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  1. This is the world of Pokemon, it has always been a wonderful place for humans and Pokemon alike, but during these last few decades Pokemon have chosen their trainers, this has made the Trainers that travel the world come in a broad spectrum of ages. Very few have had to wait for as long as a number of other young people have had to, you're one of these few who haven't gotten to go out on a journey yet, or even start a journey but today is a very different day. A Professor of Pokemon has come to knock on your door, and he has a Pokeball for you, it has the Pokemon you've always wanted inside it. That explains why the Professor asked you a week ago what Pokemon you'd want to go on your journey with! You assume the professor asked just because he had been curious, no he comes back after being gone for a week and brings a couple of Pokemon for you and others. When you ask him why, he tells you that it's because he thinks it's about time you went out to see the world and what it had to offer, but he also tells you he has a favor to ask of you.

    "Far Far away from Kanto something terrible is happening, I've heard the rumors but I paid them no heed until the professor from that area called me asking for help, the other trainers are all too busy and when one of us have asked for their help they don't believe us, you can have this Pokemon if you agree to help me...but be warned because I captured it, it will not listen to you right away, so try to build up trust with it." With that he hands you the Pokeball. It's official, you have a Pokemon but the request from the Professor weighs heavily on your mind, you shake it off by thinking of what lies ahead. The professor wouldn't have asked you specifically to go if there was a real hurry, right? You have a Pokemon now, so it's time to get prepared and travel away together, you and your new Pokemon.
  2. It was just another one of those days for Seraphine, it was bright and sunny and she had to spend most of her day inside a Pokemart, this was what she was used to, and she wouldn't have it any other way; unless of course she had a Pokemon; with that thought she sighs softly and stares longingly at a poster on the wall of a trainer and their Pokemon trusting each other and participating in a contest; which they didn't have in Kanto but she didn't care, if it had to do with Pokemon she would be willing to do anything! Seraphine spends her day in the Pokemart helping along the few customers who come by for a potion or Pokeball or other trainer what-have-you. She was jealous, so very jealous of those people, she was a good person wasn't she? Seraphine slowly gets more depressed as the day drags on and she thinks more.

    Finally her shift ends and she heads home to her apartment; since she had left early in the morning to work she came home in the afternoon at around 3pm, she was surprised to find a little box on the floor outside her apartment that had a note attached. Lightly she picks up the note and box and moves inside with it where she sits and opens the note first. Once she reads the note her eyes go wide and anyone within the vicinity can hear her scream; it's hard to tell if it's joy or terror though since they can't see her. Inside her apartment on the other hand it's obviously joy because she opens the box and lifts the Pokeball looking into the clear top at the little Ralts that was resting inside.
  3. With her heart punding extremely fast, Dahlia went into her room and kneeled on the floor. She weighed the Pokéball in her hand, and examined it thoroughly. It didn't feel real. Just last hour she had been at the Pokémon Center, tending to some other trainer's wounded Zigzagoon, and now she had a Pokémon all to herself! Pushing the button down, she let the ball drop to the floor, making it open with that familiar hatching sound. Dahlia had many fond memories of that sound from her childhood, wathing her father battle trainers in his gym. With a flash of light, a Frillish appeared from the container. It looked inquisitively at Dahlia with those red eyes she liked so much. She bowed down in front of it, showing as much rspect as possible. "Hello there, friend. My name's Dahlia, and the professor who caught you has entrusted me with you in order to go on a mission. I know it must feel very strange, suddenly being in the care of someone you're not used to, but I hope we can get along well. I-if you don't mind..." She gulped and rubbed her hands together anxiously. "Do you think I could call you Frilly?!" Dahlia wore an anticipating smile as the Frillish seemed to consider the nickname. A bit reluctantly perhaps, he nodded his head. Dahlia was so overcome with excitement that she threw herself at Frilly, trying to embrace him, but in response he turned himself translucent, making her pass right through his body and crash onto the floor. Rubbing her elbow, she giggled a bit. "Sorry, I just got so excited. I promise I'll take it slow from now on."
  4. When the professor knocked on her door, she was confused, but now it seemed like a literal dream come true. He held out a pokeball in his hands, a thing that basically defeys physics, yet so common. "So," he said,"do you accept?"

    She wanted to say yes so badly, but knew she couldn't. Her family would never let her. "I'm sorry sir, but I don't think-"

    " I already talked to your parents in advance. It was difficult task no doubt, but they accepted" Audrey's eyes widened.

    "Are you sure those were my parents?!" He laughed, but Audrey didn't. "No, really, I'm serious. Are you sure?"

    "Believe it or not, he's correct" She turned around to find that her parents were standing behind her, side-by-side.

    "Seriously?!" They nodded. Audrey was literally jumping up and down with excitement. Her mother handed her bag, as well as a map and new running shoes. The professor handed her something too: a pokedex.

    "While you're on your journey, make sure you document your pokemon findings in here, it would advance my research a lot"

    "Of course sir" She then ran to her parents and gave them a hug/tackle. "Thank you thank you thank you!" She then slipped on the running shoes, grabbed the pokeball in the professor's hands and started to run out the door. Only to be grabbed by the collar by the professor.

    "Woah there, don't you think you should introduce yourself to your new friend their?" Audrey's eyes widened.

