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The crowd of Trainers cheered on as the battle continued inside the large oval they had formed. Each was cheering for one of two Trainers in the middle; one wore a blue cap with the visor to the side, as well as a pair of shorts and a backpack. The other Trainer had jet black hair, styled so that it was spiked to cover his left eye. He seemed to be fond of the color black, as his Converse, jeans and sweater were black. He also had a messenger bag worn behind him, which seemed to contain items for Pokemon.

"Ratty!" the blue-capped Trainer shouted, "Use Hyper Fang!" The Raticate, which was nicknamed Ratty, lunged at the opposing Pokemon.

"All right, Pupi-kun! Full on Double Edge!" shouted the black-haired Trainer. Trainers that knew him by name were cheering for him. They all knew him as Zero, the Trainer from Blackthorn City. He had already beated three of the Gyms in Johto, taking down Falkner, Bugsy, and Whitney, almost systematically.

Pupi-kun lunged forward, releasing a powerful rush of air from beneath it, propelling it forward. Ratty, already in mid air, had no time to counter it. Pupi-kun rushed right into its gaping mouth, his tough armor breaking Ratty's teeth. The force of the attack sent Ratty flying backwards, in front of its Trainer. An instant KO.

"No, Ratty!" the Youngster shouted. Recalling it into its Pokeball, the Trainer sighed. "Well, a loss is a loss. You did well, Ratty," he said, then added, "You too, Abby and Hoppy." Walking over to Zero, he gave him the prize money.

"You battled well," Zero said, shaking hands after pocketing the money. He had beaten all three of the Youngster's Pokemon with just Pupi-kun, his Pupitar. When the crowd dispersed, he continued walking through the streets of Goldenrod, until he reached the Pokemon Center. "That should be good enough training for today, guys. Tomorrow, we head to Ecruteak and take on Morty."

Entering the Pokemon Center, he greeted Nurse Joy and had his Pokemon healed. There weren't any Dragon-Type Pokemon near here, he decided. He was currently in search of either a Bagon, Dratini, or a piece of Amber, containing fossilized Aerodactyl DNA. But the first two were rare, and the third even rarer. But he had all the time in the world. For now, he could just enjoy battling.

Sitting down on one of the large couches in the middle of the center, he kicked back, letting his Pokemon rest for the day in the capable hands of Nurse Joy.
Amethyst stroked Rin's fur with an almost vacant expression, though Rin was not complaining in any way to the attention. The train was fast, but lifeless and still inside the compartments today. Rin was sprawled across an entire seat and a half next to Ame but aside from that, the small girl was alone. Wide eyes gazed out the window, watching the scenery roll past her. The soundless engine only added to her boredom. The one source of entertainment that Ame found was in watching the occasional pokemon from her window. There were creatures here that she had never seen and she stared in wonder as a silvery bird shot past her window.

Blurred shapes in the distance signaled that they were drawing near the city, tall buildings emerging into her field of view. A woman approached in the train, her uniform denoting her position as a member of the train's staff. Behind her, a small creature, entirely gray, seemed to support Ame's bags with its nose. "Phan here has your bags, Miss Aine. I hope you enjoy your visit to Goldenrod City" she chimed, punching Ame's ticket with a frighteningly saccharine smile.

Eyes full of wonderment, Ame set foot for the first time onto the thick blue carpeting inside the train station of Goldenrod city. A young woman pressed a little boy forward to get onto the train while he pulled a tiny pink pokemon behind him by a green frond. Ame flipped open the pokedex she had just updated for her trip.

"Hopip" it sounded out to her as she held it out to the pink pokemon. There was so much to learn, and everything was so new and interesting, Ame lamented to herself. Blinking at the furious rays of sunshine that invaded her vision, Ame stepped into the sunlight of Goldenrod City.
Alphonse and Monet walked down Route 35 towards Goldenrod city quite pleased with themselves. The Bug Catching Pokemon contest had just taken place again this week and they had taken first place for the third time this week. It was not a matter of incompetent trainers in catching Pokemon is was merely because of that fact that Alphonse and Mucha were the perfect Pokemon catching team.
This round had been rather fierce, the alloted time had almost been depleted when they caught the prize winning Beedrill. Not to forget that when the judges came to take a look at all of the Pokemon caught a rivaling trainer had nabbed a pretty impressive Butterfree. All in all however the Beedrill took the cake and it was another successful contest under the belt. Beedrill was for sure in his Pokedex now and was registered as being caught, however as Alphonse would never battle with his caught Beedrill he released back into the wild, after all he didn't have all the money in the world to take care of all the Pokemon he caught.
Unfortunately Alphonse had captured all of the unique Pokemon in this area now and no longer had any need to stay near the National Park for much longer, thus their journey back to Goldenrod one last time.

