Pokemon: Dangerous Challenges [Advanced Human/Jovian]

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    Machamp Houndoom Emolga Dewgong Garchomp Scizor

    Deep within the Lostlorn Forest outside of Nimbasa there was a hidden home near a small lake with a small waterfall and a little waterway leading away from the lake, smaller than a river but larger than a creek. The home was made from trees from the forest and looked almost naturally made thanks to the Pokemon belonging to the trainer who lived there. If it weren't for the fact that the logs making up the walls were dead, one would almost think that they were trees that had grown close enough to make the shape of the home.

    The trainer was named Ivan and he'd been living in this home for many years now, peacefully cut off from other humans and only interacting with the wild Pokemon or his own. He didn't see many trainers this far into the forest, since they were more likely to get lost the farther in they went and not many wanted to be lost. Only Ivan had ever looked for someplace like this to escape to.

    His Pokemon were strong enough that he was safe within the woods, since he had the eight badges from the area. He just didn't have the desire to take on the Pokemon League, or do much of anything. In fact, he hadn't even been all that excited about taking on the gym challenge, but he wanted his Pokemon to be strong and knew that it would be one the best ways to train with them. And they had been happy about seeing the world with him too, he thought. They were still happy about being with him, despite being limited to the forest here. Ivan made sure that the six of them and he himself had plenty to keep occupied with.
  2. The champion walked through the forest grumbling at how how the ridge was to hold through. her Umbreon walked beside her happily giggling gently as they walked. Stopping like a lake and let her Umbreon drink some water as her lucario stood in a tree defensivly watching the world. She smiles taking off her shoes as her feet where sore for walking two days straight and smiles as she pet her umbreon happily "good boy"
  3. After a walk through the forest with Houndoom, Ivan was heading home when his Pokemon seemed to hear something and crouched a little before walking carefully through the brush towards the sound. Curious, Ivan did the same to follow him, one hand going to the Poke Balls at his hip. He always took all of his Pokemon for his walks with Houndoom, but they were usually content to stay in their balls until the walk was over or until Ivan needed something from one of them. They all had their strengths out here, after all. Houndoom just got too restless without walks through the forest so Ivan would gladly take him on them.

    Near the lake there was a girl with two Pokemon, one of them drinking from the lake. "Looks like a Lucario and Umbreon," Ivan whispered as he lowered himself next to the waiting Houndoom. "Should we take them on? She doesn't look weak, you know."

    Houndoom made a noise, trying to stay quiet but also wanting to tell Ivan to let him attack. With a smile, Ivan put a hand on Houndoom's neck and whispered, "Go ahead and use Crunch on that Lucario then, bud."

    Given permission now, Houndoom rushed forward and aimed for Lucario's leg with a Crunch attack.
  4. The lucario smashed its bone sharply into the Houndoom smashing it half way across the area crashing the dark hound through two trees and a rock and jumped down eyes glowing and stood infront of the trainer and stood ready to fight snarling deeply. the Umbreom bolted forward fangs bared and eyes glowing deep blue color ready to fight as well. The Lucario eyes glowed deeply and bone twirled in the air ready and caused deep up roar of wind. the champion stood up "leave us alone we are going to save legendary pokemon from poachers let us pass now" she said eyes narrowed.
  5. Ivan stood and raised his hands in an effort to show that he means no more harm. "Hey, we aren't used to trainers out here. Sorry for attacking, didn't realize you had a noble cause. This is where we live, y'see," he told her, pointing across the lake to the home nestled in the trees there. "Houndoom and I were on a walk and saw you guys just resting here. He's been getting restless recently so I thought a battle would make him feel better." He walked over to his Pokemon slowly and keeping his hands raised up to show he wasn't going for his other Poke Balls, not that he thought that would make much of a difference. "So what's the story about poachers and the legendaries? Wouldn't figure they'd be taken too lightly even by poachers." He knelt down to see how badly Houndoom was hurt before calling him back to his Poke Ball and walking towards the trainer, staying a safe distance away.
  6. The girl glares "poachers and their Pokemon have been catching legendary Pokemon. Arceus has come to me to help free them from wicked hands" said slowly with a gentle sigh as her lucario scowled unmoved eyes stare at the male. The umbreon bounded over using healing wish on the Houndoom healing it and wobbled back to the girl that picked it up gently
  7. "Thanks for healing my Houndoom. Would you like to come back to my place and explain a little more? I don't understand why anyone would come this far into the forest. The only reason I don't ever get lost is because the Pokemon here trust me and help me out when I get turned around," Ivan told her, walking around the lake to head towards the home. "I mean, if you don't want to come along I won't blame you. Houndoom and I did attack your Lucario." He stopped after crossing the small river and looked back. "My name's Ivan, by the way."
  8. "I am Tasha. I am a trainer and seek to keep other Pokemon safe" she said fallowing holding her umbreon that whined in pain eyes closed in pain. She fallowed after him "poachers catching the legendary Pokemon for money and try to find ways to harness their powers" said smiling gently as she went inside placing her umbreon down. Her lucario went to the umbreon sitting by it on guard
  9. Ivan nodded and led her into his home. It wasn't much, mostly just cabinets, a bed, a table, two chairs, and a few buckets. He stopped to turn up a lantern near the door so that there was more light inside the place. "What's wrong with your Umbreon? I didn't notice before but it seems to be in some trouble," he commented before letting his Pokemon out of their Poke Balls outside. There was a Machamp who immediately started stretching as though showing off his muscular frame, an Emolga that only flew back in to sit on the table's surface, and a Scizor that stood near the door to look at Umbreon. His final Pokemon, Dewgong, was released in the lake to swim around comfortably. "If you need medicine, I think I still have some potions and things from the Poke Mart in Nimbasa City, or I can have my Pokemon look for some Berries and the like nearby. We usually keep track of those things."
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