Pokemon: A Losing Battle

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  1. "Latias, where do you think you're going this time?"

    The shorter white haired female, sneaking along down one of the long corridors of their large home stopped in her tracks, turning around to see the taller white haired male that was her brother looking at her with arms crossed and a stern gaze. This happened much too often than Latias wished. She herself, as a legendary anyway, was very sneaky. But, when living with other Legendaries who were just as sneaky, if not more sneaky, than herself, she tended to get caught doing things she shouldn't be doing more than she liked. And most of the time it was being caught trying to sneak out.

    The girl did her best to gave a smile, looking toward her brother as if he hadn't just caught her trying to sneak off again, "Oh, Latios, what a surprise. How is your morning going?"

    The young man crossed his arms, ignoring the pleasantries his sister was saying, "Latias, you know you shouldn't be wandering off on your own like this. Its one thing to hang around the halls and find something to do here. But, I know exactly where you're heading, and you know you aren't supposed to go there."

    "But brother, it's just once," Latias said, stepping up to her brother pleadingly, "Don't you want to see our home again? The great city of Altomar? The gardens there is where father raised us. I want to see it again. See him again." Well, what was left of him anyway, in the form of the Soul Dew, "You and I could go together, Latios. And then when we're done we can come right back here. What do you say?"

    A long sigh escaped her brother as he pinched the bridge of his nose, "Latias. You know I would love to see our home again. But...it's just too dangerous." He said, looking up to her, "While most Pokemon don't even believe we exist anymore, there are other Pokemon out there looking to harm the Legendaries. That look to kill us, Latias. And I will not lose you to that. Not like I did father." Letting out another sigh, he hugged the girl, then let go and nudged her back in the direction opposite of the room that held the way back to the mortal realm, "You'll understand when your older. Now, go back to your room and get some rest. It's getting late."

    Disappointment in her gaze, Latias made her way back to her room and lay in her bed, yet, sleep just didn't seem to come. It hadn't been coming easily for the past few nights. She continued to have dreams, of the mortal world. Of exploring it and learning more about it. She wanted to live out that dream. To see it all in person and not just in visions within sleep. The others couldn't understand the need she felt to do so. And that need to see that world once again was driving her more and more to go there and see it for herself.

    Just as it was now.

    It was night time now, nothing lighting the echoing halls of the prestigious mansion-like home the Legendaries shared besides the moon rays that came in through the windows. As quiet as can be, she moved through out the halls until she finally came to the room she was looking for. Opening up the heavy door, inside of the room, on the far wall, as a portal, ripping like a body a water.

    She was nervous. Extremely so. She hadn't been to the mortal world ever since she was a small child. Ever since the Great Flood of Altomar so many years ago. She was scared. But she knew this was something she had to do. If she didn't the she would never have any peace. And if she was going to do this, then she had to move quick, other wise one of the others would find her in this room and stop her. And so, taking a deep breath, the girl stepped through the portal.


    There was water everywhere. Latias was in the middle of a great body of water. This was familiar. She remembered swimming under the water to get to the portal, her older brother at her side helping her to do so. She had been just a child then. But now, she was older, and able to swim much better on her own. She swam upwards, until finally she surfaced, coming out of a rather large and deep lake. Walking onto the shore, she smiled brightly as she looked around.

    This place was hidden deep within the forest, not too far from her home town. She could go there, and see her home for herself, maybe even stay there for a while, should time permit. She was at least free to do as she wished until the others realized she was missing and came to find her.

    But...she couldn't be seen. Reminding herself of this, she used her powers turning invisible as she floated into the air and flew high over the trees, searching. Maybe if she found a disguise? Perhaps then she could stay longer without getting found by the others so soon. It was worth a shot. And so, continuing to fly a little ways, heading across the forest in the direction opposite of Altomar, until she found a small town, one much smaller than her home, but where she could surely find something to turn into.

    Flying low, she swept over the town, eyes searching until she saw a pokemon that peeked her interest. It was a short of ice Pokemon, selling cold drinks that he would make cold just by touching them. What was this pokemon called again? She had read about them before....oh, yes. A Glaceon. This one was male, but then again, weren't most Eeveelutions if what she read in books was correct? A Glaceon seemed interesting enough. She smiled, watching him closely and observing his actions, as well as his looks and abilities, before flying a little ways off with a smile on her face.

    Just outside of the town, she stopped and landed down near a small creek. Looking around to make sure no one was near by, she turned herself visible once more and looked down at her reflection, shifting appearances. It took a few tries to get it just right, as it was difficult to mimic an appearance of someone of opposite gender, yet make it her own gender. Finally though, she had it just right.