    "O-oh! Of course!" She then opened the pokeball to reveal a small riolu, who looked around, tense. "Hiya there!" Audrey said, and held out her hand," My name's Audrey Schultz, and I guess we're partners! I know we just met, but we're going to have loads of fun together, right?" The Riolu looked at her, as if he was sizing her up. After about a minute, he cautiously took her hand and shook it. Audrey smiled wide. "I'm gonna let you stay outside your pokeball for a while so we can get to know each other! Sound like a plan?" Riolu nodded slowly, but surely. "Great! Let's go!," she waved back to her parents and the professor,"bye professor! Bye mom and dad! Love you" And with that, she took off down the road, a startled riolu not far behind.
  5. The sounds of two pokemon, a Lucario and a Scizor, fighting could be heard from the back of the daycare along with a door opening and then closing. A few moments later the battle sounds abruptly stopped seeing how a young man, Eragon, had stopped the fighting with a threatening glare at the two. Even to some pokemon he was an intimidating person and especially so since he was the one who mainly took care and fed the others he and his grandparents raised at the facility. "Good." His voice was hard and angry but it died down and became calm and soothing as he smiled. "That's better, now you two hug and make up; that's no way for friends to ask." The two pokemon looked at one another before they reluctantly embraced the other then quickly pulled away once it was finished. The young man stepped aside and motioned for the two to join the others who were already eating and the Lucario and Scizor quickly raced to their spots so their food wouldn't be stolen.

    "Eragon, could you come here for a moment; bring Pippy with you." Another voice, his grandfather, called out from inside the main building.

    "Sure thing grandpa! Come here Pippy." The young man extended his arms just as a small Piplup let out a joyful cry and hopped into his arms.

    Chuckling, he pushed opened the door to the inside with his foot before arriving in the back and walking through the doorway to the front where trainers would arrive to either drop off or pick up their pokemon they left. There he handed over the Piplup over to her trainer which was a girl about a year older than him, "Come again." He smiled, waving to the two as they left. He always felt sad when one of his friends left but they needed to be with their trainers that's when he felt a hand touch his left shoulder and another touch his right. Turning around, his grandparent's were holding a small box with a note addressed to him. Slightly curious he took the note and began to read it, his face was a mix between being happy and a bit sad as he placed it down then pulled off the box's top. Laying there was a pokeball that contained his new partner; a Charmander, the prevolution of Charizard the same pokemon his father had possessed around his age. With a small ,pent-up, sigh he pushed the button.

    A with the typical flash of red light, the Charmander appeared on the counter and instantly Eragon could tell it was a male. The small fire lizard looked around before its eyes locked onto the person with its pokeball and glared at the young man before him. They new partners locked eyes in a mental test of brawn to see who would look away first...which oddly enough turned out to be the Charmander. "Your name will be Draco." The Charmander ,now called Draco, looked up at his new trainer and snorted; apparently satisfied with the name. Pulling off his daycare uniform to reveal his usual attire, he turned to see his grandparents now holding a backpack for him, with a smile the three hugged before the young man slung it over it shoulders. With a few good byes he turned to face Draco, "Let's go." The pokemon just snorted as it hopped off the counter and made for the door. Already he could tell this pokemon was going to take some time but he pushed open the door and started down the side walk walking side by side his new companion.
  6. The air was still and quiet as the sun pounded down on the large and flat grasslands. A cool breeze lightly played with the green blades, giving relief from the hot sun. The sky was a light blue and there was not one cloud to be seen. It was peaceful, until- "Woo-hoo! Yeah!" A girl's shout rang out over the prairie followed by a thunderous rumble in the earth. A stampede of Ponytas and Rapidashes stomped the once calm grasses flat, a girl running beside them. The blonde haired girl seemed to be racing the majestic beasts, stumbling and slipping right next to the herd, keeping an amazing pace. Though the pokemon didn't seem to really be trying, being as they could have left the girl in the dust by now, the girl was doing her best to stay with the horde. She finally fell on her face and rolled on her back, laughing and panting. The herd came to a stop and one of the beautiful flaming horses, obviously the stallion of the group, walked over and breathed into the girl's face, his eyes shining with victory.

    "You won again, Zanzibar! Ha, I'm just not fast enough!" The Rapidash reared with a rejoicing neigh. This ranch was one of the girl's favorite places to visit. She had known Zanzibar since he was a Ponyta and watched him evolve before her very eyes. It had always been the girl's dream to have her own pokemon, so she spent as much time as possible with all pokemon possible. She was close to the pokemon here, but this ranch was privately owned and all the pokemon here was owned by the family and they had no intention of giving any of their pokemon away.

    Riding on the stallion, the blonde haired girl covered the ground back to the ranch house within twenty minutes. She hopped off the Rapidash, her large, leather strapped goggles falling over her dark blue eyes. She reached up and replaced them on top of her head before dusting off her black jeans and heading inside. It was time for lunch and she was starved. She was treated as one of the family because of how close the girl was with their main stallion, and when ever she visited there was always a room open for her to stay.

    "What's for lunch, y'all?" The girl perched herself in a gorgeously crafted wooden chair. A young woman with stark black hair tied back in a bun strode out of the kitchen with a warm smile. "Zoe, head upstairs to your room before you eat. There's a package up there."

