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  1. Prologue

    On April 3, 2020. Nintendo Entertainment and A company named Zengol made a contract to build the very first Poke'mon virtual MMO RPG. It went by the title "Poke'Art Online" and was to be exclusively for the NervGear, a popular VR console. On September 18, 2020, Akino Seto (the president of Zengol and lead programmerfor Poke'Art Online) had announced the lgames creation to the world. She said that this would be a Poke'mon game unlike any other and would surpass both the original games and the Poke'mon Mystery Dungeon franchise combined. When this announcement was made NervGear seals skyrocketed through the roof and the games development prospered. On January 25, 2021, The first Footage of the Alpha for Poke'Art Online was mad public to the world. The hype got Hundreds of thousands of gamers everywhere more and more excited for the game and started to look forward to the beta.

    On October 7, 2021, keys for the Beta of Poke'Art Online have been given to 250 individuals. The trails wen on until February 11 of 2022, a player named Ren had taken many notes from his experience and would use them to his advantage up to the first 20 floors. On March 2, 2022 Advertising for Poke'Art Online had gone global announcing that the game was to be released in August. Players began to buy their pre-orders immediately since then and until the day of release. On August 27 of 2022 at 7:00 PM MTZ, Poke'Art Online servers had come online and players began to sign in by the hundreds. At 11:00 PM MTZ 287 players have been reported dead in the real world indicating that something was very wrong in the game, one hour later it was made clear by a pre recorded message by Akino Seto herself that players are no longer able to sign out of the game until all 100 floors were cleared and that dying in the game will result in death in the real world. Mass panic was apperant for several hours after that announcement was made.

    Three days have past since the game has started and so far a total of 500 players have died. Many players have gotten the idea to team up in Oder to survive, Some have chosen to go it alone, while others are too traumatized to take any action at all. The first floor had not yet been cleared and there has been no luck at all in finding the boss room. Players are starting to loose hope more and more, but a Charmander player is far from giving up and presses on his search. Only time and determination will tell the fate of the players of Poke'Art Online. Your adventure Begins Now.... Good Luck Player.
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  2. CHAPTER 1: First Floor Freak Out!
    August 30, 2022. Floor 1, City of Birth.

    The City of Birrth is the starting point of the Players adventure, it has all the basic essentials for a player's journey including but not limited to shops, black smiths, hospitals, and Help booths. It is also home to the Palace of Hero's witch inside its keep lies the Wall of fame where all the greatest feats are recorded. Any time a Player/team defeats a boss, clears a dungeon, or something else spectacular it is recorded there. Surrounding the City of Birth are large grassy plains separated only by a river. In addition there are four paths that each lead to a different smaller towns. The City of Birth is located in the center of the floor, to the east lies the town of Bal-Beeta, to the north Is Nallis, in the East is the Delgo City, and in the south is Mien. They all are smaller in size than the City of Birth but they all have the same services.

    Floor 1 Is divide into two biomes, the Large meadow that surrounds The City of birth and the Even bigger Forest that surrounds everything else. There are also Four Dungeons on the first floor... Cresent Moon Cave, Willow grove, Micro Forrest, and Lilly Pond. Remember only one of these will lead to the boss room so make sure you do a lot of scouting before you charge in gun ho.
    Hiryu & King Kame - Charmander & Squirtle

    It was Late Summer and main town for the first floor had calmed down to some extent. There were still many players who were worried that the first floor boss room hand not been found yet and even more so that 500 people have died so far in such a short time. But for the most part the chaos had calmed down some. Some where in the Weapons Market of The City a Charmander was running along the streets in a hurry to get some where "Come on Kame! We are already late!" He said yelling back at a Squitle who was loligagin behind him. He was having a hard time keeping up with the Fire Type. "Can we slow down Hiryu? I'm not exactly a Poke'mon built for speed like you ya know." Replied the turtle who had finally caught up with the Charmander. The two of them had arrived at an Inn where they were to meet up with some other Players to form a party to search for the dungeon that will lead to the boss room.
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  3. Vino - Gastly

