Pokemon Adventure: The Rivals.

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  1. Samantha was up early that day, visiting Professor Oak in his lab, getting a sneak peek of the new pokemon. She was amazed at how many there were and more arising. "Wow." She said towards him as he walked towards his desk, waving a hand for her to sit in the chair beside his desk. "So, who else knows about the new pokemon, Professor?" She asked sweetly as he chuckled before answering. "Well, there is this other person, who shall remain nameless..." That was all he had to say to her.

    She rolled her eyes while scoffing the name. "Must be Kira." Samantha leaned back in her seat and folded her arms over her chest, letting out a light huff. "Well, you won't like what I have to tell you next then." Her eyes peered towards Professor Oak after he spoke those words. He continued talking after a light laugh. "I chose you two to be in a tournament." Her eyes widened as she jumped up out of her seat, her arms outstretched as she also paced back and forth, speaking. "What? Why him? Can you change that decision? Is it too late?" She repeatedly asked as Professor Oak looked at her and spoke in a serious tone. "Please, Samantha, just give him a chance." She stopped then stood there. "I don't give people a chance after they stab me in the back. You know what he did." She said while sitting back down with a heavy sigh.

    "Well, speaking of the devil, here is Kira walking up here now." Professor Oak said. Samantha eyes instantly turned to look outside the window. "I'm out of here." Professor Oak sighed while placing his hand over his temple, rubbing it in the process. "Please stay, Samantha, I want to tell you both the good news." He said as she looked back at Kira entering. 'Let the games begin.' She thought to herself while turning herself away from him.
  2. As Professor Oak had said that Kira was walking up, turns out that he was. His black fedora was casting a slight shadow over his silver eyes. No matter how he confident he seemed as he walked, he was rather nervous. A slight feeling of anger made it's way to his senses. He knew it had to be from Samantha as he could tell when someone was angry. This time, he left his long coat at home as it wasn't really needed.

    "Hey Professor." He greeted, wanted to somehow change the rather tense atmosphere. "What was it that you needed?" Was the question of the moment as Kira removed his fedora and set it in his lap when he sat down.
  3. Samantha's eyes were locked on Kira as he entered the room. She then rolled them when he only spoke towards the Professor and not her - But she wasn't going to comment on something so petty, that wasn't her. "Ah, Kira, nice of you to make it, please have a seat." He said while pointing his index finger to the chair beside Samantha. She wanted to pull the chair away so that he'll fall flat on his ass but she decided not to, this time anyway. The Professor stood in front of them, tapping his chin as he paced from side to side, hands cuffed behind his back. Soon, he started talking. "Alright, you two are the best of the best that I have seen and you two deserve to be challenging against the best." He took a long pause then breathed before speaking his next words.

    "I have chosen for you two to cooperate and be in a tournament..." He looked between the two before speaking the last word. "Together." Samantha couldn't believe it. Professor Oak had already seen her reaction about the whole thing, just needed to see Kira's. She shook her head and stood up, walking towards the exit. She had her hand on the door handle before the Professor spoke again. "Oh wait, I forgot to tell you guys that the bus will be here in two hours, so go home and pack. And don't forget your Pokemon." He said with a hint of laughter leaving his lips as he walked into his back office.

    She was fixing to head home but waited for Kira to leave the building. When Kira was to make his way outside, she would storm right up to him. "Look, I know we don't like each other but Professor was right, we are the best he's got. So try not to screw up this time. Okay?" She said while looking up at his hat. "Nice hat." She added while thumping it then turning heel to head home and pack for the adventure ahead.
  4. The only reason that Kira didn't say much to Samantha was that he didn't know what to say to her. He had almost expected for her to do something that even he would think was rather childish like pulling his chair out of the way before he sat down. He listened to Professor Oak talk speak about how they were the best of the best and deserved a challenge.

    As the mention of them being in a tournament as a team really did nearly put him for a loop. As unbelievable it was, he just had to ask something before he was to get up and leave. "You sure this is a good idea?" He asked, struggling to keep a neutral face. Internally, he was rather worried. Not for himself however, but for Samantha. With a sigh, he stood up and left moments later.

    When he got outside, he saw her coming and knew what was going to be said. Silently - and aiming to not screw things up even worse than normal, he just nodded. When she thumped his hat, he checked it rather quickly. As Samantha was not too far away, he let out a sigh and whispered. "It was a gift from my father." As he continued on his way home, he thought of which Pokemon he should bring.