Poetry Old and New; Burning Anew

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  1. 1.) Way Too Long, I Won't Stay


    I have been traveling on foot by your side for way too long,
    We have fought back n' forth like two kids playing pong,
    I can no longer play these games,
    After you have called me all those names,
    I am only hurt,
    Please do not tug on my skirt,
    I will not stay,
    My world is now grey,
    Once again...
    2.) Mother, I Have Done Wrong. Are You Proud?

    Dearest Mother,
    I have followed your footsteps,
    As your you sent me a bloody trail of your footprints,
    You have drank to death,
    As I have done the same with every breath,
    Laying in the driveway every afternoon,
    Under the invisible moon,
    Bottle in hand,
    It was so grand,
    Just like you,
    I was so blue,
    You have hurt many,
    I have killed plenty,

    Dearest Mother,
    I never realized...
    How Similar we are...
    Until I realized...
    I hated you...
    My Dearest Mother
    3.) Stay Back!

    Stay Back!
    Stay Back!
    Stay Back!
    My mask with a crack,
    I have grown black,
    It is bleeding through like an attack,
    Going through my head like a Hack,

    Stay Back!
    Stay Back!
    Stay Back!
    Thy blood is ivory black,
    It is an air attack,
    Like an asthma attack,
    Coming from behind like an surprise attack,
    An literary attack,

    Stay Back!
    Stay Back!
    Stay Back!
    I'm having an anxiety attack,
    As my ivory black,
    Stay Back...
    4.) ((Other Poems Waiting to Be posted. Just too tired at the moment. ))

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.