    The summer day was windless according to the in game weather settings, this made Vino a bit more comfortable to be outside. Her avatar was one of the lightest Pokemon to exist, so windy days often made it hard for her to travel. After a few days she slowly got used to her little gas body, when first choosing this avatar, she felt that being able to use it properly would take some practice. Now she can get all the practice she needs, since she's going to be stuck in this game for quite a while, and also possibly the rest of her existing lifetime. Vino slowly fazed though the wall of the inn that she was staying in, it was one of the advantages of being a ghost type in this game. It has been a few days since the game became deadly, and there was no hope of getting though the first floor. "A hundred floors huh?" Vino sunk her body into her light blue scarf and murmured. It seemed impossible at this point.

    After popping out of the inn's wall, Vino was levitating above the roof tops of the fantasy style buildings created in the game. The Weapons Market started to become more and more busy as the day slowly slipped by. With many Pokemon hurrying though the streets to their destinations. Vino has personally be though a bit of the dungeons, but being a Gastly, even with her high special attack and speed her defenses were too low to keep up a long expedition. She thought about getting some teammates, perhaps some with decent defenses. Taking a deep breath she sunk down into the Inn once again, and headed towards the first floor where the players met up at.
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  4. Chopper - Sawk

    "It just can't be... true," the Sawk attempted to reason with himself. There was no possible way that what he was going through was real in any way, right? His whole life, the male was taught to differentiate videogames from reality, because time and time again when he was just a little boy, just playing them were scary, having assumed that a death in-game was a death in the actual world around him. His dad, being a fanatic of a ton of games had to discuss it with him, finally making his son understand such a concept. That is, until now. The teenager was stuck in a game as a Pokemon he only picked because it shared his hobby, which was karate. Axel played videogames before, but never really got into Pokemon until recently when his friends begged him to try it out with this MMO. Therefore he got a few games from the main series to see what he would be getting into, and so far he enjoyed it. Nothing he did in those games really prepared him for living in a game, and being able to die, just like in the real world.

    For three days the boy who was stuck in the body of a Sawk used his starting virtual cash to stay at an Inn, cooped up into his room. He wasn’t ready to risk his life for the game yet, but after thinking about it for the last few days, today might be the day. It took a while, but the male figured that with his skills in karate, and his ability to adapt quickly, he probably might be able to help everyone break out of the game. Feeling pretty confident in his small blue body, Chopper, which was Axel’s User Name in-game, jumped out of his bed and stormed towards the door, opened it and looked over the edge of the side floor, which outlined the building by being attached to the walls, and set his eyes upon the first floor, which he would soon go down to via the stairs next to him. He watched pokemon throughout the Inn, but the three that peaked his interests most were a charmander and Squirtle who just entered the room. He played one of the games where both of them could be picked as starters, and they had stage 3 evolutions, so in the long run allying with them would be great. The Sawk would jump from the edge to give a cool pose after doing so, which would gain him some popularity, but he wasn’t sure if something like that would cost him HP, which he wanted to make sure stayed with him, because if the bar dropped to 0, he would surely die. Chopper used the stairs instead, arriving near the door where the two appeared from. The first floor of the Inn was really decorative, with a green carpet with designs of a few legendary pokemon on them, tons of tables for people to chat, and a front desk where people could rent out rooms and food.

    “Hello, you two. Are you looking for a third partner to help everyone break out of the game perhaps?” Chopper asked with a smile. “I am Chopper by the way,” he added, shooting out his right hand, trying to get a hand shake from both of them.
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  5. Hiryu & King Kame - Charmander & Squitle

