Point of Insanity

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  1. [​IMG]( brown haired boy, no hook.)

    He had been here more years then he could remember, his wrists had permanent scars from the chains keeping him stomach down on the bed, at this moment he had a sheet rsting across his scar ridden form and his face was buried in the pillows. He was tired and his mind was fuzzy from heavy sedation, every now and then his arms would lift and tug at the restraints. His brown hair lay about the pillows, his tanned skin made a stark contrast with the white of the shifts, blood spatter could be seen faintly through the blankets in the mattress beneath. His price per hour, night, day and.... complete purchase was posted on the bed. Along with a few facts about him His name was Farid, he was 23... he had been here for years.... since he had turned 12. He had been a strong willed and proud boy, bucking and fighting.... his mind snapped years ago.... this was the shell of thee spirited youth.... laying in the bed... the only sign of the flicker of his spirit that remained was that occasional tug.... the want to be free
  2. Miyu was traumatized just looking at the group of slaves being sold. Her parents had mentioned this place to her, but she'd long since thought it was a lie that such a thing could happen. She saw one in particular that seemed to catch her attention. Farid, huh? There's blood on the sheets. Just who did this to him? She shuddered as she tried to imagine what he could have been through, deciding against it soon afterwards. Strawberry blond hair fell in waves down to her mid-back, falling further as she walked closer to the bed, bending over to look at the sign. Her emerald eyes scanned it, looking at the numbers. She could oddly afford any of them, and the information on the paper made her want to. She couldn't stand seeing this. As someone in the field of psychology, this situation was likely to lead to decay of the mind she was sure. If she could, she'd like to save at least one of them from their torture. She went over to the person in charge, and made her 'purchase'. Farid had been officially purchased in entirety. They were surprised, slightly pleased, and slightly disgruntled. But they had gotten their money. They had no choice but to let her have him.
  3. His head snapped up feeling the touch of one of his handlers, his eyes flickered recognition and his response was wild and unpredictable. Sometimes he would grin and entice the customers to his bed, others he would bite, occasionally he would cry and beg... not much of him was consistent. But before anything but a grin could escape him there was a needle in his arm making his vision blurr as he was taken from the bed and slumped into a small carry home cage for his new owner. " He needs to be highly dosed and it's best if he is kept caged or tied to something. This one can become... violent" They tip his sleeping face up, f this drug induced slumber could be called sleep... scarring on his face as well as the rest of him is evident, not an inch of his body was spared from the whip it seemed
  4. She frowned slightly. "I really don't see the need for a cage, but I'll take it for now." She mused in response. She took the cage as required, but got some help bringing it out to bring him home. She wasn't the strongest out there, but he was easy enough to carry if she got some aid. Once in her home, which was small and just barely used, she had the cage brought into a spare room that happened to exist there. When he was brought there, she paid the people who'd helped her and was soon left alone with him. She knelt next to the cage, waiting for him to wake. She'd rather check his stability a bit before opening it, the key hidden in her pocket. "Fadir...? You awake yet?" She frowned softly. This was her first time buying a person...But she hoped that what she as doing was going to give him back his freedom, when he was ready.
  5. He wakes mere moments after she had sat down, his eyes were glazed over with drugs and at the sound of his own name he looked at her confused, " w- what?" his voice slurrs showing clear signs of frequent drugging. He sits up entirely naked, though he wouldn't know what to do with clothing even if he he was given them. He looks at his wrists confused that they arent bound, but the cage was at least familiar
  6. She smiled weakly- his confusion said a lot about him, she'd realized. She wasn't quite sure how she'd be able to get through to him. "Your name is Fadir, right? That's what the sign said..." Her words were mild as she stayed near to the cage, though not too close. It was a new environment, and she didn't want to startle him too much. "My name is Miyu. For simplicity's sake, I'll say I bought you. This place is your new home..." She looked around, adding, "Though this room, which is to be yours, isn't much to look at yet. Been working on it for a while." She laughed nervously. This wasn't exactly her norm, and the stress was finally starting to seep in. It didn't help that she was looking at a naked man for likely the first time she could recall, and that it was a bit awkward in her head. However, based on his reaction, he didn't seem to even notice he was naked, as if he was used to it. "How are you feeling? Are you hungry?"
  7. He looks at her dark eyes blinking clearly trying to focus when her question registered " farid my name is farid" he looks around the room only appearing to half listen, his hands tense and intense before he leans against the back of the cage " so I'm your piece of ass eh?" his eyes flick back to her and he grins moving towards her hands scarred as well grip the bars " well you look like you'll be at least fun to play with. Unless your kinky and like your meat tied down"
  8. She laughed nervously- oh boy, she certainly hadn't expected what she'd signed up for. This was certainly going to be an interesting situation. "I wouldn't put it that way. Of those there, you seemed to have the most scars. I suppose it was spur of the moment, but...It seemed like it might be nice to get you out of there. I don't know my exact compulsion, though." Smiling a bit more easily, she stood carelessly off the ground, falling because of moving a bit too quickly, landing on her buttocks. A small groan escaped her as she curled her legs together, trying to hide her panties a bit. Miyu was an idiot at times, and horribly clumsy- but she was also modest. "And you didn't answer my question. Are you or are you not hungry? Though I warn you now. The only edible thing I can cook is stew. We'll talk about playing after that."
  9. He blinks up at her and sighs sitting back, " I hate masters that don't just get their frustrations out." He leans back again and shrugs at her, " I will eat if given food, I am fed once a week" he runs his hand over the scars on his wrists and is clearly more interested in the playing and less in the food
  10. "You know, I don't know who's been taking care of you, but they're rather horrible at it. No wonder you seem too skinny. You're barely eating enough to sustain yourself." She shook her head, adding, "The only thing frustrating me is hunger. I haven't eaten today either." She smiled in a gentle way before leaving to go to the kitchen. She returned a while later with stew in two bowls, putting them down before opening the cage.

