Poetry, with a prompt

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  1. You are to write a poem, using whatever format you desire. You may ONLY write about any of the topics given.

    1. A Pencil
    2. The Ocean
    3. The Sun
    4. Your dog
    5. The/Your Car
    6. The road
    7. Chapstick
    8. Water bottle
    9. Music
    10. The Library
    11. School
    12. Shoes
    13. Clothes
    14. Doors
    15. Sink
    16. Sparrow
    17. Air / Wind
    18. Clouds
    19. Thunderstorms
    20. Table
    21. Chairs
    22. Your Mouse
    23. Curtains
    24. Smoke
    25. Fire
    26. Grass
    27. Trees
    28. Light
    29. Dark
    30. Carpet
    31. Eyes
    32. Cake
    33. Bread
    34. Glasses
    35. Nail polish
    36. Gas
    37. Pillow
    38. Bed
    39. Bitterness
    40. Joy

  2. Windows

    Eyes gazing softly
    Conveying emotions true
    Windows of the soul
  3. A Poem for My Bed
    by Isaac James Flores

    I come to you when I need rest,
    or a soft place to shed my tears.
    If I am a bird, you are my nest,
    comforting me through the years.

    You keep the secrets, never to be told,
    that my lover and I did behold.
    Your frame is rusty,
    and you sometimes get dusty,
    but you never get old.
  4. Soft, wet, the feeling on my lips,
    You know every curve, every bump, and all the dips.
    I roll with ecstasy as I feel your touch,
    You give me respite when the wind is too much.

    I use you, abuse you, and then throw you away,
    But you stay by my side, day after day.
    You come in many colors and flavors galore,
    I tend to lose you by my bed, on the floor.

    My dear chapstick, without you I'd be in pain,
    So I'll continue to use you, again and again.

    Well, that was fun. :)
  5. In The Dark

    Turn on a light, and the shadows slink away,
    But the darkness within draws nearer every day.
    Inside, where night reigns on forevermore,
    The light is merely a casualty of war.
  6. Pair of Shoes

    left in front, right behind
    right in front, left behind
    and so on

    to move forward
    is to be apart
  7. Thunderstorms

    Rumbling from the sky,
    clouds churning, choking the sun,
    an onslaught of rain.


    The language of the soul,
    anything from a cacophony,
    to a symphony,
    a whisper,
    to a roar.
    Inspiring us to create,
    and anything and everything in between.
    Music is just sound,
    a tumult of notes,
    but an experience to behold all the same.

    I decided to try two, but the latter one has no true formatting and is sort of abstract. Oh well, I quite like it.
  8. The Sun

    Go and look at the sun
    It goes down, and day is done
    The pattern is constant
    It makes your life rampant
    And still there is only one
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