    "Gah! Fighting Type!"
    Yelled Kame retreating into his shell. He quivered in fear as the sawk introduced him self but he was too scared to respond. Hiryu on the other hand knew that they were safe for a number of factors. "I'm Hiryu, and the cowardly turtle here is Kame. We actually are planning on meeting some one here, but if there is anything I learned as a beta tester for this game it's that there is safety in numbers." Said Hiryu giving the fighting type player a slime as he sent him a party invite through the game menu. Kame was still shaking inside his shell and was not sure if what Hiryu was going was wise. "Are you really going to rust some one we just met? Shouldn't we think this through?" He said trembling. Hiryu peered into his shell, and spoke into it "the boss on this floor is a normal type, and the more players we have to fight is the better our chances are. Besides we are only looking for the boss room. Once we ind it we are sure to gather a larger force." He said. Kame hated to admit it, but Hiryu had a point. So he deemed it wise to trust his judgment and give the player a chance. He left the safety of his shell and properly said hello.
  6. Vino - Gastly

    Vino sunk lower and lower in to the Inn. When she arrived at the bottom floor a voice caught her attention. "The boss on this floor is a normal type." Vino played in the beta, she knew that some beta testers did manage to take down bosses, but she never participated in an actual boss fight during the beta. A normal type boss, being a ghost type she has an advantage. Although the idea of many normal type Pokemon getting dark type moves like Bite and Pursuit made her a bit worried. Hmm...it's not STAB...right? So maybe I won't get killed by it......

    Gazing over at where the voice came from she saw a Bulbasuar, a Charmander and a Sawk standing together, seemingly plotting something. After seeing there is a fighting type in this potential boss raiding party Vino became a bit more reassured knowing that there is a fighting type who can take most dark type moves pretty well. Knowing that she floated up to the group.

    "Um, if you say that the boss is normal type...maybe I can help scout......You know, I'm a ghost type and stuff, won't get hit by most of the attacks. I'm Val...I mean Vino, my name is Vino." After almost shouting out her real name, Vino hoped that she didn't leave the impression of being too timid, since most players were already pretty scared being death trapped in a game, and timid was a beneficial nature for a Gastly anyways.
  7. Elizia - Riolu

    Another sleepless night. How many more sleepless nights would there be in this . . . this nightmare? Elizia stared at the ceiling as sunlight filtered through her window and onto the sheets of her bed. It was almost ridiculous that she even tried to sleep. Everything she was seeing right now was in her mind; nothing physical or real. Except for death. That was the only thing real now.

    With a sigh she finally stood up, swinging her legs over the edge of the bed. She stared at her feet, or rather, her paws. Oh yeah, her body wasn't even a real body. A made-up fictional avatar called Riolu. She stood up, wriggling the toes of her back paws before making her way down to the lobby of the inn she was staying at. About halfway down the stairs, the fur on her neck tingled and she heard voices at the bottom. Moving a little further she saw a group of pokemon at the foot of the stairs: a Charmander, Squirtle, Sawk and a Ghastly all conversing with each other. Perking her ears, she heard "boss" and "scouting."

    They're not seriously . . .? Elizia hurried the rest of the way, rapping the wall beside her to get their attention.

    "Hey, I couldn't help but over hear you guys talking about taking on a boss," she said. "Isn't that a bit too ambitious? Especially considering we are base pokemon at the moment?"
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  8. Hiryu, King Kame, and San Sakura San - Charmander, Squitle, and Ralts

    "We have to at least try, other wise we will never get out of this death trap" Said Hiryu sending both Vino and Elizia invites to the party. He knew that Riolu even at lower levels can be quite powerful and two fighting types are better than one. "Not to mention all bosses are fully evolution Poke'mon, so the more power we have the better... Or at least that's what Hiryu and the other beta testers say." He said heeling a bit more confident. With the ghost type now on their side that made four players for their expedition. Once their friend arrives that would make five, and if the Riolu joined in that would make six.

