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  1. Post all your poetry here.

    Be entertaining and keep it -18 year content.


    Shooting stars are really just space cats.

    Space cats,
    Wearing top hats,
    Strapped jet packs,
    Making fat stacks,
    Shooting across the sky,
    Just to fool your eye,
    Make a wish for a shot star,
    Wish for anything,
    And you're left deceived,
    The wish that will never be received.
  2. Time Traveler

    The greatest hiker ever,
    Rides through the universe,
    Cheating on god's land,
    Nobody has seen him,
    Nobody knows him.

    Until today.

    He steps in his portal and turns the knob,
    21st century bound,
    Can't hear a sound,
    Vision goes white,
    He arrives at his destination,
    Only to find what he feared,

    We hate on homosexuals,
    Discriminate races,
    And kill spree innocents.

    Ugly America,
    What his eyes behold,
    Steps into his portal,
    Turns the knob back,
    20th century bound,
    To a better America.
  3. Next day is harder

    We wake up like zombies,
    Drink our coffee that we need,
    Get on the work clothes,
    Drive to our underpaid job,
    Work tirelessly around a cubicle,
    Face only mesmerized by a computer screen,
    McDonalds for lunch,
    Driving home through traffic jams,
    Rush hour getting worse daily,
    Arrive home only to dine,
    Cleaning up for another hard days work,
    Jump into some jammies,
    Slide into bed,
    Only to repeat the routine,
    Worrying about life as it is,
    Keeping you from an hours sleep,
    Only to wake up,
    And find that,
    The Next Day is Harder.