    "I don't know why they said the cage was for my safety. You seem safe enough to me." She mused, looking over at the bowl. "Eat. You have energy now, but you'll have even more afterwards. I guarantee my stew is tasty enough."
  11. He let her run off and leans against the bars of the cage and rubs down his scarred form, when she returns he picks up the bowl and looks at her not sure what she wants from him and he chuckles as she mentions the cage. " Because I bite and once I actually stabbed a man. They beat me near death that day"
  12. "So what, you're like a pet dog?" She giggled a bit, smiling. "That's what they do with pet dogs and the like when they bite or attack people. But attacking a human for it...While on the one hand I get the reasoning, on the other hand it's completely beyond me. Humans really are strange and vile creatures many times..." Shaking it off, she took a bit of stew from her own bowl, watching him carefully. "Ah...Have you ever eaten stew before? If you haven't, you might not know how, huh? Hrm...Should I hand feed you for now?" She smiled lightly- seemingly, the innocent idea was a bit entertaining to her. However, she did mean it wholeheartedly...with maybe a mix of odd mental state. "Don't worry though. I won't beat you for biting. Push or pull you away sternly, yes. Attack you, no. That'd basically just be doing what you were doing, wouldn't it? It doesn't really make a point..."
  13. He scrunches his nose at her comment and tps the bowl slurping it and setting the bowl down, " I am not a child. I am a grown man." He leans against the cage and runs his fingers through his hair, " play time now?"
  14. "I know that. But you seemed confused by it. Besides...It's fun to be fed sometimes. Even I like being fed. And I'm pretty sure I'm an adult now..." She giggled a bit, finishing her stew much more slowly but soon set it down next to her. "Play time? Hrm...I suppose so. Though I didn't really have anything to play in mind." She was a bit dense, and not really sure about his past enough to know what it meant to him- however, for Miyu, that phrase always meant some sort of game. Then again, so far...Wasn't it all a game to figure him out? "What would you like to play, hm?"
  15. He listens to her talk and his eyes follow down her body, small but... supple. She is not as endowed as some of his owners.... he wasn't really listening to her talk but he heard her when she asked what he wanted. " As long as I am not tied up, anything is fine. But it will be hard to fuck me when I am in this cage. You are gonna have to let me out, we using that bed" his head flicks to the small bed in the corner.
  16. His speech pattern made her feel slightly awkward, but she shook it off. So that's what they usually call play time with him? Somehow, it seems sort of sad...Even if I really should have expected it. Shaking her head a bit, she looked at the cage awkwardly. When had she put him back in? Foolishly forgetting her own actions wasn't something she was used to, but then again, she was starting to second guess herself a bit in general. However, she easily moved to open the cage before taking a seat on the bed he mentioned. "You can use your bed as you want. I set this bed up for your use. After all...It must be more comfortable to sleep on a bed than on the floor. Though, if you seem comfortable in there, I might try it myself. Trying different things can be rather interesting."
  17. When she opened the cage he got up watching her settle in the bed and he looks at her, " I see. Are you a virgin mistress?" He grins, " you are not very specific. Do you want gentle? Rough? Top? Bottom? I feel nice today." His eyes are already undressing her, he could tell a lot even though she was fully clothed
  18. "I'm surprised, you're good at guessing games. But....I hadn't really thought about it." She laughed a bit, patting the part of the bed next to her. "For now, sit down. It's a comfy bed, see?" She let her giggle continue as she smiled mildly, laying back a bit to look at the ceiling. "I'll be frank with you. I paid a price on a whim. I wasn't really thinking very far ahead. I live alone, and I don't like how lonely it is here...I'm not used to the quiet. I mostly wanted someone to be here, so it wouldn't be as lonely. I'd never thought of anything other than that." She was quick to sit up, using her hands to keep her steady as she was up straight again. Her eyes were cast to the ground, though it was hard to say if she was avoiding looking at him or just had found something to entertain her there. "It's true I'm a virgin...I'd never really thought about it until now. To be honest, you're the first man I've seen naked at all, much less one to try to tempt me."
  19. He gives her a confused look, she used such big words... he had a hard time understanding as he was denied an education after the age of 12. " I have never laid with a virgin. And I am not for company." He shrugs but sits where she asks and sighs looking at her, " so you don't want to play?"
  20. "I suppose I could," She replied with thoughts in her mind, looking at him easily. "But I don't know anything about it, so you'd have to teach me. I've never properly touched myself, much less someone else. It'd be a problem if I did something that injured you because I don't know what I'm doing." Fidgeting a bit, she moved so she was on her knees on the bed, facing him a bit more properly, eyes glued to his facial features. She lifted a hand as if trying to touch his cheek, but retracted, unsure of herself for some reason. However, she did so again, this time moving her hand to touch his opposite cheek gently, smiling. "You have very well-rounded features...So I can see why many have wanted to play with you."