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    Welcome to Amplus, You have arrived at the Amplus Capital, Atlas. Here you will find a museum, a breeding center and the Elite 4 tower, where the champion awaits. He hasn't had any challengers of late. The reason being there hasn't been any challengers because of Team Rocket who have moved into Terra and are doing extremely well. Officer Jenny's and the champion are having problems to keep order and they can't seem to find their base, well that's what the rumor says. The other rumor is they have a special tablet which lets the user summon any pokemon. The King of this Land has set a few rules regarding Team rocket, If you have to send all pokemon out at once to make sure they won't steal one of your pokemon do so. Also if they do steal one please go find one of the officer Jenny's at once so they can be tracked down. If you wait around you will never see your pokemon again.

    On this continent you will find every pokemon available (Including legendary and they are not one of a kind but extremely rare). There are many routes to take but which one is up to you. There are 17 towns including this one all have a poke center and poke mart. The other 16 all have gyms and you must beat these gym leaders if you want to take on the Elite 4 and Atlas's Champion to become Champion The shops will sell you stuff depending on how many badges you have required. Once you are Champion you can go and defeat team Rocket with Jenny and acquire the Tablet.
    Once Champion you can use the tablet whenever you wish you also receive a one way portal device which takes you to the top of the tower whenever you are summoned

    I will be controlling what pokemon you find including items, trainers and team rocket (To let you know you have a 1 in 20 chance of running into team rocket and won't appear till you have 2 Badges.)
    You have arrived with one non legendary pokemon at Level 5, 5 pokeballs and 1000 gold

    how you required this pokemon and why you are here it is up to you but more than likely you heard the rumor of the tablet.

    Every Time you finish your post I will reply to each post either to say an item you have found or trainer/Team rocket wants to challenge you.

    Trainers and TR pokemon level will be your average Level of your 6 pokemon you have with you.

    Experience level will be easier to get up unlike the actual game itself. On average 5 single battles should level you up.

    E.V and Natures are used here

    Professor Nick is the head pokemon researcher for Amplus who will take care of all your other pokemon, you can contact him on any details regarding pokemon.

    All Gym leaders will have 5 pokemon there level will depend on how many badges you may have
    1-3 Badges Lv 10
    4-6 Badges lv 20
    7-9 Badges lv 30
    10-12 Badges lv 40
    13+ Badges lv 50
    Elite 4 will have Lv55-Lv75
    Champion will have Lv85

    Poke Mart (open)

    Pokeballs (open)

    Pokeball/ 200 gold /1+
    Great ball/ 600 gold/ 4+
    Ultra ball/ 1200/ 8+

    Recovery Items (open)

    Antidote/ 100 gold/ 1+
    Awakening/ 250 gold/ 1+
    Berry Juice / 100 gold/ 1+
    Burn heal / 250 gold /1+
    Casteliacone/ 100 gold/ 4+
    Elixer/ 3000 gold/ 8+
    Energy root/ 800 gold/ 8+
    Energy powder/ 500 gold/ 4+
    Ether/1200 gold/ 1+
    Fresh Water/ 200 gold/ 3+
    Full heal/ 6oo gold/ 8+
    Full Restore/ 3000 gold/ 12+
    Heal powder/450 gold/ 4+
    Hyper potion/ 1200 gold/ 8+
    Ice heal/250 gold/ 1+
    Lava cookie/ 200 gold/ 10+
    Lemonade/ 350 gold/ 6+
    Max Elixer/ 4500 gold/ 12+
    Max ether/ 2000 gold/ 12+
    Max potion/ 2500 gold/ 10+
    Max revive/ 4000 gold/ 12+
    Moo moo milk/ 500 gold/ 8+
    Old gateau/ 200 gold/ 10+
    Parlyz Heal/200 gold/ 1+
    Potion/300 gold/ 1+
    Rage candybar/400 gold/ 6+ (Heals all status problems)
    Revival herb/ 2800 gold/ 10+
    Revive/1500 gold/ 4+
    Sacred Ash/ 10000 gold/ 12+
    Soda pop/300 gold/ 4+
    Super potion/700 gold/ 3+

    Sweet heart/100 gold/2+

    A random Held Item/ 1000 each/ 4+

    A random TM/ 5000 gold/ 6+

    All stones/ 2500 each/ 4+

    All vitamins/ 9800 gold/ 8+

    Can you become Champion and collect all pokemon.

