Point 'A' to Point 'B'



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She threw the papers on the table, almost hitting her boss in the face. "I QUIT!" She grabbed her bags and left the office, her boss still in a state of shock. It was probably the first time she'd ever shown any sort of emotion in front of him, and with the adrenaline now pumping through her veins, it felt great.

Reaching the sidewalk curb, she got into the taxi she had taken to work, thanking the driver for waiting. They drove off, and soon enough Sabine was getting off at the train station. "Thanks again!" She waved at the taxi driver and pulled out the gold-bordered ticket from her bag. She traced her finger on the letters: 'Destination; Earth #2, Gate B'. She took in a deep breath and held it to her chest. Just what was she thinking? She'd never been traveling. Heck, she'd never even been out of the city, And here she was, about to take a train to a different planet. So what had prompted her to take such a big step? She looked up at the blue planet in the sky, remembering what had happened a few days before.

Standing near the end of the assembly line, Sabine was attatching the handles onto the side of the mecahanical can-openers as they came around on the conveyor belt. "'What a boring job!' That's what my wife keeps telling me!" One of her colleagues was starting up another rant. "'It pays well, and I don't have to do much, haha!' That's what I tell'er." She smiled to herself. "Puhhf." The worker let out something between a laugh and a sigh, then suddenly smacked the girl in the back, knocking the wind out of her. "Right, Sabine?" She put her hand to her chest, calming herself. She smiled at him and nodded.

"I just wish I had more time to go out." She added to the rant. Her coworkers looked at her in disbelief.

"..Then why don't you?"

"Huh? No, no, I couldn't just.." She'd thought about it before, but never actually thought of leaving.

"You're single right? And you haven't taken a single day off since you got here-you should just go!"

"Y-yeah?" She hesitated. 'I'll think about it..'

She took in another long breath and made her way inside, showing her ticket to the police officer and walking to her gate.


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Being chased wasn't new to Dominick. He was considered a rebel anyway. "Always nice to have a good run in the mornings. Right boys?" He asked with a grin to the police whom were chasing him closely. Dominick was one of the more 'famous' rebels in the area. Only the government a few citizens didn't like him. The rest were silently supportive of his actions.

After running for a while longer, he got tired of this chase. "Sorry guys, but I'm afraid I should be going now." He grinned, and with that he ran even faster, making some space between him and them. Dominick knew the streets better than the government did, so losing them wasn't hard at all. Taking some routes that appeared to be dead ends threw them all off his trail.

Dominick's particular short route brought him to the train station. He looked up to the destinations. "Earth #2 huh..." He said quietly to himself. It was then that he started to realize how much all this 'rebel' stuff tired him out. Traveling to another planet? That would fun and different. Plus he may not be known as much there so he could live peacefully or start up another reputation for himself.

Digging through his pocket, he saw he had just enough for a ticket. It's now or never. Dominick strolled over to the ticket booth, luckily finding it was someone on his side stationed there, and bought himself a train ticket to Earth #2. He walked further inside to the gates, hiding his face with his jacket hood from the cop while also showing his ticket. The cop seemed like a rookie, so it was easy getting past him. He continued walking to his gate, hoping no one would recognize him so he could do this without any trouble. Of course that would be unlikely given the luck he has with these things.