Pokemon 1x1 anyone?

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  1. So the basic plot would be two friends who are starting their pokemon journey. Their ages would be 10-18 (we can figure out what ages we want). I would prefer both characters to be males. I want a partner who will not ditch me when things start to get a little boring, also just an FYI I do not do libertine.

    Feel free to either post here of message me if interested :)
  2. I'd be interested. What region will it start in and will there be any more to the plot than just two friends going on an adventure (Not that it matters much to me, I'm just curious.)?
  3. I figured we would both decide on the region I would be curious to do an orange islands RP, but we can decide that together. I don't really want to bring any of the teams into the plot, but if we did do an orange island RP the trainers' main goal would be to catalogue the different colored pokemon
  4. Alright. I'm up for any region, but I'd really love either Hoenn or Kalos if that's alright with you. As for the Orange Islands, I never really watched the anime so I have next to no knowledge about them...;;
  5. I don't know much about the orange islands either, just that they are a bunch of islands and most of the pokemon there are a slightly different color. I would like to do an orange island RP, but if you really don't want to then we can pick another region.
  6. Well if we're both going in blind then I guess it'd be kinda fun? But at the same time I think it'd be better if we go with a region we both know about.
    Eh, whatever you want I guess.
  7. I guess we can go with Kalos
  8. Alright. Are we starting from the very beginning with the two getting starters or will they already have some pokemon with them?
  9. I was thinking they already have their starters (do you want to do the Kalos starters or pick our own?) also what age to you want the boys to be?
  10. It doesn't matter if they have Kalos starters or not and I think 15-ish would be a good age?
  11. Okay 15 it is, my guy is going to have a togepi (love togepi's!!!!)
  12. I think mine might have a Zoura or a Riolu, not 100% sure yet...probably Riolu.
  13. Okay do you want to do this in messages or in the 1x1 section?
  14. It doesn't matter to me.
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