    Please note there are no berries no mail or key items.

    Map (open)

    Route info
    Dragon pokemon are all around Amplus
    Double type Pokemon are in both respective areas
    Route 1 to 8 (open)

    Route 1

    Leads to Route 2 and Whiteland

    This route is a snowy wasteland and you could easily get lost if you’re not a local. There is usually a guide from Whiteland based in Crystal gate.

    You will find mostly Ice pokemon here.

    Route 2

    Leads to Route 1 and Crystalgate

    This route is covered in snowy caverns. People tend to lose items around here due to the Dark pokemon hiding in the shadows.

    You will find mostly Dark pokemon here.

    Route 3

    Leads to Crystalgate and half way down on Route 4

    This route is a marshland due to the melting ice coming from the North.

    You will find mostly Water pokemon here

    Route 4

    Leads to Westermerrow, Route 3 and 8

    This route guides round an active volcano which is constantly producing lava which the locals have guided through Route 5

    You will find mostly Steel pokemon here

    Route 5

    Leads to Westermerrow and Route 6

    This route goes the other end of the volcano where the lava keeps moving into the sea. There are series of mini bridges to guide your way through the lava fields.

    You will find mostly Fire pokemon here.

    Route 6

    Leads to Riverland, Route 5 and 7

    This route is a nice county road with a lust forest one side and the river on the other. Bug pokemon have claimed this route due to the lust forest and lovely water to drink.

    You will find mostly Bug pokemon here.

    Route 7

    Leads to Maplekeep and half way down Route 6

    This route is a simple Forest trek for the villages in Maplekeep to get to the river.

    You will find mostly Normal pokemon here

    Route 8

    Leads to Maplekeep, Route 4 and 9

    This route has warning sign whenever you enter it stating Please stay on the path. Ground type pokemon are underneath trying to protect their homes in fear from the Volcano so they dig many tunnels underground leading lava away from underground.

    You will find mostly Ground pokemon here

    Route 9 to 16 (open)

    Route 9

    Leads to Goldley, Route 10 and half way down 8

    This route is filled with blossoming trees of flowers and fruit.

    You will find mostly Grass pokemon here

    Route 10

    Leads to Oakhaven and Route 9

    This route has a certain stench to it, thorns and thistles grow everywhere round the twisted trees.

    You will find mostly Poison pokemon here

    Route 11

    Leads to Goldley , Oldmerrow and half way down Route 12

    This route goes through a mountain, it was built so Goldley and Oldmerrow could connect easily. There are ladders near the centre of the cave to get to Route 12

    You will find mostly Normal pokemon here

    Route 12

    Leads to Maplekeep and Pineborrow and half way down Route 11

    This route goes over the mountain and right near the top of the mountain is a hut where you can climb down some ladders to get to Route 11.

    You will mostly find Flying pokemon here

    Route 13

    Leads to Oldmerrow and Pineborrow

    This route goes through the only graveyard in Amplus.

    You will find mostly Ghost pokemon here

    Route 14

    Leads to Pineborrow and Route 15

    This route is a very dense forest; no sun hits the floor on this route so there is not much small plant life around, just big trees taking all the sun away.

    You will find mostly Dark pokemon here.

    Route 15

    Leads to route 14 and 16

    This leads round a dormant volcano it hasn’t erupted in years

    You will find mostly Rock pokemon

    Route 16

    Leads to Greyshadow and route 15

    This leads round the southern part of the volcano where a village used to be until it last erupted 1000 years ago.

    You will find mostly Ghost pokemon here

    Route 17 to 24 (open)

    Route 17

    Leads to Oldmerrow, Route 18 and 29

    This route follows the river down with a few scattered trees, the ground always seems constantly damp.

    You will find mostly Water pokemon here

    Route 18

    Leads to Meadowshore, Route 17 and 29

    This route goes through a natural cave which the humans have lit up

    You will find mostly Rock pokemon

    Route 19

    Leads to Meadowshore and glasswyn

    This route is an open fields filled with pot holes

    You will find mostly Ground pokemon

    Route 20

    Leads to Glaswyn and Mistport

    This route is an open field filled with millions of beautiful flowers.

    You will find mostly grass pokemon here

    Route 21

    Leads to Meadowshore, Route 22 and 32

    This route goes through a natural cave home of lots of Ice pokemon which have made inside this cave always below freezing.

