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    The Pokémon clans were formed after a big war between the different types of pokemon, they all decided to end the war and live in peace, but with their own kind. Now all pokemon live n separate communities called clans although each clan is more like an entire city in itself, now after ages of living this way there is a group rising up that call themselves T.F.F.E (The Fight For Equality). Their goal is to bring everyone together of all types to live together in peace, they have several bases scattered around but the headquarters location is unknown to non-members. This has caused an uprising once again of those supporting the cause and those who want to stick with the way of life they have known their entire lives.


    1) This rp will be played as Gijinkas but these gijinkas are shapeshifters and they change into actual pokemon during battle.

    2) There are different roles in each clan. This works as a sort of caste system these are:

    King: (Only legendaries can be kings or queens)
    Royal Guard:
    Rebels: (these are the T.F.F.E members)
    Loners: (technically not even part of the caste officially this is anyone living outside of a clan other than T.F.F.E members)

    3) Each Roleplayer that joins can only have one legendary unless I change this or say otherwise

    CS -

    -appearance here, pic or deytailed desc.-

    Species: (you are a gijinka of what?)
    Crush: (if applicable)
    Pokémon Form: (again pic or desc.)
    Level: (All legendaries will just be Lv. Ex, also be realistic don't make a tiny Pichu level 80 or something please)
    Nature: (like in the games, Docile, Quiet, Sassy ect.)
    Theme Song: (Optional)

    (I will add my character soon)
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    Name: Luna
    Role: Queen
    Species: Cresselia
    Type/Clan: Psychic
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Crush: (Open)
    Pokémon Form:
    Level: Ex
    Psychic, Lunar Dance
    Protect, Attract

    Nature: Calm
    Theme Song:


    Name: Shade
    Role: Soldier
    Species: Absol
    Type/Clan: Dark
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Homosexual although nobody knows this
    Crush: (Open)
    Pokémon Form: [​IMG]
    Level: 52
    Sucker Punch, Shadow Ball
    Shadow Claw, Bite

    Nature: Brave
    Theme Song: