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    Well, needless to say this is a crossover between Poke'mon and Sword Art Online. But if you read the Intrest check then you already know that. This page is for sign ups and rules, I will also answer any questions you have about character creation. This thread will also serve as the OOC page. Now without further adu here are the rules... Because what's is up fun without them.

    1. No Godmodding, you are NOT Arceus.
    2. No legendary Poke'mon, as they will be playing the role of bosses on the higher floors.
    3. You MUST start in your base form. You will be granted the option to evolve later.
    4. There is no limit to the number of moves a Poke'mon can learn. So long as its with their move pool and Typing
    5. You must start out with the WEAKER moves. You will learn stronger moves as the game progresses.
    6. There are no revives or full revives, once your HP hits Zero your dead.
    7. When your character dies in the game they die in real life. In short, when their dead you can't reuse them.
    8. Mega evolution DOSE exist in this game, but not till the MUCH higher floors.
    9. Weapons and moves both have their advantages. One is not better than the other persay
    10. You may join, form, or leave guilds at any time.
    11. Drop items are a mix between Poke'mon items and that of fantasy RPGs
    12. You may have control of as many characters as you wish, just keep track of them all.
    13. You may take control of any number of NPCs, again just keep track of them.
    14. As GM my word is law.
    15. Have fun
    And now here is some more information about the RP...


    Posts are to be at least one paragraph long (3-5 Sentences) and must state which character(s) are speaking and what species they are. This is to prevent confusion and to keep things cleaner.


    Player 1

    Character A - Slugma

    [Actions, words, and responses here]

    Towns and SafeZones

    Players standing with in these can not be harmed by any force at all. Be it enemy or player, unless they are challenged by another player or NPC. Also your HP auto regenerates faster when standing within their boundaries. Towns are the home town to NPCs and some players. Here you can find shops to buy items, Find Move Tutors, Or find your self a place to rest before continuing your adventure. Although they are Rare there are safe zones out in the wilds, use them as check points before moving on. Boss rooms become Safe zones after they are cleared.


    Fighting between Players MUST take place in a PM under the supervision of either me The GM or a mod. The end result will be posted on the IC page by the one supervising. To fight another play you must challenge them to a duel in the game. Then you must get the attention of either me or a mod to supervise. Next in a PM you must discuss the outcome and what is to happen. If there is no agreement witching 24 hours the duel will end in a draw. When fighting an NPC you can have the battle end in any way you want and take place in the IC page. Same goes for any one who pits their own characters against each other. Boss Battles also take place in the IC page as well but they have their own rules and will be discussed later.

    When fighting an NPC on the other hand like a Boss or A monster here is how you do it, first role a six sided die to see which side gets to make the first move. If the number is even you go first, if it's odd them the monster gets the first move. next choose if you will attack with a weapon or a move, weapons don't miss but have weaker power to moves in most cases. Moves have a chance of missing but are much more powerful than weapons from time to time. When attacking role a 10 sided die to see if you hit or miss, Even numbers hit odds miss. When you land a hit role another 10 Sided die to see how much damage you deal. 1-3 will deal a low amount of damage, 4-6 will deal moderate damage, 7-9 will deal a great amount of damage, and if you are lucky to land a 10 it's a critical hit.

    Enemies and Item Drops

    Enemies are Poke'mon as well as you are. Enemies can be controlled by any player, but they are typically controlled by the GM (me). They spawn outside of SafeZones and vary in strength depending on the floor you are on. Bosses are always controlled by the GM (don't worry I'm not one sided). Drops are received by completing quests and defeating bosses and enemies. The items you receive will be determined by the mods and my self... As well as a dice roll.

    To see if a slain monster drops an item roll a six sided die. The number you get determines the rarity of the item. Bosses always drop items and are dependent on the GM.

