Pokémon Burst Warriors [Setup]

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  1. [​IMG]

    Welcome aboard the Burst Warrior project, please strap in tight and keep all limbs inside as you Enjoy the ride.

    Long Version:
    A three day boat ride away from the main regions lies an new continent nicknamed 'The New World' basically because not a lot of humans have ever sat their foot here. However this is where you come in, as a trainer of pokémon you've received one of the highest honors of the age. Namely an invite for you or someone in your family to travel to the New world and be one of the first humans to experience the continent. Yet it will be through a journey that's quite different from anyone else you might know, in the New world there's no native people besides pokémon themselves and the continent have remained untouched by mankind until just recently.

    Like Kalos its a natural inhabitant for all species of pokémon, yet pokéballs are strictly forbidden upon its soil and all trainers that wish to journey there must do so without any ability to capture new pokémon. However... its not forbidden to befriend pokémon on the new continent and bring them back if they're willing to leave their home. Once you've decided to go to the new world you must undergo a series of tests during the boat ride and take a few shots to prevent infection from the new bacteria and flora that inhabit the island. Your also only allowed to bring a single pokémon of which must be released from its pokéball totally, meaning... yes it could possibly be caught by another trainer if they had a ball which they shouldn't.

    Yet this is but a measure to deepen the bond to your pokémon leaving common safety measures back home and travelling into a new world without pokémon centers and shops. This brings us to the subject of battling, yes as you may have guessed the new world is not without risks, both from native pokémon and possibly from other trainers seeking challenge, there's also a 'false' rumor of a criminal organization that have landed on the island and try to capture both native and previously owned pokémon.

    This is where the Burst Project comes in handy, due to a very new research into the mega stones and a branch research from an entire other region we have come to the conclusion that everyone should undertake the burst project. The burst project: Utilizes a method for sealing pokémon within special 'crystals' a technique used before the invention of pokéballs to store pokémon. However indifferent to Pokéballs, these Crystals can 'Fuse' two beings together, called the 'Burst Mode' when a trainer and their pokémon Combine into one being... a Gijinka either leaning towards more human or pokémon if you would call it that. Yet it goes a bit deeper than that, if a trainer is willing they can 'switch' with their pokémon meaning that instead of keeping the pokémon inside the crystal they can seal themselves allowing the pokémon to roam in its natural form while the trainer sharing its body just like the pokémon can share the trainers.

    Short Version (Recap) and plot.:

    Your brought to a new continent called the new world, leaving all but one pokémon behind. This pokémon are kept by your side at all times inside a 'Burst Stone' allowing your and your pokémon's souls and bodies to combine into one by achieving 'Burst Mode'. This allow you to use abilities of your pokémon in a Gijinka like form, or to transform into your pokémon completely if the need arise.

    Damage you take during the modes differ depending on which form your currently in. While in human form your pokémon will be safe from all but direct damage to the Burst stone and will be released if the stone is broken. In Burst Form the damage is split between you, both taking half the damage each allowing both to combine their stamina and strength in battle. And lastly in Pokémon form only your pokémon will take damage unless the Burst stone is destroyed upon which you will be released.

    Arriving upon the island there are a base camp where you can rest and relax during your stay. Dinner will consist of both local and foreign food to the new continent but the more active you are the more your expected to bring back supplies. Also on the island are Seven expedition camps in different locations serving as 'rest stops' or places where you can be challenged by various tasks from a expedition master taking on a roll not so different from a Gym leader.
    Finally how you journey on the island is up to you, but do recall that you might need to trade for supplies and favors from others to survive and that you won't be going home for a very long time.

    rules (open)

    1. Have fun.
    2. Be nice.
    3. Be fair and let all play and post.
    4. Do actions in turns in battle. One action one response if it apply.
    5. Just use your head and you be fine.
    6. Feel free to use any pokémon, just remember that if you use legendaries they will be balanced to other pokémon.

    Character sheet (open)

    The Human:

    -Apperance (Gijinka picture without features work fine)-
    About: (About yourself, where you come from... who you are.. etc.
    Strength's: (4 Main ones and a 2 minor optional if you want
    Weaknesses: (4 Main ones and 2 optional if you want)

    The Pokémon:
    About: (Where it was found how long its been with you etc.)