    Mean while some where else in the Inn a Ralts named Sakura was ist getting ready to meet up with friends.
    "Why did I have to oversleep today of all days?" She said hurrying to get into her best gear. Today was the day she and her friends were going to find the boss room and report it to the whole floor. One of her friends use to be a beta tester so he knew all about the boss as well as some of them on the higher floors. But she first had to get all her stuff in Oder if she wanted to have any hope in coming back alive.
  9. Chopper - Sawk

    It seemed that Hiryu Charmander was happy about the fact that Sawk wished to join them to fight the Floor 1 Boss. He gave Axel an invite via the menu, which he took a minute or two to get into, since he hasn’t even bothered to look through the whole thing, and he didn’t feel like doing it during his depression either. King Kame the Squirtle seemed less than friendly to the Sawk however, not wanting to trust a stranger. Chopper knew that it was a reasonable response, since you could actually die in this game according to the lady in the recording. However, he knew that he just wanted to help, and would do anything to gain his new ally’s trust. Soon after that, more pokemon came up to them. First there was a Ghastly named veno, who offered to help scout out the boss since he was a ghost type and could phase through solid matter. The boss on this floor apparently was a Normal Type as well, according to Hiryu.

    “Wait, Hiryu, have you already scouted out the pokemon, or were you one of those really lucky beta testers?” Axel asked, his curiosity shown in his face. He would mix that with a smile, but he has heard a few people say some rude things about them in the Inn the last few days, about keeping all of the information to themselves. That wouldn’t stop the Sawk from allying with him, but now there were doubts. A Riolu also came up to the group, sounding like Chopper did before he came out of the room, her words filled with despair.

    “Well, as long as we have a large enough group of base pokemon, we could take down the first boss easy. Also, a lot of players haven’t even tried to explore the dungeons yet, so perhaps we can evolve via grinding up. Since I am a Sawk I can’t but maybe you guys can!” Chopper shouted the last part, feeling very excited for some reason. The male found it hard to believe that he could go from moping around to being happy about being able to fight a boss so fast. That was an epiphany for you, he guessed.
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  10. Hiryu & King Kame - Charmander & Squitle

    "Yeah I was one of the 250 Individuals who got to beta test the game, and proud of it at this point. The beta only went upto floor 20 so I have knolage of 1/5 oth the game." He replied. Every though that was not a lot of information it could still go a long way. And the fact that he even made it that far in the beta meant he must be capable to some extent. While Hiryu rummaged through his inventory Kame scoped the room looking for their possibly final member. Or if any one else wanted to take part in their endeavor. "Any Idea where Sakura is Hiryu? She said she would meet us here while we went out to get extra equipment" Said Kame getting ready him self. He started to smile, maybe there was hope that they would see the real world again. Sure they had a long way to go but with the Poke'mon that were in their group there seemed to be a lot they could take on if they wanted to.
  11. Elizia - Riolu

    Elizia turned to the Charmander. "You were a beta tester?" A notification screen popped right in front of her, asking for approval on a party invite from someone named Hiryu. That must have been the Charmander since he pulled his menu out just a moment ago. She considered the invite for a long time before finally hitting the 'confirm' button, her name showing in the party list instantly. If this will help her get home, then she'll take it. And it might be interesting too; not only did he Hiryu have knowledge about the game already, he was even willing to share it with them.

    "Alright then, maybe this can work out." She crossed her arms and leaned against the wall. "We might be able learn a few moves on the way there, like what you said, Chopper is it?" she asked the Sawk, using the party list as a reference. The Squirtle turned to Hiryu, mentioning another member joining their group.

    "Did you invite every pokemon you saw, Hiryu?" she asked with a half chuckle.
  12. Chopper - Sawk

    "Yep, that is right. I picked the username Chopper since my favorite hobby is to practice martial arts, and I can throw some good chop-kicks towards the enemy if needed, heh" the Sawk said to her with a devious smile. The boy just couldn't help himself when he talked about his favorite thing in the world to do. Ever since he was a child, Chopper loved to fight people using the techniques he used from his Karate classes, and when he grew up there were more that his parents signed him up for, like Judo and Kendo.

    “Anyway, since we are a group now, we should probably start with grinding before we even search for the boss’ dungeon, right after this Sakura person you mentioned comes,” Chopper added. If anything they should start on this thing as soon as possible, since they all had families that cared about them, and time still moved in the outside world. Aside from that thought however, the Sawk wondered what this Sakura person’s Pokemon avatar was, and if he or she would be of any help to them.
  13. Vino - Gastly

    Vino watched as a Riolu walked up to the group and doubted their idea on challenging a boss. Hiryu, the Charmander player responded to her doubts quite nicely. At the same time he reviled that he was a beta tester, then the Squirtal player mentioned someone else named Sakura.Vino kept quite on the topic of beta testing, she was a beta tester, no, to be more precise, her father was one. The only reason she got the chance to be a beta tester and even play the game it self is because that her father was too busy with work to play himself.