    1-nothing Drops
    2 or 3- Common Item
    4- Rare Item
    5- Super Rare Item
    6- Legendary Item

    The world it's self

    You are in a virtual reality video game and have a Poke'mon as your avatar. By the programming of the game designers has been set so you can not log out of the game until it is beat. Also if you die in the game you die for real, so you best be careful who you fight and where. There are 100 floors in this game and you best beat the boss on each of them if any one is to escape this death trap. As higher floors are opened up more quests and features are unlocked. Also this is how evolution works in this game for the most part.


    This is a basic skill that everyone has, scouting allows a Poke'mon and their team to observe a location before they head into combat. Not only dose this show any enemies in the area but it can also reveal any traps in the vicinity. You may also scout out a boss room in order to see just what it is you are up against. Your scouting skill will improve the more you use it granting you to see more and observe a situation more clearly.


    Dungeons are scattered all over each floor, but only one of them will lead to the boss room. If you want any hope to leave this virtual death trap you must find the dungeon and beat the boss and advance to the next floor. There are 100 floors in total, but there are only 99 dungeons that will lead to a boss room. As Floor 100 IS a boss room. Dungeons are more concerned with enemies than the wilds and are more powerful so be careful when exploring them. Dungeons also have a chance to have treasure rooms witch are home to very rare items.

    Boss Fights

    Needless to say, ever floor has a boss and the only way to advance to the next floor is to defeat one. Bosses are incredibly powerful and have skills of their own to counter your own. Each boss fight has their own set of rules meaning no battle is the same as the last. Only fight a boss if you have no doubts that you will come out the victor.

    Next up is sign up...

    Sign up Sheet

    Name: What is your name in the real world?
    User Name: What is you name in the game?
    Avatar: What Poke'mon are you? Remember for now it must be in its base form.
    Age: How Old Are You?
    Gender: Are you Male or Female?
    WoC: Weapon of choice.
    Bio: Brief Backstory here.

    And finally... My Characters... Will make more as the game goes on.


    Name: Ren Kabara
    User Name: Hiryu (Hiryū)
    Avatar: Charmander
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    WoC: One handed Long Sword
    Bio: Ren was once a beta tester for the game, so he is a bit knowable for the first few floors. But little dose he know that much has changed since his days in the beta. He is quick to the sword and is quite skilled in the use of Poke'mon attacks. Ren is a very friendly Person and is willing to help any one who needs it. He can how ever be a bit insecure around girls, especially to those around his age. Also when it comes to most of the higher floors of the game he is a bit clueless. But regardless he is a ver skilled player as it is.


    Name: Tomoki Tenuku
    Username: King Kame
    Avatar: Squirtle
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    WoC: Broad sword and Shield
    Bio: For his whole life Tomoki has always been a coward. In fact he was rather reluctant in playing this game in the first place. And now that he is trapped in the game he is more terrified than ever, he often wonders if he'll ever see the real world again. When he is in peril in the middle of a fight or even just stressed out he is typically found either hiding behind his shield, in his shell, or anywhere else that will ensure his safety. He may be a big chicken but he has a good heart.


    Name: Sakura Mae
    Username: San Sakura San
    Avatar: Ralts
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    WoC: Long Katana
    Bio: Sakura Mae hails from a very wealthy family. Her parents always did some what spoil her, but she her self doesn't act so. Sakura loves video games, more so than any one she knows in the real world, and her favorite franchise of all time is Poke'mon. So when she heard that a brand new VR Poke'mon game was released to the world she could not resist but buy all the equipment required to play for when it came out. On the day of release she signed up as quickly as possible and chose her avatar to be a Ralts, witch would one day evolve into her favorite Poke'mon Guardivor. But when things started to go south she was quite cross. Now she fights as if ever day could be her last, but she still holds onto hope.
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  2. A question - what moves do we start out with?
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  3. That all depends on the Poke'mon you choose to use. But needless to say moves that are rather common like scratch, growl, bubble, ember, and others. But as the game goes on players will be able to learn the more powerful moves. Can't have people running around spamming hyper beam when the game is in it early stages now can we.
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  4. Name:
    Wakabayashi Azuki

