Point system...?

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  1. Why is there a point score board in our profiles? I feel like I HAVE to earn more now... O.O Is this a crazy scheme to get me addicted to Iwaku?? EVIL MARKETING PLOYS!! <.<;;
  2. *Cackles!!*

    You don't HAVE to earn points. XD There's really nothing fun to even use them on, outside of changing the color of your user title.

    But it IS fun to see how many you get. >:D
  3. Wait... how many points does it take to change the color? I'm intriuged now...
  4. LOL aw, I guess I gave Iwaku too much credit in the evil department. But thank you for clearing it up. :)
  5. No Joe, that is the evilness of it. They put the points up there so people will sit and collect more and more points and spend more and more time on iwaku.. when noinetheless.. there is no real reason for the poiunts to exist... ecxcept to keep you around 8D
  6. The Shop
  7. The only reason I stay is cause I'm making friends. :) So Iwaku fails at being evil. I've felt very welcomed here.

    Besides, I can leave... any... time... I JUST DON'T want to. *twitch* not addicted at all!
  8. The shop needs more stuff. I mean a LOT MORE STUFF!