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  1. If anything catches your eye, please post here and PM me

    In the following lists, the first name is the role I'd play, the second is the role I'd like my partner to play. Anything with an # next to it means I have an idea/plot in my head for it so be sure to check below in the "Plots" spoiler, anything with a * means that I am DESPERATE for stuff relating to this, and anything with a $ means that I wouldn't mind it being a more adult-oriented plot/story

    Original Characters (open)

    If anyone is interested, I'm putting in a list of some of my preferred OC's.

    Azuroto Tenryiu - Half-elf creature possessed by an immensely powerful entity (effectively an elder god) that was not properly sealed away. Allows him to turn into a dragon, can manipulate and create acid, poison, and disease at will. Normally played as a psychotic murderer with no idea of his true origins, or a powerful demon in Hell.

    Grok Redclaws - A half-dragon Orc who is usually a monk or a druid, a skilled fighter, and is out looking for his father (an Orc).

    Durgan Stouthammer - An old, world-weary dwarf, fights in plate-mail with a huge, sentient mace that looks like the face of one of his ancestors...which it is. Can also be played as a plate-wearing bare-handed fighter

    Carrn Blackreef - He is a carpenter/weapon-smith/ship-wright dwarf usually out on the ocean as a pirate or sailor. Is also a naturally-born wereshark, as are the rest of his clan.

    Sheng Swampstrider - A multi-incarnation character. A young lizardfolk warrior-mage who loves exploring old ruins and uncovering ancient artifacts, or an older lizarfolk warrior. Either way he fights in heavy armors and wields a mace and shield.

    Thizzen Shatterscale - A lizardfolk druid with many incarnations, from young newcomer to mighty arch-druid with an army of saurian companions that can rush to his aid.

    Gerra Chung - A cyborg human with an odd past and a few mental ticks similar to autism

    Specific Plot Ideas (open)

    The Displaced Spellcaster (open)

    The basic concept is I would play some sort of character from a magical setting, and would end up in a modern or science-fiction setting through some sort of magical accident, and I cannot return for some time, if ever.

    Possible settings w/ plot idea
    1) Magic-user whose spell goes awry, has to survive in a modern world and adapt to its changes. Stuck in this realm and seeks aid, comes across a person with latent magical power. He promises to teach her a bit, in return for giving him shelter.
    2) Magic-user whose spell goes awry, has to survive in a modern world and adapt to its changes. Accidentally brings in dangerous creatures with him and protects a human, who offers to give him shelter in return for protection.
    3) Magic-user/non magic-user gets pulled into modern world due to a break in the barriers between it and another realm, and goes on a dangerous journey with a native to try and repair the damage.
    Possible Fandom Ideas: MLP, PJO, Pokemon, Gravity Falls, Artemis Fowl

    Science Fiction:
    1) Magic-user whose spell goes awry and ends up aboard a spacecraft. Proves his skill and value while fighting pirates, crew offers to take him in and assist him in getting home and acclimating to this realm.
    2) Magic-user/non-magic-user gets pulled into a high science fiction world due to a break in the barriers between it and another realm. Same as above
    Possible Fandom Ideas: Starcraft, Halo, Aliens, Predator, Mass Effect (never played it, but that doesn't matter since my character would be completely knew to the setting anyway), StarDoc, Pacific Rim

    1) More or less the same as Sci-Fi #1
    2) More or less the same as Sci-Fi #2
    Possibel Fandom Ideas: Fallout, Shadowrun

    Possible Characters:
    Orc Monk
    Orc Druid
    Lizardfolk Monk
    Lizardfolk Druid
    Lizardfolk Magus (spellcaster/fighter)
    Non-human, Non-wolf Shapeshifter/Lycanthrope. Favorite creatures are Reptiles, Bats, Bugs, Birds, Bears, Hooved creatures, in that order of preference
    Quite a few others, including humans, elves, half-orcs, and the like

    Superhero Bash (open)

    Ok! So this has been getting to me a lot and I REALLY wanna do it. I want a super-hero brawl, preferably between OCs but canons could be discussed. I want a long, hard, tons-of-collateral-damage fight. I want to get kicked through a building and then throw a car at my opponent, and then be flown up into the upper atmosphere and pile-driven into the concrete below. Whatever, I want a big brawl.

