Poetry Challenge #6 -- Letter to a Friend


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#6: Letter to a Friend

This week's challenge involves writing a poem in the format of a letter. It can be to a relative, a member of Iwaku, even your pet. You're welcome to write to as many friends as you wish. I encourage you to make it look pretty, too! Utilize the forum's BBcodes, put in pictures, anything!

Be certain that they're friends you are writing to, though. There will soon be a challenge where you write letters to your enemy/enemies! So save those people for later. Heehee~
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Dear my friend
The one I miss
However far apart.
I thought to write
No end in sight
I don't know how to start.

Maybe I should tell you of

This life I waste each day
Or maybe we can talk about
the one you painted gray.

Sometimes I wish that i was there

And you were stuck with me
However far apart we are,
together we would be

Endlessness is certain

But I feel o.k.
Await the final curtain
That day you went away.

So what's new with you?

Not too much here
It'd be good to here you speak
Another day, no other way
I'll see you in a week.

I really hope you get this

Although the post is slow
Iron bars are gripped with
Fists as white as snow

Outside that cross lined window
It's gray, but better than
Living life in lock-up
I'll see you when I can.

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Dear Chocolate,
It's me, Sugar,
I miss you a lot,
I miss how we were
friends since we first talked
I miss you, man,
I'm sorry we fought,
I'm sorry I brought
all that trouble

You warned me about Paul,
But I thought I knew it all,
So when you were busy packing,
I was just sitting there, laughing,
I wish I could go back to the start,
when you had taken care of my heart,
When you had Brown Sugar too,
I wish I would have knew,
that the games we played
wouldn't start again the next day

Dedrick, I miss you,
I heard some things, too,
What's your issue?
when we were kids,
everything was great
then shit fell off the plate

I'm sorry I ditched you
I'm sorry I dissed you
I was stupid, man
it wasn't the plan
I just wanted friends
but he wouldn't let it end

Have you heard from her?
How is Cinnamon?
She's apparently missing, gone,
And I still feel like like shit,
I just let it slip

I wanna go back to the way it was
pretend we were racist just because
it was funny to us, that's all it was
You were black,
but never turned your back,
I was white,
I lost what was in plain sight,
She was latino,
but where the hell did she go?

Dedrick, answer back,
like in fifth grade,
I know that you can't,
You got it made

I hear the stories,
I hear the shit,
How the hell did you get involved in this?

Write me back, Chocolate,
I miss you a lot,
I'm sorry we fought,
but I never forgot
Letter To A Friend

Dearest friend, how have you been?
I found an old picture of you today.
I write you now on a nostalgic whim,
I feel there's something I must say.

To me you are more than a friend,
You are the sister I never had.
I'll be by your side until the end,
To have you I am glad.

No one in the world could ever replace you,
You will always hold a special place in my heart.
To our friendship I will always stay true,
No distance can keep us apart.

I will forever cherish the times we've shared,
Every minute of every day.
It is for you that I have always cared,
And that is how it will stay.

I look with glassy eyes at your photo,
Wiping away a tear with a smile.
You are my dearest friend, I hope you know,

And being your friend will always be worthwhile.
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A Friend From Kindergarten

Dear Friend,
How have you been?
I've missed you,
It's been fifteen years,
I found a photo of good times,

Remember all the trouble we caused,
Remember the teachers,
Mrs Fox,
Mrs Galigar,

The team at recess,
Snack time,

I miss you,
How's Texas?
Here is the same.

I will not forget our promise,
Not of that day,
I hope you remember,

I wonder when we may meet again,
Maybe your here on Iwaku,
Maybe well speak in collage,
Maybe sooner,

I miss you old friend,
I hope life is treating you well,
Write soon old friend,
Farewell for now,
Will meet again,
One day.
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Where did you go
Don't ya know
Miss you so

I know you went down
I know it was a frown
You didn't drown

You made me cry
Why'd you die
Just tell me why

Now my kids will never see
How great you'd be
As an adult like Lee

Just come back, Laurie
Not asking much, see
This can't be

I miss you, Laurie...
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