    The Riolu player seemed content with the response, and her name, Eliza popped up on the party menu. Vino then noticed her invite, which was sitting in front of her for a long time when she was lost in thought. Hiryu and other beta testers had knowledge of the first 20 floors during the beta, it would give the players an edge in the beginning......Betas...huh?

    Vino knew that betas were meant to be tests of a game, so things might change after the official version of the game comes out. It has happened from the first Pokemon games, and alomost every game that was made. So now even with knowledge of the first floors, there's no way to guarantee it being correct.

    "Hiryu......I'm not sure if the game is still the same as the beta, maybe we should be more careful."

  14. Hiryu, King Kame, and San Sakura San.

    "I am well aware of that much. Yesterday Kame, Sakura, and I went to the location where the Dungeon was in the last game and found nothing. I'm guessing all the dungeon locations were moved"
    Said Hiryu as he equipped a light leather armor chest plate. Kame equipped him self with an armor type of the same kind he knew that water types are rather bulky and are well known for being walls from time to time. So he deems it best to where the strongest armor he can get. "So we are up against a normal type then? Well atleast it's we won't be at too much of a type disadvantage" He said with a grin. He knew that normal types can learn a whole bunch of different kinds of moves, but would not get a same type attack bonus unless they used a normal type attack. Moments later Sakura joined up with the others and saw that her party had a bit more players than it use to. "I see you boys have been making some new friends." She said looking right at Hiryu, she was mildly annoyed that he just let complete strangers join party. But at the same time she could understand why he did. "W-well you see Sakura, the boss is a fully Evolved Poke'mon. A-a-and we will need all the help we can get just to get there" He said stuttering at her. He just couldn't get snarky at girls for some reason, and he especially was insecure around those his age from time to time.
  15. Vino - Gastly

    Vino was relived that Hiryu knows that things are going to be diffrent from the beta, she just hopes that the boss's type won't be changed. Just the thought of going up against a dark type boss as a Gastly made her shutter. She watched as the Chamnader and Squirtal took out their equipment. Defensive equipment was hard for ghost types to get, especially a ghost type like Gsatly who have no physical body. While she was grinding in some beginner dungeons, a few starter equipment did drop from her enemies. Not being able to use them Vino had sold all of it at the weapons market to players and NPCs. With the money she made she bought her best peice of battle gear, a pair of googles known as Scope Lens. She opened up her game menu and switched her decorative glasses with the googles. With these her accuracy can be raised by ten percent, which made most moves with 90 accuracy almost a garanteed hit.

    Then another Pokemon arrived. It was a Ralts. The way she spoke to Hiryu and Kame made Vino certain that they know eachother. She seemed a bit unhappy seeing the party in its state, so Vino assumed that she's not a strangers person. Hiryu seemed nervous as he explained the situation to her, at the same time addressing her as Sakura, the person they were talking about before. Vino didn't know if this Sakura was strong or not, but judging by Hiryu's way of reacting to her she seems pretty decent. Though in the end Vino was still glad that a psychic and fairy type Pokemon was joining them, getting diversity in typing would help against a normal type.

    "Um...if we want to beat this game, we'll need to make some new friends along the way...right?" Vino smiled at the Ralts, trying to seem like the nicer type of stranger.
  16. Hanako -Shiny Eevee

    Hanako did not know what she was doing or where she was. She thought she was somewhere near the town center, but was not sure. She came across what looked like an inn, so she crept inside, hoping to find someone to tell her where in town she was.
  17. Hiryu - Charmander

    "She's right, if we are going to be stuck here for a while we might as well make a few friends while we are here"
    He said smiling again. With all the players in the group now there is almost no chance they could lose to the upcoming boss raid. After he had is gear equipped he pulled up a map screen. "Okay, Today I feel like we should start our search in the east, the monster concentration is a bit high but looking at our levels I don't think it's goin to be a problem."
  18. Rico The Spiky Eared Pichu: Current Location Beginner Town Floor 1.

