Poetry Challenge: Waking Up Alone

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  1. Write a song or poem about waking up alone. It could be a traditional lonely tone, or a sense of freedom and independence.

    Basic Challenge: Ten or less lines

    Master Mode: Three verses and a refrain.
  2. He woke up in bed, and alone too.
    Yet not knowing how. How did it come to?
    Hm... Could his memories be true?
    The pictures were off, distorted in hue.
    But for what reason?
    Of course. Treason.

    Late hours filled with lots of brew.
    A private event, with nothing to chew.
    Only drink and TV, oh how the mood grew.
    But to watch the drinks, eyes were too few.
    For one night, her emotion
    made him her possession.

    Story behind the poem (open)

    Basically, some people had a private party, watched football/soccer, and one of them used the chance to pour something into the drink of her crush. I'll leave the more explicit details to your imagination. And on the next morning, he remembers some details, and after counting two and two together, he figures that she drugged him.
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  3. Nightmare

    Fingers curled into claws, clutching the sheets,
    He awoke with a start in the midst of his sleep.
    The screams of the wind like that of a banshee,
    Eyes open wide, it was still impossible to see.
    Alone in the dark, chained but set free,
    And the terror within made it hard to breathe.
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  4. a voice comes out , but no one's there
    a song, and sweet smelling perfume in the air
    a voice comes out, but no one's there
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    No need for an alarm: twelve o'clock
    breakfast, shower, prayer.

    First with eyes, then with nose,
    then with fingers, tongue, and throat, consume
    whatever's come.

    Remember that whoever's gone
    is gone forever, even if those breasts you felt
    wanking in the shower felt
    unmistakably hers.

    Finally, in your first conversation,
    ask for some sensation down the day,
    ask for another someone along the way,
    ask for resounding relief for the shame
    of waking up so late,

    then deviate.
  6. A mere fascination, the idea of being wanted
    A touch, a simple lingering glance.
    Breath upon your neck, affection.
    Rolling, straddling, consuming.
    Darkness, silence.
    Awaking, disappoint
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