    However, there's more to it than that. I want there to be tension, and a possible romance may come from the flirtatious combat between the two. Ya'll know what I mean? I'm looking for some fun super-hero action of all kinds. Anyone interested?

    Canon Super-powered characters I may be willing to play:
    Robin (Teen Titans Animated), Aqualad (Teen Titans animated), the Incredible Hulk/Bruce Banner (MCU, I had a lot of fun with Ruffalo where my partner basically got in the Hulk's face and told him to chill out loool), Jason Grace (PJO), Percy Jackson (PJO), Leo Valdez (PJO), Raziel (Legacy of Kain), a Yaut-ja hunter (Predator and AVP movies), Anything Transformers related (PLEASE)

    Cravings (open)

    Dipper x Mabel (Gravity Falls) #*
    Yautja x Human RP #*

    Fandoms (open)

    Gravity Falls:
    Dipper x Pacifica (Gravity Falls) #*
    Dipper x Wendy (Gravity Falls)

    Deltora Quest
    Raynor x Queen of Blades/Kerrigan Post WoL *
    Zeratul x Queen of Blades/Kerrigan Post WoL *
    OC x Queen of Blades/Kerrigan Post WoL *

    Star Wars
    D&D/Pathfinder settings (Faerun, Golarion, etc.)
    Roland x Moxxie *
    OC x Moxxie *
    Roland x Gaige *
    Roland x Tiny Tina *
    OC x Gaige *
    OC x Tiny Tina *

    Star Trek
    Harry Potter
    Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra
    Artemis Fowl
    Jurassic Park
    Some Final Fantasy

    Other pairing ideas (open)

    Fantasy (open)

    Warrior x Mage
    Warrior x Noble
    Warrior x Merchant
    Warrior x Monster
    Warrior x Warrior
    Mage x Warrior
    Mage x Noble
    Mage x Merchant
    Mage x Mage
    Mage x Monster
    Monster x Warrior
    Monster x Mage
    Monster x Merchant
    Monster x Noble
    Monster x Monster
    Lycanthrope x non-Lycanthrope (My preferred lycans are sharks or reptiles)
    Lycanthrope x Lycanthrope
    Mermaid x Non-mermaid
    Non-mermaid x Mermaid
    Dragon x Non-dragon
    Non-dragon x Dragon
    Dragon x Dragon

    I can play as just about any fantasy race from the typical ones (humans to orcs and the like), but my preferred fantasy-realm races are Orcs, Lizardfolk, Dwarves, Half-elves, half-dragons, and half-orcs, in no real particular order

    I'm not a big fan of playing role-playing stereotypes, such as -
    Vampires: I was never really that into them, much preferred lycanthropy as my curse of choice. That being said...
    werewolves: Other types of lycanthropes are cool, faves are reptiles, aquatic creatures, bears, bats, and bugs. I think wolves are super over-done in media today, and no one seems to acknowledge that other creatures could exist.
    Humans: So bland to me! I can sometimes spice them up with draconic heritage, interesting character arc, or lycanthropy (or some other cool curse)

    Sorry if that last bit makes me seem like some over-bearing snob, but I just don't have any ideas for them, nor will I probably play them outside of an NPC role. Keep in mind, the above are things I will rarely play, but I will TOTALLY PLAY WITH THEM I have no qualms RPing with them, I just don't like making characters that are based around those concepts.