    You will find mostly Ice pokemon here

    Route 22

    Leads to Route 21, 23, 31 and 32

    This route is an open field filled with static poles scattered around the route. This helps power atlas which isn’t too far to the north.

    You will find mostly Electric pokemon here.

    Route 23

    Leads to Southfort, Route 22 and 31

    This route is a bendy path up a mountain which leads to a large gate which is the entrance to Southfort.

    You will find mostly Fighting pokemon here

    Route 24

    Leads to Southfort and Route 25

    This route is a very large beach very close to a desert. It’s very hot down this route

    You will mostly find Fire pokemon

    Route 25 to 32 (open)

    Route 25

    Leads to Bayville and Route 24

    This route is a sandy route with constant dry thunderstorms which is very humid

    You will find mostly Electric pokemon here.

    Route 26

    Leads to Southfort and Route 27

    This route is a natural cave filled with natural resources

    You will find mostly Steel pokemon here

    Route 27

    Leads to Riverland and Route 26

    This route is a field with many bushes

    You will find mostly Bug pokemon here

    Route 28

    Leads to Riverland and Butterdell

    This route is field with scattered trees around

    You will find mostly Flying pokemon here

    Route 29

    Leads to Butterdell, Route17 and 18

    This route is a marshland which has a distinctive smell

    You will find mostly Poison pokemon here

    Route 30

    Leads to Butterdell and Atlas

    This route is a plain open field with tall grass

    You will find mostly Fighting pokemon here

    Route 31

    Leads to Atlas, Route 22 and 23

    This route is an open field with tall grass

    You will find mostly Psychic Pokemon

    Route 32

    Leads to Atlas, Route 21 and 22

    This route is an open field with tall grass

    You will find mostly Psychic Pokemon

    Towns (open)

    All towns have a pokecentre and a pokemart
    Atlas (open)


    Atlas is the Capital of Amplus around the outskirts there are constructions always taking place to build more houses to house the people who wants to live here. From a birds eye view they have made the city in a circle, from the construction site leads onto rows of rows of houses with large back gardens and garages. The rich usually lives here, one of which is professor Nick. His lab is situated next door

    As you go deeper onto the city the houses turn to apartments and they grow and grow the shortest apartment is 4 floors high but by the time you reach the end of the apartments they grow to 39 floors high.

    After all the apartments is the Main circle focused around the Elite 4 tower reaching higher than the apartments. The elite 4 tower is made of pure gold surrounded by grass 200 feet of diameter grass. There is keep of grass signs situated around and you always see 4 officer Jenny's on guard. There police station is to the south of the tower facing the entrance.

    To the west of the tower is the museum, the museum shows the history of the city but people come from all over to see the scientists who specializes in fossils.

    To the North of the tower is the breeding center, it was one of the 1st apartments built standing at 6 stories high but as been modified for the breeding center. Inside is artificial environments for all sorts of pokemon. On the top of the breeding center has an open roof where the natural elements can be found and pokemon can run around joyfully, Its surrounded by metal wire so no pokemon decided to jump of it, because they have done in the past.

    Lastly to the East is where the pokemart and pokecentre are which has the standard shape and size you would expect.

    Whiteland has the Ice Gym
    Crystalgate has the Dark Gym
    Westermerrow has the Fire Gym
    Oakhaven has the Poison Gym
    Goldley has the Rock Gym
    Maplekeep has the Ground Gym
    Pinebarrow has the Ground Gym
    Oldmerrow has the Normal Gym
    Greyshadow has the Ghost Gym
    Riverland (open)


    Riverland is situated next to a river. Fisherman from all over Amplus comes here to fish. The town’s people have built many piers so the fishermen don’t argue with lack of spaces. Semidetached house line the street with a large park for the kids which have an outdoor swimming pool always being watched by a life guard.

    As you walk along the streets you can easily see the roofs of the pokecenter and Pokemart, but if you’re looking for the gym then you have to make your way to the pier where you’ll find a open top glass house situated in the middle of the river. You will have to swim, surf or ask at the boat house situated near by to borrow a gym boat which they would be happy to oblige.

    The Gym Leader name is Katy, and will fight with 5 of her water pokemon. Normal battle rules apply, The Gym Arena is on the river in the open top glass house but they do have Platforms scattered around the arena.

    Bayvale has the Electric Gym
    Southfort (open)


    Southfort is a town which is built inside mountain. Before it was a town it was a major resource for iron but it was over mined and the top of the mountain collapsed on itself. After clearing the entire rubble, it left an open top vast area and decided to fortify the mountain and build a city inside.