"Where should we head next after we regroup at Goldenrod City Monet?"
Alphonse asked her as they walked in a jubilant manner. Alphonse pulled out a map of the region and looked at the routes near their location.
"Well we have still yet to find a Sudowoodo which are on route 36 and Snubbull on 38 are pretty rare...oh heck lets do both!"
Alphonse said with excitement putting an extra kick in his step. Monet let our a cry of joy in response and they had just arrived to the entrance of Goldenrod city.
Lucifer was in a thicket of trees where he encountered a young boy in shorts, asking for a battle. Lewy accepted the challenge and watched carefully... The opponent tossed his Poke'ball and a female Nidoran popped out. He looked closely at the creature, taking in her appearance and the determination in her eyes. He had no doubt that after one battle, possibly two, she'd evolve into a gorgeous Nidorina.

It seemed harsh to release Sky or Spike, and it seemed like a good opportunity for Sully to battle since Nidoran were small Pokemon. He threw the ball and in a flash of light, a bashful Cubone appeared in front of the Nidoran.

"Come on, Sully. You can do this!"

Although hesitant, Sully confronted his enemy and gave his bone a toss, able to land a hit. The Nidoran got up painfully and ran towards him, smashing into Sully's skull. They tested each others strength by pushing against each others heads, giving glares all the while.

They battled it out and Sully took a hit from Nidoran's poison sting. Lewy went ahead and called the battle off so he could tend to the weak Cubone, congratulating the boy and saying,

"One more battle should do it."

He left the confused boy behind and rushed to the city, taking a seat on a bench and treating Sully with antidote. While he waited for it to take effect, he got out a cloth and began to shine the skull helmet.

"You did great today, buddy. I'm proud of you."
Looking outside, Zero sighed lightly. "Got a full day ahead of me. I suppose my Pokemon and I could take a walk." Picking up his Pokemon, who were already fully healed, he stepped out onto the street. Taking a walk, he looked at the Goldenrod Department Store, though he lost interest a moment later. He had already bought enough supplies from the store, enough to last him for a while.

"How's about a walk, Char-kun?" he asked, tossing the PokeBall into the air. A second later, it exploded in a cloud of smoke, revealing his Charizard. Growling lwoly, though in happiness, Char-kun walked behind Zero throughout Goldenrod. "You ready to take on Morty, Char-kun?" he asked his partner.

Nodding, Char-kun opened his mouth a blew out a jet of fire into the air, to prove his dedication. Smiling lightly at his Pokemon's spirit, he nodded in return.

"Good! You'll need to be in top shape against Morty. He's got some tough Ghost-type Pokemon."

Continuing the stroll, they ended up under the bridge that held the Magnet Train tracks, in the middle of the city. "Maybe we'll find some Trainers willing to battle. We'll need all the practice we can get. We can rest once we beat Morty."
Everything seemed bustling in this new city, people were meandering here and there with pokemon at their side or else rushing place to place with arms toting shopping bags. Ame was so busy trying to take in all the sights, figure out what each building was, that she accidentally ran headlong into a trainer. A familiar sight, she noticed a charizard behind him as she regained her feet, rubbing her head.

"Ow-ow-owwwww" she whimpered before looking up apologetically. "Sorry about that, I'm new to the city and I wasn't paying enough attention, are you all right?" Rin was licking her hand gently, her rough tongue attempting to get Ame's attention - she wanted to know if Ame was all right also. Ame patted her head absently, earning a satisfied "meowrl" from Rin, having established that Ame was indeed fine and Rin could continue sniffing about.
Alphonse and Monet entered Goldenrod city on a mission to stock up on any necessary items they might need on their planned trips to routes 36 and 38. Goldenrod had picked up in activity since they had left for the Bug Catching contest as a train of new arrivals had started to disperse into the city.
Alphonse was trying to remember where that massive pokemart was and began scanning the city buildings when a trainer and his Cubone caught his eye.
Now intrigued Alphonse walked over to him, Monet following, and said "Hi there! That is a great looking Cubone you have! If I may ask where did you find him? I ask because I'm going to collect all the Pokemon in the world!" Alphonse said with an enthusiastic smile.
Lewy looked up from his Cubone, who was also eying the stranger that complimented him. Sully blushed beneath his helmet and looked away, causing Lewy to chuckle.

