Pokemon Adventure!

Ame nodded, watching Zero intently. She listened to everything he said and when he had finished, she grabbed his hand excitedly. Her wide smile and sparkling eyes were meant to charm, since she was really hoping he would seriously listen to her and consider what she was about to say.

"I've been really hoping to find someone that I can travel with, since I'm inexperienced at battling and it's lonesome traveling by myself! Maybe, if I go along with you so that I can meet different pokemon in Johto, you'll consider going with me to Hoenn to battle the gym leaders there while I try to enter these contests?" she looked so hopeful and so excited, her eyes aglow with a fire, that she seemed yeas younger almost.

Her reasons that she gave him were the truth, she didn't like to travel with just her pokemon for company sometimes and, more importantly, she didn't like using her precious companions to fight other pokemon. Rin padded over to stand by Ame again, rubbing her head against Ame's side affectionately, like an overgrown housecat might.
As ame spoke, Zero was a bit taken aback by her offer. Travel to Hoenn with her? Well, he didn't mind travelling, but they hardly knew each other... Still, the Elder did always say he needed to make a few friends; battling was always more fun with friends to cheer you on, he had said. And if Zero got badges from Hoenn as well, then his chances of becoming the Clan Leader would most certainly be in his favor.

However, before he could answr her, another Trainer walked up to Zero and asked about his Charizard.

"Oh, Char-kun? Actually, I got him from the Professor of Pallet Town, along with this," he said, holding up a Pokedex. The red case gleamed in the light; it had yet to see much wear and tear. Fortunately for Zero, and unfortunately for the Professor, the Pokedex was an excellent battling item, allowing Zero to check up on all his Pokemon's moves. It was the main reason he had accepted it to begin with, not to record data. Zero had the feeling Oak had given a few other Pokedexes out, to make up for the one he lost giving to Zero.

"I had called ahead and reserved Char-kun when he was a Charmander, so he was there when I went to pick him up." Nodding, he suddenly heard screaming.

"What the...?" Turning, he saw and heard several explosions go off. "Wait, that's the Radio Tower! And the Pokemon Center and Department store! Amethyst, come with me, this can't be good." Stopping, he glanced at the Trainer who had just spoken to him. "By the way, I'm Zero of Blackthorn City. And I'd suggest you and your friend come with us; we're Trainers, and it's our duty to see what's going on and stop danger when it happens." Nodding once more, he took Ame by the hand. "I know you don't like battling, but I may need you."

Grabbing the last two Pokeballs in his sweater, he tossed them up into the air. "Gyara-kun! Pupi-kun! I'll need your help!" Both Pokeballs exploded open to reveal a Gyarados and the Pupitar he had used earlier. Gyara-kun roared and turned to face the explosions, just as Char-kun took to the skies to watch from above.
Amethyst nodded at Zero, her lips drawn in a thin, worried line. Wo would be causing explosions in this peaceful little city? Ame felt safer with Zero there, an experienced trainer at battling and drawing on this newfound confidence, she opened her other two pokeballs in turn. "Kiri, Hikari, come and be helpful too" she said, bathed in the red glow of light that the pokeballs emitted. Hikari took place in crooked in Ame's unused arm until needed; the land speed of a dratini was not the fastest method of travel. Rin and Kiri stood guard at either side of Ame, elegant bodyguards waiting to move.

The other trainers, who had abruptly arrived to ask about the charizard, were looking around, confused. Zero led Ame by the hand toward the explosions, followed in loping strides by the persian and ninetails and led by the powerful, serpentine gyarados. As they neared the explosions, Ame looked in wonder as dark shapes moved in the hazy smoke of debris and dust from the explosions. Her trembling voice did not seem to be working, too quiet to be audible to anyone else as she tried to boldly call into the smoke. Clearing her throat, she cast a glance to Zero, then back behind at the other two trainers, just now catching up to Kiri and Rin.