    Many varieties of people live here and most people live in the 3 storey apartments. Near the entrance of route 24 you will find the pokecentre and near the entrance of route 23 is the pokemart. In the middle of the town is a monument for the people who died her mining the Iron out.

    Near the entrance of route 26 is a small shack with the Gym symbol on it. As you open the door you notice a ladder which leads you down to the pokemon gyms leader arena. The arena is on an uneven surface inside one of the miner’s original tunnels.

    The Gym leader is Alex her Great Grandfather died in this mountain when it collapsed. She’s trained hard with her Steel Pokemon.

    Butterdell (open)


    Butterdell is a fun filled city, with rollercoasters and other rides scattered everywhere. Everyone who lives here are in Bungalows and the builders have made it soundproof in between the walls. Most of the people who live here work the rides around or act as entertainment. In the middle of the largest rollercoaster was a circus tent which put on many acts from clowns to acrobatics which are played by pokemon and Humans alike. At the west of the town, more suitable houses start to appear and are filled with Cafes and fast food stands, its here where you will find the pokemart, pokecentre and the gym.

    The Gym is in the middle of the pokecentre and pokemart, this is where you can fight to earn a psychic badge. The Gym leader name is Zero and will battle with 5 of his psychic pokemon with the basic rules of pokemon applied.

    Inside the Gym is slightly dark but quite a basic Arena.

    Meadowshore (open)

    Meadowshore is filled with skyscrapers and many arenas. They hold many tournaments with different rules with all sorts of prizes. They send information about these tournaments via people’s pokedex which will be your invite which you will have to show on your arrival.

    The pokecenter and pokemart are hard to find around this town so the towns folk have put up sign leading you to them. The Gym is on the top the largest Skyscraper with the symbol of the Gym imprinted on all sides of the skyscraper so people can’t miss it.

    When you reach the top of the skyscraper there are no walls just a fence going round the perimeter and the arena is based in the middle.

    The Gym leader name is Samantha who uses Flying type pokemon

    Glasswyn has the Bug Gym
    Mistport has the Grass Gym
    More Descriptions will be added as people arrive in the locations

    Main Characters (open)

    Kokierra Oza (open)

    Kokierra Oza.jpg

    Played by Kokierra

    Name: Kokierra Oza

    Age: 16

    Starting Pokemon: Axew

    Back story: Kokierra lived as a very poor child in his cold hometown of Whiteland in the northern area of the region with his mother, his father having passed when he was young. He always wanted to have a Pokemon and go on a journey, but he knew he couldn't leave his mother all alone. He made sure to help her as much as possible and never left her. He was never very outgoing and maybe had one person he could actually be called a friend (If anyone wants to be that friend, feel free). Then, his mother had told him to go get a Pokemon from the Professor, and that she would be fine without him. Saying that he was a young man and needed to live out his life. He reluctantly agreed and promised her that he would help as much as he could on his journey by sending some money to her to help her out of the rut they were living in. As he was leaving his town, he was walking through a cave when he noticed a pokemon getting harassed by a group of Woobat. He ran over and chased off the Woobats and nursed the hurt and battered Axew back to health. The small Dragon Pokemon had thanked him by staying with him as his partner pokemon. Because he had no Poke Balls at the time, Axew is walking around with Kokierra.

    Dakarai Williams (open)

    Description: [​IMG]

    Played by Akuma

    Name: Dakarai Williams

    Age: 16

    Starting pokemon: Blaziken

    Back story: Not available

    Beali Hanson (open)


    Played by CrimsonMaidon

    Name: Beali Hanson
    Age: 14
    Starting pokemon: Cyndaquil
    Back story: (If you wish): Beali grew up with her father, who was a very strong trainer in her eyes, though no one else thought so. He ran a Pokemon daycare and so she got to be around Pokemon all the time when she was growing up. No one took her father's battles seriously and thought he was only good for making other's Pokemon more manageable. One day she happened upon him looking at an old photo album in the kitchen. It was filled with photos of her father and other trainers with their Pokemon. He was smiling in every picture and not one was taken at the same place. Her father told her that he was once a Pokemon trainer but wasn't any good at it and gave up. It was her mother who had told him so and stole him away from the tough, dangerous life of a Pokemon trainer.
    When Beali was old enough she asked her father if he could become a Pokemon trainer. He was of course hesitant but did not hold her back. He saw how good she was with the Pokemon at the daycare and believed that she could be a trainer. She was still very young but he knew the goal of a Pokemon trainer was not an easy one. She had the chance at a life full of adventures- what kind of father would he be to hold her back when she was at her prime in youth? He also worried that she may not have the skills seeing as how he was terrible in battles, but he let her go. She made sure not to leave without her camera and a pocket full of envelopes.

