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  1. Plot: ALL POKEMON HAVE TURNED HUMAN HOLY SH***T MONKEYS!!!! What will you do if you (or your pokemon) Turned human? this is their story.... (law in order moment)

    1: If i see something rude or mean i will ask you to leave >.> unless its ust your character then fine but don't go all out. be kind to others.
    2: BE HAPPY!!!
    3: you can be a Pokemon or trainer
    4: you only have a minimum powers. you can't have all of them.
    5: some Leg are allowed. If you want to be ONE PM ME. so i can see wich one you want to be. some i think. (cute legs are fine i love them)
    6: HAVE FUN!!!! just not to much fun >.> I'm watching you all <.< you too BOB.
    7: also some pokemon can be pokemon

    (note: the Leg that you can be: Mewtwo, mesprit, Azelf, Uxie, Celebi, Jirachi, Ect (PM me if they are not ones you wanted and show me it before hand the Leg you wanted))


    Mew was waking up with a smile. "Big brother" She called out for Mew two. that's was when she notice something was off. she looked around and then notice hands. she tilt her head to the side then raised the hand. "What?" she then notice the hand was her's "what?!? Big brother!!!! Big brother Look Look" she called out for big brother Mew two.

    what happened to you?
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  2. "A-Abra!?!? What h-happened to you?"

    I wake up and slowly rub my eyes. "Huh?" I ask in a sleepy voice.

    I look up at my trainer and I see his golden hair and forest green eyes looking at me in shock.

    "What's wrong?" I ask-

    I froze.

    "Y-you turned into a h-human! And a g-girl!"

    "I was always a girl, you moron!"

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  3. ***Mightyena***

    I was sleeping in the deep forest, my trainer Aquaria had gone to find something to eat for breakfast. Suddenly I woke up to my trainer shoving me back and forth, trying to make me wake up. "What gives?" I groaned, but then gasped. "Holy Miltank, I'm talking in human language!" Aquaria had this shocked expression and a pale face. She kept on looking at me from top to down. I stared at myself. I had hands and toes....

    She dove into her back paper searching for something. That something turned out to be a mirror. With a shaking hand, she held it to my face. "Y-you're....a human." She finished. I couldn't believe it. We stared at each other for a few moments until she broke into a panic. "What am I going to do!? Do I take you to the Pokecenter, o-or do to a human doctor, or to Officer Jenny. Oh wait, whatiftheyturnyouintooneofthosescienceexperimentsliketheydointhemovies!? And what if-Aahhhh!!!!!!!!" She yelled as I slapped her out of it, literally. "Okay, okay I get it. Deep breaths." She said to herself, now calming down a bit.

    [​IMG] <Mightyena>

    (Oh by the way, can we have more than one pokemon, and if so, what is the maximum?)
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  4. She crawled out of her cave and yawned. She stretched out her arms and then.... wait.... arms?! "Wh---Whaaa?!" she jumped back and looked at her body and blushed. "W-what happened?! Why am I dressed so provocatively? She covered up and looked around at the other smaller pokemon that have turned into human beings. This is weird... I don't like this... What has happened... She begins walking around the tall grass until she ventures deeper into the forest, noticing every pokemon is human now.

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  5. Freshly starting out Pokemon trainer, Alex, had examined his Pokedex a few times with tired eyes. "Um, it's telling me you're a Pokemon." A small girl with unnatural yellow skin, and cute little red cheeks squeaked, "Just leave me alone!". She shivered in the tall grass for longer than Alex wanted to see. He let out an exasperated sigh. A jacket fell over the little girl, and her big brown eyes opened up, startled. "Alright, whatever." He said and left, waving as he went. "I'll find a Pokemon someday."

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  6. "Chi~" Pachirisu stretched out her legs and arms as she woke up from her branch when suddenly she lost her balance and fell off,landing on her back behind some bushes."Oww...." she moaned,rubbing the back of her head,where she felt some strands of...hair?

    "Wait,what the...!" she opened her eyes and saw two legs leaning against the trunk of the tree she was just on."What just...wait,am I on someone?No,I swear I can feel the grass underneath me." Then a thought struck her."No...could it be..." she flipped herself on all fours and crawled to a nearby pond and saw an image of a girl with white hair and pink ears,just like her own ears.

    This is when she came into realization.Touching her face with both hands,she released a screech of horror and shock.