"W-what's going on?" Ame asked, looked terrified due to the fact that now, her normally wide eyes were even wider from emotion and watering thanks to the dust settling on her lashes.
After the trainer showed him his Pokedex and then explained how he came into possession of a Charmander."Hmm I see tough luck for me then" Alphonse said to himself. Still just finding a Charmander that someone else had would help him find where hey are located in the wild and that was all he really needed. Soon after explosions seemed to be going off from all directions and then the trainer introduced himself as Zero and dashed off towards the explosions dragging a girl with him as she let out her Pokemon.
"Well think we should find out what's going on Lucifer?" Alphonse asked his newfound friend. "At the very least we could put out the fires from the explosions".
Alphonse didn't know what was going on nor did that bother him, however the more people he could help the better. You never know when you might need help at a later date and someone you helped earlier will return the favor.
"Hey Slick use transform and become a Feraligatr and start dousing those flames" Slick nodded in agreement and fell from the sky while transforming and landing with a solid thud as a Feralgatr then rushing towards the fires. "ArchAngel come here" Alphonse said as he picked him up "We'll travel faster if I hold you" he said with a smile, and then ran towards the commotion.
Lewy was simply watching as Alphonse was trying to make conversation with this other trainer, but his gazed shifted to an explosion that made Sully scurry up his leg and cling to his pants. He didn't notice the frightened Cubone, nor the fact his other two Pokemon were staring at the issue with anger in their eyes. Cubone was called back into his ball and then he looked to Spike and Sky, murmuring to them softly so they'd relax.

"Well said, Alphonse. Spike, run ahead and use water gun on the flames. Sky, could you oversee from above? If you spot anything unusual, report back to me. Don't get too close to the fire... I know it frightens you."

The mighty Feraligatr slammed his tail on the ground, blurting out his name before dashing ahead to be the firefighter. Lewy's Scyther seemed offended by the fire phobia comment, but they both knew it was true. Dust clouds whipped about beneath him as he sped forward, already passing Spike along the way.

Lucifer was following close behind them, his eyes fixed on the tower that was being destroyed. Frightened people were running in the opposite direction to find safety, dramatically screaming out the names of the culprits.
"I have no clue, to be honest..." Looking around, while at the same time avoiding the people running mindlessly, he noticed several figures in the smoke. "Char-kun! Clear the smoke away!" At his Trainer's command, Char-kun flapped his wings several times, kicking up a strong wind. Within seconds, the smoke was cleared away.

The smoke had been hiding three people, two male and one female.

"Ah, looks like my guess was right. It has been a long time, hasn't it, Zero?" The speaker was the female. Standing in between the two males, one of whom held a large box, she smirked at the Trainer standing below.

"No way... No way in hell... Aria?!"

"You know 'im, Ma'am?" the man holding the package said.

"Oh yes. We both hail from Blackthorn. Except he was content with staying with the Dragon Clan. While I sought out more for myself."

"Aria, what are you doing?" Zero asked, as Char-kun dropped down next to him.

"I've decided to join a little... organization. When Team Rocket officially disbanded, the renegades decided to form their own syndicate. Together with ex- Magma and ex-Aqua members of Hoenn, we've got a new goal in mind." As she spoke, she tossed two Pokeballs into the air. Each one burst open, revealing a Jolteon and a Milotic.

Shaking his head, Zero closed his eyes. "No way... Why would you, of all people...?"

"I got tired with the whole 'Goody trainer' thing. I can accomplish so much more this way... Now stand aside and don't try and stop me. I don't want to have Jolt and Lotic mop the floor with your Pokemon..."
Ame eyed the woman cautiously, her mouth turned down in a frown as she listened to her explanation. Her mind connected the nicknames with immediate assumptions about the trainer's pokemon, jolteon and milotic from the sounds, but she could be wrong. Quietly, she urged Kiri to fall in behind her while Rin strode languidly forward to create at least the facade of defense for Amethyst. Rippling muscles beneath the fur suggested a supple frame and high speed. Hikari was still clutched in Ame's arms, its wide eyes taking in the scene as she did. Ame coddled the dratini close to her, knowing she ought to offer help should her guess prove correct, since Hikari had been taught a few moves to better help it cope with various pokemon types should an emergency arise.