    User Name:




    Holy Talismans

    Azuki was quite a lonely girl who never bothered to make friends. Ever since a young age, she relied on online gaming to connect with others. When she heard of Poke'art Online, she found that it was a thing she had awaited since young - a Pokemon MMO.
    However, she was not aware of what was to come...
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  5. What are the limits of weaponry?
  6. Anything that you would find in games like Skyrim or other fantasy RPGs.
  7. So, magic weapons are allowed?
  8. So long as they are low in power as we are starting on the first floor
  9. Yeah, then my first app is complete.
  10. Alright then. Just stand by an wait for the others to sign up
  11. isn't this just like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

    Also, can I reserve Riolu?
  12. 1. It's kinda like mystery Dungeon, only every one but the foes, NPCs, And bosses are human. Also this takes place in a virtual world rather than an actual one, Like SAO. So every player is human, it's just that their game avatar isn't.

    2. Yes you may Reserve a Riolu.
  13. Name:
    Elizabeth Pembroke
    User Name:
    A basket-hilt sword named "Assurance"
    Up to this point, she's lived a very normal life. She went to school, hung out with friends, played sports, that stuff. In fact she was quite popular in school. One would not think she would be the type to play video games, and she usually doesn't due to her schedule. But every now and then she indulges herself. After the release of Poke'Art online, Elizia bought a copy and has been playing the game, trapped in this virtual world, ever since. ​
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  14. In Real Life (open)

    Name: Axel Rover

    User Name: Chopper

    Avatar: Sawk

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male


    Bio: Axel was born in a small town located in California, USA. His father's name is Alex Rover and his mother's name is Sylvia Rover. Since they both had successful jobs and Axel was their only child, as a kid he was able to try out various activities that he enjoyed, like playing multiple music instruments, sports and his favorite was a karate class. He had many friends that also took part in the activities with him as well as friends that were just around the neighborhood, as well as those he would hang out with at school. He wasn't a Gary Stu since he only truly excelled at martial arts however, while music and sports were just a minor hobby that he wasn't so good at. He was average in school as well, but the boy already knew what he wanted to do by the time he got to Highschool, and that was to be an instructor in various martial arts. He was now in a Karate class, Judo class and even a Kendo class, and wouldn't stop there. Every now and then he liked to play videogames but only fighting games, and that was when he was not busy. When a few of his friends begged him to try out the NerveGear and play one of the first games made for it, which is called Poke'Art Online, he gave it a shot, using money he won in Karate and Kendo tournaments. Upon logging on he chose his favorite pokemon Sawk, and in those first few moments he loved the game. However, everything changed when he found out that him and everyone else in the game were locked in, and they could possibly die.
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  15. I have a question. In which setting does the world outside of the game take place? Are we in Pokemon regions or are we in the modern world like Sword Art Online is?​
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  16. I was about to ask something similiar. In this World, is Pokemon just a game much like in ours?
  17. The outside world is much like that of SAO. Futuristic and high tech. And Poke'mon is merely a popular franchise that had its rights purchased by another company from Nintendo. Which is how this game was made possible. So yes Poke'mon is just a game just like in real life in this RP and the outside world is our own.
  18. Also, about evolution. There isn't an insane power-up you get that pokemon that can't evolve won't be able to beat fairly right? And if it is, there will be powerful weapons we can get our hands on to combat stage 2 or 3 pokemon, yes?
  19. Evolution is unlocked by completing stages. There are no shortcuts. Poke'mon that need an item to evolve must get it from a drop or purchase it from a store, but they can't use it until their next stage is unlocked. Even though you will be fighting against enemy Poke'mon that are fully evolved or just at a higher stage players can still stand a chance. Most of said Poke'mon are bosses anyway so don't worry too much about it. If this isn't the answer you are looking for then I don't understand the question.
  20. Your answer was perfect for my question, even giving more details than I expected. Thank you!
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