    The blonde haired girl looked confused before getting up and heading upstairs, her gray and white tennis shoes echoing off the wooden floor. Once upstairs, she found the package wrapped neatly by her room door and it was addressed to her, from some professor guy. She brought it into her room and opened the brown packaging paper. Inside the box was a pokeball, a pokedex, and a note. She picked up the note and read it aloud:

    "Dear Zoe,

    I have watched you for a while- well that's not creepy at all.... And you are in need of a pokemon partner. Your connections with such creatures are just incredible, and the pokemon I chose for you would hopefully be a perfect match. Within this box, as you may have already seen, is a pokedex, useful for collecting data, and a pokeball, in which resides your new partner. He is very bashful and not trusting of many, but I believe you have the ability to gain his trust, and in turn, his love. Treat him well, for he will be with you the rest of your life.

    And on a side note, I want you to go on a journey. This journey is to fill up the pokedex with data you collect from catching wild pokemon. There are so many out there, and I need your help to record them all.


    and it's smudged..... I don't care who this professor guy is, but if he pranked me... " She trailed off, not really sure what she would do except cry. She wanted her own pokemon so much that it hurt. Zoe reached into the box slowly with her gloved hand, and picked up the pokeball, shaking uncontrollably. As soon as she pulled it out, it opened with a bright flash, blinding the girl. When the girl's vision returned, the pokemon was no where in sight. Zoe truly believed she was played for a fool when she could not see the pokemon. All she ever wanted was a pokemon partner, and looking at the empty pokeball, she could feel her heart and dreams shatter. How does that to someone? It was the cruelest thing she ever heard of. She then heard a noise under her bed and crouched down to see what it was. Against the wall underneath the bed was an eevee, shivering and growling at her. "Shh.... It's okay....I won't hurt you.... I promise...."

    "Vui!" It barked at her then growled some more, shrinking against the wall. Zoe pulled away with a sigh before laying down on her belly on the ground. She pulled off the glove off her right hand, stuck her head into the crack between the bed and the floor, and slowly reached towards the eevee. Every time the eevee barked or snapped, she pulled her hand back some, but kept reaching towards it. When she was close enough, the eevee bit her hand, drawing a small amount of blood. Zoe flinched, but kept her hand still. "It's okay.... I won't hurt you.... I understand you're scared and you don't know me, but I would like to get to know you.... " The eevee hesitated, its ears pricked. It seemed about ready to let go of her hand before it bit down harder and started growling again. She recoiled at the pain but kept trying to get it to come out. "I don't know if someone hurt you before, but if you give me a chance..... I'll prove I'm different. ... I'll protect you, not harm you....."

    This time the eevee actually did let go and cautiously walked out from the darkness of the under bed side. She pulled her hand and head out and sat up, cradling the injured hand in her other one. She smiled slightly, a smile that said she would keep her word. "Feisty, aren't ya...? Well, I'd still will protect you, if you let me. ..."

    "Vui...!" The eevee turned its head away as if to say it didn't need anyone. Zoe sighed. "Okay, one step at a time. Hey, can I at least give you a name?" The eevee looked back before reluctantly nodding. "How about Shadow, since that's were you first dove when you came out."

    "Vui." The sound was that of acceptance, not the barks of anger from earlier. It wasn't acceptance of the fairly tanned girl before him, but of the name. He actually seemed to like it.Now that his ears were up, Zoe could see a slit in his left one, giving her an idea as to why he doesn't trust very easily.

    Zoe bandaged her hand and went back downstairs, Shadow following far behind, slowly. Just as she expected, she was questioned and fussed about because of her still bleeding hand. Shadow stayed a ways away, softly growling at everyone. Once the blonde haired girl explained, she made some pokemon food for her new partner and set it down a good distance from the others. He ate facing everyone so he can keep an eyes out. His ears swiveled in every direction and his tail lashed from side to side. It will take a while for him to trust Zoe, and she knew it. But she couldn't give up on him after a few minutes of knowing him. So after lunch, she planned on trying to gain a bit more trust from him.....
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  7. "I got a present for you my little Siren. I found him when I visited Sinnoh," her mother announced. She passed a Pokeball to her daughter.

    A gasp emitted from her lips. "I-is this-" she cut herself off. She threw the Pokeball in the air, releasing her destined companion. An adorable Shinx appeared in a stream of crimson light, shaking his little head. A growl emitted from his lips. Despite his menacing glare, Sirena peered at him with awe. She never possessed a Pokemon. Why did her mother gave her one? She lifted her head and stared at her mother. Her eyes filled with wonder.

    A chuckle elicited from her throat. "I decided a companion will help you find your true path. You don't know what you want to do with your life. I believe it's time you start your journey and find out. With this Shinx, you will be able to forge new bonds with other Pokemon. Whatever you choose, I'll be proud," she explained. She stepped forward and hugged her daughter. "I'm sure you're eager to leave soon, so let's start packing!" She broke away and ushered Sirena up the stairs, heading towards her bedroom.

    Sirena didn't have a choice. Before she could react, she was inside her bedroom, packing for her long awaited journey. Her Shinx remained in the living room, waiting.

