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  1. It was just like yesterday, Vargus could hear the symphony of blood and chaos around him, he was just a normal knight back then; a clueless recently promoted knight. He stood on the front line but ironically he was the only memento that Ostia has to offer. The big muscular guy wiped as he remind of his scary past while wiping the bar out, he was once a knight and now a tavern owner. "Come on now Vargus, we don't have much time left until we open the tavern again," A young lady with a farmer's attire and with a noble looking, she has a long blonde straight hair with her deity looking figure, a lot of adventurer always try to hit her but in the end they were backlash by Vargus. "Okay I get Miranda, I'll get to it in a minute!" Vargus nagged like a boy need extra time to start doing his chores. In a distance, Vargus and Mirana could hear a sound of people whispering and their loud grieves stepping over the tavern's entrance. "well I guess I'm too late to do the cleaning," Vargus smiled to Mirana. "Welcome to Tavern of ruin, Ostia!"
  2. Henry opened the doors to the tavern, greeted by a warm hello by who he figured were the people who run the place. "Ah, thanks!" He looked over to the tavern owner, giving him a big smile and wave. The knight looked kind of dirty from his travels, but not even the worst dirt stains could hide the fact he looked more like a girl than a boy. "Hello to you too!" As he took a few more steps inside the building, the knight looked around. Well, this seems to be the right place, good job Henry! He mentally praised himself, looking for some kind of bulletin board he heard this place had. He sauntered over to the board, looking at what was plastered on it with a playful hum. Jeez, there's a lot of tough things on this list, sure I know I'm nowhere near strong enough for it... but will I ever?

    His thoughts were put on hold as he found the quest he should probably take as his first. "Meeting people huh?" Henry said under his breath, "That can't be too hard right?" Since he had three days it seemed, he figured he could be lazy the first day and take a rest after his small journey finding this place. At least we'll get some gold after this quest, I don't have a coin to me name right now. He went over to a table to grab a seat, giving a sigh of relief to his aching feet. Well, that stuff can come later I guess, I'll eat my heart out then! The boy gave out an exaggerated yawn and stretch, ending with him leaning back on the chair as he stared at the ceiling.
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  3. After observing a white short haired girl walk into the tavern, Daisuke nodded to a girl next to him. The two of them had arrived a bit early, but neither of them wanted to be the first to enter the tavern. Well, it was on Daisuke's suggestion. He always disliked the idea of going somewhere without checking it out first. He had learned it the hard way a few things in the past of not being careful. A phantom sharp pain in his right ribs reminded him of that.

    Sure, this was the official gathering of new trainers in the area, but one can never be too careful. Daisuke have had his Gastly circle around the building a few times to look for any fishy. Gastly. Huh, don't most trainers name their starter Pokemon to something more personal. He eyed the dainty girl next to him discreetly. The girl's name was Rae, and was apparently also a newbie trainer like himself. She was adorable, and had all of the right um.. proportions. Daisuke had met her on the way here, and the two of them bantered friendly the whole way with a few harmless flirts here and there.

    Rae was the type of girl that gave people the wrong ideas perhaps. But she was definitely the type of girl that knew it and took advantage of it as well. Daisuke couldn't prove anything, but he was just sure she wasn't just a cute girl just trying to be very best Pokemon trainer, or whatever non-sense happens with young kids with comfortable background. Ever since, Daisuke had agreed to travel with her, he had moved his coin purse to an area of his body that was a bit more difficult to pickpocket.

    "Alright, let's go." said Daisuke quietly. The girl replied in return, and the two of them strolled into the tavern. Daisuke opened the door for her, and lit his cigarette in the same motion. He inhaled a large breath of tobacco, and walked into the tavern.
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  4. Holding tight to her Bulbasaur, Sorena made her way through the tavern doors. Other trainers had already arrived. On one wall, she noticed a board. Curious of what was posted on it, she approached it. The board seemed to tell her to make new friends. How hard could that be? She asked herself. She adjusted her backpack with one hand. Sorena quietly made her way to a bar area. "Are you hungry?" She asked her Bulbasaur. It nodded. "Saur." Sorena smiled. "Then I'll get us something to eat. We've been walking all day."
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  5. Alright, let's go.

