Pokemon Champion and a member of the Four

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  1. Champion Crystal - [​IMG]

    Her Pokemon team
    Name : Draco
    Gender : male
    level 86
    Ability :Flash fire , If hit by fire type its fire power moves are made stronger
    Moveset : Lunar Flames, flame thrower, Grass knot, calm mind (New Move from where she grew up in learning later. Draco Shatter)
    Personality : A firey pokemon with a large heart for all pokemon but ruthless in a battle

    Name : Tylo
    Gender : female
    Level 89
    ability : Dark Terrain , when in battle the terrain will turn pitch black
    moveset : Darkness Shard dark paulse, Lunar Phase, calm mind (learning new move later called Darkness rain)
    Personality : Calm and personally a dark shady pokemon that doesn't trust many people other then her trainer.
    Name : Hyno
    gender : Male
    Level : 95
    moveset : Night Daze, Demonic Howl , Demon Slash , Shadow ice - (the very first ice and dark move its very powerful and it doesn't miss. Also it got 40% to freeze the target and cirtical hit it almost always going to happen)
    Personality : Deeply distrust for all trainers except his. Anyone who dares try harm his trainer will be brought down with a night daze
    Name : Fesl
    Gender : Male
    Level :89
    ability : Overgrow
    Movset : Leaf storm, nature Mind, Draco Flame ,Return (super effective) Leaning new move later Destructive Nature
    Personality : calm and collected pokemon, always try to be friendly but can be a snake at times and get what he wants with force
    Name : Shard
    Level : 99
    ability : Stead Fast
    Hidden ability , Ghost eye , allows even fighting type moves to attack ghost
    moveset, Bone Rush , White Out , Lunar Arua, Sacred Arua Learns a new move called Arua Boom
    personality : gentleman to all pokemon and willing to die for those who he cares for. He is the very pokemon that Arceus thought would meake the region better, being so close to its trainer its proven to be more powerful then the legendary trio ( entei and raikou and suicune) Able to control his own extremely powerfu;l Arua and others he is able to block any legendary attack, fire, flying or dark type. he is also very fastband ruthless in battle and well known as the Master of the Arua and Master of the kind heart. He is the champipon's first pokemon and has been the closest to her making him the most powerful pokemon of the group faith and fighting and listening sense.

    Name : MewTwo

    Level : 100

    Attacks , Ice Beam , Shadow ball, Dragon tail, recover

    Personality : hateful to all trainers but his, he deeply distrust humans and hates everything about trainers. he often spends his free time alone and away from others. he can get out of hand at times if he feels someone close to him getting hurt he will go a bit crazy
    Bracelet thats unknown - [​IMG]
    Her necklace always changes color [​IMG]
    Other Pokémon she has

    Name : champion Derek


    His pokemon team , Enetie, Arceus, mewtwo, Rampardos, Garchomp , Lucario
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