    The Burst Warrior:
    -Apperance (Unless specified earlier)
    Name: (Unless you call yourself either your Human or Pokémon name. This is optional)
    Any changes?: (Like to personality given the fact that your now two beings instead of one)

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  2. The Human:

    Name: Jessica Groundbottom
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    About: Originally from Kanto Jessica have mostly only experienced Kanto pokémon and some from the Johto region. However this haven't really stopped her from being quite an ace on her own game field as she know a lot about pokémon from her own region. Besides being a trainer she's also an performer of acrobatic arts and know of various dance moves even if she doesn't really sing to any of them. She's a above par performer in pokémon showcases and together with her Raichu partner she's quite the combatant in any matches.

    She's good at reading movement due to having much experience both in combat with her partner and in dancing enabling her a better understanding than average about how things move or are about to move next.
    She's also good at the flora and fauna of Kanto knowing where various pokémon live and make their homes as well of what's edible in Kanto.
    Acrobatic: Jessica can perform various acrobatic moves and is quite agile.
    She tend to be a rather happy trainer who keep her spirit up.

    Even thought she know much about Kanto she know very little about the other region and their pokémon.
    She's quite gullible often believing in people a bit too much.
    Afraid to be alone; Jessica dislikes being left alone and usually feel safer around other people.
    She relies quite much on her Pokémon for protection, not being very strong herself.

    She carries a bag with a first aid kit and various health restoring items. She also have a bit of rope, climbing equipment and various books on survival.

    Strength: 0
    Endurance: 2
    Charm: 2
    Intelligence: 1
    Agility: 4
    Luck: 1

    The Pokémon:
    Name: Rico
    Specie: Raichu
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Lightning Rod
    Defencive Rico would defend Jessica with everything he had even his life. He's a very brave and would never even think about letting someone down, he's the type who battles twice as hard and twice as much if he need to and don't give up.
    About: (Where it was found how long its been with you etc.)
    - Focus Blast
    - Thunder Bolt
    - Iron Tail

    Strength: 3
    Perception: 2
    Endurance: 3
    Agility: 1
    Luck: 1

    The Burst Warrior:
    Name: Jezzichu
    Any changes?: Yes, She's braver in her Warrior form drawing courage from her pokémon side yet she's still dependent on others.

    (- Total Stats: )

    Strength: 3
    Perception: 2
    (Endurance: 5
    Charm: 2
    Intelligence: 1
    Agility: 4
    Luck: 1​
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  3. Interesting concept.
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  4. Thank you ^^ I personally liked pokémon Burst and wish to make a rp like it. But in my own fashion.
  5. I might be interested <3
  6. Well that's nice. Thought its a Setup and not an interest check xD... I need characters xD...
  7. My character idea (open)

    The Human
    Name: Shaun
    Age: 10
    Gender: Male

    Shaun is a nice kid, if not a bit 'weak' in body and mind.
    He also tends to be a bit of a crybaby, though he pretends he's not.
    The number one thing you can do to get on his nerves is call him a girl.
    He comes from the Sinnoh region, and is an only child.

    Loyal, yet
    Good aim

    Quick to cry
    Quick to anger
    No endurance
    Slow to trust


    Strength.......| - 1
    Endurance..... - 0
    Charm......|||| - 4
    Intelligence..| - 1
    Agility.........|| - 2
    Luck...........|| - 2

    The Pokémon
    Name: Oreo
    Species: Sylveon
    (the Intertwining Pokemon)
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Pixilate

    Oreo likes to be pampered and spoiled.
    He will be noisy and pull pranks to get attention.
    He HATES being woken from a nap, especially when dreaming.
    He likes to use his charm to make others do things for him.

    Baby Oreo was given to Shaun as a gift.
    Really, the daycare people just wanted to get rid of him.
    Shaun took really good care of him, giving him whatever he wanted.
    Over the course of three months, the boys formed a very tight bond.
    Soon after, Oreo evolved (clearly thanks to all the affection.)
    They've been together for 4 months.

