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  1. Poke-Humans

    The amazing Pokémon world, humans and Pokémon alike. Humans and pokmeon enjoying their selves with each other and even wild Pokémon enjoying nature. On one stormy night, this huge storm across the globe of the Pokémon world. Once it was all over, the next morning things seem to be normal but all the humans all around the world vanished without a trace or scent to track. What wasn't weird enough was the Pokémon were turned into humans themselves but they found out they have the ability to switch back and forth form there human form and Pokémon form. Soon after that, very quickly the Pokémon began to adapt to their new lives, some of them formed gangs, other stared new shops like cafes and bakeries. The chose is yours, what kind of poke-human will you be?

    Basically you are poke-human, you can explore, do whatever you want to do. Create, explore whatever you desire.

    I hope people are interested, you can basically be any pokemon you want just don't go to the extreme
    if you have any questions don't be scared message or whatever 'x'b​
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  2. Poke-Humans like gijinkas, where they still very much resemble their Pokemon form (often with ears and whatnot), or entirely human forms? o.o

    Just curious. Sounds like a cute thread~
  3. So that's the name for it ^^ so yeah like gijinkas < ( obviously didn't know the word existed) >< sorry for the confusion.
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  4. Sounds interesting, and like there'll be some world building to do: IC and OOC.

    I wonder if there would be any Poke-humans who would prefer their old form, and if any Poke-humans preferring their new form who would capture those in the former group...

    Definitely interested, even if only for the idea of it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.