    "So demanding," Came the brunette's coquettish response, brushing past Daisuke as she entered the tavern. Her mother didn't allow her inside places like this without someone more capable accompanying her, that's one reason out of a handful she'd approached the taller male and asked to accompany him, in hopes she wouldn't be mugged on the way here, or bothered by some drunk hiding in the shadows of the establishment. It'd been known to happen. She waved her hand in front of her face to rid her personal bubble of his addiction's consequential reek, tilting her chin up at him with doe eyes wide and caramel, "Nervous? You can hold my hand if you need to. Might do your lungs a favor." She said it all light heartedly and ended with a friendly smirk, only assuming he smoked, like those in her camp, to calm nerves. Rae treaded respectfully and hoped that showed with him, for the short morning she'd hardly gotten to know him, a sense of mutual hardships and a silent understanding of shared past troubles made her feel comfortable with him.

    The tavern seemed to have a lighter, more welcoming atmosphere than she'd anticipated, however, it emitted a bit of nostalgia for a reason she couldn't quite put her finger on, and behind decorative glass panels, rose buds peered inside, gesturing with wind jostled, spreading vines that wrapped around beams and rods. Her lack of nerves, displayed with a subtle, melodic hum, encouraged Rangiku to poke her head out from the satchel she was nestled in, bright golden eyes absorbing the place as she lightly bumped against her trainer's thigh.

    The brunette strode across the wooden floor panels, the skirt of her silky cloak, dyed odd shades that appeared like patches of warm flowers and screamed gypsy, lightly sweeping across the floor like the tail of a ghost. She took a seat near the largest window and kicked her feet up on the chair beside her, gaze flickering to every unfamiliar face in the room with minor curiosity. New people from places she hadn't been were more like story books placed throughout the tavern, and although Rae had no hope of long term friendships, she figured any way to learn of life outside of her own and expand her viewpoints was a blessing. "Come on out little one," She said in a soft tone, reaching for some set out bread and butter, putting a bite together and letting the charmander gnaw on it thoughtfully. It's curious eyes kept watch on everything it could see from a little over two feet.
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  6. Boooooring. The wannabe knight thought as he stared into the ceiling. Borrrrring. He continued to stare, for what seemed like an eternity. Boring boring boring. After a net worth of about a minute or so, Henry became too bored to stare at the ceiling. Maybe I should find a corner to look cool in, or maybe make a more manly pose while sitting down... He thought to himself, thinking of the best way to get someone to talk to him. Well, there was always that he could try. He looked around the room, noticing a small influx of two new girl faces, well actually one didn't seem that new, but he didn't feel like trying to do that with the opposite gender or the people who looked like they were helping out in the tavern.

    It makes sense I want to do that with a guy first. Totally does, I'm not embarrassed to that to a girl or anything. It's just you gotta stick with guys at first.

    Finally, his eyes spotted a man smoking tobacco near the entrance. Not his first choice in who he'd want to do that with based on looks, but beggars can't be choosers. He's probably one of those nice people who just look kinda scary. Henry said to reassure himself, pushing himself off the chair. He walked towards Daisuke, unconsciously having a natural sway in his hips as he walked over, brimming with a warm smile as he waved towards his fellow man. It was time for that, that is, being the one to start the conversation himself. "Hi there~ How are you doing today?"
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  7. The Tavern, huh? Daisuke had been in a lot of taverns in the past. But none in a literal castle. As he was pondering about how much coin The Tavern makes a day, a short white haired girl walked up to him. She was wearing some strange combination of cheap clothes, mostly likely rough linen and... pieces of armor. Cheap iron or steel mostly likely. The amount of imperfection was not hard to tell, and neither was the craftsmanship on it. The expression and the posture of the girl seemed friendly, and he saw no signs that might suggest an ulterior motive. Okay, an ulterior motive that might be harmful to him at least.

    "Not bad. The trip here was pretty comfortable here. Enjoyed pretty good company along the way." answered Daisuke. "Anyway, my name is Daisuke Kobayashi, rank E trainer. I got my license not too long ago." He bows himself deeply. He takes another deep puff of tobacco. The smell and warmth of it was something he always enjoyed. "But, excuse me. I been traveling all week. I need some food and drink. We can continue this at my table." He starts to walk slowly towards the bartender's counter. A nice mug of chilled ale sounded quite appealing at the moment.

