Poetry Challenge # 39-Royal Perspective

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  1. It's easy to write a poem from your own eyes, but try to write one from the perspective of something completely unknown (I'm assuming here that none of us Iwakuians are born from a royal family, if so... sorry! ;D )

    Take a moment to think about a position of power and what life might be like. Try your hardest NOT to use the title in the poem, but let us know what position you chose in your title :D

    Here is my example! I went with the title of Queen.

    There he is
    Crossing glares and stepping on toes
    Here I am
    Sitting silent and taking instruction
    There I've been
    Under him
    Under the world that sits atop his shoulders
    But he does not know
    I've become persuasive, cunning, a real artist
    They crowd at my feet
    Pulling me in a million directions
    Who to choose, who to be?
    There he is
    Saddened and betrayed
    Here I am
    Content and daring
    Sitting on my throne of thorns.
  2. "The King" or something

    I sit high above the rest
    No one knows my pains
    They see their own
    They think I have it made
    I sit there looking down
    I see the pain that canot be fixed
    Yet they call on me like a god
    As if some way I could magicaly fix everything
    They do not understand
    I see from a diffrent light
    From the eyes of Royalty
  3. Not very good, but the best I can manage. I hope that it is obvious whom I chosen, though one could argue that he is not exactly a royal figure...

    When the hammer falls, I am there
    Along with the men in my care.

    At dawn, when everything is red,
    My sword marks the graves of the dead.

    Right when the great slaughter begins,
    I extinguish all my feelings.

    Leaving all my mercy behind,
    I end everything that I find.

    On Sundays, during confession,
    Those I killed, I do not mention.

    Righteous words never reach my ears,
    Neither do your pitiful tears.

    Dabble not with my way of life,
    Read the first letter of every first line.
  4. Mine isn't quite royalty, either, though she does directly serve the Queen. I think who it is is quite clear, but I'll edit in the person's role in the court if need be.

    Made-up Language version:

    Pa' Reina fece'n reglu
    I carte de Rei leu,
    D'odiu i d'amori
    Ea Migo loqui.

    De corti sé toda dansa'n
    et toutes les langues du royaume,
    Sé che vistassu de Reina
    Remitiri mesagi'n à cassa significa.

    Sempri la speru,
    I sempri me spera.

    English version:
    For the Queen I sort the dates
    And read the letters from her King,
    Of her royal love and hate
    She discusses with me.

    I know the Court's dances
    Et toutes les langues du royaume,
    I know the Queen's glance
    Means to relay a message home.

    Always I await her,
    And always she awaits me.
  5. Princess
    Perched I am, upon my throne
    Eager not to be alone
    Right by me, an empty chair
    For my prince, who isn't there
    Endless duties I attend
    Calls of war my prince did send
    Til finally, war called him
    I think his future is grim
    Out there on the battle field
    Nonetheless, his fate's not sealed
    I wait for my mate's return
    So, til then, for him I yearn
    Caving in under the stress
    Of course it does seem endless
    Since both jobs of ours I do
    Time seems short and ever few
    Liberty gained that I did lack
    Yet I want him to come back

    A poem about a medieval princess who's husband has gone off to war. She is left at home, playing two roles: one as a princess and one as a prince. She acts as a ruler at times and as well as her normal duties. Even if she is happy with her newfound freedom from obeying his every order, she still wishes his safe return.
    (The first letter in every line spells out something that isn't really related.)
  6. Prince

    Sole heir to the throne
    Waiting for the chance to rise
    Into power over all

    Powerful empire
    To rule with an iron fist
    Follow in the King's footsteps
  7. The Jester.

    Fluttering lies,
    shit surrounded by flies
    popularity by royal mandate.

    How they laugh oh how they quiver
    puppets on the
    as if they were a river,
    sustaining their lord
    with trinkets and artifacts and lavish things.

    There was I laughing about
    telling tales and snapping jokes,
    gripping eyes and ears
    with royal anecdotes.

    How a twirl oh I how whirl,
    a fool to some.
    Truth be told among this castle scum
    it is I who knows the true joke.