    [[I hope you guys don't mind a shiny pokémon ;P]]
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  7. salamence had just woken up. he was still on his stomach like had fell asleep and his trainer was on his back but he looked down and saw he had arms. he shook a little to wake up his trainer. when ariana woke up she immediately jumped off him in panic. he looked at her ariana "what happened to me." he had grabbed the mirror from arianas bag and was looking at himself. Ariana came over to see the mark on his neck to prove it was him. he had got from their first day together when a wild scyther tried to attack her and he blocked it.
    Ariana woke up to the shaking of her salamence telling her its time to wake up. she immediately jumped off his back when she felt that it wasnt the same things she had fell asleep on when she saw the guy in front of her he looked normal except for his red bands and his wings. "salamence is that you?" she kneeled next to him and looked at the mark on his neck that she knew too well. it was from their first day together. When he jumped in front of a scyther that tried to attack her.
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  8. It'd only been about an hour since Alex had left the comfort of the city, and already he was getting exasperated and hungry. He sighed, looking down at the one empty Pokeball clipped to his belt. It wasn't like the professor or his parents had given him permission to leave. Most kids his age would have already started out with at least one... He was the special case. No one would know that he'd even left until night time. Then, a sudden shriek pulled him from his thoughts. A girl's panicked screams, came from somewhere nearby. Seemed like it came from around the pond. He waded through the tall grass to it finally split into a clear view of the pond. On the edge of it, there was a beautiful girl. She had some unreal pink and white hair, that shined sleekly beneath the sunlight. He froze at the clearing, watching the girl in awe. Her ears and tail twitched, probably in response to his hurried footsteps from a moment ago. And then he thought about it... ears and a tail. He took out his Pokedex. He stared at the screen then shook it a few times and sighed. He snapped it shut. "Today has just been so weird."
  9. Pachirisu stareded back at the trainer, her ears and tail twitching once as he came out from behind the grass.What should I do... she thought,putting a hand over her mouth.Her ears perked up after the trainer said something.Now that I'm human like him...he would actually understand me, right...? "I-is it because I look...weird like this?" she asked, slowly putting her hand down and pulled her tail in her arms and hugged it.
  10. "So, this is the fate that has befallen me. After learning of humans being more than I'd thought, I'm now made to live like one. Me, a mere clone, becoming something unique, something individual, something I've never been before." Mewtwo thought as he flew over the rooftops of the bustling cities, and the quiet towns, hoping that he may not truly be the only Pokemon that has experienced this change.
    As he went on, he found that his hopes were not in vain, as he saw just how many Pokemon were affected by the "Humanification", as he called it, and he decided to see if there were ways he might blend in with the human populace, that is until he heard a familiar cry echo through his mind.
    It was Mew, calling out his name.
    Turning in the direction of her voice, he took off at top speed, reaching their home covered in sweat, grabbing her hand and pulling her into a tight hug.

    "It's okay Mew, I'm here, there's nothing to worry about."

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  11. salamence had gotten over the initial shock of being human. he helped pack up camp with ariana and they started moving towards the closest city.

    ariana looked at salamence as they walked. "im guessing now that your human your going to abandon me." she had tear in her eye. He had been her partner for 2 years and she was afraid of losing him.

    salamence looked at ariana "the day the scyther attacked and i blocked it. I promised you i would protect you to the end. Even though i may be human now im still your salamence and nothing will change that. Now lets head toward the next gym. I would like to have a rematch against Cynthias garchomp again. It had been 4 months since they lost at the pokemon league to cynthia.
  12. Bella Reinhart thought her heart had stopped. Wait. it did. as did her brain. she had sent out her 2 pokemon to feed them.
    Hey first pokemon Blastoise was now a scared up young man, holding a cannon. he imediatly fall forward flat on his face.
    "Da*n it Where the ****ing hell is my da*n shell!" He cursed vibrantly before turning and seeing Bella. "Bella! wheres my shell?"
    The second well dressed young man in a pimp suit and an opera mask spoke up "We've seem to become human Blaise."
    Blaise jumped up turing to the pimp like image. "Schwartz don't say that!... wait you look human..." blaise looked to his hands and then fainted.
    "My lovely Bella did you do this?" the pimp, Schwartz, turned to Bella. "W-Wheres my pokemon?" She managed to splutter.
    "Dearest Bella, that buffoon, is your blastoise, Blaise. and i am your most darling Hypno."
    Bella fainted too. "This is going to be a long day..." Schwarts sighed.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  13. I stared into the eyes of my trainer, who was around 10-11 years old. He was looking at me with shock, and I was looking back like a mirror.