    "Barkeep, I would like a mug of your freshest ale, a meat pie, and two drinks of something sweet. Something that a young girl would like." said Daisuke, as he carefully took out a few coins to pay for the order. After receiving the order, he motions for the white-haired girl to follow. He placed a fancy glass of some sort of fresh fruit juice that had been chilled to the point of being almost like ice in front of Rae. He did it in such a fashion that was identical to the waiters at restaurants that would serve the rich and powerful. "Here you go, my lady." said Daisuke with almost pure sincerity, but slip just enough mockery to tease the brunette girl.

    Next, he placed a second identical fruit drink to an empty spot on the table. "And for you, young miss." said Daisuke as he looked at Henry.
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  8. Henry tried to give his best shot at formal bow back at Daisuke, one could mistake it for a curtsy with how badly it was executed. The older boy was fairly nice it seemed, even if he looked a little rugged with how his collar was popped and silly looking rolled up sleeves. Then again, Henry wasn't in the best of clothes either, if you could them clothes and not just whats basically an oversized shirt covered in a few bits of armor. The boy listened on to Daisuke, forgetting to fully introduce himself as well. "Ah, um, of course! Let's go to your table then!" He replied.

    As he walked along with Daisuke, he could smell the faint stench of tobacco, reminding him of Henry's own father somewhat. Oh man he's getting 3 drinks, I wonder if one's for me. Good job Henry, that never fails! But hmm, an ale and two things young girls would like huh? Hehe, I bet he just likes girly drinks but didn't want to be the only one. Soon they reached the table, where there was another girl waiting for the two. But he's seen this girl before in his life, and he's only sure because she was one of a few girls he ever saw visit his little crop field besides his ma. Yes, that's it, her name was R-

    "And for you, young miss." The young boy heard escape Daisuke's lips. Wait wait wait wait. This girl sitting down is the only girl around. Who's the young miss? Is her charmander a girl as well? Do Charmander's even DRINK fancy looking fruit juices? It was around this time the truth dawned on the boy as he sat down on the seat thinking. He slammed his hands down on the table, getting up even faster than he sat.

    "Wait a minute here! I'm no young miss you hear!" He attempted to growl out. "I'm Henry, you hear me? HENRY! Rank E trainer! MAL- MAYY- May-CHU" He unusual outburst stopped abruptly when he gave out a soft sneeze, moving his hands in time to catch it. Feeling defeated for some reason anyways, he slumped down to his chair. Giving his free drink a taste.

    ...It tastes pretty good... He thought to himself, not daring to let that information leak.
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  9. "Mmm?" The brunette peered up as her companion returned, eyeing his offered drink with a thin, quirked brow. She placed her hands around the glass, lips hovering above and piqued in a ghost of a smile - they never missed a beat in the short time they'd known each other. Though unlike him, she didn't think to have him test it first, or to see if anything had been altered - she naively took a sip right away. "My lady? Now that's a first. Keep it up and I might keep you." Greeted with the nostalgic chill of fresh, mixed fruit like what her mother would concoct at home, her doe eyes lit up with approval, flickering to his for only a moment, "How'd you know?" Before returning to her drink.

    And for you, young miss-

    When she peered up again Rae nearly choked on her drink, fingers pressed to her lips and a laugh suppressed behind them. She expected to see a young woman, not the little farm boy from her caravan's last venture amidst the crop tenders. She could see where her companion went wrong, the farm boy did seem to have a feminine resemblance - the misunderstanding brought her cheeks to be dusted red, however.

    I'm Henry, you hear me? HENRY!

    She giggled and set her glass down, "You'll have to forgive Daisuke, Henry. Though, in his defense, you have a lovely tan, must be all those days of hard work in the sun. I'm jealous."

    Rangiku rose up on her little legs after she'd spent some time toasting her bread above her tail, and listening to the strangers above her talk with her 'mother'. One was upset and this bothered her, so with the last piece of her buttered bread, approached Henry with a waddle. She reached out a tiny, scaled hand, offering the treat and letting out a low rumble, worried about his well being and no doubt attempting compromise. Rae giggled again and gestured to her little lizard, "She's worried about you."
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  10. "N-now wait a sec-" said Daisuke with a look as if he had been stabbed by a knife in the gut. He looked at Rae. The damn brunette was barely trying to hold her sheepish smile. Hell, she wasn't holding, she was displaying it like it was something on merchant's stall. It was mischief, mockery, and condescension all wrapped around a pair of feminine lips and clean white teeth. And it was cute.