    Satisfied with her now Glaceon appearance, the girl made her way back into the village, looking around with curious eyes, not noticing the stares the rare female Eeveelution was getting as she walked by different stores and such, enjoying her time in this strange new mortal realm.
  2. Littleroot Valley, Kanto Region



    As the morning sun rose once more, sunlight gently flooded into the dimly lit bedroom through a single window. The soft summer winds blew into the room following the sunlight, sweetly brushing through the Eevee's hair while he continued to sleep. Shifting slightly in his bed, Maxwell smiled contently and kept his eyes shut. Within his dreams were visions of peaceful meadows affirmed with flowers. Standing amidst the rainbow coloured rows was a beautiful maiden with long pointed ears, wearing a brown and beige-striped dress. Her fluffy tail gently blew back and forth with the breeze while she lightly bounced in place. Upon her face was a playful smile and she winked at Maxwell in a flirty manner. The female Furret then pointed her finger towards Maxwell, wagging it towards herself as if to beckon him forwards. But, just as he was about to walk, Maxwell was awoken by the rough sounding voice of his brother.


    "MAX! MAXWELL, WAKE UP!" commanded Sparky as he stared down at the peaceful face of his little brother.

    "MAXWELL!" Sparky shouted before he grabbed one of the Eevee's pillows and smacked him in the face with it.

    "Uhnn..." Maxwell groaned, a shroud of misery slowly descending on him as he was disturbed from his sleep. "Sparky... Please go away..." whimpered the young Eevee as he rolled over in his bed, trying to reclaim the image of the beautiful Furret from his dreams.

    "Absolutely not, Log Master! We've got to set up for 'Public Recruitment Day'."

    "Ugh... Sparky, we go to that thing every year and nobody joins up. Just face it; we're the laughing stock of Littleroot."

    "What about Drillbert?"

    "The Diglett? He quit after you pulled that initiation prank!"

    "Whatever, Max. Just get up and dressed. I'm going to go wake up the rest of the team." growled Sparky, growing impatient towards his younger brother. Before he turned around and walked out of the room, Sparky tore the blankets off of Maxwell and hit him again with the pillow. Once the Pikachu was out of his room, Maxwell let out a rather heavy sigh and slowly sat up on the edge of his bed. Running a hand along his face, Maxwell yawned. Then, he crawled to the floor, got on his hands and feet and stretched out his body until he felt loose. Standing up, Maxwell's tail swung over to the wall-rack beside his bed and grabbed a towel. "Alright, Maxie: bath time." mumbled the Eevee as he walked over to the bathroom. Maxwell never really did like baths, but he loved being clean so he always had to take them.

    Meanwhile, Sparky entered the central area of the team base and walked over to a nearby intercom, plugging his tail into the electrical socket. Sending a bit of electricity through the socket to power the intercom, Sparky cleared his throat and began to speak to the rest of his team. "ATTENTION TEAM STORM PHOENIX! Guildmaster Melissa is coming over later for an inspection, so I need everyone to be fully prepared and ready for the day! NO EXCEPTIONS! If any of you aren't out of bed in ten minutes, then I'm cancelling the trip to Pok├ętopia!"
  3. "Is he doing it again?"

    "Yelling through the intercom unnecessarily? Yes."

    The Meganium sighed as she stood in the door way of her room. She really did love this team. Sure it wasn't the best known team around and they had an awfully hard time getting members to join. Perhaps it was the fact they had a rough time completing even the simplest of missions? Well, that was one of the reasons anyway. They were kind of unpopular with everyone and deemed as useless. Sparky was a little tough of them too, so that didn't help. She knew Sparky meant well and that he was just trying to toughen them up, but sometimes it was tiring, "Alright. Well I suppose we should get ready. Who knows, maybe we'll have a new member of our team by the end of the day?"

    "I wouldn't get your hopes up, Maggy." Shelly stated, the Goldeen crossing her arms over her chest, "We haven't had a new member in quite some time." With that, the Goldeen went to get ready, as did the Meganium, both seeming sort of doubtful that anything good might came out of this recruitment day.

    This place was amazingly new to Latias. It had been years since she had been in the mortal realm, and even then, when she had lived in the mortal realm it had been hidden away in the secret garden sanctuary of Altomare. To be here, among the normal Pokemon, was such a new and exciting experience for the young woman. She smiled brightly as she walked along the streets, looking around. It would surely take forever to just explore this one town, much less this who entire world like she wished to.

    But of course, first, before she started to explore the world, she wanted to go home to visit. To see the garden again, as well as the Soul Dew. It was a little bit of a walk there from this town, so surely it wouldn't take long to get there. Yet, she would take her time getting there. Her brother would likely check there first for her once he found her missing, and so she wanted to give time for her brother to check there, see she wasn't there, then move on to a different place to search. That way, when she finally did arrive there, he wouldn't be there and he wouldn't be able to drag her back home to the realm of the Legendaries. At least, she hoped he would leave and search somewhere else anyway, because, should he be there when she got there then it would surely cause troubles for her plans of traveling and she would never get a chance like this again.

    She continued to look into the windows of different shops and buildings, exploring and looking at her surroundings with a curious look on her face, unaware of the gazes and stares the female eeveeultion got from people passing by her.​
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