start from the base form (pre evolution stage~)
  10. aaaw shucks. Does this mean I gotta find 3 or 4 gijinka images? Screw that. I'll just find a human and describe the gijinka parts :D
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  11. *nod* that'll do, though I'm thinking to shorten it to 1 gijinka since I'm planning to take shinx but there's isn't any shinx gijinka XD~!
  12. WIP

    -=[V i t o s - G e r s h a f t]=-
    Full name: Vitos Gershaft
    Age: 23
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Partner: Shinx[​IMG]
    Alignment: Lawfully Neutral

    Move set:



    Vitos is one of many youngster who seem doesn't care about the world's or his future, people known him as an heartless ignorant man.He can be called as ignorant but not heartless, the way how he convey his feeling is through justice and facts, he is the type of man who can change his side in the middle of battle if he think it was needed.

    History (Pre-Dimension Traveling): Vitos had never said anything about his past, he got amnesia when the time he got into the pokemon world. The only thing that he remember are bread, blood, and money.
    Avatarized Appearance

    Weapon Type:

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  13. Full Name: Kanzaki Shiori
    Age: 14
    Sexuality: Gay as her hair is grey.
    Partner: Beldum (shiny)
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Move set: Take Down, Iron Defense (I'm assuming tutored is OK. Mainly because I really need more than one attack :D)
    Avatarized Appearance:
    When in avatar form, her left arm morphs into a crude crystalline metal much like that which makes up Beldum's own structure. This arm has a red ring in a black depression on the back of the hand, which looks like the eye of a Beldum. This arm is silver and has retractable golden claws instead of fingernails. In Metang form, both her arms morph in the same way, each with one eye. As one could now guess, in Metagross form, her legs morph in similar ways, though do not gain eyes. In Mega Metagross form, she looks the same as Metagross form, however, 4 giant metagross limbs appear and levitate in the air behind her, which can be controlled individually. In all forms, she levitates a few inches off the ground, but not high enough to be unaffected by Ground type moves. In all forms, just before she takes a physical attack, the skin in that area hardens into silver metal with a hexagonal pattern and mitigates a considerable amount of the damage. In all forms, she bears a small golden X crest in the center of her non-arm eyes, which glow when she uses a psychic ability.

    Weapon Type: No weapon - uses her bare (metal) fists.
    Personality: Shiori is a pretty laid back person. She's quite intelligent and naturally remembers everything, much like a computer, and thus has always winged everything. She has a happy and loud personality, and gets strangely enthusiastic about the oddest things.
    History (Pre-Dimension Traveling):
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  14. Kay! accepted but please do fill in the History ^o^~! also I feel we'll be lack in member, if you happen to have someone that probably interested in this rp please call them~ ^^~!
  15. Yeah, I ran out of time so it had to be left unfinished.
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    Full Name: Isabella (Aka Cry) Forsten (DON'T ASK!)
    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Alignment: Neutral
    Move set: Scratch, Tail Whip, Ember

    Weapon Type: Staff
    Personality: very silent she doesn't really care about what you think really she also goes her own way. she really at first wont care what happening to the guy but slowly she see what
    History (Pre-Dimension Traveling): Before coming to this world she been called the Ice Queen. (Which By the way make no sense her pokemon is a fire type!) she been called that through people around her not many know much of her past because she really keep it to herself. But Many will say she mumbles about something not her fault, but that is really all that is about her
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  17. From the positioning of the gif, I thought that said "sexuality: Fennekin" for a second :D
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  18. LOL XD~!
  19. @Cry @Karakui
    shouldwe wait for people to join or should we start the IC soon?
  20. Dunno. I think more people would probably be good, but I dont know if we can realistically expect any more.
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