Pokemon, a Journey + Assorted Plots


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- What I'm looking for is a Pokemon RP where our characters meet each other and end up agreeing to go on their journey together for whatever reason. (The plot is up to discussion!) As they journey the land together, they end up developing romantic interest in each other. So, the romance would be kinda slow-built (depending on how long we want the RP to go on for). FxF.
- Literate roleplay. I write from 1 to 3 paragraphs per post, so I expect the same in return.
- I may be a bit sparse on replies (that is, I may not be able to do one per day or more than two per week, but if the RP has garnered my interest and nothing much is going on IRL I'll be active!)

If you're interested, PM me directly or tell me your ideas in this thread! Looking forward to starting! :D

- As for other plots, I'm looking for slice-of-life FxF romance. If you got something of that sort (doesn't have to be that slice-of-lifey) hit me up.

Some plots:
- Characters about 18-years old. Character A works part-time in a flower shop to maintain her studies and to travel the world in the future. Character B is a regular costumer and ends up taking a liking to Character A, so much that when job offers are available, she takes the opportunity and becomes a worker there, too. Will this relationship get somewhere?

- Characters about 18-years old. Character A and Character B meet in a library reading-club.