"Z-zero..." but he wasn't listening so Ame addressed the woman instead. "What kind of goal?" she asked, her brow furrowed and her mouth turned down in a thin line. She had heart of Team Rocket, as ell as the other groups vaguely, and knew that they meant no good. She stepped a little closer to Zero, hoping that her pokemon would not be involved in the ensuing fight.
A mysterious figure stood apart from the mayhem that was commencing at the Goldenrod Pokemon center, department store, and radio tower, and he said supensefully. "Admist all the chaos, was confusion, and where there was this hysteria there was one individual who always arrived at the perfect moment when all hope seemed lost. He is the most powerful, the most ultimate, the most invincible being...his name is HAL!!!"
Breaking in on the scene was a kid around the age of 12 years old riding in on a Magnemite with blonde hair with a spike in the center, goggles over his eyes, grey clothes and a red cape. Striking a pose he attempted to make an entrance however everyone ignored him, continuing their conversation. The only person who did notice him was Alphonse who facepalmed at his brothers failure of an entrance.
Hal's head hung low with defeat only momentarily as his presence was not acknowledged and because of this he began to yell that only few could understand "#4Y J00!! Y34H J00!! 1'M Y0U2 0PP0N4N7! C0M3 4ND F1G#7 M3!! YU02 G0NN4 W1S# Y0U'V3 N3V3R 833N 802N!!" and so on and so forth shaking his fist at Team Rocket only becoming background noise.
"HAL!!" Alphonse screamed at his brother "What are you doing here!? You know it's dangerous!" however just as Hal was ignored he ignored Alphonse. Instead because his entrance was ignored Hal pulled out a computer from a slim backpack and skillfully hacked into the fire systems on the buildings and switched on them on decreasing the amount of fires that had been created by the explosions. Thus allowing the water Pokemon a break from firefighting duties. "Heh this will get me some attention!" Hal said to himself as he spiraled upward on his Magnemite.
While Spike continued to put fires out, Sky returned to Lewy's side after searching for anymore people that were hurt. The trainer gave his Scyther a warm smile and a thumbs up, his eyes then looking to an obnoxious youth riding on a Magnemite. Before he could ask Alphonse if he knew who he was, the question was already answered with a palm to the face and a "what are you doing here!?". Lewy made a sheepish smile at the boy, unsure of how to react.

"My friend here is right, I wouldn't go any closer."

Sky seemed annoyed and wanted to attack the pest, but Lewy kept him calm with a touch to the head. What in the world were they supposed to do now? A little boy was about to put himself in danger AND there was an insane woman he didn't know, who was also threatening them. He had his Scyther step forward so he'd be prepared to defend from any attacks. Sully stood no chance with his esteem problems and although Spike would undoubtedly come to the rescue, he was still being a fire fighter.
"What kind of goal?" Aria asked, in response to Amethyst's question. "Well, that would spoil the surprise!" Laughing, she grabbed onto a ladder that suddenly fell from what appeared to be a hovering vehicle. It looked to be built for quick escape, yet also for defense.

"Aria, whatever's in that box, drop it!" Zero said, momentarily distracted by the child that suddenly appeared.

"Oh, you always were arrogant... However, you can't stop me. Lotic, honey? Rain Dance." The Milotic seemed to smirk, and she called forth a torrent of rain. It was strong enough that it covered the city and quenched all the fires, the ones the sprinklers hadn't stopped. "Now, Zero, if you'll take a look at my dearest Jolt?"

Glancing at the fox-like Pokemon, he noticed sparks were dancing on its fur. While that wasn't unusual, it seemed like there were a lot more than there should be. Almost like it was... "Charge... Oh no. With the Rain Dance in effect, that means...."

"Thunder, Jolt. Wipe out all of his Pokemon." The lightning fox suddenly tensed, and released all of its pent up energy in one massive Thunder attack. In a second that seemed to last an hour, Gyara-kun and Char-kun were down.

"No!" Shocked, he quickly withdrew the two. "Thunder didn't work on Pupi-kun, though! Pupi-kun, Double Edge!" The shelled Pokemon shot itself forward, proppeling itself with the pressure it built inside the shell.

"Oh please. You forgot Lotic. Use Surf, will you?" Her Milotic gave a battle cry, and created a powerful wave. Strengthened by the rain, the Surf took Pupi-kun down without much difficulty. "Now." Turning, she climed the ladder just enough for her minions to grab ahold as well. "Zero, do not try and stop me, or my organization. You saw what I just did to your Pokemon," she said, gesturing to the fallen Pupitar, which was instantly recalled. "I'll do the same to you, and your friends." With that, the hovercraft took off, leaving behind a ruined Goldenrod.

Turning, Zero looked at Amethyst, noting that the other two Trainers were just a little ways off. He had just thoroughly been beaten and tossed aside. "I can't believe this..." Sitting down, he held the three Pokeballs, each of his Pokemon unconcious in their respective capsules. "She's... gotten far too strong." Looking up at Ame, he sighed. "The Pokemon Center, Department Store, Magnet Station and Radio Tower were all destroyed. Why, I don't know... But what can we do? I my current state, I'd just be beaten again..." As he spoke, an officer walked up to Alphonse and Lewy.

"Excuse me, but first of all, do you two know who that is?" he asked, gesturing to Hal flying around on the Magnemite. "It's dangerous, and I hope you could get him down..." Then, he pulled out a pad and pen. "Do you know who those were, by any chance? Those three people who had been standing on the building? They looked to be wearing Team Rocket uniforms, but that couldn't be..."
Ame made a face, she was glad that her pokemon hadn't been targeted, but she had been completely disregarded! Ame shifted, unsure of what to do. After Zero had been beaten to the ground with such ease, she doubted that she would achieve much in her attempts but the woman, she couldn't just let her waltz away, could she? It was quite the dilemma, Ame thought helplessly, shifting her stance. Finally, she conceded with a sigh that something had to be done. Before she could take action however, the craft had disappeared along with the woman.