    Elizabeth Granger (open)


    Played by Sadicoatl

    Elizabeth Granger
    Starting pokemon:
    Back story:
    Elizabeth was born with irregularly-shaped cornea in both eyes and so had to undergo corneal transplant at a very early age. She was nearly blind during her early years though luckily for her, her family at least had enough money to bring her to an eye surgeon. During her stage of life when she was partially blind and recovering from surgery for four years in total, their house pet as well as his older brother's stored pokemon, Deino, had always been the one who kept her company as he knew what it was like not to see. Through her struggle with her eyes, Deino would teach her how to feel her way through and since then he had been her seeing-eye pokemon despite the irony of him being blind as well. As she was recovering, Elizabeth would take Deino with her to accompany the blind at the local hospital while she too longed to see the beauty of the world.

    As soon as she became physically fit to travel, her dreams evolved from being an adventurer alone, into a pokemon trainer like her big brother. This was trigerred when she first laid eyes on her beloved Deino who still had not been able to see after her recovery. She wanted to do something for him out of gratitude, and with that came the idea of evolving Deino into a Hydreigon. This was her only goal so far, as she wanted Deino too to see the world. Of course, her older brother protested against it, as he himself had trouble raising Deino in battle and what more with a Zweilous and pretty soon, a Hydreigon?
    Not wanting her loyal companion, Deino to live an unfair life, Elizabeth continued to beg to her family to take Deino with her as her starter pokemon, believing that the bond they shared while blind would be enough for him to obey in battles. After receiving a rather disdain approval, the two set off to visit Professor Nick for their license but not after accepting her brother's challenge for her to set her goal in beating the pokemon league.

    Boris Harmonia (open)

    Description: A young boy with green hair and light blue eyes. He wears a white tee-shirt, with a red 3 quarter sleeve shirt over it, and a purple vest. He also wears white shorts and orange and black shoes.

    Played by Jessica Stansell

    Name: Boris Harmonia

    Age: 10

    Starting pokemon: Eevee

    Backstory: Boris is a young boy of 10, who during his younger childhood years pretty much grew up by himself. He made friends with most all of the wild pokemon in the areas within and the areas surrounding the town he called his hometown. He looks up a great deal to his older brother whom also makes an effort to befriend and help out any and everyone of the wild pokemon he comes in contact with. Boris loves each and every pokemon, evolved and not evolved alike, and like his brother, will make his best effort to befriend each and every pokemon, not just in his hometown area and the surrounding areas, but anywhere he meets up with a pokemon, and help them out in anyway that he possibly can. After hearing the last name his older brother received after being adopted, Boris, though he wasn't adopted himself, decided to take the same last name for himself as well. As he grew up through his young childhood years he would take up shelter at the pokemon center to eat and sleep. He would also assist the nurse Joy in charge of the pokemon center in his hometown in anything she needed assistance with at the time, and running errands for her here and there when she requested him to do so. He also, sense a while back, has been aware of a certain and pretty wide spread section within one of the surrounding areas of his hometown that had several individual areas within it, one area each for each of the individual types of pokemon. He knows that many poachers have attempted to invade the section, to which Boris did everything he could do in order to protect the section from the poachers' attacks and invasions. The poachers made many attempts, succeeding only one time, when poaching and capturing a bunch of Eevee, the group of Eevee that were captured being the group that his Eevee was a part of before the poaching took place, in which his Eevee, back when it was still wild, just narrowly escaped from. He found his Eevee a couple of hours after the events took place, his Eevee being badly injured. Boris took his Eevee to the pokemon center quickly after finding it like that where nurse Joy quickly worked her best efforts to help Eevee. After Eevee was treated back to good health that day, though it still needed more time to recover, something which Boris assisted with, Boris who was 8 years old at the time, sense Eevee's family and friends were gone, decided to take Eevee into his care.