    Science Fiction (open)

    Pilot x Passenger
    Passenger x Pilot
    Bounty Hunter x Bounty Hunter
    Bounty Hunter x Mark
    Mark x Bounty Hunter
    Alien x Scientist
    Scientist x Alien
    Bounty Hunter x Alien
    Alien x Bounty Hunter
    Robot x Non-robot
    Non-robot x Robot
    Magical Creature x Scientist/Bounty Hunter/Other Character #*

    Post-Apocalyptic (open)

    Magical Creature x Scientist/Bounty Hunter/Other Character #*
    Mutant x Survivor
    Survivor x Mutant
    Mutant x Mutant
    Survivor x Survivor
    Survivor x Robot
    Robot x Survivor
    Mutant x Robot
    Robot x Mutant

    Cyber Punk (open)

    Hacker x Combat-oriented Character
    Combat-oriented Character x Hacker
    Magical Creature x Scientist/Bounty Hunter/Other Character #*

    Modern (open)

    Will add if any come to me

    Other/Crossover (open)

    Will add if any come to me

    Plot Ideas (open)

    Raziel x Lulu/Paine's Mother plot: This is a very random idea, I know. It came to me in a dream when i was like 12, and I've never been able to get it out of my head. Basically, Kain releases Raziel from the Reaver in a new, mostly healthy body (its still blue and his eyes are still blank, but at least he now has a stomach and a bottom jaw), and he is put in a random world to live out his life. The random world is Spira, and he either meets up with lulu and has a whirlwind romance with the woman, or with Paine's mother. Either way, he has a child, and is then pressed into leaving by an extra-dimensional, all-powerful being.

    OC x Rikku Plot: This would be a sequel to the previous plot, but it isn't necessary to play out said previous plot in order to skip to this one. The being that forced Raziel to leave Spira, deposited him and his newborn on a planet called "Derathia," which is a huge artificial planet built by an ancient race so that people shunted into this particularly active point in space time would float through space and die instantly. Instead, creatures from other dimensions that are caught up in the occasional warp-creating explosion, blackhole, or some other such thing, finds itself on this planet instead. They are then escorted back to their home-dimension/planet, or can remain there. The planet is a huge trading outpost in the multi-verse, full of interesting and strange people.

    And it is in danger. A creature or group of creatures wish to destroy the planet, as well as that point in space, thus disconnecting all the other dimensions from one another and causing a massive, universe-wide catastrophe. Basically, the destruction of everything that has ever existed and ever will exist. It is up to Raziel, his son, and his son's romantic interest (Rikku), and her friends to save the universe.

    This one might turn into a forum-based sign-up RP if I get around to it, but for now its a one x one RP idea.

    Things I'm not interested in right now (open)

    Hiccup x Merida Plot: The basic idea is that Hiccup washes up on the shores of Merida's kingdom while the girl is out investigating strange rumors of creatures attacking farms and homes out in the wilderness. She meets Hiccup, the two go off and figure out what is going on (angry dragons or magical shenanigans, idk depends on the RP), and we have some cute, cheesy romancey stuff

    Hiccup and Jack Frost x Anna and Elsa Plot: Similar to the merida plot, really, except it isn't Scotland that Hiccup crashes on, its Arendelle. Also, he's accompanied by his ice-throwing twin brother, Jack. The two learn about some dragon craziness going on here, weird magical shenanigans, and team up with Anna and Elsa to solve the problems.

    Dipper x Anyone other than Mabel Plot: It would take place after college. Grunkle Stan is sick, and its up to Dipper and whichever female lead my partner wants to play to figure out how to help him.

    Jack Frost x Elsa (ROTG x Frozen)
    Jack Frost x Tooth (ROTG)
    Hiccup x Astrid (HTTYD) %
    Hiccup x Ruffnut (HTTYD) *$ %
    Hiccup x Merida (HTTYD x Brave) # * %
    Hiccup and Jack Frost x Anna and Elsa (HTTYD/ROTG x Frozen) # *
    Jake x Cassie (Animorphs)
    Jake x OC (Animorphs)
    Jack x Arcee (Transformers Prime)
    Jack x Miko (Transformers Prime)

    In regards to smut (open)

    I am willing to play smut, but if you wish to discuss it, this must be done elsewhere. I have a libertine request thread in my signature, please see that if you'd like to see what I'm looking for. (P.S. its basically the same as this one hahahaha)

    DISCLAIMER: All plots involving underaged characters would have to be aged up to at least 18 in order for me to RP with/as them. I am not, however, looking to onexone RP with underaged players at all.
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