    A few days passed since the beginning of her journey. Her Pokemon wasn't exactly friendly. His serious attitude prevented her from reaching out to him. However, she didn't give up. Despite his unpredictable shocks, Sirena was determined earning her Pokemon's trust. After a couple of days, his behavior calmed. He didn't trust his master, but he tolerated her presence. Sirena was currently walking down a path, her Shinx trotting next to her. Sirena didn't believe using a Pokeball. A part of her found it cruel. How would you feel if you were trapped in a dark space? As a result, Sirena kept her companion out of his Pokeball. She hummed underneath her breath, reciting a soft lullaby. A pair of headphones rested on her neck, a signature item for the music lover. She closed her eyes, losing herself in her music. She danced a little, creating amusement for her small partner. Unfortunately, she didn't notice where she was going. Sirena bumped into a solid chest, sending her to the ground. A gasp emitted from her lips. Her eyes snapped open. Her Shinx, whom she named Tau, growled. His fur charged up with electricity. He glowered at the new human.
  8. "Form has to be better." Marlon explained, looking intensely at his friend, who just so happened to also be training partner. Currently a couple of miles out from the house which he lived in, the young teen often traveled out and about when it came to doing just about anything. It wasn't particularly a lack of love for his home - of course not! In fact, he and his family were extremely close. Having four siblings and being the oldest had it's perks, but sometimes things just got too cramped with the six of them. It was just that for someone who was as extroverted as Marlon, that required a bit of excitement and an adrenaline rush to keep them going. Training in mixed martial arts gave him a bit of the rush he was looking for, but often times he couldn't get his buddy to keep up. Not surprisingly so, considering just how demanding the sport could be at times. Training often included a lot of pain, for the both of them.

    The spot they chose was one near a waterfall, on a flat bed of land before a lake. Having left early to get a start on the day, the two had been standing on that mix between gravel and dirt for what would appear to be hours. Knowing his friend had reached his limit, Marlon decided to call it a day, moving over to him with a pat on the back. "We'll take a couple days, get back to it. You're getting good!" With a hand shake and a farewell, both went seperate ways, with Marlon heading on home. The walk wasn't bad; traversing at about three hours every forty-five minutes, he made good timing after an hour. The young man ran the entire way, so by the time he got home, he was pretty tired. Walking through the door of his home, it appeared to be a normal day. Two of his youngest siblings, twins at the age of five, were running around chasing each other. His sister, who was three years younger than him, had been locked in her room as usual. Deciding it was best to get cleaned up, he offered his mom a hello and went to go take a shower. His father often worked, so his mom usually did nothing but chores around the house until the weekend came about.

    When he finally finished getting himself ready, he left his room with only a backpack, which of course contained all of the vital stuff he needed. The plan was originally to go see what Audrey was up to, because everyone has that one person in the world; Audrey was Marlon's. Just an irreplaceable force, someone there to put him in line when he needed it while helping all the same. To him, there was nobody like her. He certainly didn't have any other friends like the girl, that was for sure. They had known each other since they were extremely young and their parents were friends, so the two often got in a lot of face time. Planning on stopping by his sister's room to see what was going on, he'd knock on the door and turn the handle to walk in.

    What he found was surprising, to say the least.

    There was a box, all torn up on the ground. Beside, it was laying a Pokeball. A couple of feet from the pokeball, jumping on the bed wildly, was a Chimchar. Marlon's sister had been playing around with the small fire monkey, who was responding to the interaction extremely well. Not moving or speaking, the teen watched in what seemed to be a mix between shock and horror as the two went on. The fact that Marlon hadn't noticed there was a Pokemon in the form of a monkey was amazing, in retrospect, because it should have been howling; but it wasn't. Instead, it was silent, just giggling about. A minute would pass before Marlon moved to grab the Pokeball. Walking toward the bed slowly, he extended his hand with it to try to get the Pokemon back in, but in an angry response, Chimchar would hop up and slap him in the face.

    Oh, God.

    Blinking in amazement, the monkey would continue to hop on the mattress, the springs under which would propel him up pretty high on it's own. Marlon shook his head, putting the Pokeball into one of the side pockets of his bag before his hands reached out to grab the monkey. He wrapped his hands around it's little belly, but it delivered two more hard slaps into the face of the boy. He pulled his hands back once more, placing them on his hips and staring intently. The slaps didn't hurt, they were more like a warning from the little fire demon, but Marlon wasn't going to have it. Grabbing it by its legs, Marlon would scoop the little monkey in mid-air. It hung limply in the air, staring into his face as the young boy turned to his sister. "Thank you for this, really." She giggled as he made his way out of her room, moving down the stairs at a fast pace. The Chimchar was in the same position, though was desperately trying to wiggle his way out. He smiled, saying goodbye to his mom as he moved toward the front doors of his home. She was too busy to notice there was a Pokemon in his hands, so she just offered a wave from behind. Fair enough. Dodging the two rapscallions who ran past him, Marlon would open those doors and walk out onto his front yard.

    Immediately as he did, the monkey managed to make his way out of his grasp. It swung itself so that it got enough position to grab onto Marlon's hair with his hands, which he did. In response, the boy immediately let go with an aggrivated grunt. The monkey wrapped it's legs around his neck, its hands continuing to hold it's hair. Fine, as long as it didn't run away at this point, Marlon certainly wasn't going to bother it. Making his way from the pathway leading to his door, the boy would turn the corner only for another slap to be delivered to the middle of his face from above. The Chimchar giggled in delight, and Marlon stopped momentarily to put a hand on his face. That was when the yelling started. Oh, Chimchar... Jesus Christ.