"Ah.... I'm sorry, I'm so useless" Ame sobbed to Zero, tears dripping down her cheeks. "H-here" she sniffled, holding out her hand to his pokeball. "I don't have much energy, so you're going to have to pick which one to give me.... sorry...." she wiped her eyes on her sleeve, soaking the red material and turning it the color of blood in the process. Rin and Kiri were nuzzling her legs, trying to cheer her up while Hikari nuzzled her cheek from its position, loosely curled around her neck.

"I can help one of your pokemon" she tried to reassure him when he gave her a quizzical look, not yet handing over one of his pokeballs. "Trust me, please? If we're going to travel together, you'll have to trust me at least a little bit..."
Lewy heaved a sigh as the hovercraft lifted off. Not a trace of horror was on his face; it was almost like he's seen things like this happen before. Spike finished his job fighting the fires and returned to Lewy's side, casting a bit of a glare to the authority that was questioning him. The Feraligatr knew better than the other two that Lewy disliked getting involved in high pressure situations. Even so, he handled it,

"Sorry to disappoint you officer, but I have no knowledge of these people. I simply wanted to help the people in danger from the fires. I do believe that young fellow up in the air is related to my friend here. I have to admit though, he did brighten the dark scene a bit."

With his response given, he gestured to Alphonse and then he gave a smile, walking away from the policeman afterward. He stopped his escape from the scene when he saw the girl by Zero crying, bawling about how useless she thought she was. It ached his heart... Ever so gently, he approached her with a hand on his shoulder while he offered to heal one of Zero's Pokemon.

"It's okay to be afraid. I think it's wonderful what you can do for Pokemon! Anyway, sorry for overhearing. It breaks my heart when I see something beautiful start to fall apart."

Sky crossed his arms, the sickles clanging quietly as he turned away in disgust. Lewy laughed warmly and had his two Pokemon returned, complimenting their good services while doing so.
"Yes that is my brother Hal, flying around on the Magnemite. I'll get him down in a few moments. As for those people who wreaked destruction upon goldenrod I don't know have a clue who they are sorry. It seems that the guy with the jet black hair has an idea though, he seemed like he knew them. His name is Zero." Alphonse then politely excused himself from the police officer since he had answered his questions and ran over to where Hal was.
"Hal!!" Alphonse yelled at his brother "Why didn't you stay at the summer house in New Bark Town?! You know that mother will be worried about you! And get down from there!" Hal retorted "She said I needed to get out of the house and wanted me to bring you something for Archangel that she thought might help him evolve quicker! And no I will not get down!" And continued to fly in circles and figures and other acrobatic tricks on his Magnemite. "Ugh fine since we have to do it the hard way" Monet had since found her back to his side and Alphonse said to her "Monet use Gravity on Hal and The Magnemite please!" In moments Hal was brought to the ground with a sudden crash. It only temporarily startled him as he was fine as his Magnemite was the one stuck in the ground until the Gravity was released. Hal did have his legs bent to account for the gravity and struggled to make it out of the field created by Monet.
"Now can we talk face to face little brother?" Alphonse said lovingly. It may seem that they didn't get along but he really cared about his little brother and didn't want to seem him get hurt. Hal however was still only a kid and was as headstrong as ever. As soon as he made his way to Alphonse he began to beat on his chest with his fists causing absolutely no harm to him, and began complaining with unintelligible words. "Haha it's ok I missed you too" Alphonse said ruffling Hals hair.Soon after Hal calmed down and hugged his brother. Alphonse gave a nod to Monet and she lifted the Gravity on the Magnemite.
Alphonse then knelt down to Hal and said to him face to face, "Now why don't you take care of your Magnemite ok?" he said with a smile. Immediately Hals face brightened and began to cop an attitude again. "Of course, Magnum can beat anyone he is the best Magnemite out there! Oh yeah this is what mom wanted to give you so here!" Hal said and he threw Alphonse a Soothe Bell. "Ah thanks!" he replied. "Hahahaha now you have to take me with you! Mom said that if I delivered that to you I could travel with you!" Hal said triumphantly. "Alright, alright but stay close to me and don't fly around ok?" "Ok!" Hal responded with a big smile, staying within sight of Alphonse.
Alphonse the proceeded to join Lucifer after his little encounter with his brother.