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  1. Hello, all! Once again. Yep, I've been craving a lot of weird things lately, and I just got a new Pokemon game, so why the hell not?

    So, as for requirements of my partner, I want the following:

    1. Must be literate, and active every day.
    2. Must develop character.
    3. Must have a personality.
    3.5. If you've read all of the rules, put "Polka Dot" somewhere in your PM.
    4. Must have awesome cookie-making skills(okay, maybe not..)
    4.5. Just kidding, put something else in your PM, but make it totally weird. Like, "Yellow Elephant on a bicycle eating cockroaches", or something.
    5. Must be awesome in general. 8D

    Any who, on to the plots and such!

    Now, we can do this in any region. I've seen 'em all.

    We have the typical "two-friends-grow-up-together" plot where they're handed their starter pokemon and head off on a journey together, blah blah blah. I also think this would be good if we doubled. It could be four friends growing up together. c: I'd prefer it to be Japanese-themed, but we can also do American. (hint hint)

    We can also pair up Gym Leaders, or Elite Four members, and whatnot. :3 Message me your ideas, or if you want to brainstorm together! As long as they are not canon. I like to play my own original characters. I also do not object to Gijinka!

    Side note: Unless we're doubling, I prefer to play females and I do not mind doing hetero, yaoi, or yuri. ^^

    So, PM me! ^^
  2. I'm totes interested!
  3. ^u^ PM me.
  4. Still searching!
  5. *flops down and flails* >~< I'd love to do a story with you as a gijinka~!
  6. PM me! >U<
  7. cx Still looking!
  8. Still. Looking. Rawr!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.