    Daisuke shook his head, trying to rid of that thought out of his head. He made the mistake of falling for girls in the past with bad consequences. Like that one time, he got conned into trying to help that thief girl. That little little er.. thing! He took his last puff of his cigarette, as it was at the end of its short, but blissful lifespan. He held the tobacco smoke in his lungs for a second longer than usual, before releasing it. It was a nice calming ritual to him that he developed over the years.

    "My apologizes, Sir Henry. I didn't see..." Daisuke said as he leaned down towards the young feminine boy. "an adam's apple. And your facial features were delicate. You'll probably make a cuter girl that Rae over here. Speaking of which..." Daisuke sat down on the chair where Rae had her legs resting on. He placed his meat pie and ale in front of the seat. Ah, meat pie. Full of stomach filling goodness, and was often very affordable. He remembered the nights when his family was forced to live on stale bread that the baker sold at a discount. He took a few mouthfuls of heaven before tilting his head towards Rae.

    "So the beautiful princess and valiant knight met before?"
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  11. "H-Hah, you think so too Rae?" Henry replied with a small chuckle. He had hoped his years of farm work would lead to a defense about how much more of a guy he looked with a tan, or muscles. But when he thinks about it, while he did grow stronger, nothing really changed about him outwardly. All that meant was more work was to be had to become the knight of his fantasies.

    It was then a Charmander made her way to the knight to be, offering him a tasty looking piece of bread. Oh man, now even the Charmander is giving me free food. The boy took in a deep breath, exhaling with a big smile at the end to show the pokemon that he's fine. "Thank you for the kind gesture! I'll be sure to pay you back when I finally get some gold on me." He said while taking the treat. He took a small bite, being the only thing he's eaten since last morning. "Its... really good!" He exclaimed. Hmm, maybe I should invest in a fire pokemon to make toasted foods in the future. Maybe even make a stand in a populated road and sell it to hungry travellers...

    His train of thought went away when all of a sudden Daisuke started getting close to him, like really close, okay maybe not that close but enough for Henry to get self conscious He turned his head away with a small pout. "Sh-Shut up, that's not what I want to hear from another guy." Well, at least Henry got a free drink from all this.

    "Yah, we've met before. Well, it's more of she's visited my family's plot of farmland before." He replied, taking another sip from the drink.
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  12. You'll probably make a cuter girl than Rae over here

    "And the charm ends," Scowled the brunette, tossing a crumb his way. Arms folded and resting on her chest, she took a moment to appraise the boy herself with half lidded, doe eyes; he was indeed quite delicate, especially his jawline, which lead her to discreetly run her fingers along her own and feel a morsel of true envy. Was he more feminine than her? The possibility reminded her of the males in the camp, no matter the age the majority seemed to dance with a grace she couldn't master, like petals in a breeze around a crackling fire. She shivered with a bit of reminiscent inferiority, before shifting her attention to Rangiku, "How will you be considered a worthy opponent if you're always making peace offerings?" Asked the brunette, though she was smiling cause those were her methods, too.

    The dragon emitted a bit of smoke from it's nostrils, plopping back down on the surface of the table with a docile disposition. Rae caressed it's skin like a mother would to her child, nodding along with Henry's answer regarding how they met. "The caravan's always looking for a deal on surplus, the smaller farms are usually struggling like we are, so a fairly decent deal is made. Our group, at least, doesn't try to barter so terribly that the other side loses out. We know how hard you guys work, same for us and our coin in the streets. We would have stopped by again - your vegetables made the best meals we'd had in ages - but we get stopped on the roads too often to risk a far travel just to have some official decide to take all of our inventory," She offered to the farm boy, with a ghost of a smile. That life was over for her, at least for now - perhaps the title of gypsy would ebb off as she proved herself as a trainer, and she wouldn't warrant any unnecessary stares for anything other than strength and accomplishments. It was the first time either attributes seemed appealing.
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  13. Traveling on caravans, huh? Rae's probably one of those nomadic people that wander the roads. A Gypsy, someone who is widely considered pest and unwanted merely because... well, they probably never given the chance to settle down. Daisuke looked at Rae as he was pondering about the gypsy girl. He was staring straight into her chocolate colored eyes. Those eyes reminded Daisuke of a helpless doe that you can't but want to run over and make sure it's alright.