    Aurora Marsh (open)

    Description: Long, black hair, not that tall, brown eyes with a tint of red. (A bit like my avatar, only without the extravagant clothing)

    Played by Fredrica-sama

    Name: Aurora Marsh

    Age: 16

    Starting pokemon: Frillish (female). When Aurora was 15 she was in a terrible accident, and nearly drowned. A nearby Frillish with a kind heart rescued her, and dragged her up on land. They have been friends ever since.

    Back story: Aurora comes from a small, sleepy town on a small, hazy island. There isn't much there except a relentless fog, and it is mostly inhabited by ghost and water type Pokemon. As a way to escape her dull environment, she made her way to Atlas, and is about to set out on a journey to find the place her heart wants to be.

    Special trainer abilities: Miner (As the roster of jobs on the island she lived was very small, most people were miners, including her father. As such, she has picked up some skills from him.

    Sub Characters (open)

    Professor Nick (open)

    proffeser Nick.jpg
    Pokemon Professor

    Wayne (open)

    wayne assistant.jpg
    Wayne, Professor Nick's assistant

    Zero-Butterdell- Flying Badge (open)


    Katy-Riverland- Water Badge (open)


    Alex-Southfort-Steel Badge (open)


    Samantha-Meadowshore-Flying Badge (open)


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  2. On Tv all around Amplus Professor Nick is on the air.
    Hello there, Glad to meet you all.
    Welcome to the world of Pokemon
    My name is Nick
    I am the Pokemon Professor of Amplus
    This world is inhabited far and wide by creatures called Pokemon
    For some people, Pokemon are pets. Others use them for battle.
    As for myself i mainly study them as a profession.
    A world of dreams and adventure with pokemon awaits you all
    I will meet you all in my lab to give you your pokemon licence and any training if required.
    I hope to see you all soon.

    Wayne, Professors Nick's assistant is waiting inside the lab waiting for all people who wants a pokemon licence. He tells them to go into the waiting lounge and mingle with the other new trainers and Professor Nick will be with you soon.
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  3. Beali rushed downstairs and ran into the kitchen where her father was making breakfast. The television in the living room could be heard from there. "Dad, dad, dad-"

    "I know I heard it Beali," he chuckled at her excited squealing. "So, you're going down there first thing?"

    "I don't want there to be stuck a line or anything," she said as she ran back upstairs to get dressed in something other than her pajamas. The day had finally come when she could get her licence, a pokemon of her own and start an adventure. She threw her pajama top on her bed and slipped on a light blue and white tee with a white mini coat to go over it then traded her pajama pants for a light blue, pleaded skirt that just brushed the top of her knees. Beali hurriedly put on her boots and then tied on her pokeball bandana. She checked herself over in the mirror then rushed downstairs, grabbing her satchel on the way out.

    "Will you have time to stop for breakfast?" her father asked as he started to set the table.

    Beali paused. "I'm so nervous right now I don't think I can eat but.." Her father nodded and handed her a plate, which she scarfed down in less than a minute and handed back to him. "It was delicious! I'll come back by so you can see my pokemon, okay? Wait for me!" Her father could only smile as she ran out the door. "Welp! Time to put up the open sign."

    Beali raced through town toward Professor Nick's lab. People moved out of her way, recognizing her as a young person and knowing what had just been announced that morning. Some people even gave her a friendly smile despite her almost running into them. She stopped when she finally reached the lab and couldn't stop smiling as she entered. Professor Nick's assistant, Wayne greeted her and directed her to the lounge where the other would-be trainers also waited. Beali walked into the room and found a seat to compose herself. That was hard, however, considering she was literally shaking with excitement.
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  4. Kokierra was resting in the town after finally reaching it the night before. He had began the long journey from Whiteland to Atlus almost a month ago and had finally reached his destination. He was walking silently through the massive town, not knowing where to go at all. His Axew layed resting on top of his head and looked around curiously at the massive city. Kokierra walked silently, not glancing in anyone's direction. He knew he was drawing attention because of how he looked and what he wore. He was wearing a fully zipped up sweatshirt and winter gloves with heavy warm pants and a pair of black boots in this moderately temperatured area. He also was as pale as a sheet, not getting much sun up in Whiteland, the residents aren't very tan.

    He glanced at all of the massive buildings, recognizing the Museum and the famous Elite Four Tower that he had always wanted to take part in. He kept walking, smiling ever so slightly at his Axew's sounds of amazement.

