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  1. the second of my Poke'mon RPs and the Fourth of the one I'm hosting. It's not as ambitious as Poke'Art, but in terms of size and scale it is definitely bigger. Sit back folks because this one is a lot to explain.

    The story takes place in a universe where humans never evolved meaning that the world is ruled by Poke'mon. It takes place in a bit of a mid age setting but still has some technical advances like electricity and plumbing (but nothing beyond that). Naturally there are kingdoms in this Poke'mon only world, seven to be exact but for now only four are playable and known at this time for story reasons. All these kingdoms are at war with one another for control over the Region they live in known as Xecra. The kingdoms have been at war for 50 years so there is quite a bit of bad blood between them all. In addition each of the kingdoms is home to different groups of Poke'mon. The rules for each of The kingdoms are as follows

    The Sky Kingdom- Poke'mon that have the Flying typing or have the ability levitate.

    The Sea Kingdom- Poke'mon that live in the Ocean and have the Water Typing.

    The Land Kingdom- no typing restrictions, but the Poke'mon must be able to walk the earth

    The Magic Kingdom- Dark, Fairy, Ghost, and Psychic Type Poke'mon.

    More will be explained on the kingdoms when the CS page is made. But before I make that I need some roles to be filled out first and to see if any one is interested. So here is what I need before I can make the CS. Just a heads up you may have upto six characters, but you can't have control of more than one King/Queen. Aalso it's first come first serve.

    Each kingdom needs to have. One King or Queen (they can all have both). One Captain of the Guard (there can only be one for each kingdom). One Commander (each kingdom can have 5). And one Champion (like the Captain each kingdom can only have one.)

    For now I'll be playing the rolesof the King of the land Kingdom, A commander of the Magic Kingdom, and one other that is not part of any kingdom.
  2. I am interested. I might play a Pokémon from the Land Kingdom as well as one from the Fire Kingdom.
  3. Fire kingdom? Lol That's not one of the options XD I'm going to guess that's a typo or something. But tell me what role of the land Kingdom would,you like to play as? JustmsomI can get. Good Idea and get to work on a list.
  4. Lol. Yea, i guess i thought therevwas a Fire Kingdom. I meant to say I'd be a fire type lol. I like Vulpix and Pontya as fire types.
  5. Great to know, still doesn't answer my question to what they are going to be though. Since you said Land kingdom that means you have the option to be either the Qween, The Captain, or one of Five commanders. There are other positions but like I said before Imwant to get the essentials out of the way first.
  6. Tempting idea. I am considering a Trapinch for the Sky Kingdom. Maybe a Tynamo for the Sky or Seas.
  7. Those should both be land Kingdom. Trapinch doesn't have Levitate (yet), and Tynamo doesn't have the Water typing. However ghost types can be part of the sky kingdom if they wanted,as,some of them do have levitate, and Stugfisk (not sure if that's spelled right)'can be part of the sea Kingdom as it is a fish. Tynamo could be part of the Sky kingdom of it has levitate (but I don't even use that Poke'mon so I don't know if it dose or not)
  8. I was thinking that Trapinch was related to Flygon which in turn has Levitate so...

    ... and Tynamo have been implied to inhabit seas based on Pokedex entries. Additionally they are based off aquatic creatures, much like Malamar, Cradily and Armaldo.
  9. Well you can start ant any stage of your evolution so,if you want to be a flag on you can. As for all the other Poke'mon you mentioned I'll allow it.
  10. Bumping so it doesn't get buried. To sum up the concept, it's game of thrones meets Poke'mon mystery dungeon and that's the short version.
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  11. I am 100% in. You don't know how long I've been wanting to do something like this. Mind if I'm the Queen of the Magic Kingdom with an Absol, if it hasn't been taken. And Captain with Fletchinder?
  12. Yes you may, neither have been taken and I was starting to think that this was a lost cause. But apparently it still,is getting attention.
  13. I'm sorry, that sucks! It sounds like a really promising idea.
  14. I'm not giving up, it's just that finding people is very hard now a days