    When he finally made it to Audrey's home, he noticed she was outside, running off. "Where are you going!?" The Chimchar was standing on Marlon's head, doing a little dance while he stood there completely still, waiting. On his face remained a mixed expression of horror and animosity.
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  9. Terry had been sent to his room with a weird package as he heard Zoe enter the house. He wanted to go down and say hello, but the contents of the box seemed like a more pressing matter at the moment. He threw himself onto the soft, fluffy covers of his mahogany canopy bed, and inspected the parcel. It didn't look like much outwards, just like any regular old box, and shaking it didn't produce any particular sound. The weight of it was quite light, as well. As he caught himself trying to figure out what was inside he realized he could just open it and have a look. He sat back up and placed the box in front of him on the bed, carefully lifting the lid. The first thing he saw was a bunch of that papery stuff used to prevent fragile items from breaking during transport, and a white envelope. He picked it up, tore the seal, and opened the letter inside.

    "Dear Terry. I've been in contact with your family for a while, and I have learnt about the progress you've made with your own insecurities. I would like to give you a gift as a way of helping you on this personal journey of yours. However, this gift also comes with a responsibility to go on a different kind of journey that requires you to go and explore the unknown. I have personally bred this for you, but brining out its full potential will be no easy task.

    -Sincerely, Prof.*****"

    The last part of the letter was smudged. But, as much as Terry would like to know who gave him this present, his excitement was beginning to overwhelm him. He looked back into the box, and saw a shiny, red dome. At first he didn't believe it, but as he picked it up, he realized that it was in fact a Pokéball. "After all this time..." The sheer joy almost brought a tear to his eye. He pressed the white button, and out came a cute little Lillipup. The Pokémon looked around with big eyes, and when it saw Terry it started yapping in a high-pitched voice. "Hey there, little buddy, nice to meet you! My name's Terry, and it looks like I'll be taking care of you from now on." The little thing seemed to have trouble concentrating, and its eyes went back to darting around the room soon after he began to speak. He picked it up and hugged it. "Haha, you're a daft little thing, aren't you? No worries, I like that. Now, what are we going to call you?.. Let's see, Terry is fitting, but that's my name. Looks like you're a girl, so... What about Terra?" The Lillipup yapped again. "Alright, it's decided! Now, let's get you introduced to the others!"

    Terry came running down the stairs, excited to show off his Pokémon. But as he walked down the steps and into the dining room, he could see Zoe sitting by the table, and an Eevee not far from her. His cheeks blushed a little, and he picked up a lock of hair and twirled it between his fingers. "Hey, Zoe. Did you get a Pokémon, too? This one came in a box from some professor, I don't really know who, but she's so cute. I call her Terra." He put the Pokémon down on the floor, and it ran up to the Eevee while yapping gleefully.
  10. The library bench, was more crowded today. There was Alyx, who could typically be found there, two books, and now a box.

    And that was it, a simple box is what he received from some unknown stranger. He knew exactly what was in it, but as he worriedly chewed at his fingernails, doubt entered his mind. This Pokemon, whichever it was, belonged to him now. But could a kid living on the streets be able to handle such a responsibility? The book beside him rustled in the wind, catching his attention for a moment. i can't just pretend it's not here I... I have to open this. When i left home, I said I'd be responsible.

    An audible gulp traveled down his throat and he lifted the flaps, the single red and white ball seeming to look up at him. Wonder which it is. Taking the poke ball in his hands, it grew in size and he tossed it up "Go...!" the tiny red and black fox Pokemon jumped out with a yip, bringing a wide smile to his face. "Zorua!" It understood its name, looking to its new trainer with a wag of its tail. "I got a Zorua!" This was much better than expected, from the books he read and the trainers he saw, this had happened to be one of his favorite Pokemon. "Come here little guy!"

    A growl was his response and it turned its nose up at him. "Girl?" Its bushy tail wagged again, and it wearily sniffed at the boy. "I think I'll call you Zo. How's that sound?" Another yip was her response, and she allowed herself to get pet. "I'll be honest Zoe, I'm not the best guy ever, but I think you and I can go places. I'll help you become strong, if you do the same for me, kay?" He took off his glove and held his hand out to her, expecting at least something.

