Poetry Challenge # 36 -- Clerihew

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  1. For this week's challenge, I ask that you write a Clerihew! (click on link for more information)

    The Clerihew is written about a person, if you have clicked on the link, I am sure I do not to explain.
    There shall be a theme with these. Each person that you write about must be someone from Iwaku!
    We don't need anything that you distaste about that person. Just something silly or write about how great they make the community for you!

    Here are some ideas of people to help get you started!


    Have fun, and try using bbcodes to make your Clerihew look pretty! :)
  2. Sir Victor Frankenstein
    Created a great commodity in the summertime
    He lived in Geneva
    Doesn't he wish those villagers had amnesia?

  3. Oh, the pretty, lovely Lovie, I meant not to spoil
    But for all this petty toil
    My words are sparse and few
    For I know not how to write a clerihew for you
  4. I know not your name
    Nor from whence you came,
    Yet once we're apart
    Pain sears my heart.
  5. My dear Jinxy the grudge man,
    Who doesn't have a plan.
    You scared the ladies,
    But smell like daisies.
  6. Rubix the Cube,
    Intelligent and on cue.
    His mad skills surprises,
    The girl with the glasses
  7. Rorian the sleepy one,
    Always tired and never mad.
    Has a tendency to bite,
    And holding people tight.
  8. October Leche,
    More than what some might say,
    Rps, Food, and bromance,
    I hear he like to drink and slow dance

    Lame poem, fun thread. =)
  9. [blink]There's this girl named Staci[/blink]
    [blink]Who drives the boys crazy[/blink]
    [blink]She is a dinosaur[/blink]
    [blink]As her name is Stacisaur[/blink]

    Yeah, I'm poetically challenged, and proud of it!
  10. Bring me a cup of Ocha for she is
    the sweet tea brewed of white light.
    I'll pass on Oolong, robust and please
    forgive me dear black.​
  11. I live with the one you call Seiji,
    I fear that he can be quite lazy.
    Sometimes he'll just sleep all day;
    Unless his skin, I threaten to flay.
    Staci, Staci, prima facie*;
    Is pretty as an English daisy.
    She's cuter than a kitten's whisker.
    I like that she has called us sisters.

    *prima facie: (adverb) At first sight.
    Jinx, he drinks, he drinks.
    Jinx, he often drinks.
    That's why he always called me Sarah.
    Good thing this isn't the prohibition era.
  12. Rokku Hizori,
    Fights for honor and glory
    Best friend of mine
    Tonight, for Agasaria we dine!
  13. There is but One for which my Heart will twirl
    Without Iwaku, this would not be true
    And no, no, no, he is NOT a girl >:C !!!
    My Sweet Prince, I call him

    Skype Nights, they helped me bond
    With a new sibling, though, not through
    A Sister of nerdy things, and
    Sarah-sans, the raddest of all buds

    A genius in mind,
    So gentle at
    Osso, you are so very kind,
    Our friendy bond shall never part

    Rory, you scare me
    You must travel through time
    The intelligence you harness,
    I wish to make it
    mine! >:C <--- {aka, give me your brain, damnit}

    A girl I know works at a theme park
    She sung me a
    Pikachu song, how cool
    It's like as she gives off
    Iliana, trust me, You Rule

    Jinxbruds, you were the first
    Iwaku became less scary
    It's as if I am cursed
    "Forever Little Sister Fairy"

    Octo, you like food
    And you like
    You're a
    super sweet cool dude
    Swag, don't ever lose it

    Loveless, she is wise,
    And so nice and clever
    No, she does not tell lies
    I wish I could knit her a

    A sisser with fashion
    Ely is a boss
    For music, she has a real passion
    To not be her friend is a true loss

    Surfin' all day
    Twinklin' all night
    Orion, you so starry
    This is a
    cool poem, right?

    Mitten, you keep me warm in the winter
    All soft, and scratchy, just a tad
    Wait, you're not the clothing item?
    ... Oh, snap.
    Mah bad.

    Diana, Iwaku she rules
    With cats to throw at the Trolls
    Just don't steal her
    Glee recordings,
    Or for you, the bell
    shall toll

  14. Kate, Jinx, Staci, and Octobro.
    Were all good persons I was glad to know.
    On skype nights we used to chat,
    It's been too long since I've been part of that.
  15. Hello there, I am new​
    here is my Iwaku clerihew​
    Ones place must be earned​
    so here is what I learned​
    Diana goes HOOO​
    A heart like so few​
    Her face wears no scowls​
    The queen of all owls​
    Mysterious Vay​
    don't get in his way​
    no mercy of course​
    Dark sides of the force​
    Isabellas get into things​
    They are what happiness brings​
    Be good to Isabellas​
    or they beat you umbrellas​
    what is an ossochanter​
    Is it a ranter, does it banter​
    the mystery eludes me​
    Where was I? oh..yes​
    Here, I confess​
    Iwaku, you stole my heart​
    thank you for your stories, your thoughts, and your art​
  16. Iwaku Clerihew

    Iwaku Roleplay
    Takes up most every day.
    Every time I get online,
    I find I've lost hours of time.

    ((But don't worry. I don't mind at all. =3))
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