Pokemon Battle RP Anyone?



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Thanks to those of you who have agreed to RP with me. I'm loving this site! ^^ Oh and I"m looking for a Pokemon Battle RP. It would be a 3 on 3 battle. I don't want someone who's going to god-mod and make all of their pokemon win against mine. That's no fun XP. Secondly I want someone who's gonna write more than a sentence or two and someone who likes describing moves and what your pokemon does in a battle. Beautiful and descriptive writing to sum it up. Pokemon are beautiful and must be treated as such D8< I will make sure to be fair and give back what you give me in return! ;) So, any takers?

Oh and one more tidbit of info, the pokemon wouldn't be limited to 4 moves. They would have access to all moves up to the level they are at. So, RP anyone?
Hmmrf. As I've stated before, I'm always up for a good fight. However, I've never role-played any pokemon. Used to watch the show as a child, had a major crush on Ash, but never wrote any short stories like a good fangirl :[ Although, a few of my friends are fanatics and influenced me to make a pokemon account. An umbreon. http://naiyaa.webs.com/ But sad to say I've never had an opportunity to actually use it. Maybe you could excuse my ignorance and show me the basic ropes? I'm a fast learner :']