Poetry Challenge -- The Blue Fluff

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I want to hold some poetry challenges for the creative section. ^_^ Depending on how many people make participate, I'll try to make a new one a couple times a month!

Now, this one can go in different ways. Blue fluff: write a poem about it. It can be silly, it can be sad, it can be philosophical. Write about where it came from, why it exists or...whatever, really. I'm basically giving something for you all to work with.

I'll even provide a small example;

My friend the pink fluff
and I played truth or dare
Pink thinks that he's so tough
Tougher than a bear

I dared him to hold his breath
For an entire minute or two
He began to look like death
Because pink fluff was turning

Hope that sufficed for an example! Show me what you all got. :3
Music played in the background
While I clutched her hand in mine
We spoke without a sound
She giggled, I fished for my last dime

Delighted, she flashed me her smile
Cotton candy in hand, that moment was enough
As I looked into eyes devoid of guile
I wanted to kiss the lips that I fed this blue fluff

Bah, don't blame me for it being lame, I'm trying to be supportive >>;
XD Thanks Kitti wife. I love you.

Diana wanted more stuff to get people involved with writing section. I phail'd.
Why did I choose blue,
I know you did too,
I find my mind a shattered shell,
The blue fluff has brought this hell.

Does it affect you the same,
Did you smile when the choice came,
As my breath begins to fall,
I see there was no choice at all.
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<_< >_> <_< Any rhyme is accidental, I do free verse. And...I uh...I guess I took it a diff direction in how I did it. I hope that's ok Fluffernutt ^__^;

Me being sleepy and writing = I get stuff like this O_e;

This isn't a game, it's when<o:p></o:p>

Hearts are won or broken.<o:p></o:p>

Everyone must love and be loved, it's naturally unspoken.


Baby, try to let me explain things!<o:p></o:p>

Love isn't an easy Undertaking!<o:p></o:p>



Fights and Little Upsets, occur. <o:p></o:p>

But keep your head up, my best Friend, For…<o:p></o:p>


I'll always love you!


The blue fuff.
My mind is a strange place you see
full of rubber swords and a bubble tree,
It has a perpetual state of being
A state I call "idea spring."

New ideas sprout and bud every day
much like flowers in may.
Alas, a famine has fallen on this land of mine
I have lost the urge for grand design.

The fabric of my imagination frays, leaving behind
bits of blue fluff.
a careless load of laundry
that was enough.
To see that my notepad
would be consumed by the stuff.

Give me the fluff of darkest days
The blue of twilight at dusk
Give me the words mixed with razors
The torment, the torture and lust

Give me the filler that haunts my dreams
That light fluffy blue, nightmare juice
Give me the screams and the sorrow
Give me the sick, twisted youth

With broken legs, I am crawling
Gripping the glass til it breaks.
Hopelessly, endlessly falling
My life is like fluff, its a fake.

Give me the dark mist of morning
Give me the Dawn, painted blue
Give me the fluff that I'm living
This life is a painted black hue.
Do Not Eat

I have some blue fluff,

It is fluffy and swirly,

Not cotton candy.
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I have a little bit of blue fluff,
That keeps me safe at night,
He has button eyes,
And plastic nose,
He staves away the fright.

I have a little bit of blue fluff,
A bear I've had since I was small,
He has faded fur,
And scratched up eyes,
I keep him even as I'm tall.
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The fair has come again to town
I can't wait to see the clown
But mostly I can't wait to eat
My very favorite treat
My mom calls it blue fluff
Full of nothing much but air puffs
But I love it anyway
Cotton candy YAY YAY YAY!