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  1. This has been going on in the chatbox for over an hour now, so I want to see how long we can all keep it up for.

    Let's keep it to one Pun per post (unless if they're used for the same punchline).

    Now, I going to Raichu a pun.
  2. Be careful with the drugs, Gwazi, weedle make you stupid.
  3. If my local menagerie has nocturnal, chiropteran mammals on display, are they considered Zubats?
  4. I can't bayleef you're even asking that right now...
  5. But I really bet you diglet.
  6. You shut your meowth!
  7. I'm gonna have to Pokemon you guys after all this is done.
  8. Good Eeveening!
  9. I'm gonna marowak you with a bone!
  10. Don't make me have to E-raticate you D:<
  11. You two seem a good pun Doduo.
  12. I'm gonna throw muk at you.
  13. Anything to get a closer pikachu. ;)
  14. Don't mind me, I'm just going to sit over here and fil-mew-two
  15. We're filming this? Well this was rather Onix-pected.
  16. well, you know what they say...

    Kakuna-matata :D
  17. What a wonderful May.
  18. I love that line for 300, how did it go again? "Our arrows will brock out the sun" ?
  19. 1000 nations of the Persian empire descend upon you!

  20. Gurl, you betta back off before I machoke you out!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.