    What he did not expect was for her to grab his glove and take off running. "Zo! Get back here!" And so a chase began, the little fox Pokemon running farther into town.
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  11. "Vui!" Shadow snapped at the lillypup before dragging his bowl further away with a low growl. Zoe looked up at the silver haired boy with a small smile. "Yeah.... He too.... He's not very trusting though.... So I'd keep that lillypup away from him. That professor guy told me to gain his trust..." She showed her bandaged hand that was stained red. "We made little progress, but we'll get there. I know we will. His name is Shadow."
    "Vui! Vui vui!" The eevee left his half eaten bowl of food out of irritation, dashing out of the house. Zoe sighed and stood up, straightening her grey and white shirt. "Gotta run.... You can come with me if you want! I have ta catch Shadow before the ranch pokemon harm him!" She ran after the eevee, hoping she wasn't too late. Shadow was incredibly fast for an eevee and he was already out of sight by the time she left the house. She sighed and started to track his paw prints.
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  12. It wasn't long after they left the Daycare that Draco and Eragon were already glaring and arguing with each other, it would be an amusing sight to some people but right now it aggravated Eragon slightly; while Draco knew what he was saying he had no idea what the little fire lizard was saying back. Unlike most trainers, who would have immediately put their pokemon back into their ball, he continued to have the Charmander walk along side them as their argument became less and more of a teasing manner for the two. Seeing how they both had the same amount of back bone neither one wanted to back down but ultimately the little fire started did and snorted distastefully while turning his head away to look at something else. Eragon on the other hand wore a smug smile seeing how he'd won his second competition until they arrived at an intersection and felt something or someone bump into his chest and fall to the ground, a growl followed after the gasp. His smile immediately vanished and became expressionless as his usual glare returned as he look down at the two sources of the noise; a Shinx and a female trainer. Draco stepped in front of his new trainer and growled back at the young lion pokemon, not pleased about Tau's attitude towards Eragon.

    The young man ignored the two pokemon as he stepped over them and over to the fallen girl ,Sirena, and leaning down he gently took ahold of her before easily picking the person up and back to her feet. After letting go, he backed away a step before glancing over at the small lizard, the Shinx, and finally back at the girl with an expressionless glare. Then without saying a word to Sirena, he sidestepped around her and started walking. "Draco..." The Charmander snorted at the Shinx before it walked past to catch up with his moving trainer.
  13. Before she could react, a hand grasped her wrist, pulling her up. She stumbled a bit, but stabilize herself. Her attention averted towards the boy. An eyebrow raised in response. She never witnessed a cold expression to that degree. Her eyes filled with curiosity. She wasn't intimidated, not one bit. It was the complete opposite; she was intrigued. Something about his behavior captured her attention. Sirena jogged towards him, Tau trotting close behind. She flanked his left side, leaning forward and inspecting his expression. A small smile painted her lips. Her expression conveyed kindness. Her silvery blue eyes glinted with amusement. "Thank you for helping me. My name is Sirena," she introduced. Her gaze shifted to his Charmander. "You must be a new trainer. I can tell by the relationship between your Pokemon. I started my journey not too long ago. I'm from Cerulean city," she explained. Albeit, her tone was soft-spoken, she wasn't completely withdrawn and shy. His stoic demeanor reminded her of her Pokemon, Tau. Despite his serious demeanor, he tolerated her. It would take her time to gain his full trust, but she wouldn't give up. Sirena was determined to forge a bond with her Shinx. One day, he would evolve into a powerful Luxray. With his guidance, she could assemble her dream team. Since she was little, Sirena dreamed of forming a Pokemon team of her own. Unfortunately, her career was undecided. What should she become? A Coordinator or Trainer?

    Tau glowered at the Charmander. He remained close to his mistress's side, trotting protectively. He didn't trust the lizard Pokemon or the male trainer. Frankly, he barely trusted his own trainer. However, he tolerated her, for now. She wasn't annoying or obnoxious. Her kindness confused him.

    Sirena waited patiently for the boy's response. She directed her attention towards their route. Ironically, he was heading in her intended direction. Her mother encouraged her to make friends. Maybe they could travel together? "What town are you heading to?" she inquired.
  14. Seraphine was quite thrilled as she carried the sleeping Ralts away in her back pack. The Ralts hadn't woken up yet and Seraphine had no desire to disturb it; since she knew somewhere in her heart that this little Pokemon would probably not trust her even if she didn't wake it up. She had gathered up her things and headed for route 2 with the sleeping Ralts, she couldn't get her mind off the fact she had her own Pokemon and she couldn't even meet it yet. Impatient though she had started walking along the route looking around at all the Pokemon in the area.

    Everywhere there were Pidgey, Rattatta, Caterpie, Weedle, and Nidoran males and Nidoran females. Seraphine had known these Pokemon were on this route, she loved all the Pokemon she met and knew in her heart that she would have a wonderful journey with the Ralts and she had already decided that if the Ralts was a girl it would be called Grace, if it was a boy it would be named Glide. Whistling a cheerful tune she continues on the path by herself but when she thinks of it as her being a solitary trainer with no friends she gets depressed and looks down, still walking forward but not too thrilled with the fact she had no one to travel with but a sleeping Ralts.

    Seraphine walks like this for awhile before she hears a 'Ral!' coming from inside the ball that she hadn't put down since she had obtained it and with a squeal of delight she lets the little Ralts out giggling and bouncing around. "Hi Ralts! I'm Seraphine! Oh! It looks like you're a girl...can I call you Grace?" The little Ralts is giving a cold glare at Seraphine though and when she reaches out to offer her hand to the little creature it's eyes glow blue and the Ralts; named Grace; tosses Seraphine against a tree with it's Confusion. Seraphine is made dizzy from this and lays still for a minute before slowly getting up. "O-Ow...T-That hurt Grace." She doesn't yell at the little Pokemon, even if she is upset, she smiles at the little creature and offers her hand once again. "L-Let's try that again...I'm Seraphine...a-and I'm your new trainer. I know it probably isn't what you want but...at least gimme a chance?" The smile never leaves her face as the Ralts slowly walks up to Seraphine and with what anyone nearby could swear was a 'hmph'; she takes Seraphine's hand who giggles and stands up a little wobbly from hitting her head but recovering quickly with the reluctant Ralts following behind.
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  15. The Lillipup yelped and ran back to Terry, obviously startled by the aggressive Eevee. He picked her up, and patted her on the head. "There, there, Terra, it's no biggie." When the other Pokémon suddenly dashed out of the house followed by Zoe, Terry ran after her while holding Terra in his arms. "Bye guys, see you later!" He was barely able to get the words out of his mouth before leaving.

