Pokemon Academy Idea (1 x 1 or group)

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Could this RP potentially be a good Group RP?

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  1. This is intended to be a one x one rp where we all use OC's, not Canon characters.

    This is an open RP where anything can happen, and that our characters could potentially be friends, lovers, frenemies, or just enemies. SO there is no stickler on where this is going. But the premise I might explore is based off an old Pokemon video game from the Nintendo Gamecube game where the Pokemon become Shadow Pokemon, and they attack humans.

    But wait...don't they normally attack humans? Yes, but only for self-defense not out of random. So it will be interesting to see where the story could go.

    So the story would begin in the 'Pokemon Academy' where people can learn how to be:

    - Trainers

    - Breeders

    - Coordinator (the people that compete in those 'contests')

    - Ranger

    - Associate (a governing group that handles legislation regarding Pokemon. They help set up contests, musicals, Elite Four Tournaments, and other types of business all over the Pokemon world. They are the ones that created the different kinds of battling and laws.)

    - Professor

    - Nurse/Daycare

    - Gym Leader

    - Shopkeeper​

    Basically, it's jobs that involve Pokemon in a way.

    My character is Gethin Connery who is attending the academy, expected by his parents to continue the lineage of running the most popular and reputable breeding and daycare business his parents own. But he honestly wants to be a ranger, helping out the Pokemon and defeating the bad guys.

    Where would your character come in? Well, this is why this RP is pretty open-minded as your character can be whoever, whether she adds drama or not.

    Where would the RP start? I would like to start when the students have to choose their first Pokemon given to them by the academy. I know where my character would go with this, with you, basically pick the common Pokemon and ones that can be starters (like vulpix, caterpie, etc.). So no legendaries and no super rare Pokemon. Basically, Pokemon that can be commonly found (in any region) and easy to bring in. (my last RP partner chose a Riolu).

    If you rather be safe than sorry, then just ask me and I'll let you know.

    Anyone interested in doing this 1 x 1 or group rp? I think it has potential to be a group RP as much as it can be a 1 x 1.
  2. If I were to join this, I'd like a Group RP.

    So, we aren't allowed to bring our own Pokemon?

    Well, it's not like I was going to pick Cryogonal anyways
  3. Well the plot of the story (i used last time) is you have to choose the pokemon that they approve of. And their reason is to teach you how to handle your pokemon that you just got.

    And pokemon you bring outside is considered cheating and will result in expulsion. It was something I thought of...anyway.
  4. I guess I can adapt. Might consider something along the lines of Tynamo, Skrelp and Inkay. As much as Stunfisk and the Hoenn fossills fit what I'm going for, Stunfisk isn't a good starter and fossils are... well, fossils.
  5. I'm definitely interested. I absolutely adored Coliseum and Gale of Darkness. Would this take place in Orre?
  6. I never thought about what region this took place in. I did take the story idea of Orre Region into this RP.

    And I was thinking pokemon that were on their beginning stages, like pichu, poochyena, etc. (basically any pokemon that is still in their baby stage)
  7. i'm interested! I've got a couple characters i can easily tweak to fit :3
    Don't think orre is a good idea though, given the fact pokemon are virutally nonexistent in the wild and so quite rare, personally I have a favortism toward johto
    are we allowed to choose fossil pokemon?
  8. I am thinking that would be hard, since we have to consider which pokemon are easily accessible to the Pokemon Academy (Basically any pokemon that can be caught in the wild on their baby stage). So I would think Fossil Pokemon would not fit into their criteria since they are hard to find.
  9. ah, fair enough, no problem
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