Pokemon burst Warriors.

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  1. Plot stuff (open)

    Short Version (Recap) and plot.:

    Your brought to a new continent called the new world, leaving all but one pokémon behind. This pokémon are kept by your side at all times inside a 'Burst Stone' allowing your and your pokémon's souls and bodies to combine into one by achieving 'Burst Mode'. This allow you to use abilities of your pokémon in a Gijinka like form, or to transform into your pokémon completely if the need arise.

    Damage you take during the modes differ depending on which form your currently in. While in human form your pokémon will be safe from all but direct damage to the Burst stone and will be released if the stone is broken. In Burst Form the damage is split between you, both taking half the damage each allowing both to combine their stamina and strength in battle. And lastly in Pokémon form only your pokémon will take damage unless the Burst stone is destroyed upon which you will be released.

    Arriving upon the island there are a base camp where you can rest and relax during your stay. Dinner will consist of both local and foreign food to the new continent but the more active you are the more your expected to bring back supplies. Also on the island are Seven expedition camps in different locations serving as 'rest stops' or places where you can be challenged by various tasks from a expedition master taking on a roll not so different from a Gym leader.
    Finally how you journey on the island is up to you, but do recall that you might need to trade for supplies and favors from others to survive and that you won't be going home for a very long time.
  2. As the large ship came to a stop Jessica who had stood on the deck alongside Rico smiled wide. There it was, the wast near endless expanse she had seen grow bigger amd bigger the closer they got. Here they would land, in a wild land where nearly no humans had ever sat their foot. This new unnamed wold is where a new journey would begin and where friendships would be forged.

    Jessica amd Rico was quickly among the first ones to leave the ship behind and run straight out to the nearest flat of grass and look around from any hill they could find at least until they were called back and briefed quickly on the situation. Apperently this was where base camp would be built and everyone would be needed to pull their weight even if they were allowed to explore freely. Jessica nodded as she got ready to explore around camp yet took a while to look if there was anyone around wanting to team up.
  3. Alianne Flare and her Vilpix, Amber were lounging on deck enjoying the light breeze. Amber was happy to curl up in Aly's lap as the red haired girl dozed.

    When they docked, the pair followed another girl and her Raichu. Aly was glad to feel grass under her feet again while Amber stuck close to her friend and trainer. After hearing that they would all have to pitch in, Aly thought it was reasonable.
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