    As the light faded slowly from his vision a new sight of the blue sky filled his eyes. Getting up on his feet he rubbed the side of his head and noticed his rather large ears which at first made him jump slightly when he touched them "Wah?... I have huge ears?... oh my... my hands are yellow... my... face... its so soft... I'm a Pokémon?... Pichu?... yeah, I'm the avatar I created... Rico... man I didn't believe it would feel this realistic... Virtual reality?... well I guess it lives up to its name" he said to himself as he took a while to just examine his body in the various spots that were all new to him. His face had gotten softer, he had these slightly harder pouches on his cheeks that even while feeling good to rub gave him this tingly electrified feeling in his hands... or paws if he should call them that now. Shuddering slightly as he stretched and felt his tail touch the wall nearby and he felt its cold in a place that he was certain he didn't have before made the sensation truly breathtaking. Then as he looked around exactly everything looked quite massive given his rather small size, it was somewhat intimidating for sure especially knowing there might be really big Pokémon and other things lurking out there. Taking a while, and that meaning a litteral while just to get used to the feeling of his new body even walking proved to be a bit more complicated even if there certainly was a feeling of a help system in terms of natural instincts.

    After getting settled however he figured he might as well move for a while and begin exploring. Taking his first steps in this new world he soon found it somewhat natural to combine walking upright to walking on all fours to get around. Eventually he came across the inn of the town, and even while he certainly had seen other pokémon around there was this Shiny Eevee walking into it. It made him a bit curious of course as she seemed a bit alone for the moment and was not that much bigger than himself. And thus he decided to follow her inside just to find out if she was as green as himself at this, then as he saw her closer he had to take a step back as her silvery pelt certainly looked almost silken smooth. It made him blush slightly, but even if it felt odd at first he really felt like he wanted to touch her fur just to feel how a real Eevee would feel to touch. Gulping slightly he nodded to himself as he approached her "Heey... You new too?... My... My name's Rico I guess... uhm your avatar looks really cute you know... Uhm... I don't mean that in a weird way.... please don't take it wrong, I just kinda saw you walk in here and your fur looked really smooth and.... mor directly I wonder if I could... you know... pet you?... sorry if it sound weird. " he said turning his face to the side as he blushed rather deeply, of course it was hard to hide here. ​
  19. Hanako - Shiny Eevee

    She didn't really know what to think of this newcomer. She was...puzzled. Hanako didn't really realize that her fur actually did look soft. "I guess maybe you could..." Hanako said.
  20. Rico The Spiky Eared Pichu: Current Location Beginner Town 'Inn' Floor 1.

    Standing there in his embarrassment he wondered if he just made the most retarded statement ever or if she actually was going to let him. Hearing her response however he flinched slightly in a somewhat happy surprise, imminently cracking a smile he nodded to her and approached her in a fashion he hopped would look kind and not weird. "R-really?... thanks" he said as he came up next to her and then reached up with his paw to gently touch the fur near her neck. The sensation made him shudder again and blush once more, she was super smooth!... it was unbelievable how smooth she actually was, it was like petting a God over all cats with the sensation of the fur being like silk and the density not even making much friction at all. "Wooah... its amazing... your really so smooth" he said as he reached up his other paw to continue to stroke her fur in various places before he pushed his head towards her neck gently and rubbed his head towards her until he suddenly staggered back realizing that he actually as getting too into the moment. He was hoever happy, very embarassed about what just had happened yet very happy at the same time, rubbing the back of his head he could only stand there smiling for the longest moment.

    Taking a deep breath he just looked at her and noticed that her fur might have gotten a bit more static than before making him sweat drop a bit as he realized that he probably caused that and yet was glad he didn't accidentally give her a shock. "Uhm... so what's your name?" he asked as she really hadn't introduced herself yet. ​
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