    "Ooooooooohhhh" he said.

    I hit his head. "Baka-trainer!"

    "Wait, is this just you, or did all the pokemon in the school become human?" He said, looking around his dorm.

    Blake Reddington, or Black-Red, as he likes to be called{the baka didn't know everyone laughed at it behind his back, as he was the least indimitating person at the acadamy} was part of Poke-School, a school to learn tactics and prevent stupid thinks from happening in battle, like yelling out attacks for everyone to hear.

    Instead, we chose to develop styles. All he has to say is Trickster Style, and I know that means to start teleporting around, confusing the opponent. Or stupid things like ignoring type matchups or status effects (coughAshcough). Another underestimated tool is stat lowering moves, like growl and tailwhip, which are devastating in a long fight.

    I looked around, and it seemed that the other humans were unaware of the pokemon outside the pokeballs and in a human form. "Hmm, perhaps we can prank them?" I suggested with a smile. 'Jeez, that feels wierd' I thought. I had never smiled before.

    He looked at me with mischief in his eyes "So, you like pranks, eh? I know a really good one!"

    He leaned over and whispered in my ear his prank idea.
  14. Just as Aquaria was beginning to calm down from the shock of having 'Humanized pokemon' when her staraptor jumped out of her poke ball, "Wh-what happened to me!?" She looked as though she was about to scream when Mightyena placed a hand on her shoulder calmed her down, "Sshhhh..We don't really know what's going on. Just hang on for a second, we'll figure it out." It were these moments that he showed his softer side. Staraptor slowly nodded her head. "Is there anyone who has a clue as to what in the world is going on?!" Aquaria asked aloud.
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  15. "For arceus's sake...why am i human.....and im not in sinnoh to....i need to get to mewtwo....now he probably knows what is going on." Sharde the darkrai had explained to himself. He knew that arceus had done the reckoning and he decided to go to mewtwo he used teleport and went to mewtwos location. "I hope you know whats going on mewtwo...." Sharde muttered as he teleported to mewtwo. imgres.jpg

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  16. ((I FEEL LIKE VERY BAD PERSON that think that tells you people post something YEAH IT BS))

    Mew was freaking out when Mew two go to her and when he pulled her into a hug she slowly started to cry. "Big brother Look I'm human. I'm scared Big brother I don't want to be human even thought they are cool and everything I'm scared" She huged her brother back crying even harder when she was finish. "whats going to happen to us Big brother." that was when Darkrai teleported into their home. "BIG BROTHER DARKRAI IS HUMAN TOO IT'S A SIGN THE WORLD COMING TO AN END" she screamed even thought he was right next to her hugging her more like it and also she cried even hard is that was even possible.

    @wolfs rain
    @Caramon Zero
    THANK YOU FOR JOINING and to more that will come)
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  17. "Blame arceus mew....blame arceus for being an asshole to do this right now....blame arceus that (Censored due to mew being a child)." Darkrai said telling mew and mewtwo this.
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  18. Now that Aquaria and her pokemon were all calm, she thought it might be best to ask around for answers as to why all this was happening, and how to stop it. She got up and started to walk towards the nearest city, taking a short cut through a patch of forest. Mightyhena and Staraptor trailed behind her.

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  19. After explaining to mewtwo whats going on he teleports to a friend he met a few years ago. "Aquaria....lets see if you can still beat me like before...." Darkrai mutters to himself.
  20. Mewtwo reached out a now five-fingered hand towards the shadows as they dissapated between his fingers, calling to his friend too late.
    "Darkrai, wai-... He's gone."

    Looking Mew in the eyes, he gave her a big smile as he wiped away the tears still streaming down her face.
    "It's not the end of the world, little one, nor is this predicament the fault of Arceus.
    I have an idea as to what's going on, but I need you to come with me, because I couldn't stand to let the most important thing in my life be left here scared and alone."

    Leaning down so she could climb onto his back, Mewtwo pondered if what he was about to do was as good an idea as it seemed at the time he'd first thought of it.
    Deciding to set that aside for later, he spoke to Mew in a gentle tone as he positioned his hands in a way he'd be able to hold her most comfortably.
    "I'm going to fly full-speed, so you need to hold on tight.
    Before we go where I was planning to, we need to pay a visit to Arceus and see if my suspicions are accurate, that way we may be able to find out the true mastermind behind this odd phenomenon."
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