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  1. The apocalypse has happened in the pokemon world all of the regions went to war with eachother due to some of the evil organizations (Team Rocket, Magma, Aqua, Galactic ext.) taking over Johto, Sinnoh and Unova, the other regions fought against them, now the regions are destroyed while many pokemon lost their lives millions of humans died as only a few hundred are left in the world and you are one of them you are now starting your pokemon journey in an apocalyptic pokemon world.....

    1. No OOC fighting
    2. Sex scenes must be fade to black
    3.Nudity is ok (nothing sexual though)
    4. No Mary-Sue's or Gary Lou's
    5. You can have as many pokemon as you want
    6. The is no box or PC so all pokemon caught will accompany the trainer.

    Character Form:

    Physical Description:
    Sexual Orientation:
    Hometown/region(also current location):

    Pokemon Form:


    Name: Xavier
    Username: andrew21234
    Gender: male
    Age: 18
    Physical description:6ft. tan, brown hair and eyes, where's blue jean, red tee shirt and white tennis shoes, has a cross necklace.
    Personality: to be determined
    Sexual Orientation: straight
    Hometown: doesn't know he moved around a lot before the war, currently Fushia City, Kanto
    Other: He is Christian

    Species: Togepi
    Name: Angelo
    Gender: Male
    Moves: tackle, metronome
    Personality: to be determined
    Other: has yellow triangles along with red and blue

    Species: Togepi
    Name: Angel
    Level: 10
    Gender: Female
    Moves: tackle, metronome, attact
    Personality: to be determined
    Other: has yellow triangle along with red and blue
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  2. Plot and sign-up on sign-up page we will start when ther are 7 characters
  3. (( Ah why not. Though, i think the plot could use some more plotting or explanation. ))
    Name: Pleinair
    Username: darnerdemons
    Gender: Female
    Age: 12
    Physical Description: With bright crimson eyes and cyan colored hair. She seems very frail in physical appearance, and fairly short as well at a height of a mere 5'2. However because of her size, she's very agile and moves around faster than others.
    Personality: Often considered cold and quiet, she takes a long time to warm up to people.
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Hometown/region(also current location): Town of birth: Mossdeep City hoenn, which, luckily enough is one of the few still more or less alright cities, although it is highly damaged and split in two, but otherwise the city is still alive and well.
    Other: She's a Rabbit and Dragon enthusiast

    Pleinair's pokemon
    Species: Buneary
    Name: Usagi
    Level: 12
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Pound, Double team, Attract
    Personality: Just like his trainer, they are cold and quiet and very much dislike idle chit chat.
    Other: They constantly wear a small blue tie around their neck that pleinair made herself.

    Species: Bagon
    Name: Bala
    Level: 11
    Gender: Female
    Moves: Bite, leer
    Personality: A no nonsense pokemon, they are the first to try and jump into fight, and every now and again disobey pleinair's orders to act on their own.
    Other: They wear a small pink ribbon tied to them that pleinair made.
  4. I know I'm bad at that, but I'm hoping after we get a few more people we can start and the plot will get better haha
  5. Oh and your character is accepted!
  6. Really all i can say is to further explain the plot a bit. Explain how the apocalypse and war came to be better i suppose?
  7. Name: Green
    Username: Greedy Donuts
    Gender: male
    Age: 18
    Physical description:5'6" tan, dark hair and eyes, wear dark training pants, green tee shirt and bright neon green shoes, and wear a red scarf.
    Personality: WIP
    Sexual Orientation: straight
    Hometown: Lavender Town
    Other: He refer things to be a secret

    Species: Golett
    Name: Rook
    Level: 10
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Phantom Force, Focus punch, Pound
    Personality: to be determined
    Other:Wore a scarf just like Green
  8. Name: Lee
    Username: MattieLee
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Physical Description: Lee has red hair and big, rounded violet colored eyes along with a childish smile and wears a fake fang because he thinks it makes him look fierce. He's short for his age and deceivingly innocent looking, he wears black pants, black shoes, and a stitched up baggy shirt he made himself with a smiley on it with a black tank top underneath.
    Picture (open)

    Personality: He is "Unique" and some may call him weird but really he just likes to have fun. He can be a bit of a trickster at times and is rather energetic. Although in battle he becomes a whole new person and instead of acting like some sort of comic-relief he turns into a serious trainer with no room for mistakes. Underneath his innocent appearance lies a dark side. Cute and Psycho would be the best to describe him.

    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (Cuz being straight's overrated! jk)
    Hometown/region: Hearthome City, Sinnoh


    Species: Chimchar
    Name: Pyro
    Level: 13
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Ember, Scratch
    Taunt, Dig
    Personality: Confident, fiery personality.

    Species: Duskull
    Name: Kuro
    Level: 12
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Night Shade, Psychic
    Shadow Ball, Sunny Day

    Personality: Shy and easily scared, this is because Melancholy terrifies him. He is somewhat innocent in comparison and although will go with Meancholy's plans never enjoys it as much as she does, kind of like his trainer's normal side.
    Other: Wears a white scarf signs of Yin symbolism
    Species: Shuppet
    Name: Melancholy
    Level: 14
    Gender: Female
    Moves: Will-O-Wisp, Attract
    Phantom Force, Shadow Ball

    Personality: Being his starter pokemon she is a lot like him and has the same tendencies, especially the psychosis and trickster sides of her trainer.
    Other: Wears a black scarf signs of Yang symbolism
  9. Both are accepted, one more and we'll start
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  10. Ok well I'm getting impatient so we are going to start now!
  11. (Oh, they were behind her btw. He was being a creeper I guess :/ )
  12. (Anyone??? Xavier is gonna run soon haha)
  13. (Anyone???)
  14. (Yeah but not that fast, where is Green currently? And is Green supposed to be like Green from the comics/games?)
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  15. (Pallet town since it's route 1 wait that region is this and no not that green~)
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  16. (They other three characters are in Fushia City, Xavier's hometown)
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  17. (well great I need a long way before meeting you guys lol! and we shouldn't be using this as an ooc chat I guess =<= or people would be confused)
  18. Yeah Greedy you are a little ways away but you could alway either get goblet to evolve and then have it fly you to Fushia, City, catch a flying type and fly there, catch a water type and surf there, or Prof. Oak could have had a boat that you could take to the cycling bridge and then go to Fushia City
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  19. yeah, well let's just call it magic lol, also am I missing posts? I never got anything from the main thread
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  20. I think so your character ran away, Xavier called to her, started talking to Lee, no one replied, and then Greedy posted
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