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  1. Well if you read the title then I'm assuming you know what I'm looking for. I want to create a fully immersive, original Pokémon RP, but to do that, I need some original art. However, I completely lack the equipment and basic skill set for it, which is why I'm looking for help!

    I want someone who can create original badge art that still stays true to the style of the games, with only my description to go by (and possibly some reference material). It might be a bit much to ask for, since I'm going to need a lot of them and I don't have anything to offer in return (except perhaps my virtual virginity) but I really hope I can find someone willing to help me with this!

    I also found a tutorial on how to make them, so you don't have to figure out that part at least: http://www.pokeboard.com/t-how-to-make-pokemon-badges
  2. "(except perhaps my virtual virginity)"

    Well... That certainly is an interesting payment method... OwO

    And just to specify... Do you mean to say you are looking for Gym Leader Badges?
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  3. @Lady Bernkastel As a once-avid Pokemon fan, this sounds like a hell of a fun task! I would love to try my hand at this :D It's more likely I could make it work on paper, but I could scan it and edit it on my own editor after if you want it done digitally instead ^.^
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  4. Oh, gosh, I posted this so long ago, I never thought anyone would reply @_@

    Well, if you guys @Kakumei(to answer your question, yes) and @ElBell Are still interested in doing them, I'll post the descriptions.
  5. I'm still very much up for this! ^.^
  6. I'll do it if Elbel backs out or isn't able to finish the request. No use in two people doing the same set of badges. n.n;
  7. We could always work together xD but whatever you think is best~
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  8. I... didn't think about that. x.x
  9. @ElBell Ok, great!~ @Kakumei I get your point, though I would very much like to see what you can come up with as well. But I'm not going to (partially because I can't) force you into putting your time and effort into it if you think it's unnecessary ^^

    Either way, here are the descriptions of the first half. Yes, I know, there's five of them:

    Ingot Badge: This badge is for the steel-type gym, and should look like an ingot seen from above (like this:
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    ) For colours, I'm of course thinking something metallic.

    Ranch badge: This one's for the Normal-type gym, and it's pretty straight forward, as it's supposed to look like a Miltank's head seen from the front. with the same colour-scheme.

    Bulb badge: The Electric-type gym badge should look like a turned on light bulb (reference:
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    ) except instead of straight lines to emulate the light, they should in the shape of classic zig-zag lightning bolts. Mainly yellow in colour, except perhaps the base of the bulb which can be steel.

    Oasis badge: For the Water-type gym, I want the badge to depict a simple scene of a drooping palm tree with some sand, water, and a setting sun on the horizon. Also, I think it would be cute to outline it with a heart. Something like this (my horrible drawing proves why I'm not doing this myself):
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    For colours, I'd like them to be romantic. Like pink, purple, red, orange, and soft tones.

    Exoskeleton badge: This one, for the Bug-type gym, is also pretty straight forward. It should look like the contour of a spider seen from above (like the spiderman logo). For colours, maybe black with red accents? If you come up with something better, please do try it out.
  10. I'll get to wo
    ill get on this! Did you want it digitally made? Or hand drawn? ^_^
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  11. @ElBell I'd prefer digital, but anything you can come up with is fine~
  12. I can absolutely give digital a try! Mind if I send you badge 1 when it's done to see if I need to change the style or anything?
  13. Sure ^^
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