"Well, we thank you. This little guy was abandoned by his trainer a few months ago, so I took him in. I'm trying to rebuild his confidence."

He put the polishing rag away and held his arms around Sully as if he were a teddy bear before standing up to shake hands with Alphonse. During so, he looked over to the Smeargle and smiled.

"Very beautiful Smeargle. To answer your Cubone question, they tend to pop up around Rock Tunnel at night. If you know where that is."

The trainer's enthusiasm and determination impressed Lewy. He doesn't come by many trainers who want to capture every single Pokemon... It always seemed like too much work.
As Zero looked around, he was suddenly bumped into from behind. Having been in the middle of turning, he lost his footing and stumbled to the side. He would have fallen had Char-kun not thrown his wing out immediately to stop his Trainer from falling to the ground.

"Thanks, Char-kun," Zero said once he regained his footing. Petting his partner, he looked at the female who had run into him. "Don't worry about it," he said. "You seem like you got hurt more, though." Looking her over, he made sure nothing seemed to be fractured. People could twist an ankle or something like that. "I can understand what you mean, though. With all these tall buildings, it's quite a sight." Shrugging, he checked his pack. Nothing seemed to have broken.

Suddenly, he realized she was with a Persian. He noted that it had an earring through one ear, and decided this Persian must not be a battling Pokemon. "That's a very nice Persian you have. Well trained, too, from what I can tell." The cat Pokemon seemed to be well behaved, checking on its Trainer when she had gotten hurt. The truth of the matter was, any Pokemon outside the Dragon-type, or was noted as a Dragon, was outside Zero's expertise. Oh, sure, he knew how to counter a lot of other types and such, but raising them was in the unknown. Had Persian been a Dragon Pokemon, he wouldv'e instantly been able to tell it's strength, ability, and potential through a mere glance.

"My name is Zero, and this is my Charizard, Char-kun. My other two partners are Pupi-kun, a Pupitar, and Gyra-kun, a Gyarados. I'm a Pokemon Trainer from the city of Blackthorn, a member of the Dragon Clan." Holding out his hand, he finished his introduction, one he gave to any Trainer he spoke to. Upon being mentioned, Char-kun flexed his wings and threw his head back, letting loose a small jet of fire. Dragon-types were, after all, quite flashy.

"You wouldn't happen to be a Pokemon Trainer, would you?" Zero asked. She seemed around his age, maybe a year younger. If she was a Trainer, she'd have quite a few years under her belt, assuming she started Training at the age of ten, the legal starting age for Trainer. But she also seemed a little too delicate, to Zero, like she could break if anything used too much force against her. Then again, he wasn't too well a judge of people too. It was one of the reasons he didn't have many friends, aside from his rival, Aria. And even then, they had a strange relationship. He hadn't seen her in a few years either, not since she came back to Blackthorn to prove she had made her choice about using other Pokemon types, instead of just the Dragon-type. She had come back with a Snorunt, a Kirlia, and a Feebas.

Shaking his head briefly, he brought himself back to the present.
Alphonse took Lewy's hand in confidence giving a firm handshake. "I'm Alphonse, and that's a terrible thing to hear a Pokemon being abandoned by it's trainer. Yes I know of the place, I figured I'd capture one when I got to Kanto at Tin Tower, but either works. Generally if I can catch both the original and it's evolution in the wild I'll let them go after I capture them." Alphonse stated.
"After all if you aren't going to nurture a Pokemon it's better off in it's original habitat, wouldn't you agree? And thanks Monet and I have been together for a long time now, we're like two peas in a pod." he said as he patted Monet on the head.
"So what is your Pokemon dedication?"
Lucifer smiled while the trainer rambled about his devotion for Pokemon while Sully climbed on to his head of navy blue hair, rest atop it with his eyes closed. Hair just like Falkner's... He decided to spare this fellow the fact he was related to that gym leader. Being a somebody didn't have to happen through fame anyway.

