Pokemon and an Original Idea

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  1. Alright, first off a few things:
    • I can only play female as a main character. Male thoughts allude me so I can't really play them accurately.
    • Please no homosexual relationships. Same reasons as with playing males.
    • I may not be on often. I'm moving, my mom is getting married in May, and school is cracking down on putting as much work in the day as possible.
    Alrighty, now that that's settled, let's get to work on the ideas!

    First off is the idea for pokemon!

    A new discovery has been made in the Kalos region. Human-like versions of pokemon have been popping up every which way. This has never happened before, but Team Rocket has something to do with it. However, these new pokemon, called gijinkas by professors, are becoming violent toward humans and trainers. No one knows exactly why. Chaos is raining through Kalos as weather starts becoming unpredictable, pokemon become more restless, and more and more trainers are afraid of going out on journeys. Some fear that the legendaries are disappearing which is why these calamities are happening. However, something soon will change. For the first time, a trainer will catch a gijinka.

    For this roleplay I don't really want a romance between trainer and gijinka. There can be love, yes, but it should be more of a brotherly/sisterly love or a love between child and parent in a sense. Also I would like to be the gijinka if that is alright.

    Second, original idea!

    The knights of Revolutia were known for apprehending all criminals in their kingdom, making it a nearly crime-free place. However, they have one dark secret. There is one woman that has evaded their capture that no one knows about. Some say it has to do with the disappearance of one of their female knights, others say that she is a sorceress that has come to curse the land. However, it isn't until one of their best knights, who was friends with the disappeared female knight, starts going after the woman that his world starts unraveling at its seams. Suddenly he is faced with a world going to be destroyed, a cocky woman, and closure for scars that haven't quite healed.

    This one could be a romance if you really wanted, but it really depends on the person. I'm willing to discuss ideas if you have any and I hope somebody likes these ideas.

    So that's it! These were my two ideas. I hope I can find a partner and thank you for reading! :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.