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  1. Hello! I am Ikari if you didn't know! I am a 25 year old student currently studying for my MBA. I've got a wild imagination that is the direct cause of server insomnia. I don't sleep much but I don't let that put a negative view on the situation. I am constantly thinking of new characters and creating entire worlds while trying to fall asleep. This trickles into my writing and can cause my posting to be a bit erratic, but I usually settle down once I've gotten to know my partner. I respect everyone's views and beliefs and always do my best to never offend someone, especially in the face of religion and politics. Everyone has a view and everyone is entitled to believe what they believe. Moving away from the more touchy subjects, I am a dog person but I love cats just as much. I have odd cravings for food at least once a week and I tend to be blunt or straightforward from time to time.

      • I am an avid writer, I love to explore the worlds I build and I will often go off the normal path to explore what we build
      • I consider myself an advanced writer and will write many paragraphs to give intimate details to the characterm story and will always be working to push the plot forward.
      • I'm the cheese-master when it comes to awful pick-up lines and jokes. This tends to pool into my characters as well. Sorry in advance.
      • I love romance, but I never force it. I love characters that develop intimate and real relationships. Smut is okay but the characters have to feel real for me to be comfortable with it. Also, you must be 18+. Thems' the rules.

      • I would like a partner who is looking to build a world with me.
      • I understand that writing can be tough at times and expecting novels with every post is a bit ridiculous. I ask that my partner give me what I am giving them. Otherwise it feels as if there is no interest.
      • If you're going to be absent for some time, please let me know. I will do the same for you!
      • Most importantly, have fun! That is why we do what we do right?


    A Basic Story To Build Upon.

    Esslia, a chain of islands long rumored to hold a league beyond the normal leagues. The stories told of a land hidden within dense fog that would only reveal itself to those worthy to challenge the inhabitants. Those who hold an exceptional level of unnatural and extraordinary talent would receive a golden envelope. A letter inlaid with gilded ink would then cordially invite that trainer to Esslia. The envelope would also contain a TM. This special move would clear the fog temporarily and then disappear from both physical and mental memory forever. The trainers who were invited to to Esslia disappear for weeks only to return to their homes with no memory of what happened nor where they went. Researchers and hardy travelers tried to find the island but to no avail no discovery was ever made and thus, Esslia was played off as nothing more than a childish prank to rile the communities around the globe up.

    Our story follows two trainers who have received the coveted invitation to Esslia and the journey throughout their exciting adventure. They are trainers who have beaten the eight gym leaders of their respective region and have challenged (win or loss) the elite four and the champion. They are trainers who have perked the eyes of those inhabiting the Esslian islands.

    An Invitation to Esslia
    Esslia Map

    This is an idea that I have been tossing around in my head as I play ORAS/XY. Pokémon is an area that I always attempt to do but never really flesh out entirely. Most of the reasoning behind this is because I try to build the world by myself. This time through I want to change my approach.

    There's a ton more to the story I've already thought of, but I wanted to see if there was someone out there that would love to build this world with me!

    Thank you for your time and please post here or message me for more questions!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.