Poetry From The heart

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  1. Raw”
    I sit in your silence, scared.
    Waiting patiently for recognition.

    For a word.
    For a breath.
    For a touch.

    But I am raw.

    Because I watch your hands instead of writing
    And listen to your breath instead of breathing.

    Because I listen to your voice instead of speaking,
    And I search for a sign instead of listening.

    It’s strange,
    How close to you I feel
    And the need I have
    To help you,
    To make you smile.
    To love you.

    And yet I’m still sitting here,
    For you to let me in.
    Will you ever let me in?

    She was afraid to look at him
    Because he might recognize
    The love, longing and secrecy
    Betrayed within her eyes.

    She was afraid to speak to him;
    Because he might recognize
    The desperation, need, and fascination
    Within her voice.

    She was afraid to touch him,
    Because he might feel
    The shaking within her hands.

    She was afraid to let him in,
    Because he might find,
    that she wasn't who he wanted,
    that she wouldn't live up to his expectations.

    She was afraid of him..
    Because he had the power to break her
    Within his hands,
    Because he had her heart
    Within his hands...

    And he might not love her back.