    Geez, Daisuke, why are you so concerned with this girl? Heavens know how many people she are able to convince to do her bidding with her appearance. You were just a convenient male chaperone for her so she won't get any unwarranted advances from men, and reduce her risk from the real dangers that a young woman would face on the road. But then again, why did the two of them spend the last few days bantering and flirting? The ways he laughred and pretended to be embarrassed by it were adorable. Maybe she... Stop it, Daisuke.

    Daisuke shoves another forkful of meat pie into his mouth, chews a few times, and swallows the goodness. He looked down, and there wasn't only about a fourth of the pie left. Daisuke looked up to the fading tobacco smoke that he had caused earlier. "Gastly, come down and take the rest of this. Thanks for the scouting all day. You can rest in your Pokeball afterwards. We should be fine here." said Daisuke said out loud to seemingly to no one. Suddenly, the tobacco smoke turned purple, and a black sphere appeared in the middle of it. Next, eyes and a mouth appeared. It was Gastly, Daisuke's first Pokemon.

    Gastly grinned and flew in front of the plate of meat pie, and began to eat the food. He finished it in three huge bites, looked at the other two Pokemon trainers at the table, nodded with a smile, and quickly retreated back into the comforts of its Pokeball. Daisuke knew that enough that the poisonous gas ghost Pokemon needed to rest often if it was forced to stay outdoors with strong winds.

    Daisuke began to guzzle down his mug of dark ale, looked towards the bar area. There was another girl, also a brunette, sitting on there quietly with a Bulbasaur next to her. Bulbasaurs were one of the more popular starter Pokemon for new trainers. It was a sturdy and versatile Pokemon that were fairly easy to train, and would evolve to far more powerful Pokemon. He turned his head back to his two fellow trainers. Right into those damn chocolate doe eyes.

    Was Rae watching him stare at another girl? Rae was probably one of the handfuls of girls that didn't blush or find an excuse to bring eye contact. The first time they met, they stared at each other for a good eternity. Or ten seconds. It was fairly uncomfortable and more intimate than Daisuke wanted, but he had an image to maintain.

    "So Gastly is my starter. Princess here has a Charmander that has better manners than her. That antisocial girl over there clearly has a Bulbasaur. What starter do you have, Sir Henry?" asked Daisuke.
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  14. Still holding her Bulbasaur, Sorena made her way to the tables. Other trainers had already taken up seats and were deep in conversation. She set the Bulbasaur down so she could carry the tray after ordering food and water for herself and her Pokémon. She slid coins over and picked up her tray. "Let's go find someplace to sit." She said, walking over to an empty table. Her Bulbasaur kept pace at her side.
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  15. "Why thanks, I'm sure my ma and pa would love to hear they food is quite the hit with the few people who came to visit us. Out of the people who paid us any notice, your group was probably the nicest of the bunch." Henry flashed a smile back at the girl, there weren't any others who showed up to their farm before but she didn't need to know that. It's been about a month, but it just dawned on the boy that it would be a long time until he would be able to see his family again. Ma... Pa... be safe while I'm gone. He was sure they'd be fine without him, but he couldn't help but worry. This just meant he had to become famous fast.

    "Ha ha, right... my pokemon huh?" The boy reached into the top of his tunic, revealing a pokeball when he took it out. He got out from his seat and faced the duo after having some ample room. "Come on out!" He said as a bright flash shot from the ball. As the light took shape and formed, a Magnemite could be seen, floating above the ground at the young boy's chest level. It looked around the room, then noticed the fact there were at least two trainers and a Charmander staring at it. The magnets at its sides began to twirl slowly in nervousness, small arcs of electricity shooting from one pole of a magnet to the other.

    "You wouldn't believe how I found this little thing." He started, pushing on his chestplate towards his body as he noticed it was moving towards the pokemon. He looked onwards to the two trainers as he continued, pretending that his chestpiece wasn't moving away from him as he gave a best a smile he could.

    His Magnemite could be seen struggling just a little bit to keep its position, being pulled towards the boy before having to move itself back to its spot in the air.

    "See, I didn't know I had to have a pokemon before coming here until I got-" He stopped his story again, pushing on his chestplate again. The pull was getting stronger as he continued, having to use both hands in his story. "Ahem, halfway on my journey, and at that point I was already lost... so it was the tavern or bust. Then one day at this village called Peddleleaf I- OOUUFF" He cried out mid-sentence, it wasn't him flying away, rather the pokemon flying into him. "Ahhh, not again!" He said worryingly. The Magnemite's electricity could be seen going across the boy's armor now, extremely mild shocks that only served to start making his hair slowly rise. The pokemon began to start frantically moving in random directions to break free, only serving to push and pull the knight around. "He does -AHH- this when he's wo -WOAH- worried!" Not soon after he lost his footing, twisting his body to land on his back so the pokemon didn't get hurt.

