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So I've had this idea for a SMALL group more than likely no more than FOUR in total so technically I'm hunting for THREE PEEPS for this. Anyways here is the pitch.

Krodyst Isle Region is thought to be mainly uninhabited, and cut off from the rest of the world. Only a few 'Villages / Towns' exist and many of them are styled more like the Hidden Villages from Naruto having ninjas that protect their island from each other. But Pokemon Do No Exist in this world. Instead Ninjas are trained to learn the art of PG (pokegenesis) an ability passed down from the pokemon themselves supposedly; allows for those trained to harness the power of Pokemon Fossils (all pokemon have fossils now obviously) and transform temporarily into a Gijinka (pokemon anthro). Harnessing the poweress of that long lost pokemon and battling to defeat gyms to keep peace. Rangers would be the higher level PokeMorphers. And the morph could be either of anthro style or magic armor. We'd also start with only 2 or 3 morphs and get more along the way as our abilities advanced.

So the plot would advance from the Rangers going about their normal lives protecting their villages and then a massive army of bug pokemon show up and a new threat is realized one of the islands has living pokemon and what is worse they have Mega Evolving power and will be out bad guys ^.^ A team of mad scientists who are screwing with Megaevolution abilities and stones (like radiation) A small team of these PokeGenesis Rangers will be put together to fight and battle their way to the baddies and it will be adventure based ^.^ Um so yeah anyone interested?

Ah Almost forgot the Requirements:
x. Active
x. Not a grammar nazi but please legibility is a must
x. At least a paragraph to 2 post length
x. No mary sues / plain janes
x. No op/ godmod / autos
x. legendaries would be allowed but ONLY ONE!
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