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  1. So I'm feeling kinda.... Pokemon-ish... I don't really have a plot or anything. Not yet. I want to see if the interest is there. I also don't know if we should do fan-made Pokemon (which takes a lot of work) or existing Pokemon. Or a new region, etc. I'm just in the mood and I'm willing to talk it through with people interested.

    Edit** I have a few ideas for plot and such ^^ Like, being apart of one of the antagonist teams (team rocket, team plasma, team flare, etc.) or being transported to the Pokemon world as a Pokemon (not like mystery dungeon) or even just a typical adventure plot, like the anime. I've also thought of a Pokemon war, Post-Apocalypse Pokemon, etc. But I really want your guys' opinion. What do you want to RP?
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  2. . . . . Can I have an Eevee and Bulbasaur?
  3. lol Depends on the final decision XD
  4. I'm in...as long as the plot is interesting enough. I'm rather picky if I say so myself.
  5. I would like to do a pokemon rp
  6. Governments with Legendaries much like how real life governments have nuclear warheads.

    This is an idea that can be integrated into any primary ideas you might have.
  7. You help decide the plot ^^
  8. Great! Any idea on what you want to do?
  9. That's interesting, and certainly could be integrated, but where would we fit in and what would be the actual plot? Like the gov. thinking their legendary is stronger and creates a war that we get caught in the middle of?
  10. That could have a lot of potential if you remove child safe content. Pokemon struggling to survive, starving because of the war. Since its a man made war as I would assume because of "government", a lot could go wrong in their sense.
  11. It could be interesting ^^ We could even combine the post-apocalypse aspect, like the war couldn't be stopped and now we have to rebuild everything and survive and such. But this is if everyone agrees ^^' I know not everyone is into this sorta thing, and I'd like for everyone here already to participate ^^
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  12. I don't really care what kind we do
  13. How do you feel about the idea we were talking about? ^^' The war and post-war idea?
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