    The pokemon continued to move however, dragging the screaming boy across the ground until he hit his head at the leg of a table. It was enough to separate the two, giving the Magnemite a few seconds to calm down before going back to its trainer with a worried expression. "Ahhh..." Henry was a little dazed from the hit, looking up but not particularly at anything. As his senses came to, he noticed he headbutted into the table of a brunette haired girl. "Ah um..." He thought of a way to best express what happened and greet her at the same time. "Hi." He said with a monotone voice, looking at her with a serious face, or at least as serious as he could get.
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  16. When Daisuke's ghastly appeared, Rae leaned forward and watched the ghost with much interested. While much of her caravan only embraced the rights that came with freedom, the few she was bloodline related to were self righteous and religious, against the presence of ghosts believing them to all be evil. There were a lot of séances, but also cleansings, Rae knew her mother to always personally carrying around a wad of sage for purifying rooms and nullifying bad energy. The brunette herself had no such ill feelings towards spirits, in fact she had seen ghastly despite it's attempt at discretion the first time she met Daisuke, which made for interesting conversation; most gypsies were very in tune with alternate realms, some just chose to ignore it. When the pokemon nodded at both her and Henry, Rae gave a little wave and so did Rangiku, who seemed to lack any fear towards the ghastly. She had always been under the impression that a partner pokemon represented their trainer in some way or another, but Rae couldn't tell what aspects of a charmander were similar to herself, nor could she say that a ghost type matched her companion - it just made her a little more curious about him.

    With that she leaned in and peered up at him, shameless with proximity, her eyes riddled with inquisition and her skin emanating lavender. Rae admired his strong jawline and pretty eyes, even as they were gazing elsewhere - but when she followed his gaze, it was not surprisingly fixed on another female in the distance, which Rae found to be a little disheartening, especially when concluding that female was a pretty by her standards. Was he just curious about the other arrivals? The introvert off to the side? Or were females just as easily stocked, shelved and ripe for the taking as his ale? Surely Daisuke wasn't like some of the mongrels within her camp, surely there was more to his character than hormones. Otherwise, they wouldn't have gotten along so well, unless, that is... He was really just so charming. Without knowing his gaze had come right back to her, she pulled away and sighed a little, Oh, what does it matter? Mom would be ashamed to know I risked coming all this way just to let a boy be my first priority. Even if he is a handsome one.

    So Gastly is my starter. Princess here has a Charmander that has better manners than her. That antisocial girl over there clearly has a Bulbasaur. What starter do you have, Sir Henry?

    She whacked his arm lightly, though there was a chance he didn't even feeling anything, what with her non existent upper arm strength. Princess hardly seemed befitting to a street rat, though in some corner of her mind, she didn't mind the name. "Where do you think Rangiku even learned those manners from?" She sneered, and the lizard, oblivious to what was going on, merely let out a friendly cry at the mentioning of it's name. "I am curious as to what your starter is, too - "

    Magnemite? She hadn't even heard of that one before. Rae tilted her head in curiosity, watching it's metal body levitate before the table, admiring the slight static that seemed to charge the air. Oh how that specific creature would have come in handy back in the camp, one of their greatest struggles were electricity, rodents could only keep things powered for so long, and setting camp near running water was starting to become impossible what with all the land occupants and fees. Rangiku just stared at it, probably wondering if it could even qualify as a pokemon considering it was made of metal. As Henry began to tell his story, Rae had to bite back the urge to laugh again - there was never a dull moment with him, he and his partner stood out in her mind already - he could hardly get a word out with the magnetic pull, and eventually brought about his own, Henry induced chaos, ending up being dragged across the floor. She jumped up on her feet and leaned over the table, watching the fiasco and fighting between the urge to laugh at the silliness, and offer help should this be more serious of a situation that she realized. "Henry! Are you two okay?" But they managed to separate before she found a way to intervene, and with a plop back in her seat the brunette decided on just giggling. "I can see how you two got stuck with each other, very romantic!"
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  17. A dark haired brunet walked to unfamiliar place with his blue turtle partner, Squirtle. They both had come from far far away places where no one could guess. The brunet walked while slicing the bush out of his way using his rusted sword while the blue turtle creature rode his partner's head. "Just a little bit more Squirtle..." the boy said it without any expression while focusing his way out of the jungle, it's probably due to facts that the boy is being himself. After hours of nonstop dicing the bush apart he finally made it to where we wanted to, The Tavern or also known as the ruins of Ostia. The boy stood in front the grand famous tavern around the world, it's also said to be the birth of pokemon, a building with many stories lies inside it. The boy taking his step slowly as he could sense the pain and bloodshed during the war times, he prayed in front of the castle to pay respect as a knight before coming inside the tavern.