"My..dedication? Oh."

He chuckled sheepishly. His mind was beginning to wander, which made him feel incredibly rude. One of his hands reached up to pat Sully on the head before he answered,

"I can tell when a Pokemon is ready to evolve. It's a stronger form for them, so if they're really close, they work really hard in battles to reach that stage. And if they or I don't wish for the evolution, I make something snazzy out of an Everstone. I have a Scyther, in fact, with a collar that has the pieces of an Everstone in it."

Lewy smiled before saying one last thing, "I'm working hard with Sully. He wants to evolve and he's doing a great job. Just needs a little more confidence when it comes to the ones bigger than he is."
Alphonse queried rhetorically the trainers response to his question. It was as if he was never asked why he pursued the route of a Pokemon trainer as if he was overshadowed by something. He took his time to respond as if it was a memory he had to wrestle from his thoughts, after all with most trainers the drive just become ingrained in them.

"Ah I see that must be really useful! I figure as long as one nurtures their Pokemon well, with enough patience they'll evolve." Alphonse stated becoming more interested in his new acquaintance. "That's incredibly neat that you go through the extra work to make the Everstones into something stylish, I'm not sure I'd be able to have the determination to finish something like that." Alphonse said impressed, after all he was always moved by trainers love for their Pokemon.

"Hehe, yeah the little guys have quite a few Pokemon to look up to, literally. I have one myself" then reached for a pokeball inside his jacket pocket and produced a Togepi for the Cubone to makes playmates with. "This here is ArchAngel, he ran into us by accident and we've been friends ever since, I'm sure when he's happy enough he'll evolve into a Togetic but for now I love him the way he is. Ya know what I mean?"
Amethyst smiled brightly, dusting off her dress before extending her hand to shake his. "Ahh, Zero, huh? My name's Amethyst, from Viridian and this is my persian, Rin. Thank you for the compliment, but careful, you'll enlarge her already enormous ego" she laughed, petting the persian. "A dragon type trainer, then? I'm a trainer too... well, sort of I guess. I would like to go to Blackthorn, to let my little Hikari meet new friends there" she said wistfully. Then, a second later, she realized that he had introduced all of his pokemon.

"Ah, right, this is my persian, Rin" the creature sat up proudly, its tail twitching as it watched Ame. "I also have a ninetails called Kiri and my little Hikari, a dratini" she patted the pokeballs attached to a thin belt around her waist. This was the first person she had met here, and it seemed like he'd been living around here for a very long time.

"You seem very knowledgeable about this place, and I've only just arrived. Would you show me around here a little bit maybe?" she put her hands together, giving him her best pleading glance with wide violet eyes. Her pink pigtails fell over her shoulders, framing her face and hands. "Please?"
Blinking in momentary surprise, he nodded at her request. "Sure, no problem. I'll be heading to Ecruteak in a day or so, but that's no problem. I haven't been here too long, but I know the city well enough." Turning, he began to lead her through the not-too-large crowd. "So, you've got a Dratini, huh? It's quite the reliable Pokemon. I myself thought of starting with a Dratini, when I was given the option of choosing my first Pokemon, but I chose Pupi-kun instead, when he was just a Larvitar."

Glancing back, Zero ordered Char-kun to walk behind them. While it seemed like a rather pointless command, Char-kun was actually there to make sure pickpockets didn't make off with any of their items.

"You said you were sort of a Trainer? Are you thinking of having a different career? A Breeder?"
Amethyst nearly jumped for joy at his acceptance to her request. "Oh, thank you so much!" she exclaimed. Persian followed close at Ame's side now that they were walking again, her quick eyes analyzing the scene as it happened. Paying little mind, since this was normal behavior for the normally very protective Rin, Amethyst instead focused on Zero and his questions.

"Ah, I didn't really choose my first pokemon so much as someone gave me Kiri. I couldn't have hoped or dreamed for a better partner, though. My dratini is indeed very reliable, versatile too so in a pinch she's usually a lot of help. Not that they all aren't!" she added in as Rin began to complain. "I don't really like to battle, though, seeing my precious partners get injured or the beautiful pokemon of someone else... So maybe a breeder, I haven't quite decided yet. I think that's what I'd like to do though..." she trailed off, still looking around curiously while they walked through the city.