    When he finally caught up with Zoe, he was slightly out of breath. "Gosh, you're really fast... It's hard to keep up. Any idea where it went?" Terry had a look around, noticing the paw prints on the ground. Apparently, so did Terra, because she struggled her way out of his grip and jumped down. She started sniffing, and then yapped, running along the trail. "Oh no, not you too, Terra!" He didn't know if it was because of her shepherd instincts or because she wanted to get revenge on the Pokémon that had been mean to her, but whatever reason Terra had for running after Shadow, they now had two Pokémon on the run.
  16. As Audrey and Riolu were running down a route near her town, she suddenly stopped in her tracks. "Oh my arceus, Marlon is going to KILL me!" She yelled, startling Riolu. She turned to her new friend. "Do you mind if we backtrack a little? My friend will kill me if I don't tell him personally what's going on" Riolu shook his head, confused about how she was using the word kill.

    She reprinted all the way back to her house, and saw Marlon standing there looking confused while talking to her parents. Who were no doubt trying to explain she had run off at the speed of light. Something was new about him though, like a energetic chimchar climbing all over him like he was a jungle gym. Audrey wanted to laugh at him so badly, but that would only encourage her death. "Sorry!" She said, as she ran up to them all,"I completely spaced out!" She then began to explain her current situation to him.
  17. He smiled as he chatted on away with Audrey's parents. They were adorable people, whom he absolutely loved, probably as much as he did their daughter. The Chimchar, at this point, had decided it was a good idea to open up his backpack and jump into it. Things only got better when Audrey made her way back to her home after Marlon had just watched her sprint off. As he turned from her parents over to the girl, his Pokemon was planning something malicious. "It's all right, I should have let you know I was coming." He shrugged slightly, and this was when his Chimcar rose from the top of his bag and hurled a Pokeball at Audrey's dad, letting out a large yell as he did.


    Marlon hung his head, knowing immediately that something horrible had just happened. When the Pokeball hit Audrey's dad in the face, he made a small 'oof!' sound before letting off a laugh. Marlon continued shaking his head, before turning around and taking the ball from the older gentleman's outstreched hand and apologizing. As he did, his free hand would reach into his bag and grab the arm of the Pokemon inside, lifting it up. It dangled, almost lifelessly as he did, knowing that while Marlon's hand had his grasp that there was nothing he could do. It was the only submissive behavior it showed it's new master.

    The boy put the Pokeball back in his bag and zipped it up, before waving Audrey's parents goodbye with his one free hand as he walked down the road with Audrey, side by side. Marlon didn't know where they were going, but it was time to go.
  18. Hailey Lancaster was a regular 16 year old girl, sweeping the floor in the main room of her family's small pokemon day care and breeding facility. When the door creaked open and the little bell rang out Hailey looked up and smiled. "Hello and welcome to the route 10 pokemon daycare center. Would you like to leave your pokemon with us to raise for a while?" The man in the lab coat gave her a jolly laughed and said "Actually Haliey,.." The professor began to tell her all about the trouble far away. Hailey was speechless. "So, Ms. Lancaster, will you raise this pokemon for me and travel to help?" Hailey was speechless and didn't know what to say when she suddenly heard "Well say yes!" Hailey turned around to see her mother standing in the doorway to the back room with a smile on her face. Hailey turned back to the professor and smiled and nodded her head "yeah! Yeah I'd love too!" She started to shake from excitement as the professor handed her a shiny red and white pokéball. Hailey's arm shook as she took the pokéball and held it close to her heart. He explained a bit more about her travels and then gave her a smile and a "Good luck!" And was out the door again. Hailey stood in shock, still holding the pokeball to her chest when her mother came up and hugged her. "why don't you go get to know you're new partner" her mother suggested nodding to the pokeball. "I.. I think I will!" Hailey grinned and ran out the door and down the roads a little bit and finally sat in a short grassy patch and breathed for a minute before dropping the pokeball. In a flash of red the small vulpix appeared and Hailey couldn't help but smile. The vulpix looked around nervously for a second before looking at Hailey. "Hey there little fella.. It's okay I'm not gonna hurt you," she talked slowly and calmly to the vulpix as not to frighten or overwhelm it. Years of working at the daycare had taught her well when it came to new pokemon. "You and I, were gonna be best friends.. I can already sense it." Hailey slowly reached out her hand to the vulpix and let it sniff her, soon enough she was petting the small vulpix and in that moment couldn't be any happier.

    A little while later Hailey, with her new male vulpix which she had yet name, was walking down the route with her backpack, listening to vulpix bark at her every once in awhile. Hailey had come upon what she thought was a ranch of rapidash and ponyta. Suddenly a little evvee was racing past her. "Oh!" She gasped and watched the little pokemon zoom past her
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  19. Dahlia sent Frilly back to his Pokéball. She had some important things to take care of now that she was going on a journey. First things first, she had to call the university and let them know she wouldn't be attending clases for a while. As she dialed the number and held the phone to her ear, she admired the glossy Pokéball, rolling it slowly back and forth on her desk with her index finger.