    After a little bit of walking and getting lost, Kokierra eventually found Professor Nick's Pokemon Lab. He neared the door and let out a nervous breath. He entered and was instantly greeted by Wayne who seemed slightly supprised to see that he already had a Pokemon. Wayne smiled and guided Kokierra into the waiting room. Kokierra noticed that there was another person there, a young girl. He sat down silently, not really being one to innitiate conversation. Axew, still on his head, looked around and made some sounds of amazement again. Kokierra smiled lightly again and gave Axew a little scratch under his chin.
  5. Professor Nick walks into his lab all bruised up with his clothes slightly ripped. He glances up and sees his assistant waiting by “Hey Nick, looks like it didn’t go too well”.

    Nick sighed “It could have gone a lot better, did my message go on air”

    Excited Wayne said “It sure did, two people are already here and one of them already got a pokemon”

    “It’s not that uncommon Wayne, people do tend to bring their own pokemon, some used to be pets, and others are gifts from their parents.”

    Wayne nodded and face went stern “How’s your team”

    Nick gave a weak smile “They will be fine, there are all with Nurse Joy now, we all took a big battering today”

    Wayne stayed silent

    “Look don’t worry Wayne, it will work out in the end. I’m going to get cleaned up and get new clothes on before I meet our new trainers, just keep directing them into the waiting area”

    “Ok boss” Wayne said with a salute

    Nick grinned and walked off thinking to himself of how inexperience Wayne is but he’ll get there in the end. As he was in the shower his mind was racing on how to greet the new trainers but his mind wasn’t with it. So much was going on in Amplus with Team Rocket it was hard to keep up. Nick didn’t want to add new trainers but it was essential, luckily he knew Team Rocket would leave the newbies alone, it was just not worth their time.

    As he got out the shower he muttered “At least were making little progress”. Nick got dressed in his lab gear and checked himself in the mirror he saw a cut over his forehead and he rubbed it trying to remove it but he knew it wouldn’t go, he just wish it wasn’t there. Nick was slightly hurting but ready to meet the new trainers. He looked at his watch and thought he’ll have a coffee first before he goes out and meet the eager trainers, he has plenty of time.
  6. Nick had just finished his coffee and walked towards the waiting room, he had to past Wayne so he decided to stop for a short moment "Anymore Wayne?"

    Wayne nodded to Nick as he came down towards him "Nah still just the two, I thought There would be more"

    "Don't fret Wayne They will come when they're ready". With that he head into the waiting room and looked over at the two young people waiting patiently.
    "Hello and welcome to my Lab" Nick started "Before I issue you two with a licence I like to say I hope your journey will be full of exciting adventure with lots of fun on the way", He took a brief pause "I'll get down to business as you are all eager to become a trainer" Nick glanced at the Axew on the boy's head and smiled "I need your full names, hometown, Next of kin and most importantly your starter pokemon."
  7. "I'm Kokierra Oza. I'm from Whiteland, next to route 1. I live with my mother, my father left when I was young. And my starter Pokemon is Axew." He said, listing everything that the Professor had said, giving Axew a little scratch on the head. Axew made a sound that you could figure was laughter. Kokierra smiled at Axew and then waited.
  8. "Well it's good to meet you Kokierra" Nick started typing into one of the pokedex "and that's still a wild Axew on your head am I right". Nick knew he was right but one day something would throw him off.
    Nick finished typing on the pokedex and held it out for him to take. "Just place your fingerprint on the screen so it can register you" he asked
  9. Kokierra took the Podedex from Nick. "Thank you, it's good to meet you, too. And yes it is a wild Axew." He said, doing what he was told. Putting his finger on the screen as it was doing some scan thing that he didn't understand. There wasn't a whole lot of advanced technology in Whiteland. They only had what was needed to survive and little more.
  10. "Least that makes my life easier". Nick said then shouted Wayne over. Wayne came in with a briefcase as he opened it up there was 5 pokeballs inside and a bag of 1000 gold. Nick dug into his pocket and withdrew another pokeball to put inside the case. "Well young man looks like your ready to start your adventure as soon as you catch your Axew that is. If you have any questions or like a practice battle don't hesitate to ask."
  11. "Axew will still be able to walk around with me, right?" Kokierra asked as he took the case from the Professor's assisstant. "And I think a practice battle would be great. We didn't fight much on our way down here." He said. He didn't want to keep Axew in a Pokeball, he wanted to keep him like this. The two walking well, Kokierra walking with Axew resting on his head.
  12. Nick smiled at Kokierra "I can tell you two got a great friendship going so after he is registered to you, he can be as much out of the pokeball as you want. It's the same with any of your pokemon..... well depending on size, a Snorlax wouldn't fit in this room very well. When your ready go speak with Wayne he'll give you a practice battle and good luck". Nick gave his hand out for a handshake "Oh....I almost forgot My number is in your pokedex so you can call me anytime....Safe Journey"
  13. Kokierra smiled back and nodded, grasping Professor Nick's hand in a hand shake. "Thank you so much, Professor!" He said, feeling very happy. He then placed Axew on the ground. "You'll be right back out, okay?" Kokierra said, holing a Pokeball. Axew nodded and Kokierra put Axew in the Pokeball with no resistance. When the ball showed that Axew was caught, Kokierra brought him back out and placed him back on his head. "Thanks again, Professor!" He said and rushed over to Wayne. "Would you mind showing me the ropes of battle?" He asked.
  14. " LATE LATE LATE AGAIN! " he said bursting down his steps and tripping and falling down into the carpeted living room he looked up to his father sitting on the couch eating who looked down at his son laying on the floor with wide eyes " Dad " his dad smirked " Go on..but be careful " Dakarai stood up and smirked nodding. He bursted through the door and began to full out sprint, today was the day his dream would start. he would become a Pokemon trainer and rise in the ranks just as he longed dream to do.