    Wearing Vitolo's trademark black armor, he went inside his past kingdom's arch enemy territory which was exciting for him and scary at the same time. The Castle itself was big enough for him to get lost in a minute as soon as he went inside. Squirtle looked worried as the turtle looked from left to right scared of the dark. Kurono, the dark haired brunet, calmed him down by patting Squirtle's head, "there there... it's nothing to worried about except the dark and stones. " Luckily Kurono was quirky enough that he noticed torch which led to the Tavern, the trail of light kept getting brighter and brighter to the point of where he would found the place he's been looking for, the place where trainers flocked inside and discuss about their adventure. Kurono scanned the room if there's the person he's looking for, an important person to him.
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  18. At a nearby table, an armor clad boy was showing off his Pokémon, a Magnemite. The dual type Electric and Steel Pokémon was floating, clearly nervous, near it's trainer. The boy's armor did nothing to help with the Pokémon's magnetism. Sorena was getting ready to have Bulbasaur help out when the two bumped into her table. The boy, who seemed a year or so younger that herself, uttered a shy-sounding "Hi." Sorena smiled and reached for the Magnemite to steady it. "Hello there." She said, to both Pokémon and trainer. "Saur." Bulbasaur greeted them as well. "Your Magnemite seems a little skittish." She observed. Still cradling the other Pokémon, she spoje soothingly. "It's alright. Your trainer just wanted to show you off. I'd say your trainer is quite proud and fond of you." She smiled as the Magnemite. Once Henry was on his feet, Sorena handed back his Pokémon. "I'm Sorena." She said. "And this is my Bulbasaur." She smiled. "Bulba, saur." Sorena's Bulbasaur was standing beside her now.
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  19. He stood on the ground a little more, just staring up at the girl he was under. If she had a short skirt he would definitely be labeled some kind of pervert or other bad thing. This might've been a little nicer if she had a short skirt. "Ha ha, yeah. He doesn't mean any harm, just gets a little jumpy when he's nervous and starts dragging metal to him." Now that he had a better look, she looked around his age, maybe just a tad older. Henry gave a nervous laugh himself as he picked himself off the floor. "No kidding Rae, we first met in a situation like that and were stuck for a whole day." The Magnemite span its magnets playfully as it was embraced by Sorena, feeling a lot calmer after its little outburst.

    "My name is Henry by the way." He wasn't sure if she heard him yell it out a bit ago, and it was always good to make sure as many people knew his name as possible. He received the little ball of metal, rubbing its head with a grin on his face. He quickly took notice of the plant pokemon by her side. "So that's a Bulbasaur huh?" He squatted a bit to get a closer look at the little pokemon. "Why aren't you just the most prettiest little plant I've seen all day. I'm not sure if it works the same for grass pokemon, but it's got a healthy leaf color." He spoke with what experience he had with crops, probably the only strength he had right now. Picking himself up, he took a seat across from her. "So are you here for that new trainer greeting quest too?" He asked, giving the pair he was with a small wave before giving Sorena his attention again.
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  20. Sorena beamed when Henry took notice of her Bulbasaur. She pulled the Pokémon into her lap after Henry had inspected it. "Thanks!" Sorena exclaimed. "I try my best to keep it healthy." She said. I found it in the garden last year. It had been sick, but I cared for it and nursed it back to health. We've been together since." Sorena smiled at the Seed Pokémon as she spoke, absently stroking the bulb on it's back. "It's a little smaller than most Bulbasaur, but it's just as strong! Aren't you, Bulbasaur?" The Bulbasaur seemed to smile. "Saur, saur." It seemed to be in agreeance. Sorena nodded at Henry's next question. "Yea, Bulbasaur and I traveled here in search of adventure and new friends."