EXERCISE Poetry Challenge (Christmas)

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  1. Hey, guys! I use to post Poetry Challenges all of the time, and I wish to start doing some more. They'll be random challenges that could pop up weekly, monthly, to every few months (if I forget).

    Since Christmas is Wednesday, (holy cow), let's start off with a Free Verse Christmas poem!

    It's simple...

    It doesn't matter how long it is, if it rhymes or doesn't rhyme, all that matters is that it's about Christmas. It could be on the things you love about Christmas, on the things you dislike about it... Just be sure to have fun with it!
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  2. They say Christmas is a magical time
    but what if magic
    isn't approved by customs;
    doesn't reach overseas
    even with that overnight shipping
    you tried to get on Christmas eve?

    Stare at the Christmas tree
    a dozen dozen shiny glass
    orbs and stars and snowflakes
    colorful like
    the ribbons on his chest,
    the ribbons on mine

    Remember how the music sounded
    back when enlistments
    and pay grades
    and tours of duty
    were unfamiliar words

    Wish for a minute
    don't wish too hard
    that maybe
    the base won't be so empty
    the government won't be so broke
    the C.O. will take pity
    and a sleigh will come
    around the world
    carrying santas in khaki
    whose boots will break the snow
    over home soil.
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  3. Is it Chistmas time already?
    According to the stores it was months ago
    Priorities need to be straightened
    So the sales of winter gear stops
    Interfering with Hallowe'en
    And maybe be less about the gifts
    And more about the family.
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  4. The snow may not fall,
    The times may be hard,
    But with the lights all lit,
    And the cheer all around,
    We watch the sun set,
    With hot cocoa by the fire.

    We wake with the sun,
    To look out at the frosted ground.
    With smiles we descend,
    Upon a family-made scene,
    The tree all lit,
    The gifts all around.

    Children go first,
    Finding their presents,
    Squealing and jumping,
    Ecstatic and overjoyed.

    Next comes adults,
    Calm and cheery,
    With each gift given.

    Now to Christmas dinner,
    With the ham and the sweet potatoes,
    Everyone happy,
    Everyone smiling.

    After hours and hours,
    Fun and games and smiles,
    It is time for bed.
    It is almost over.
    Christmas has come,
    And now it will go.
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  5. Wonderful job, you guys. <3 I loved ALL of them. Thank you so much for taking time out and doing the challenge! ;3
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  6. Thank you!
    It was nothing, I love doing challenges ^-^
  7. As a child it was pleasent
    Sadly it came only once a year
    But now your An adult
    So it brings you to tears

    Whine of toys echo the air
    The children are greedy
    The love birds are touchy
    And way too needy

    The sales are showing up
    Around all the stores
    The in laws Are coming
    Quick lock all the doors!

    Her mother is vegan
    His farther drinks beer
    It's the same old story
    Just like last year

    Get the kids present
    Or they'll throw throw a fit
    Act cheery
    Thou you feel like shit

    Good luck going shoping
    Without missing some teeth
    As Martha the bitch
    Just took the last reath

    Then get on the ladder
    Make your house glow
    As you trip on a wire
    And land in the snow

    It's freezing each morning
    As you wish to stay in bed
    With a nice fluffy pillow
    Warm covers over your head

    Now is the day
    We all dread the most
    Everyone's in your house
    You are the host

    Prepare the food just right
    Shower, get dress
    Spend several hours of the day
    To try and impress

    Once everyone leaves
    The gossip is spread
    You just can't wait to
    Just lay on your bed
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  8. Christmas Time

    It's a time of excitement,
    Of anticipation and joy.
    It's a time full of magic and wonder
    That makes children's eyes sparkle.
    It's a time of family and friends,
    Of sharing love and laughter.
    It's the season of brotherhood and giving,
    Passing along good will towards men.
    Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.
  9. Thoughts on Christmas

    A day of joy for all to attend
    Where we celebrate the birth of the lamb
    Were every hands of men will lend
    to spread the happiness throughout the land
    Townsfolk sang songs in immaculate chorus
    Workers in a fit's of joy for their Christmas bonus
    Where magically decoration will bet set
    and people saying *MERRY CHRISTMAS * throughout the net

    Cheers and songs, feast and dances
    Hours of friendly banters filled thee air
    Rigorous party's held in the town hall
    It's a kicker in the ball
    Start the jolly songs
    Till all men and women laughs and joy filled thee air
    Merry men spin around like a cog in a dance
    And women talk and will join in the dance
    Satisfied they all are, they went to bed

    And as all men and women, Child and old, Good and Bad,
    Has fallen asleep
    Then will Saint. Nicholas (With no cage)
    Appear with his Magical Reindeer
    Clutching big sacks of gifts in his big great arms
    Jumping down the chimney
    To give everyone their wonderful presents

    So thus the end