    He was running at his top speed holding his hat as he noticed the centre and smirked as he was nearing it, but as he got closer to the door he tripped rolled and skidded through the entrance and hit a desk. He sat up against the desk rubbing his head and shouted out loud " OW! i need to stop being so clumsy " He shook his head standing up and looked at everyone else that was in the room along with him. He smirked and was glad that it wasn't as packed as he thought it would be, ya'know with the whole being a awesome Pokemon trainer thing he thought that people would like like flies to crap he looked at wayne and gave a hearty " Hello im Dakarai nice to meet you " His hand held out for a handshake.
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  15. Kokierra caught a Axew


    Good perseverance

    Lv: (5)

    Hp: (19)
    Sp att:(8)
    Sp def:(9)

    Scratch, Normal, physical, Att 40, Acc 100, pp (35) 35

    Leer,Normal, -def ,Att--,Acc 100, pp (30)
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  16. Wayne was about to answer Kokierra when someone came barging in and slipped over. Wayne ran over to a guy called Dakarai. Wayne grabbed his hand for an awkward way round handshake and helped him up "Hey I'm Wayne, Professor Nick's assistant, In a little rush are ya" He said with a grin "Nick's in the waiting room if you want to follow me". Wayne went over and picked up 2 briefcases and carried them past Kokierra and said "Yea I'll show you the ropes in a second let me drop these off to Nick and I'll be right back".

    As Wayne entered the room he called "One more Boss and here are the briefcases I'm off out to do a practice battle"

    "Thanks Wayne" Nick called back. Nick turned to the new person "You look out of breath please have a drink of water from the fountain"

    Wayne walked out and went up to Kokierra "You ready then shall we head out, we have a basic battle arena at the back"
  17. Kokierra nodded. "Yeah, I'm ready. And thank you for this. I appreciate it." He said as he followed Wayne out to the back yard area type thing. It did look like an officail pokemon battle arena. Like one of the places that are in a Gym. "Woah.' Kokierra said as he looked around, Axew also had a look of awe on his face.
  18. Wayne waited for Kokierra and Axew to take in the atmosphere. "It's a slightly smaller replica of the Normal Gym, we use it for all pokemon to battle each other while we study". Wayne walked over to the middle of the arena and placed his hand out for a handshake and after that was done he walked over to his spot on the other side "GOOOOO Skitty". A Skitty came onto the battlefield and did a backflip. you could tell she was happy to be in a battle. "You call your pokemon out now" he shouted over
  19. " Hello Nice to meet you mr professor Nick " He said as he walked over to the fountain collecting a drink and then turning back around slowly beginning to catch is breath " So what did i miss? " He said as he slid his hands into his pockets with a smirk on his face.
  20. "Nick will do just fine Mr...." he shook his head in disbelief Wayne didn't tell him his name he carried on quickly "Sorry but seems my assistant can't do his job. But I will need your full name, Home town, Next of kin and what your starter pokemon is so I can register you as a trainer and give you your licence"