    "Ah, hello this is Dahlia Greye from the... I'm sorry what? You got a message about me? From the professor? Oh, okay, then... Well, have a nice day."

    That was short. Apparently, the professor had already informed the uni that she was going a way, which she found cheeky, because whoever the professor was wouldn't have a clue whether she would accept the mission or not. Not that there was ever a doubt in her mind over what decision to make. Dahlia then proceeded to call some friends, her family, and lastly her father. They had a rather lengthy conversation, and once she hung up she was feeling rather exhausted. But, she still had one more thing to do. She emptied the contents of her school bag, and headed out. Since she wasn't a trainer she of course didn't have anything necessary for travelling as one, such as potions or Pokéballs, but she figured that she'd aqcuire those along the way. Of course, she did stock up on some water and snacks though.

    The familiar bells of the Pokécenter doors sounded as Dahlia walked through the entrance. She usually went in through the back door, so walking in through the front like this felt rather strange to her. Walking up to the counter, she was greeted by one of the nurses. "Welcome to Saffron City's northern Pokécenter! Can I help you with any-- Oh, Dahlia, it's you. Did you forget something after your shift?" Dahlia shook her head. "Nope, I'm here to say goodbye." "Goodbye? What do you mean by that?" Dahlia's friend was quite puzzled, as this was very unlike her. Dahlia took the Pokéball out of her bag, and showed it to Ami, which was her friends name. "Oooh, no way! You finally got your own Pokémon?" "Yup, and the one who gave it to me also gave me some type of mission. I'm not quite sure of all the details, but I'll be travelling for a while, which is why I'm here to say goodbye." Ami was feeling a mixture of excitement and sadness over the sudden departure of her friend, but she knew that this is what she wanted. "Alright, well I just hope you'll stay out of trouble... And do come back, at least once in a while, will you?" "Haha, I promise. Take care." The two shared a hug over the counter, and just as Dahlia was about to turn around and walk away, Ami stopped her. "Wait! Take these with you!" She grabbed Dahlia's bag and stuffed it full of the items she was lacking, even a couple of full heals and repels. "Wait, Ami, I can't take this! It belongs to the Pokécenter!" "Oh, I'm sure the manager won't mind. He'll just be equaly as proud of you as I am." Dahlia laughed. "You're crazy, you know that?" They said their final goodbyes, and with that, Dahlia left the Pokécenter, heading towards the northern exit leading to route 5 with a determined step.

    Once she was out of town, Dahlia took a deep breath. Even though she had been out here many times before, the air just smelled so much crisper, and she felt so much more alive. Reaching into her bag, she pulled out the Pokéball containing her Frillish. "Frilly, come out!" Her blue companion appeared, floating in front of her. He looked a bit annoyed at her. "Alright, Frilly, it's time for us to do some bonding! Since you're a water-type Pokémon, I thought I'd take you to Cerulean City and show you around. You might feel more at home there. They don't call it "The city with a blue aura" without reason, after all." As they continued walking (Well, Dahlia did all the walking, Frilly just floated next to her) up the road, Dahlia kept blabbing on about all the places they could go, all the things to see. Finally, the Frillish's level of irritation peaked, and he burst out at her. "Fri frii!" "Huh, what are you saying, Frilly?" "Fri! Fri frii fri!" And with that, he stormed off. "Wait, Frilly, you can't just leave me! Hey, wait up!" Dahlia ran after him, but he was soon out of sight...
  20. "C'mon Zo! You're making me look like an idiot!" Did she just? She laughed at him! "I got you now!" Making a dive for the little fox Pokemon soon proved to be a bad idea, he landed with an oof! on the sidewalk.

    Zorua laughed above him, his glove still between her teeth. When he reached up for it, she jumped back and the chase continued. Where is this crazy Pokemon taking me? To him it would seem she was leading him somewhere, but in reality she was just having fun and testing the boy's patience. "Geeze I'm out of shape..." Alyx had to pause his running, bending with his hands on his knees and panting heavily? Where am I?

    "Hey kid!" Before he could ponder it any farther, a woman's voice called out to him. "This yours?" She tossed him his glove but... "Where's Zorua!?" How'd she get this glove from his Pokemon? It seemed she had to think about it. "I didn't see a Zorua when I found this." There was something strange to her tone. "You're lying!" His fists were clenched threateningly. If she hurt his Pokemon, there would no hell to pay. "Come here, I'll show you." She beckoned him forward, and when he was about halfway to him, pounced.

    But it wasn't a woman that tackled him to the ground, it was Zo laughing and standing on his chest. She seemed very pleased with herself. Groaning, he sat up and held the fox. "I hate you so much." She snickered at him, not believing it for a moment.

    This entire time, he realized, he could've just called Zo back to her poke ball, but as he pet her tuft of fur, he decided there was no fun in that. "Come on you, let's get out of here." He kept Zorua in his arms as he walked back to his bench, tired and maybe a little hungry. Crap.. I think I'm broke. If the pair could just wait until tomorrow...
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