"I was thinking, after I'm done here... I'm told that elsewhere there are whole competitions held for who has the most beautiful and talented pokemon" realizing that she was rambling a little, she blushed apologetically. "Sorry, I can talk too much. What career are you thinking of?"
Sully eyed the Togepi cautiously, climbing from Luficer's head to his shoulder with his eyes still glued to the creature. Although shyly, he hopped to the ground and used his bone to gently poke at ArchAngel. This Pokemon was but a baby and seemed harmless to Sully, so he gained trust and confidence, especially with his trainer nearby.

Lewy smiled at his Cubone and watched the Togepi with much concentration. He said, "He's very friendly; Sully seems to like him. I can see a good pattern in the evolution progress. You must make him really happy and train him well."

He then gestured for them to start walking through the city, expecting the Togepi and Cubone to follow close behind them. A stroll sounded nice.... His other two had been trapped in their Poke'balls for a long time. He gently tapped the lids of the catching devices, a Feraligatr and a Scyther popping out beside him. Sully waved to them briefly with a cheerful wave and then returned to his new playmate. The two stretched their limbs and cooed for their trainer thankfully, following the two humans when the walking began. Sky, however, began to fly above them, desiring to give his wings a stretch.

"I don't believe I caught your name... May I ask? My name is Lucifer, from Violet City."
Alphonse watched with his new acquaintance as Sully and ArchAngel made friends. Sully seemed to quickly warm up to ArchAngel which made Alphonse smile as now their Pokemon could be friends too.

"Yes, ArchAngel and I have only been together for a little while, I think he is content with me for his trainer but like you said, I still have some time to go to make him happy enough to become a Togetic." Alphonse said as they started to walk as was this trainers suggestion.

Soon after they began walking the trainer released his other Pokemon and Alphonse followed suit, releasing Slick his Ditto in which it transformed into a Scyther mimicking Sky, it had been awhile since he'd flown too.

"It was Alphonse, pleasure to meet you Lucifer, what is your business in Goldenrod?
Shaking his head and smiling, he glanced at her. "Don't apologize, it's fine. Competitions for beauty and such?" Thinking for a moment, he recalled what he had heard about the Contests. "Ah! A friend of mine enters them. They're all the rage in the Hoenn region, apparently. She left Johto and went to Hoenn a few years back. She told me about them; you have to enter five different categories and beat each rank. From what she told me, she's gotten the Master Rank in all five categories."

As they walked through Goldenrod, he pointed out the main attractions. "This here's the Department Store. It's part of a chain of Department Stores in Celadon and a few other regions. Come on." Continuing, he pointed out the locations of the Pokemon Center and the Global Trading Building.

"Sometimes Trainers like to trade Pokemon with Trainers from afar. This system helps them." Nodding, he took her last question into consideration.

"I'm a Pokemon Trainer. I'm training to become the Leader of the Dragon Clan of Blackthorn. The Elder told me that I should go out and train, so I decided I'd battle the Gym Leaders of Johto, to train. I'm still contemplating going to Kanto, or maybe Hoenn and Sinnoh. I just love battling, truth be told. It's really exciting, and my Pokemon learn to grow stronger and wiser in the end, whether they win or lose."
Lucifer watched the Ditto as it transformed into a copy of Sky and flew above them. He always wanted a Ditto... He thought they were amazing creatures, whether or not they could evolve. Ditto could be any Pokemon it wanted and even mimic the attacks the original knew.

"Astounding," he murmured, looking to Alphonse as he talked of his Togepi.

"I'm actually here for supplies and simply to browse. We go wherever we please, since I have no strict goals like many." He paused, noticing two other trainers being accompanied by a Charizard. "What about you, Alphonse? Capturing Pokemon?
"Actually we were on our way to get some supplies as well, before as you figured to catch some somewhat rare Pokemon is this area. Not a big deal though there are rare Pokemon everywhere it's just knowing the area. you are welome to join me if you liek I could always use more company and someone you speaks a human language."
Alphonse followed Lucifers gaze to the couple with the Charizard and he said to Lucifer "Hold that thought for a sec" as he approached the couple. Alphonse gave a friendly way and announced a "Hey!" as he made is way to them. "May I ask you a quick question? Did you find a Charmander in the wild or did you trade for your Charizard or something of the sort?"