    Hidden Power (Dragon)

    Strength.....|| - 2
    Perception..... - 0
    Endurance.||| - 3
    Agility.......|||| - 4
    Luck.............| - 1

    The Burst Warrior
    Name: Shiro

    Prideful/Attention-hungry = Arrogant
    Poor endurance/Likes napping = Lazy
    Cautious/Prankster = Clever
    Childish/Spoiled = Bratty
    Aim/Charm = Good at diverting attention

    Total Stats
    Strength......|| - 2
    Perception...... - 0
    Endurance..||| - 3
    Charm......|||| - 4
    Intelligence..|| - 2
    Agility.......|||| - 4
    Luck............|| - 2

    I think that choosing how the total stats are mixed isn't a great move, as the Burst Warrior (should that be capitalized?) may be a little more human, or a little more Pokemon. IDK though.

    Can I help with plot stuff or worldbuilding or something?

    As for this,
    Would you like it to have some dice based rules? (Stats and Action results determined by rolls?

    I think that whether something paralyzes/poisons/whatever should be up to random numbers, but I want my opponents to be the ones to decide whether my move hit (we could put dodge limits in battles, though).
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  8. Well the stats was mostly a nice spice for me xD... If anyone ever wonder if they can lift a tree and have 4 strength it could succeed easily due to a str roll =P... or something.

    But yeah, I guess you can help if you want.

    The stats are optional I guess its not something written in stone and well I can roll for status effects I guess ^^

    Also for the stat record I believe you added 1 point too much to your pokémon xD...
    Iatos threw 20-faced die for: Tree lifthing using strength Total: 9 $dice $dice
  9. I don't even know how that happened. XD Will fix now.

    As for what you've already set up plot- and world-wise, I just realized there's not much I can do to add. But how about there's some 'event' happening, in case people start getting stuck on what to post? Maybe an angry Zoroark on a rampage, or a Hydregion flock eating the land of the region itself? Dunno. cx
  10. Well its accepted ^^

    Well random events could work, there's also a criminal organisation that have landed on the island that will cause trouble, and likely make it double.
  11. Ahh, that's interesting. Were they bugged that they didn't get an invite, or something? cx Sounds like Rocket, but did you have something else in mind?
  12. Well like most criminal organizations they don't care that much about 'Rules' and wish to capture the pokémon on the island for their own purposes.

    And it just might be TR =).
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  13. And they're blasting off again. Lmao
  14. I'm debating on which poke'mon I should use. Mega blastoise, mega charizard x, or Mega machamp.
  15. Yeah xD....

    Well that I leave up to you xD
  16. Gah! Can't decide. Mega Charizard x brings the possibility of being fireproof, mega blastoise has armor and cannons and mega machamp has six arms. T.T and I'm not running more than one character.
  17. You should probably check if you find a good Gijinka picture of either of them and then it may decide xD
  18. The Human:

    Name: Alianne Flare
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    About: Kanto (About yourself, where you come from... who you are.. etc.
    Strength's: Cautious. Adventurous.
    Weaknesses: Doesn't know much about Pokémon.

    -Stats- (Freely assign 10 points)

    The Pokémon:
    [​IMG]Name: Amber
    Species: Vulpix
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Personality: a tad shy, especially when she can't find Aly. She panics when she is separated from her trainer, but is confident and doesn't give up easily in a battle, whether Aly is there or not.
    About: Amber has been with Aly since she hatched. She is now a year old.
    -Tail Whip
    -Quick Attack

    -Stats- (Freely assign 10 points)

    The Burst Warrior:
    [​IMG]Name: Val
    Any changes?: doesn't back down from anything.

    (- Total Stats: )
    Calculate a bit: P=Pokémon, H=Human

    (P or H) Agility:3
    (P or H) Luck:1

    (Before I forgot about this, I just wanted to get an outline up. Still working out the finer details.)
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  19. Awsome ^^ And Yay Its Cynder ^^ One of my Favorite Dragon Heroes and Villain's ever ^^
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  20. Still thinking about the histories. I should have it completed by tomorrow.
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