Pokemon anyone?

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  1. We can play in any region you want, though personally I prefer Johto or Kanto.

    Now I know pokemon RP's have a tendency to fall apart, so how about these guidelines to keep us having fun and on track!

    1) We play people, not pokemon.

    2) Three pokemon per trainer. We can invent a restriction in the area or a safety measure against Team Rocket or something, but when people play trainers with the full entourage of six pokemon, plus more that can be swapped out from the PC box, let's keep it at only a few pokemon each. This is easy if we play trainers that are just starting out.

    3) Let's have a plot point! Wandering around with pokemon is fun for about three turns, and then there's nothing to do.

    That said, I have some plot ideas!

    We can take a page from the anime and just be two trainers on the gym challenge

    There can have been a mass theft of pokemon by Team Rocket, and we play trainers on a mission to get their pokemon back

    We can turn the tables and play two Team Rocket grunts! Maybe we legitimately are on Team Rocket's side, or maybe one or both of us is a traitor or abandons the cause over the course of the story

    Please? :3
  2. Oh I do love Pokemon and have always been interested in trying out an rp based on that. My activity has gone down a bit this year and I will probably not reply more than once a week depending on how rl goes:) I agree with your points though, a pokemon rp needs more than just catching pokmone to be interesting, however do you want to play as kids as in the games/anime or older more mature characters? To me it just seems odd that characters are always around 10-12 in Pokemon, except Coloseum, and which parents let their ten year old travel the world alone really.
  3. IKR? that always seemed strange to me, too. Although, in the world of Pokemon, people rely on the help of pokemon for a lot of things, from gathering resources to distributing healthcare, it's possible that protecting their children is just another inherent duty of trained pokemon. I'm okay with playing any age though, there are established adult trainers in the games, I'm not much good at playing children though (working on it!) so can we set minimum age at 17?

    Anyway, your reply rate is not a problem, I work fulltime and have a 2-bedroom suite to maintain (my boyfriend's job is physically tiring, so I try to do most of the housework so he can relax), so that's about as often as I'm able to reply, as well.

    I'm also more than okay with you being new to pokemon roleplays, I've only done one or two in the past as well, and one didn't get very far.

    From your resume, it looks like your preffered character is the femme de fatale (badass female), I have to say I've had bad experience playing with this character type, I find too often that people put a lot of effort into making the character look cool, but in the process they turn into characters no one would realisitcally want to be friends with (they have no hobbies or soft spots, they're always emotionally stone or in a bad mood, etc) but if you can promise she won't spend the whole roleplay in a 'don't mess with me or I will cut you' state, we'll be fine, badasses can be really fun characters when done right :)

    So, did you have a plot in mind, either one of the ones in my post up there or one of your own?
  4. True, Pokemon do have a wide array of uses and that could be the reason why parents let their children leave so early, and judging by some of the pokemons kids could be quite safe, heck having a fire pokemon means you'll always be able to get a fire going and so on:) Although, while I have no children of my own I do have grown up with a lot of dogs and puppies and according to how I feel about puppies I could never let my kid go out alone like that even if I knew he/she had a great guardian. But that's just me:)

    Before I found Iwaku I was briefly a member of a Pokemon rp site where you basically played one of the games in rp form, the mods played the wild pokemons, gymleaders and such but it wasn't that fun, it dragged on with replies and it ended with me leaving. A 1x1 or group rp do seems like it's easier to do and have fun with. 17 sounds like a good minimum to me, I have actually never rp'd a character younger than that and I seriously doubt I'd pull off a kid all that well, in rl I'm awkward with children so playing as one would probably end up with a kid that is quite mature for her age.

    Trust me, my strong willed potentially badass characters pretty much never gets that bad, I feel bad myself if I make my characters too jerkish or evil and so far only one of my characters (not on this site) has been truly cold and emotionally challenged (which is why I struggle with a current character that's supposed to be a jerk pretty much). So I can promise my character will not be a crazy "I wanna stab you" girl:)

    I like your plots, and my own plot pool is pretty much dried up at the moment, also I do like the idea of having one or both characters having been on Team Rocket's side, possibly a side effect of loving Colosseum, and having a mass of pokemon stolen would be a good motive for characters to travel and battle to get stronger, especially if theirs too got taken. Having almost all your pokemon stolen would also fit the point of only having three pokemon, perhaps you only have one left and catch two more on the way or something like that.
  5. Sweet! So that leaves me only a few questions to clear up and then I think we can start!

    1) which region do you want to play in?

    2) How about this for a plot: [CITY/TOWN] has just been raided by Team Rocket. They've started conducting pokemon theft on a massive scale; most people lost ALL of their pokemon, the only exceptions seem to have been by freak coincidences. They did it by blending into the cities, and gaining the trust of the pokemon, and then luring them into massive transports. But they left one of their own behind (knocked out in the struggle, forgotten, fell off/out of the transport, w/e), and when one of the robbed trainers find them, they make a deal: Pokemon battle. If the rocket grunt wins, they're allowed to leave freely to rejoin Team Rocket back at HQ. But if the trainer wins, they have to help him/her sneak into the HQ and recover all of the lost pokemon! This would start us off with a predetermined battle (which is annoying) but it gives us a definate direction, character tension, and all kinds of stuff!

    3) Assuming you like the plot above, which role would you prefer to play?
  6. Honestly I have no idea:) I've tried to choose between Kanto and Johto, which area that is the best and what Pokemon there are but I can't decide as I like both of them, so which ever you like the best is fine, or if neither can decide we could toss a coin or something.

    I like the plot and it do builds up nicely for twists and turns, it also portraits Team Rocket as a bit more evil and capable than Jesse and James did (although they are funny) and would really casue some tension. As for role I think I'd prefer to be the robbed trainer unless you really want to.

    Some questions from me as well.

    - Do we start out with a normal starter pokemon or is it optional to choose which ever pokemon from that region? (Albeit realistical to how rare they are and where they live in said region).

    - Do we follow the games or the anime in terms of leveling, battleing, learning new moves and such?
  7. Lets do Johto then: and play it normal and start in New Bark Town (In the anime, New Bark was much bigger than three houses and a lab), with whatever Pokemon you want (Sentret, Hoothoot, pidgey, rattata, aipom, geodude and zubat with their evolutions would be reasonable if a trainer hasn't been too far from home, but that's up to you.)
    I was thinking we should deal with battles, evolution etc like they do in the anime. It mixes it up more and is a lot less numbers-y
    want to start or shall I? :3
  8. Sounds good. If you wouldn't mind could you start?
  9. I don't mind at all; I'm on my cell now cause I'm at work but ill put it up and link the thread here when I get home

    oh, and it's a technicality but I prefer not to use form/list intros if that's ok (name:, hair:, eyes: etc)
  10. Great, and that's not a problem.